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Phoenix Suns

This time i thought that ill cut down on the should you get this or what is better. This blog is just about anything. well the NBA season is coming close my favorite team is the Phoenix Suns and my favorite player is Steve Nash. Though i want Steve to win 3 straight MVPs I don't think he is going to do it this year. Last year was just really really luck but he deserved it with Amare Stoudemire and Kurt Thoamas out but i think the suns really wanted a championship this year last year i thought it was their year with the 62-20 win-loss record i thought they would make it but Texas stopped them twice from getting that far. Well thats all for now

Should you buy a PS3?

Should you by a PS3? I wouldn't because i think PS2 is good enough it's just another scam from Sony to make more money. I'm not a big fan of Sony and the Playstation 2 but it was a good idea to make a new Playstation because the old one was out of date and didn't have really good graphics and it wouldn't be able to play the games today especially with the NHL and NBA and all the sports games. If i had enough money i would not buy the PS3.

EA Sports against 2K Sports

To be honest, EA Sports is really bringing the simulation game play down a lot. Who would flip the puck over the net and score if someone did that to me i would make sure he never ever wanted to do that again. 2K Sports is killing EA Sports with the practices and scrimmage and the draft workouts are just great with the Fastest Skater, Accurate Shooting,1 On 1, and Breakaway Relay Thats awesome to me. Every game has to have something that you don't do often or you can't do like the Disable Control. It's fun to know that the other team can't do Poke Checks or One-Timers. Sure EA has been the leader in NHL games for a while but 2K Sports is rolling in and beating out EA Sports i got to admit EA Sports was great at the time but with those fancy moves im not liking it. EA if you want to get my vote back take out fancy for simulation.