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Back to School

For the last time. This is my last year in high school. 9 more months to go and then I will finally rest. So, more studies and less gaming but it's worth the effort. So see ya guys in next summer. ;)

Xmas in Spring

Hi good children and welcome to another of my infamous random blogs.

This spring will likely be the greater of all years.


Huh, poor and inocent people...

In the next three months there will be released some of the most anticipating game titles of the year.

What am I talking about?

Killzone 3: February 22.

I've not played it yet, cuz I don't own a PS3, but we all know that it's an amazing sequel.

Bulletsotrm: February 22.

Ok, everyone who really enjoys killing and slashing and shooting and beating hordes of enemies, should get this game. I strongly suggest it for those who liked Borderlands and Fallout 3. (you will also like Rage)

Dragon Age II: March 8.

Ok now, tell me all you RPG lovers that you are not as excited as me for this game. Not sure yet? Get otta here and go check some video previews and trailers. Better now? Ok, now imagine Dragone Age: Origins but 25 times better!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: March 8

I've not played the previous titles but I saw some video previews of this one and I guarantee that you will be amazed by the atmosphere and styIe of it.

Crysis 2: March 22

Sequels of Crysis. Just this. What else do you want?

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PC) : March 22

Same with the above.

Portal 2: April 19

Valve should be proud of this game as it's the second part of one of the most successful puzzle games of the 00's. Portal 2 will be more complicated, stylized, thrilling ang longer than the first title. And like this was not enough, we were all amazed to be informed that a co-op mode will be included. Thank you Valve. Now hurry up with the Episode Three of Half Life 2. :x

Driver San Francisco: April 30

A new release of a forgotten title, the latest ones of it were most disappointing. Now with a whole new gameplay it's coming to (hopefully) amaze us.

Duke Nukem Forever: May 3

The Duke that most of us loved some years ago, comes back renewed and ready to shoot alien pigs.

Brink: May 17

Probably the game that drew my attention-... actually, my curiocity more than any other. You'll know what I mean once you see some trailers. I'm really expecting that this will be amazing with all these guns and Borderlands-styIe Fingers crossed.

F.3.A.R.: May 24

The third part of the famous series. If you enjoy horror, you'll enjoy this too.

inFamous 2: May 24

This electrifying action game returns with Cole MacGrath in the second chapter.

In Next Quarters:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Resistance 3

Gears of War 3


Dark Souls

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Mass Effect 3

Batman: Arkham City

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Ok children, these are the titles that ol' crazy Jay suggests. You have your wish list of this season. Now reduce the coffees and the movies if you wanna save some money and buy those things. :P

Thanks for reading and have a nice day. :)

A blog that everybody here should make when the time comes!

And of course I am talking about the greatest, the ultimate level name that Gamespot created:

Snake Eater!

Yes, and I am proud to own a such profile in that lever with this epic name that refers to another epic game. MGS3:Snake Eater. Even though I have not played it yet and I look forward to, I admire it as much as the first game of the sequel, Metal Gear Solid. So, for the ones you have not been in this level yet, I suggest you make a similar blog, and for the ones that have been and didn't make a blog, I have only one thing to tell you: SHAME ON YOU!


Union Awards is back. And it needs you.

Many of you weren't around back then, but at one time gamespot used to create every year an awards show for all the unions on Gamespot, in order to recognize outstanding unions. Sadly, the last one was in 2007 and since then there hasn't been a new one.

It's time for a renaissance however! The Union Awards are back, although we need help from everybody to make this as successful as previous years. Here is the link to the thread where this is being worked upon, we're looking for volunteers and people to help spread this throughout all the unions in gamespot. We want to make this as unbiased as possible and have as many people as possible from the community involved in this project. Let's raise awareness for unions and honor those who've been successful!

Help us bring back the Union Awards by copying this and posting this in your blogs and unions!

Back to GS!

Hi people and welcome to another of my short and pointless blogs. This one is to inform you that after a 3-month break I am back again baby!!! The reason for which I was away is that I was studying for the ECPE, an English language procifiency diploma. After the exams, I am ready for more gaming and chat in the GS forums.

So, nice to see you again guys. :D

(works of mine while I was offline:)




I made banners. And Gamespot accepted them.

Here is a little something something that I am proud off. Even though I use Gimp xD

I tried a couple of times to earn this emblem and I thank tmclabi for helping me improve and make decent banners for the Gamespot Gamespace

The banners that got accepted was for Dragon Age: Origins Awakening, Fallout 3 Game Add-on, Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta and Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive.

Achievements at LAST!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!!

The technical guys of GS fixed the problem on my achievements profile and now I am available to upload the correct ones! :D For now, I have only the ones from Portal and Half life 2. More to come.

Yay! :D


Yes, you guessed correctly, it was a random title. And this is a random blog.

and this is a random image I made a couple of days ago.

and you are a random person who reads this random blog with this random title and random image.

Now pick randomly a number from 0 to 10 to rate my image.

Randomness: it's everywhere.

random PS #1: I finish summer courses next week. Beaches, HERE I COME! 8)

random PS #2: I had my hair cut.

random PS #3: GS still won't disappear those WoW achievements.

random PS #4: I finished Half Life 2. Again.

random PS #5: "Nyyaaargh"

Warning: Depressing Blog - Think of it before reading

Let's see.

Summer is a season of the year which is meant to be for relaxing, right?


That means that the schools are closed and people don't work and go on vacation, right?


That means that people won't have to go to school until September, right?




answer me (rhetorical question)

so, if you think that you will get bored on summer because of doing nothing or you will be forced to follow your parents wherever they go on holiday (this is for the teenagers mostly), then think of my case and be grateful that you won't lose the half of your summer in a f***** classroom without air-condition...


what the hell? Am I the only one who sees these freaking achievements from WoW in my profile? I don't even have the game in my PC. how I can I get rid of them? AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!