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Earthworm Jim HD

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Just tried it out and well, if you like watered-down versions of old 2D games with a butchered soundtrack check it out. But if you're sane stick to any of the original versions.

Oh, and by the way, cell shading is NOT HD. :roll:


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So I watched GTs "Best PS3 game of E3" and Rage won again?

I want to ask GT if they're seeing the same game I am when I see Rage.
It looks just like they gave Borderlands a little graphical boost, THAT'S IT!

The vehicles, looks the same.
The enemies, looks the same.
The combat, looks the same.
The environments, looks the same.

When listening to interviews I guarantee that the words you'll hear the most are : "It's not your typical shooter!"

- Hey, uh, guys. It looks like you ported Doom 3 into borderlands..

- But we have vehicle combat! And a deep story line that's nothing you've ever heard of before!

- What's that?

- You're on this post-apocalyptic planet, then, MUTANTS ATTACK! :D

- ...

But I'm not all that bugged that the developers are hyping this game. that's what developers do, I'm bugged that it won TWO (maybe even three I haven't seen them all yet) best of E3 awards!

Can someone, ANYONE, please tell me what's really so epic about this cop-out game?

Red Dead Redemption

by on

Congratulations Rockstar, you've finally made a game I enjoyed.

Alien VS Predator

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You remember that old movie Predator in the 90's? When an alien stalked Arnold Schwarzenegger and his group in the jungle picking them of one by one. And what about that movie Alien, A group of scientist explores an unknown planet and gets invested by an alien lifeform, also picking them of one by one. And who could forget that mediocre co-op movie they did in 04? Where aliens were bad and predators were the friends of the human race.

Well, after 11 years of blowing bubblegum and picking their noses Rebellion, the creators of the AVP for the Atari Jaguar, finally got out of their chairs and said : "Hey! Remember that game we once did? That one with all those aliens? Well, I think we should... DO IT AGAIN! And while we're at at remind everyone that we did that other aliens game"

And so they did and boy did they remind us of their previous title. In every single interview with the creators they made sure to spat out : "... We're the creators of the first AVP game for the Jaguar."

Mmm, thanks for the reminder, I had just forgotten about the Jaguar.

A few months passed and Alien geeks like me, yeah I was excited for this game, I know I'm weak, were finally able to get our hands on the games that could let us release or nerdy fantasies of jumping around in the trees as a predator, sneak around in the dark as a xenomorph and/or be a terrified marine trying to stay alive. But the game turned out to give us something else. Instead of giving us a solid three pack that they could have been working on during those 11 years. They gave us a quickly thrown together mediocrity, just like the AVP movie.

I really don't understand how they could have done this so poorly, I mean, it's not a hard concept they're working with : "Predators have invisibility and a vast amount of weapons, aliens sneaks in vents and on ceilings and marines cries and wets themselves a lot." Oh, and why can't I play as a facehugger?

However the game is at least working and is a lot better than other games I played this years with the SEGA logo on it, I.E Bayonetta.

Oh, and as a side note, I just noticed that I have a new Emblem. "Bad means bad" So, I guess I have bad taste.

Worst last boss ever?

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So I just finished NARC and found out with a lot of confusion that the the last boss is your bosses dad, oh yeah spoiler alert...

It turned out to be yet another one of those helpless old man in a mega mech of death boss fights and it got me thinking : How many times to we get this piece of anticlimax our games?

But hey, NARC was a terrible game so what did I have to expect?

The terrors of Bug island(/Necronesia)!

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Oh, it's terrible. The graphics looks like something out of a dreamcast the story feels like it's written by a 10th grader and the movement speed is awful. And that's what I was having so much fun with. It's almost impossible to not laugh at how terrible this game is.

Yeah I might as well just write a full review since I have so much to talk about.

Today is a good day

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Because I finally got my hands on Escape from bug island.

I've been dying to make a review of this stinker because it looks so terrible. And terrible games are my little guilty pleasure, not counting disappointingly bad or boring bad.

Anyway, I'll head off now and will have a hands-on impression up soon for everyone that cares, both of you.

Strip poker on the Wii

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Yeah, seven year olds and parents who are now sick of playing learning how to read, or jerking the wiimote can now enjoy a nice game of strip poker, eheehee...

I feel like such a overdefending parent writing this but seriously, the Wii features hentai now?

I haven't PLAYED the game so I don't know how far it goes but just that it's there mesmerises me.

Project Needlemouse

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As the Sonic fan I am it almost suprises me how little I look forward to this new game. I'm reminded about Sonic unleashed when I look at the teaser how they are making an all new adventure from the ground up, and I'm reminded of Sonic Rivals when they say it's going to be in 2D. This is just my opinion but I thought neither of those games were that great so a mixed version of both would probably just be as mediocre.

I will buy it anyway since my fan-boy instincts will go nuts otherwise and if it turns out good, then I hope Sonic Team will learn from that game rather than make a "new and improved" version of it...

My top 5 Zelda games

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The Legend of Zelda (NES)

The first in the series must be somewhere right? As we all know this game was probably the most epic game for the NES since it was an open world adventure, filled with secrets, dungeons, monsters and treasure. you take the role of Link, a young elf boy and start a epic journey through the land of Hyrule in a quest to find the missing pieces of the triforce of courage, find the kidnapped princess Zelda and defeat the evil Ganon. All of this in a golden cartridge, now that's sweet.


The legend of Zelda : Link's awakening DX (Gameboy color)

Zelda goes handheld. This remake of Link's awakening was pretty much the same game as the original, the differences are that this is in color also there's a new dungeon and a new photoshop where you can start a new side-quest. In Link's awakening Link is out sailing when a storm breaks out, link's boat is crushed and Link blacks out. He wakes up in a bed where he's greeted by Marin a young girl that found him washed up on the shores of Koholint Island. Now Link must find a way to get off the island and to do so he must find the nine Muses instruments and wake the eternal sleeping Wind Fish. Also, this is one of the few Zelda games that didn't have Zelda in it, I could say that Ganon wasn't in this game either, but that's only half true *foreshadowing*.


The legend of Zelda Majoras mask (Nintendo 64)

The second Zelda game that doesn't have Zelda in it, ok, she was in that ONE flashback but that doesn't count. Also Ganon is nowhere to be found either instead we where greeted to the weird and freaky Skull Kid, a sprite from the Lost Woods that somehow found his way to Termina Fields where he one day finds a mask, a mask fueled by hatred. A few days later he comes across a young boy dressed in green riding on a horse.Skull kid scares the horse which throws of Link while Link is unconscious Skull Kid steals the his ocarina and when Link wakes up he steals his horse and escapes, Link follows Skull Kid but get's lured into a trap and get's turned into a deku scrub. Skull kid flees again and Link is left in a underground passageway that leads him to Clock Town where he meets a strange mask collector that gives him an offer : If link can give him back his stolen mask he will give Link his normal body back.

What makes this game awesome is the ability to change shape into a deku, a goron and a zora. The town in the game also feels more like a town and the characters you meet are all well characterised which make you feel a lot more attached to them. The only bad thing is the lack of dungeons, in any other Zelda game there are at least eight or seven of them here there's four of them, that's not enough to please an adventure hungry Zelda fan, But the lack of dungeons is replaced by the overall adventuring, one of the features is that the games all takes place in three days, so say you meet a person on the first day, you make up plans for the second day and on the third day you make a strike on a thife's hideout it's a lot of fun and that's why it takes the third spot.


The legend of Zelda ocarina of time

Yes, it takes the second spot in my top 5, no need to freak out. After a night filled with nightmares a young boy named Link wakes up when a fairy called Navi flies in through his window and tells him the great deku tree has summoned him. Link goes to the Deku tree who tells him that he has been cursed by the king of the Gerudos, Ganondorf. Link breaks the curse but the Deku tree inevitably dies. The other kids of Kokiri forest blames Link and he flees the forest out to Hyrule Fields. On the horizon he sees a castle and after a day of walking Link reaches his goal. Inside the castle He meets the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, she wants him to find the three jewels of the three tribes and Link sets of for his big adventure. But now you're thinking : What could possibly top this I'll tell you...


The legend of zelda : The faces of evil

Hehe, yeah I'm just kidding.


The legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess

But it's no joke that Twilight Princess is one of the most epic games ever made by human hands and I need to calm myself before I go more fanboy on it. Again you're Link a farm boy that's doing nothing when one day a band of monsters comes in and kidnaps the children of the village he lives in. Link runs after them but is blocked by a wall of darkness but suddenly get's pulled in by a beast he ends up in the realm of Twilight where the dark magic turns him into a wolf. Link get's captured and thrown into a cell where he meets a mysterious imp called Midna. She helps him out for the small price of him being her slave... Yeah. The duo makes it out and onto the top of the prison, which turn out to be the castle of Hyrule, they make it up to the highest tower where they meet the Twilight princess. Before I spoil too much I might just stop here.

So that's my top 5 Zelda games, feel free to complain.

Have a good one!

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