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Christmas loot

i'm sorry I haven't been able to write my blog on gamespot for a while but I'm back for this one. :) Anyway I would like to say every game and games i bought for christmas. If you are jealous comment. :) lol

Anyway here they are:

Fable 3

Assassins creed 1, 2, and brotherhood

Black Ops

Halo Reach

Ea sports MMA

Fallout 3

Gears of War 2

Splinter Cell Conviction

WWE 2011

a whole lot of microsoft points

A ps2

Jak 1 and 2

Sims 2


Ratchet and clank

Nhl 2005

Cod WAW final fronts

Metal gear solid 1, 2, and 3

Kingdom hearts 1 and 2

Black ops (wii)

metroid 1,2,3 and other M

Kurbiy's epic yarn

Kirby's air ride

And a bunch more but i can't remember them. haha are you jealous? lol just kidding. :D


Hello gamespotters!!

It's Jake. I just wanted to inform everyone of my union Fps Xbox. If you get the chance please help support the union. :)

And remember....

Go Green! And I would also like to say how excited I am gor Black Ops. I cannot wait!! I'm sure most of you can't either but until next time see-ya.


Tekken 6

I want to share with you that I got tekken 6!! :D It's really fun!! So in this blog I just want to same some pros and cons about tekken 6.


- Beast of a roster.

- Multiplayer is beast!!

- Easy achievements

-somewhat bruta

- has a campaign

- lot of modes to choose from

Cons: :o

-campaign can be extremely hard at points.

- multiplayer will occacionally lag

- some fighters have unbalanced moves

Overal it's a really good game that I recommend to fighting fans. O I almost forgot some fighters talk in chinese so it's kinda funny! lol. But there are subtitles so don't worry.

Big Update!!

I have fixed up my account and now it looks really cool!!

Also I've been playing Halo 3 alot lately and I am really enjoying it!!What do you guys think about Halo? I want to know that and some ideas for futre blogs so please comment. :) I hope everyone likes my new profile look and I will be on more to be more "active" on this site. That's all for now!!:D

Pokemon heartgold: do you want pokemon?

Hi, I have some pokemon in heartgold that would like to give away. But in excahnge for each one i either want a lv 100 groudon or rayquazza. (trust me youll be fine with that after i say the pokemon) 1- Arceus level 1.

2- Manaphy level 1. 3-nidorina lv 100. 4-skarmony level 100. 5- Fearligator level 100. 6- Typholosion lv 67.

If your intrested include your friend code. thanks!

Modern Warfare 2 pretidge info.

If anybody needs help pretidging I will help in this blog post. I will give away a couple of tips to help pretdiging or level up faster.

1.Have a good kill streak. I would use a chopper gunner and a nuke for the most important so be creative with the other ones.

2.Make a good class. I can't tell you how many times i have seen people with pistols as a sidearm. WHY WOULD YOU?! You could put snipers, shot guns, machine guns anything just try to avoid using pistols becuase it's a waste.

3.Be stealthy. If your going to use a sniper rifle then put ninja pro on trust me it helps. Also, if you have a sniper have a side arm with a silencer on it. It can be any gun but it has to have a silencer becuause it will help.

4.Be smart.If you like running far thenuse marathon runner. If you like sniping but your aim sucks then use steady hand pro. Have a SAW? Use sleight of the hand.

And my final tip is 5.In it to win it! Don't let people trah talk you. If they do whoop em'. Don't acy freindly to people online be agrassive and in it to win it!

Hope this helps. If you have any questions message me. Thanks.