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John Cena 10 Year, Zack Ryder,Brock/Rock, More

Hello everyone and welcome to the start of the 2012 Summer with my blog.


This past year of school has been the busiest of my life, but it still has been the most exciting and fun of all my years at school. But as I just said it has been my busiest, which means that I had less time on these forums. So I apologize that I wasn't here as often as I could be. But with Summer I intend to make up for my mistakes by making the summer of the 2012 the best for the forums. Starting with me more actively posting on the forums and posting more blogs.


On the wrestling side of things, I thought I would discuss this idea that a lot of people have, a lot of the fans want to see Brock Lesnar or The Rock win the WWE Championship if only for a short time. And I think that this idea is very short sighted.While seeing The Rock or Brock defend the WWE Championship at a major show would be cool, we have to be pracrtical The Rock and Brock Lesnar are only going to be at those big shows. They won't be on every single Raw, and they won't be going to any house shows that is for sure. And that is what I would be worried about, house shows. House shows are an essential part of WWE's revenue, and without a WWE Champion on the shows people most likely won't show up in large numbers, and why should they. They will only get to see John Cena wrestle in some meaningless match up that probably won't even have anything to do with his Wrestlemania match up, so why even bother. Now some would argue that they could just stick the World Heavyweight Champion on the Raw House Shows, well then what does that leave Smackdown. Smackdown already has a struggle getting people to go their house shows, so that will only get more people to not want to go. Others would argue that it would only be for like 7 or 8 weeks, so missing a all of the house shows for those weeks wouldn't be a big deal. Well in an average week there is about 3 or 4 house shows for the Raw Brand, so for missing 4 house shows per week for 8 weeks, that would be 32 shows. 32 shows IS A LOT! And it's a lot of money to lose, and why would Vince want to lose tons of revenue for 32 shows, just so he can get the same revenue at Wrestlemania they would have made if one of them walks in as the challenger. Speaking of Wrestlemania, many of these people who want to see Rock or Brock win the WWE Championship, want to see Rock face Brock, and both of those ideas are very short sighted. I mean after Wrestlemania 29 where will they be? Probably back at home doing other things to make money, I mean Rock vs Brock II would make a lot of money for Wrestlemania 29. But is it worth telling your audience that the biggest guys you have are only part time and they won't be there after that last match. It just seems like a lot of people just want their dream match up and don't see how it wouldn't help the WWE after the one big pay day. I believe that Rock and Brock should both be big deals at Wrestlemania 29 but they shouldn't be coming out with their heads held high if they're not going to be back in a couple of months. In a couple of months here would be my ideal Wrestlemania 29 main card but it's still pretty realistic.


Wrestlemania 29 Main Card:

WWE Championship: WWE seems to positioning The Rock for a WWE Championship match, and I like that I just think that no matter what he shouldn't walk out with the WWE Championship. But the question is who would he face, well I think the answer is simple. John Cena. WM 28 was the most bought WWE PPV EVER! And I think that with the amazing quality of the match, and the ending it definently gives WWE reason to do the match. Now why couldn't CM Punk, Triple H, Dolph Ziggler, or Brock Lesnar face The Rock for the WWE Championship? Well Brock Lesnar I already went over, Triple H is similar to Brock in the fact that he won't be wrestling in a couple years. Punk and Ziggler are both great and will both be stars one day, the key is that it will be one day. I don't think that Ziggler or Punk are at the star level to fight with Rock. That just leaves Cena to do it, and I think that people would be interested in Cena vs Rock II, and with how everything turned out between the two, I think that the build up could be phenomonal.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker, a lot of people want to see this match up and I can't say I blame them. Undertaker vs Lesnar have a great past, and while I would love to see Lesnar put over a future star, I don't think that is going to happen. So I think stick with Undertaker and give him a big win at WM. It could be similar to HHH vs Undertaker at WM 27 with the level of brutality and it would have great build and be another key match up for the card.

World Heavyweight Championship: This one I have had the hardest to determine, one part of me says that CM Punk should be in a title match just because, and that the brand extension is pointless. But another part of me says that they will use this match to help build some new guys, that is why I think that this match up will be Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler (after turning face because of the WWE Universe always cheering for him). But this one I'm not so sure about. But I would love to see this match up, any of those 3 guys could be a big deal in the WWE. I would have a favorite out of the 3 that is for sure, but any of those guys could be a big force in the upcoming years.

CM Punk vs Randy Orton, a lot of questions have been up in the air about who is the number 2 guy in the company. And a couple of weeks ago I would have thought that Orton would have the advantage. But after his recent suspension, I think Punk is the number 2 guy. And I think that they need to make that official with this match up, I think that once Orton comes back from suspension at some point he should become a dominant heel like in early 2009, then start building up to WM 29 where Orton and Punk have a rematch from their great WM 27 match up. I think that this match could verify that Punk is the star that he really is.

The other matches I'm not so sure about, but as the time comes closer I'm sure we will find out or get more of an inclination to who will be facing who.


Now as you might have noticed above, I predicted that Dolph Ziggler would be in the World Heavyweight Championship. Even though currently he and Zack Ryder have been going over Youtube and Twitter talking about their Wrestlemania 29 match. Well I don't think it's going to happen, why... because Vince McMahon is a Genius. He didn't want to push Ryder and he didn't want him to succeed. But all the people did, so Vince McMahon instead of just ignoring them until they stopped, he not only got what he wanted, but he made a profit. He knew that the Ryder fan base was growing so he decided to produce more Ryder merchandise and make a quick buck. Which he did, but how did he weaken the Ryder fan base so much, becuase he gave them what they wanted. They wanted Zack Ryder to become Uniteed States Champion and that happened, but after the Raw he was United States Champion. Ryder was booked so weakly and booked to be off TV so often that fans started to care less about him, and now that he got what he wanted there was nothing to chant "We Want Ryder" about. And every time Ryder would want something like a title rematch or a match against Kane or dealing with Eve after WM, WWE just didn't deal with and ever since fans have forgotten about poor Zack Ryder. Until this past monday when LI chanted numerously "We Want Ryder" but this year as compared to last was much much quiter then last year. Why because Ryder has lost his momentum, and he has lost control of his Internet show, and he has no direction and if he tries to make one, WWE delays him. Instead of Ryder continuning to ask for a United States Championship rematch on Z True Long Island story, and giving the fans a reason to chant "We Want Ryder". Ryder has been just putting up short random pointless (still funny but pointless) videos, which haven't been helping him. Ryder needs to start directing fans attention towards his lack of being on Raw and his lack of being a champion, and he needs to do it in a big way.


John Cena, is one of the greatest and most influential men in the history of sports entertainment. But these past few months he hasn?t been under as much criticism as in previous years. That is because people are starting to realize, it?s not Cena?s fault he gets put into matches against Michael Cole showing that he can?t get a chance to show his wrestling ability. Or his promo?s being to light hearted, because that is the direction that WWE. Or the fact that he is Super Cena, because that is how WWE has been booking him. And I think that WWE has been booking him poorly these last few months, after his loss to The Rock at Wrestlemania 28, his character was refreshed and he didn?t change his character in the slightest. Cue Brock Lesnar, a formidable villain to face Cena, and when you go back to watch Extreme Rules 2012, you can see that the crowd started to get behind Cena as he was getting torn apart by Brock Lesnar. That?s when I realized that Cena should stick to a losing streak. Now I?m not talking about a losing streak like Gillberg?s or MVP?s losing streak. But Cena constantly losing big matches to guys like Punk, Rock, Lesnar, Big Johnny. Was a good change of pace without him becoming a heel. Now some of you my question my loyalty to Cena by saying that he should go onto a loyalty. But I think that a losing streak angle could have been phenomenal for him, and would have helped him start to build an even bigger fan base. As the older male fans were starting to root for Cena case in point WM 28 and Extreme Rules 2012, because they realized a lot of the arguments were invalid (until the end of Extreme Rules 2012). He can wrestle he has proven that countless times, he can cut a promo he has proven that countless times, and if he continued to lose then he wouldn?t be called Super Cena. Then he would have slowly started build up his character to the big comeback victory, where announcers could claim that the Old John Cena who wins main events and wins Championship is gone, until that big victory against someone like Jericho for the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber. Then Cena would be set up to face Dwayne The Rock Johnson in a Wrestlemania Rematch from the previous year for the WWE Championship. And the build up could be that Cena isn?t the same since the loss and he wants to prove himself, while The Rock argument is that he has beaten John once and he can do it again. Another good point for the Rock would be that last year Cena talked about wanting to fight the Rock and not Dwayne. Then this year Rock could say he wanted to fight the real John Cena, and not the John Cena who loses every single match expect for getting lucky at one PPV. Then Rock and Cena could face off at WM 29 and have Cena retain the WWE Championship, and then go from there, depending on if the WWE really thought one more Cena vs Rock would work. But I think that would have been a great storyline, and I feel as though WWE dropped the ball with the follow up from Wrestlemania for Cena and many other angles including Punk vs Jericho (a poor storyline for what should have been amazing). I just feel that the WWE has been in a slump as of late and they need a big summer angle for Cena or Punk to get everything going again. They haven?t been exactly at their best, when their WM 28 main matches (Once in a Lifetime, End of an Era, and WWE Championship match) were the biggest I have ever seen. It was all down hill from after Lesnar lost at Extreme Rules, and WWE needs to do some readjusting if they want their product to be interesting again or let alone keep or gain viewers when they move to three hours.


But on a brighter note, Mr. John Cena?s 10th Anniversary is today. Now here?s a list of what I think are John Cena?s overall Top 10 Greatest moments (in my unbiased opinion). In chronological order.

Also here is an old tribute video I made about John Cena.

John Cena?s Debut

John Cena Wins WWE Championship for First Time

John Cena introduces new WWE Championship

John Cena is Drafted to Raw

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 23

John Cena Returns at Royal Rumble 2008

John Cena vs Batista at Summerslam 2008

John Cena and The Rock announce Wrestlemania 28 match

John Cena vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2011

John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 28

But in my personal opinion, these are my 10 personal favorite John Cena moments of all time (that I have seen live on television/internet because a moment that you know what?s going to happen isn?t the same as seeing live).

John Cena vs Edge for the WWE Championship at Saturday Night?s Main Event 2006: Once upon a time I watched WWF but then I took a long break from it, but then my brother convined me to watch the DX reunion. But he only wanted to watch DX reunite, while that was interesting, I saw some interest in this newer guy who gave an AA to Edge through the announcer?s table, that guy was none other than John Cena.

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels for WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 23: The first wrestling event I ever attended live and it was between two of my top 3 favorite wrestlers of all time, and it was a great match with a lot of great moments from both men. It?s still probably one of my favorite three matches of all time.

John Cena vs Randy Orton for WWE Championship at Summerslam 2007: This match up was great and the crowd was really into the match. Because both superstars were at the top of their game, Randy Orton was at the beginning of his big push to the top that would last until Backlash 2008, and John Cena was in his longest title reign to date, this title reign lasted longer then a year. Which just made this match up even bigger and I personally thought that Randy Orton was going to win, but the Champ overcame the Legend Killer.

John Cena Returns at Royal Rumble 2008, I was in complete shock, simple as that and it was one of those great wrestling moments when the dirt sheets don?t spoil anything and I can just enjoy being shocked by a great surprise.

John Cena vs Batista at Summerslam 2008, this was another match up that I was really looking forward to, I knew that it wasn?t a dream match up like Cena vs Shawn or Cena vs Rock because those matches weren?t as likely as these two facing off. And this was a great match up that lived up to the hype.

John Cena vs Edge vs Big Show for World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 25, there were a lot of cool moments in this match up. From Cena?s entrance, to the actual match, to the finish, to the championship celebration (including mocking the Cena hater who screams at Cena at almost every WM).

John Cena vs Batista for WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 26, this was a great feud and a great match up. Batista?s heel turn made for an exciting story with Cena and the revisiting of Cena vs Batista at Summerslam 2008 turned out well, and the match was great. The post match celebration was also good to.

John Cena vs CM Punk for WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2011, the build for this match up was amazing, and so was the match. While Cena wasn?t the main focus in this story or in this match, it proved to a lot of people how great he can be on the mic and in the ring.

John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 28, this match is probably my favorite match up of all time, first off because I never thought it would happen. Secondly they didn?t rush it, they took a whole year to build this huge match up and they did an amazing job looking back at it all. Then the match itself, I was afraid it wouldn?t live up to the hype, but lucky I never had to face my fears as it was an amazing match, the crowd was into it. The wrestling was great, there was lots of ring psychology, and it nicely set up for a rematch, and hopefully we will see that rematch at Wrestlemania 29.

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012, now while I don?t agree with how it ended, this match was just one big moment that I will remember forever. The beat down on Cena was brutal, and it showed how much of a monster Lesnar was. Then Cena?s comeback was shocking, but it made for one of the most unique and exciting main events in WWE history.

Well that?s it for this blog, I will see you all later.


My 5th Year Annivesary of TV.Com/Gamespot

This was my very first blog:

American Dragon Jake Long is being taken down by disney but the wecan save the show

WWE is keeping john cena as the wwe champion and the hardys the world tag team champions that is good

Avatar hasn't shown anynew episodes in a while

Family Guy and The Simpsons are have just had there season finale so it will beawhile for new episodes

Thenew ECW is horrible

This is my 2nd Year Anniversary Blog:

Well two years ago to this day i joined TV.Com for American Dragon Jake Long it was a good show i really liked it. So i was looking up the show when i found American Dragon Jake Long, TV.Com Forums. I joined there and i liked it a lot mostly looking for spoilers and discussion on episodes. But then in september 2007 the show was cancelled by evil Disney. But before the show was cancelled i visited the WWE Raw forums and then after it got cancelled i didn't come to TV.Com until June 2008. Once i came back i created The Draft Game which has been going on with a maxium of 4 shows every week since after Night of Champions. Then at Summerslam 2008 Jebus (Great poster) invited me into the Round Table where i joined. And every since then i have been working on The Draft Game and playing The Round Table.

But there is one very important thing that this post is deciated to all the Poster i know who have been banned from TV.Com

Cayse (From what i have heard not confirmed)
Mr.King (Not confirmed)
Name (American Dragon forum)
Cliff Parkins

This is my 3rd Year Anniversary Blog:

3 Years ago on this day i signed up to TV.Com/Gamespot. Interesting i remember when i first signed up for this i went looking for American Dragon Jake Long and other shows. But then i came to the WWE Raw Forums. What a crazy place it's with lots of interesting people like Qfrodri hate for some many people i don't even know if he likes one wrestler, Enervator and Speeps love for there favorite superstars, Sonic never ending returns, Everyone who works in the Draft Game Decidation, My IE Bros IE 4 Life, and i have learned about some many people's decidation like they will try to save a show that got cancelled 4 years ago i couldn't do that. But i can stay with websites like i have with this one for 3 years that is a long time. Back when i was really super big into American Dragon Jake Long i was trying to help save the show and they had some numbers to call to talk to people to try and get the show back. So i called and i get this lady and i say i would like to talk about saving "American Dragon Jake Long" and she hung up on me. There have been crazy stuff to like when i won the World Tag Team Championship for the first time. When everyone hated IE so much but in the end i have proven myself and i think i'm a higher memeber now it may not seem like it but i passed Wiz in the rankings (not sure how that happened).On theGamespotsites i have met coolpeoplelike Killerband, Showstopper, and DCSchark. And i'm thinking of starting myown Wrestling union maybe it's not high consideration but many people on the Draft Game already have a Gamespot accountand i'm still the TV.Com Tag Team Championthe next3 years shouldbe good.Even if some people are leaving it's up to everyone to stayand keep it alive. Butit's has one been crazy trip and it should continue to be crazy for another 3 years.But i may not post anotherblog for a long time ... like tomorrow when i post the Draft Results but oh well. I like to say thanks to many people for making this roadvery interesting to say the least.

Spideynerd (Happy 3 year anniversary tomorrow)
Enervator (Hopefully we have a nice long reign)
Efc (I owe you for all those tag matches you helped me win)

If i forgot anyone super sorry.3 more years to go.


Well after reading my old blogs, I could understand why you all might have been frustrated with me when I first came to the WWE Raw Forums. I don't really know what to say, it's weird to say that I have been here for so long. I remember thinking when I first got here, how do some people stay here for so long and now I'm one of those people. It's surreal, but I'm glad that I have been here for so long, I have had a lot of fun, and while it's been hard to get a lot of promo's and DG shows done, it's still been great fun. While these last couple of years have been rather disappointing/sad because of the decrease in activity and it's sad that a lot of us got separated because of the GWF/TWF stuff, as it seems weird to me that there are more people in the GWF regularly, but there are more posts in the TWF, I think if we want to have this last as long as possible we're going to need to do some comprising. But on a more positive note, I'm glad that people who started the say time as me like Slick, Spideynerd, Sonic, and Crulex. Still come and post as often as they can, that is really cool to me, I don't know why but it just is.

But I'm glad that a lot has changed, I myself have grown up greatly, in many different aspects, and even looking back at those old blog post helps me realize that. It's nice knowing that I have become more educated and wiser (and hopefully more bearable). And I hope have proved that with my actions over the years.

I have stated my past in other blogs, and why I'm here, but for this one I want to go more into the real reason why I'm here, and why everyone is here. It's because of the bonds we make between each other, we're all friends and I think we don't show how much we appreciate each other at times, so I want to do that now and acknowledge everyone in from these forums who have influenced my life anyway whether positive or negatively, in a small way or a big way. I want to thank you for helping me to get where I'm today. In no particular order.......

Spideynerd (Happy Early 5 Year Annivesary to you)
Big Evil

And I sincerely apologize if I forgot anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad that I have been able to get to know you all for so long, and been able to talk to you guys about something that I love, Pro Wrestling. So thank you very much, I appreciate you and I hope to have another 5 great years with you guys.

John Cena


Brand Extension, Wrestlemania 28, Jericho, Year End Awards, and More

My 2011 Pro-Wrestling Awards

TNA Tag Team of The Year-Beer Money Inc., this was a poor year in the Tag Team Division, but Beer Money still was impressive even if there competition wasn't.

Runner Up- Mexican America, one of the only 2 established teams who held the Tag Titles in TNA in 2011, and they held it for a decent amount of time so I think the Runner up spot has to go to them.

WWE Tag Team of The Year- Air Boom, the tag team that looks to be bringing back the Tag Team Division. They have some of the best matches of the night, and they have great chemistry. And they also have been great champions, even though Evan was gone for a month, they still defended the titles against numerous different teams and had great matches.

Runner Up- Awesome Truth, now this team didn't last very long, but they had very important matches and they were a very important part of the show.

Tag Team of The Year- Air Boom, this really isn't very competitive, Air Boom is the only team out right other then maybe The Usos that seems like a legititmate team and they're one of the only teams who made an Impact on either of the major wrestling promotions.

TNA Knockout of The Year- Mickie James, she dominated the TNA Knockout division for most of the year, and she proved that with numerous title defenses and holding that TNA Knockout's Championship for most of the year.

Runner Up- Velvet Sky, while Velvet Sky only held the TNA Knockout Championship once, she was still the focal point of many Knockout rivalries this year, and she is one of the top Faces in the knockout division.

WWE Diva of The Year- Beth Phoenix, she held the Diva's Championship for months and months, and when she didn't hold the title she was dominating her competition.

Runner Up- Kelly Kelly, she has become the Face of the Diva's division, she may not be the best women wrestler, and she might not have been the best Diva's Champion, but she is making lots of improvements and she showed why we should be the Face of the Diva's division.

Diva/Knockout of the Year- Beth Phoenix, while Mickie James had a good year in terms of titles and booking, her matches were very uninspiring while Beth had some very good matches with Eve and Kelly, which is not the easiest task.

TNA X-Division of The Year- Austin Aries, this was easy, Austin Aries may have come back to TNA half way through the year, but he still was the most electrifying man in the X-Division this year, and he showed what potential the X-Division could have.

Runner Up- Kazarian, other then Austin Aries there was not really a stand out X-Division guy, but if I had to pick one then it would have to be Kaz.

WWE Mid Carder of the Year- Dolph Ziggler, this man had a great year. He started it off showing potential as a main eventer, by winning the World Heavyweight Championship, but he soon fell back to the mid card scene where he would wrestle great matches and added some value to the United States Championship.

Runner Up- Cody Rhodes, while Dolph Ziggler had a close year, Cody Rhodes is a very close second. Cody Rhodes had a great year as well, nearly the same as Dolph Ziggler, only Ziggler had a much higher expectation for work rate, as Ziggler wrestled two matches on two different PPV's while Cody didn't.

Mid Carder/X-Division of the Year- Dolph Ziggler, while Austin Aries had a great year for TNA, his year started in July. Dolph Ziggler has been performing at a very high level since the year started.

Breakout Star of the Year- Zack Ryder, from Jobbing to superstars like Santino and Vladimir, to main eventing and winning the United States championship in a year, there is no doubt that Zack Ryder is the breakout star of the year, WWWYKI.

Runner Up- Mark Henry, Henry went from being a Jobber who has been with the company from the Mid 90's to a monster World Champion. The only reason that he isn't Breakout star of the year, is that he has come close to being a main eventer before when he feuded with Kurt Angle, Batista, and Undertaker in 2006.

Best Pro-Wrestling Moment of 2011- Rock returns to the WWE. Now it was widely believed that Rock was coming back to the WWE. But the moment he came back was still great and so was the after affect, that could last for years to come depending on where WWE goes with Cena and Rock.

Runner Up- CM Punk shoot promo. This moment was shocking and it really changed the landscape for the WWE and started building momentum for CM Punk. The only problem is that while it did build CM Punk momentum, it didn't change the WWE Land scape enough, ratings weren't that much better and neither was the Money in the Bank buy rate, it was a great show, but not to many bought it.

TNA Main Eventer of the Year- Kurt Angle, Kurt Angle had a lot of great matches this year and was a strong face/heel for TNA this year.

Runner Up- Sting, Sting was the second most dominant main eventer for TNA this year. This was a bad year for TNA and they really relied on Sting and Kurt. And not to many others were in the main event scene.

WWE Main Eventer of the Year- Randy Orton, I know shocking right, but I base my awards off of Championship, storylines, booking, and match quality. And Orton was successful in all of the categories through out the whole year.

Runner Up- CM Punk, CM Punk was also very successful in all of these categories, but CM Punk wasn't very relevant between January to May and everyone seems to forget that, but he wasn't very important compared to the likes of Cena, Miz, Orton, Christian, etc. But there is no denying that CM Punk really improved at the end of the year.

Main Eventer of the year- Randy Orton, Randy Orton not won the World Heavyweight Championship twice, he put on great matches with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Christian, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and CM Punk. He also had a great storyline with Christian, Cody Rhodes, and Wade Barrett. And he carried Smackdown on his own star power for most of the year, which is quiet impressive.

Here is the Wrestlemania 28 Card I would like to see but it's still realistic.

Wrestlemania 28 Card:

John Cena vs The Rock

CM Punk (C) vs Chris Jericho for WWE Championship

Undertaker vs Triple H with Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels

Daniel Bryan (C) vs Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton (Royal Rumble Winner) for World Heayvweight Championship

Big Show vs Shaq

Sheamus vs Kane

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match

Zack Ryder (C) vs Brodus Clay for United States Championship

Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler (C) vs Air Boom for WWE Tag Team Championship

Mark Henry vs R-Truth

Cody Rhodes vs Christian for the Intercontinental Championship

Beth Phoenix vs Kharma for Diva's Championship

or (Depending on Kharma's health)

Beth Phoenix, Natalya, The Bella Twins, and Kaitlyn vs Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, AJ, Alicia Fox, and Layla

Why the Brand Extension should end:

If you read my last blog you would know that I went to a Smackdown live event. In that blog I reviewed the show, and I stated that with Randy Orton gone there is a lack of star power on SD. And after watching the new Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD that I got for Christmas. And hearing about how all Live Events were sold out in the late 90's and early 00's. I know times are different from now and then, but I believe that WWE could sell out all live events and they could make more profit if they ended the Brand Extension.

First of all, they would be doing half as many shows which would save traveling money for the equipment, and money for renting the arena.

Secondly they could cut some unnecessary talent, and save money.

Third more people would buy tickets for shows with John Cena, Orton, CM Punk, and Big Show. Rather then shows with Cena and Punk or Orton and Big Show.

Fourth more talents could get rest and wouldn't wreck the show and there would be less injured superstars like there are now (Christian, Randy Orton, Del Rio, Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara).

Fifth, if there is more time in between shows then more people would most likely to come to the shows.

Sixth, there could be some new rivalries, why Orton and Barrett is a interesting feud at the moment didn't they just feud last year. I mean wouldn't a feud like Orton - Kane, CM Punk - Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes - Cena, or Daniel Bryan - Chris Jericho be interesting.

Now I understand that there is a surplus of talent, but one that is why you could use SD still only not have it be a separate brand, like the old days. And two there is already to many superstars if some superstars like Alex Riley, Brodus Clay, Trent Barretta, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, and Yoshi Tatsu can never get on Raw or Smackdown.

And I myself strongly believed in the Brand Extension, but after going to the SD Live event, I know that WWE could make it better and the best way to do that is to combine the Live Events essentially combining the shows.

Now time to be talk about TNA......

I'm very uninspired with the product right now. For starters I don't think Jeff Hardy should be given another chance so quickly. He came back in October and now he is getting a title match, I think it's to soon, but I don't blame TNA. I blame the fans for encouraging TNA to put Jeff back in the main event. I also am disappointed with the Tag Team Division and the Knockout's Division. Both are shells of what they use to be, while I do appreciate the Gail Kim vs Mickie James match main eventing last week I still feel that Gail Kim shouldn't have won the title so quickly after she came to TNA. And the match had little build. Don't even get me started on the Tag Team Division, the X-Division is alright, but Austin Aries is the only one I care about, and if he leaves then I will have no reason to care about the X-Division matches. And the Television Title is a Joke. The Bischoff stuff is boring and I don't care for it all. While I do like Robert Roode as the champion, I don't like the direction they're going with him for starters he is a pretty bland rip off of almost every heel now of days (Jericho in 2008, Miz, Swagger, Kurt Angle, Del Rio, etc.). And I don't care for the feud with Dixie Carter, Sting, and Roode. Maybe I'm being harsh on TNA, but it just isn't that fun to watch right now.

Yesterday Jericho returned to the WWE, and I'm very excited. I believe Jericho will be great for the WWE again, and I believe he will make his heel turn and he will main event Wrestlemania this year against CM Punk. Which should be awesome, but I hope Jericho plans on staying for a while because I heard he might just leave after Wrestlemania.

My Check of my 2011 Wish List:

John Cena to win the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship at least once. (Check, Cena won the WWE Championship three times this year, once from Miz, once from Rey Mysterio, and once from Alberto Del Rio)

Randy Orton to turn Heel in a major way. (Didn't happen, but his move to SD made him a much better Face as it gave him room to grow).

Wade Barrett to headline or main event Wrestlemania. (Didn't happen, Wade Barrett got stuck in a 8 Man Tag Team match at WM in a match that only lasted a couple seconds).

The Tag Team Division in both companies to improve greatly. (Half check,WWE Tag Team Division did improve but not greatly, and TNA's tag team division went down hill.)

Jeff Hardy to get better Mic Skills. (Didn't happen, his Mic skills didn't really get better this year.)

More younger stars to be pushed this year. (Check, TNA pushed Robert Roode, Mr. Anderson, even if it was only for a short time, while WWE pushed Miz, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Zack Ryder, and Dolph Ziggler)

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to be fired from TNA. (Didn't happen, they're both still there)

No Stables in TNA for most of 2011 and TNA to get more focused on the wrestling. (Half check, they did get more focused on wrestling, or they said they did, but they didn't lose stables.)

SD to start building new stars again. (Check, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Sheamus have all recieved some pushes this year).

Daniel Bryan to main event a PPV in a one on one match. (Half check, he did main event a PPV against the Big Show, but I wouldn't count it.)

Davey Richards to go to either WWE or TNA. (Didn't happen, Davey Richards stayed in ROH where he is the ROH World Champion).

Great Storylines, Feuds, and Plot Twist in both WWE and TNA. (Half check, Some good storylines in WWE like Punk leaving WWE, and Christian/Orton feud, while TNA not so much).

The Anoymous General Manager to be revealed. (Didn't happen, I'm still upset over this.)

Less firing of great talent (like MVP and Kaval). (Check, there wasn't even a Wrestlemania post cut season this year).

Great PPV's and Great PPV's Matches. (Check, Destination X, Survivor Series, and Money in The Bank were all great PPV's and had great PPV's matches.

Less Hating of Cena and Orton. (Half check, while there was less hate for Orton, there was more hate for Cena).

A Big Plot Twist on Raw before Wrestlemania. (Check, The Rock came back and shook up the Road to Wrestlemania).


My 2012 Wish List for Wrestling:

Chris Jericho to stay in the WWE all of 2012.

The Rock vs Cena to be a 5 star match at Wrestlemania 28.

A younger star to win either the World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE Championship (examples: Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, or Zack Ryder).

Cena to turn heel.

Tag Team Division to improve in both TNA and WWE.

A younger star to win either the TNA World Championship (Examples: Crimson, Matt Morgan, Austin Aries, or Christopher Daniels)

One Superstar to hold the TNA World Championship for more then 5 months.

Kharma to win the Diva's Championship.

Daniel Bryan to hold onto the World Heavyweight Championship (or the WWE Championship if he wins that) for at least 2 PPV's.

The Royal Rumble Winner to actually win the Championship at Wrestlemania.

A more organized verison of the Bound for Glory series.

The return of the Destination X PPV.

King of the Ring to return either as a PPV or a 3 hour Raw.

The characters of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan to retire from on screen characters in TNA.

The rise of a fresh new face that could be a Wrestling Legend.

Well that's it for this blog, I wish everyone a happy new year.

My Review of SD Holiday Tour

I haven't blogged in a while, but that is because I have been super busy. But now I have a very important reason to blog, which is because I went to a WWE Event. Now this is not one of my first time's going I have been to numerous PPVs and Live Raws, but never to a Smackdown and never to a Live Event so this was going to be different. And it was, in some ways better and in other ways worse.

We got to the show with about 15 minutes before the starting time, so we went to the souviner line and I was shocked to see mostly Raw T-Shirts being sold. I was very upset because it seems like every show I go to, there is not one Daniel Bryan T-shirt, and I always say I'm going to buy one at the show, but they never have it. Which is very frustrating especially now that he is the World Heavyweight Champion. So instead of getting a Daniel Bryan T-Shirt, I got the Rock's newest T-Shirt (because I already had the newest Cena t-shirt). We got to our seats and the arena was 65 to 70% filled, which I thought was very surprising because Raw wasn't that filled last time it came, and I heard Smackdown wasn't that filled the time before either. But I believe that since it had almost been a year since they came to my hometown, and people were ready for the show. Also as I said before I haven't been to a house show before but from the pictures I have seen it seems like there was a new set for the SD house show crew. I know Raw got a new set, so it seems like SD would get a new set as well.

Ted Dibiase vs Jinder Mahal:

This was the first match up of the night and it was surprisingly a great way to start off the show, I was a little worried because there matches on SD were boring, but the crowd really like Dibiase and really disliked Jinder Mahal which was surprising. But a real source to the fans reactions were, right at the start of the match where Ted Dibiase got the Mic and said that Mahal should respect the troops in the arena. Then it was pretty much a USA reaction for Dibiase the rest of the match, it was cheap heat. But hey you gotta start somewhere and it started the show off well. In a good back and forth match that had Dibiase do some stuff that he doesn't normally even do on TV like I saw some Running Knee's to the face and a Leap over the top rope. The finish was Dibiase reserving out of Mahal's finisher into the Dream Street for the win. In a good opener.

Sheamus vs Wade Barrett in a Street Fight:

The second match of the night, first off before the match Tony Chimel announced that Randy Orton wouldn't compete tonight, which was met by lots of boos and people were very upset. But then Tony Chimel said that people could get a refund if they ask for one before a certain time. Which I thought was a class act by WWE, because to have your biggest star not on the show at the last minute would probably piss a lot of people off and make them want to leave. But most people didn't leave. Wade Barrett then came out and cut a promo on how injured Orton and how it was devastating and that it might keep him out for 6 months. Sheamus then came out, and Barrett told Sheamus that if he wanted he could leave now and he won't be hurt, but if he stays he will won't hold back and Barrett will hurt Sheamus just like he did Randy Orton. But of course Sheamus stayed, the match was Sheamus for the early parts of the match, they even went and fought in the crowd then fought up the stairs. But no one was reacting, that was because no one knew what was going on. That is the problem with Live Events, I know it costs alot of money, but having a Camera at the shows wouldn't be so bad. Because stuff like that makes it impossible to see. But after they came back down the stairs they fought back into the ring and Barrett dominated for a while by using a Cane and a Chair. But Sheamus fought back, and Sheamus started to build momentum, but then suddenly Drew McIntyre came out and gave Sheamus the Future Shock DDT. Barrett then pinned Sheamus but Sheamus kicked out, McIntyre was shocked and came back down into the ring. Sheamus then cleared McIntyre out of the ring, then Barrett hit the Winds of Change on Sheamus and set up for the Wasteland, but Sheamus got out of it and hit the Brogue Kick for the win. Sheamus and Barrett got great reactions and it was a pretty good match for the pace of the show.

Cody Rhodes vs Booker T for IC:

Booker T came out to a great reaction, but then Cody Rhodes attacked him on his way down. Cody Rhodes then cut a promo about how he was going to end this matter with Booker T tonight, but Booker T got helped to the back by some doctors. Cody then left and the crowd was very confused, and this really slowed the momentum of the show.

Seth Rollins vs Tyson Kidd:

Tyson Kidd had very little heat on him at the start of the night, and no one knew who Seth Rollins was (expect for Me), so he got like no reaction. The Crowd went from red hot to pretty quite for this match, it was a great match from a wrestling stand point, and both Seth Rollins and Tyson Kidd did a great job of building themselves more. Tyson got some heat on him through the match including someone starting a Tyson Chicken chant which Tyson played to, and the crowd got behind Seth's athleticism, I think that Seth has a lot of potential once he gets onto the main roster, but Tyson needs to change some stuff up if he wants to succeed like for starters that hair cut. But other then their lack of connection with the crowd it was a really good match that was back and forth and had some really athletic stuff. I was also disappointed that there weren't that many people who knew that Seth Rollins is Tyler Black, I thought there would be a better showing from the Indy Wrestling fans but I was horribly wrong. The finish was Seth hitting a Powerbomb to Tyson in the corner then Tyson falling to the crowd and Seth kicking Tyson in the side of the head. This match really slowed down the momentum of the show, I get why it was on the card, but if the WWE Rosters were better then Seth Rollins would have faced someone like Jack Swagger to get more of a reaction for himself.

Justin Gabriel vs Hunico with Camacho:

This next match didn't help the momentum either, while Justin was decently over, and Hunico got some heat. It wasn't good enough to pick the momentum back up, this was another good match but it was mostly Hunico on the offense. But Justin made a comeback and won with the 450 Splash. But after the match Hunico and The Camacho attacked Gabriel, and they had some good moves, I think they could be a really good tag team if they decide to go that route. Then as Hunico and the Camacho were leaving, Justin Gabriel wasn't done yet.

Cody Rhodes vs Booker T for IC:

As Cody Rhodes came out and attacked Justin Gabriel, then Cody went on the Mic and introduced himself, and said that he would keep on attacking people until he gets Booker T. Cue Booker T's music and Booker T comes out with more intensity, and the match quickly gets going. Booker T gets the early advantage but after doing the rolling out of the ring, then running around the ring then rolling back into the ring to get the advantage thing. Cody Rhodes was then in control. During both times when Booker and Cody were controlling the match, they had the crowd eating out of their hand and I have to admit that it was very impressive, especially since I didn't think Cody was that over, but he is. Cody was in control for a couple minutes then Booker T made a Comeback which was stopped by Cody, then Booker T made another Comeback that was stopped by the Beautiful Disaster and Cody pinned Booker but Booker kicked out at 2. Booker eventually got back on the offense and gave him a Book End. Booker T pinned Cody but Cody kicked out at 2. Cody got up after this and shoved the Referee, which resulted in a DQ. Which allowed Cody to retain the title, and Cody tried to escape but Booker T went outside and grabbed him and brought him back into the ring. Booker T then gave him a Scissors Kick and did a Spinaroonie which the crowd went wild for and got the show back on the right track.

Dance Contest with Special Guest Host Hornswoggle:

Tony Chimel then announced that we would have a Special Guest host, I was hoping for a Legend because I felt that the show wasn't very stacked and I know they let some Legends host Raw house shows before. But no it was Hornswoggle, Hornswoggle then announced a Dance Contest. Now I have read all about these Dance Contest, and I was curious to see one live, now I have. The Dance Contest had only 3 people when I heard it usually has 4 people so that was interesting. They picked a Man, a Woman, and a Child. Needless to say the Woman won.....just kidding the Kid won, and now I know why because everyone wants the Kid to meet his favorite wrestler and not two grown people (including the grown people). So it was obvious the kid was going to win.


Tony Chimmel announced it was time for intermission, while most people went to the bathroom, got more beer, or bought some merchandise, or all three. I took some pictures and made sure that I could be right on time for the next match.

AJ and Alicia Fox vs Natalya and Tamina with Special Guest Referee Askana in a Santa's Little Helpers Match:

And I was fortunately, as I got to see the lovely diva's wrestle and they were looking great. There wrestling however not so much. AJ and Natalya are good wrestlers, so it wasn't to bad but it was more of a joke match, as Askana joked around by hitting Alicia and Natalya on the butt, and Natalya tried to give Alicia a box of tissues, but Alicia hit it out of her hand. Not a very memorable match, Alicia won with a Scissors Kick to Tamina.

Air Boom vs Epico and Primo for WWE Tag Team Championship:

Now since most people didn't know about Orton getting hurt since it just happened yesterday, most people were not expecting Air Boom. So this was a pleasant surprise for most. Epico and Primo got a good amount of heat and many people think that Rosa Mendes will lead to them turning face, but I don't know about that. Air Boom got a huge pop and they were really over with the crowd (more Kofi then Evan). The match started in the favor of Air Boom but Epico and Primo got the advantage after a Double Team move to Evan. But Evan made a comeback and got a hot tag to Kofi and Kofi cleared house, and Kofi set up for the Trouble in Paradise onto Epico but Primo interfered, then Evan came in and tried to give Primo a Hurricarana over the top rope, but Primo shoved Evan away and Evan went over the top rope. Primo then turned around and Kofi clotheslines Primo to the outside. But then Epico gave Kofi a Back stabber and Epico pinned Kofi for 3 but his foot was on the bottom rope. The Crowd was shocked and I was personally shocked because right after the match Rosa Mendes shoved Kofi's foot off the bottom rope so there was no proof of it. And the referee was heading to the back, while Epico, Primo, and Rosa were celebrating to the shock of the crowd. But then another Referee came out and told the original referee what happened and the Original Referee restarted the match. Epico and Primo immediately double teamed Kofi, but Kofi made a comeback and gave Epico a Trouble in Paradise then Evan gave Epico a Air Bourne for the win. The crowd popped huge for their win and the match just goes to show the potential that the Tag Team Division has.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Steel Cage:

Now the main event, the Steel Cage had to set up so there was another short intermission which lasted about 10 minutes. Daniel Bryan made his way out first to an ok reaction (but I got a high five from him so I was happy), the Big Show then came out to a huge reaction, and Mark Henry came out to lots of boos and even more boos when he high fived a kid (which shocked me but made more sense) when Mark Henry took the kid's sign and tore it up. Then Mark Henry through the pieces away before he entered the ring, which got a lot of heat. Side note, I had a Daniel Bryan poster and I was holding it up and looking at Daniel Bryan as he was in the cage. And he saw it and pointed at it, gave me a thumbs, and a nod in other words.....AWESOME!!!!!!! The match started with Daniel Bryan making numerous attempts to escape the cage only to be stopped by Big Show or Mark Henry. Daniel Bryan then got beat on by Mark Henry and Big Show. Then Big Show took down Mark Henry, and Mark Henry stayed down for most of the match after taking a couple shots because of his injury. Big Show and Daniel Bryan had a lot of really good action. But whenever one was about to win, Mark Henry came in stopped them then got taken out and it was back to Daniel Bryan and Big Show. Which is responsible because of the injury. Through the match Big Show was getting the most reaction, which WWE needs to fix if they want to keep Daniel Bryan the Champion. Either they need to turn Daniel Bryan or Big Show heel or they need to give Daniel Bryan a really over heel wrestler to face like Miz if they don't want Daniel Bryan to be a transitional champion. The finisher came when Mark Henry had Daniel Bryan set up for the World's Strongest Slam but Big Show gave Mark Henry a Knockout Punch and Daniel Bryan rolled away from Mark Henry. Big Show then pinned Mark Henry but at 2, Daniel Bryan was at the top of the cage and Big Show got off of Mark Henry and went to the top rope and grabbed Bryan. Which didn't make sense because if Big Show stayed on Mark Henry for one second he would have beaten Daniel Bryan and won the title. But back to the finish, Big Show tried to chokeslam Daniel Bryan off the top of the cage but Daniel Bryan kicked Big Show away and Daniel Bryan squirmed over the top of the cage and Daniel Bryan fell to the floor. As Daniel Bryan was going to the back, Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre attacked him then sent him into the ring, then they attacked Big Show. As Mark Henry quietly left, then Sheamus ran out and made the save. Which left Big Show and Daniel Bryan in the ring, and Big Show had the title then Big Show handed Daniel Bryan the Championship. Which put him over in a pretty good way, then Daniel Bryan celebrated to conclude the show. Daniel Bryan then went around and high fived all the people around the barricades as he left.

Pretty good show, it was better then expected and when they come back on April 23rd for a Raw Supershow, I will for sure be there. But they really need to make some changes to Smackdown, now that Orton isn't there, they need to get a Raw guy like now because on paper this would have been a terrible show, but because of the Atmosphere and the matches that did look good were good or great, I can't complain.

Biggest Pop:
5. Sheamus
4. Daniel Bryan
3. Booker T
2. Air Boom
1. Big Show

Biggest Heat:
5. Drew McIntyre
4. Epico and Primo
3. Wade Barrett
2. Mark Henry
1. Cody Rhodes

Worst Match of the Night: Justin Gabriel vs Hunico

Match of the Night: Air Boom vs Epico and Primo

Here are some photos that I took from the show......



Superplex Tyson Kidd superplexing Seth Rollins.


Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel

Cody Rhodes

Booker T

Booker T



Epico and Primo

Evan Bourne

Epico and Primo

Epico and Primo

Shooting Star Press

Air Boom

Air Boom

Big Show


Stare Down

Mark Henry

Triple Threat

Daniel Bryan

Body Slam

Daniel Bryan

Stare down

Big Show

Daniel Bryan

European Wrestling and More.

This blog i have more Pro-Wrestling knowledge and i have a brand new video.

New Video

Here is what i learned about European Pro Wrestling.

In Europe, Pro - Wrestling is a lesser sport. In Europe, Pro-Wrestling is called Catch Wrestling in some areas, but majority of Europe calls Pro-Wrestling the same as we do. Pro - Wrestling in Europe has a stronger relationship with Amateur Wrestling then Pro-Wrestling in America. But the rules in Pro-Wrestling in Europe are nearly the same as American Pro-Wrestling. A notable difference is that many European Wrestlers have a more physical style with more locks, holds, and rugged shots to their opponents compared to the styles in America and Mexico. There are many different styles for many different countries in Europe. But with the numerous different styles and different countries, there is not really one popular dominant company which has made it more reasonable for top European Wrestlers to come to America to try to wrestle in the WWE or TNA. Stars such as Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Finlay, William Regal, Rob Terry, Douglas Williams are some former European Wrestlers who moved to America to become American Wrestlers. This has also hurt European Wrestling as their best talents have left which has left the European Pro-Wrestling Market one of the weakest in the world. But European Wrestling is still fighting to gain back prominence into European Pop Culture. But only time will tell if European Pro-Wrestling will once again become a big sport in Europe.


European Pro-Wrestling became a much bigger sport in the late 1800's and early 1900's because of one of the biggest Stars in European Pro-Wrestling history, George Hackenschmidt. George became a big star in Europe and was quite popular and he was part of main stream Europe. Over the 1900's Europe was divided as World War I and World War II and in the Pro-Wrestling World.

In Central Europe, areas were divided amongst promoters in a structure much like the National Wrestling Alliance in North America. In the first half of the twentieth century, the area was rocked by two wars, regime changes and strained foreign relations, but the second half proved to be excellent for power broker promoters like Paul Berger, Gustl Kaiser and Nicola Selenkowitsch as well as smaller promoters who ran successful tournaments in various towns for decades. There were ample opportunities for talent from across Europe to make good money in Central Europe.

The changes in England came in two waves. The first was Lord Admiral Mountevans, who led the efforts to overhaul the sports' rules and regulations, establish weight classes and get rid of the outlandish features that had delegitimized the sport. At the same time, promoters banded together and formed Joint Promotions, their version of the National Wrestling Alliance. The major markets: Yorkshire, Liverpool, Manchester and Scotland were all on board, but the most significant member was the London affiliate, Dale Martin Promotions. The unification under Joint Promotions combined with Lord Mountevans' changes set the stage for a new style of pro-wrestling that centered on technical skill as wrestlers displayed myriad submission holds, pinning cradles and slick counters. This style frequently ensured that the best workers rose quickly, but allowed room for novelty acts whose distinctions got them over.

Like in the United States, pro-wrestling in Britain experienced a new level of popularity when it found a spot on television. In 1955, pro-wrestling was first featured across the country and it immediately helped the live shows and Joint Promotions' operations expanded and grew. Saturday afternoon wrestling on TV became a fixture for the next thirty years. "World of Sports" was one of the biggest TV shows in the country, airing right before soccer on ITV (along with the BBC, the only national broadcaster) and it featured numerous sports, including pro-wrestling. Commentator Kent Walton's calm play-by-play helped validate the product, which did not feature angles. Matches tended to be isolated affairs with a simple story within them that Walton got over masterfully and the formula helped British wrestling to its peak. By the mid-1960s, "World of Sports" was being watched by a massive amount of the population comparable to the largest booms in Japan and Mexico. The TV show created numerous superstars, who would take their fame on the road for local promoters who were part of Joint Promotions.

The exposure from TV wrestling gave groups outside of Joint Promotions new opportunities. There had always been British Independent Promotions that ran on tight budgets, but now there were television stars who could draw significant crowds for local independent promoters. Whether it was Paul Lincoln's British Wrestling Federation, the short-lived alliance called the Wrestling Federation of Great Britain or other small independents, however it was Brian Dixon's Merseyside-based All Star Promotions, which took over as the "top" group as Joint Promotions fell apart in the 1980s.

Ultimately, the only thing that could kill Joint Promotions was its infrastructure crumbling. It started when aging promoters began to look for an out. In the early 1970s, Jarvis Astair began buying up the pieces of Joint Promotions, mostly notably Dale Martin Promotions, but also British Wrestling Federation. Unfortunately, he could not keep up and sold his assets and things were juggled around. One of the top stars from the boom, Jackie Pallo, began planning a new group with the Crabtree brothers and Johnny Dale (the "Dale" of "Dale Martin Promotions"). However, Dale died and Joint Promotions hired Max Crabtree to book their company, thus undermined Pallo's project before it got off the ground. With Crabtree at the helm, Joint Promotions took on a new look. Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, "World of Sports" featured amazing talent, however the biggest draw was an amazingly popular blue collar hero named Big Daddy. The third Crabtree brother was an aging, balding fat man, but his feud with Giant Haystacks, partnerships with the best young talent of the day and entrance to "We Shall Not Be Moved" alongside an army of children in his outlandish costumes made him a national celebrity. In the 1980s, British wrestling began to change as the top talents began seeking work elsewhere. The glass ceiling the Crabtrees had created led some to relocate to Canada or the US, focus on overseas tours of Japan, South Africa or Continental Europe. Many though, left Joint for the All Star Promotions, which ended up getting a piece of the television pie. Then in 1988, British wrestling was given a vicious one-two punch. First, they were moved to Saturday, which cut their viewing audience significantly (due to people typically working a half-day on Saturday) and the low rating led to the second and final blow - being taken off ITV completely. It devastated the industry in Britain. Several years later, the WWF ran Wembley Stadium, had one of the biggest shows ever and Britain was immediately targetted by both the WWF and WCW as a hot market. This drastically changed the role of British-style wrestling, further harming the domestic market for native products. The local market was further damaged by independents running "tribute" shows, which featured fake WWF stars. Although they drew some impressive crowds, they killed the market for other local promotions. Since then, there have been attempts to resurrect mainstream British wrestling, but nothing has succeeded.

Pro-wrestling on the continent never saw the success of British wrestling. Despite the long-running heritage, popular native stars and a unique tournament approach favored by many foreigners, pro-wrestling in Central Europe never caught fire. Otto Wanz, who promoted Graz, had his group, Catch Wrestling Association, which ran successfully for over twenty-five years. The CWA's ties to the American Wrestling Association and New Japan Pro-Wrestling gave it international flavor that made it an impressive entity. In the 1990s, the CWA became a breeding ground for some of the best talent in the world. As time passed and WWF and WCW began encroaching on their territory, CWA began losing steam before closing its doors in 2000.

The New Pro-WrestlingMove of the Blog:


Now onto The Rest of My Blog:

Smackdown. Smackdown has been lackluster recentely sure on most PPV's they put on the best Matches. But there have been no real great feuds other then Christian vs Orton and that has been boring compared to CM Punk vs Cena at the moment. I feel like SD needs a major change, SD is usually a strong based Wrestling show but their matches and shows as of late has been with weak wrestling and weaker promos. When looking at the History of SD since the brand extension, it's usually at it's best when there 2 or 3 mega stars like Batista, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Triple H, or Jeff Hardy at a time. Or when they have Six or seven really good wrestlers all working with each other frequently called the Smackdown Six. Like in 2002 with Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, and Chris Benoit. And in 2009 with CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, and Edge (or Ziggler after Edge got hurt). SD currently has Orton, Christian, and Sheamus. The last two are hardly mega stars. And currentely on SD the 6 best workers are Orton, Christian, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, and Cody Rhodes. And 4 or 5 of those wrestlers constantly have medicore matches on SD that could be a lot better. So with all this change in guard stuff, i feel that HHH could declare free agency for everyone like in 2002 where they pick between their brands. I would make a new SD Six with Orton, Christian, Daniel Bryan, John Morrison (Heel), Kofi Kingston, and Cody Rhodes. Then on Raw in the main event scene i would have Cena, CM Punk, Rey, Sheamus (Face), Wade Barrett, Miz, Del Rio, and Jack Swagger (Face).

Another problem with SD currently is that is getting treated so lowly compared to Raw. Ever since Hell in a Cell 2010, SD has not gotten to end the night one time. When it has deserved to end the show numerous times and many times it shouldn't have started off the show. Like TLC 2010, Elimination Chamber 2010, Extreme Rules 2010, and Captiol Punishment 2010 all should have had the WHC match end the show. While at WM 27 the WHC should definitely not start the show while a match like Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes should have. If they don't want to have to force the brands to be united once again then they will have to start giving SD more chances. Like they have with other successful SD feuds like Angle vs Lesnar ending WM 19, like Batista vs Undertaker ending Survivor Series 2007, Edge vs Undertaker ending WM 24, Edge vs Undertaker ending Summreslam 2008, Jeff Hardy vs Edge ending Extreme Rules 2009, Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk ending Summerslam 2009. There is also a pattern amongst all of these PPV ending matches they were very well built something that SD is currently lacking, they only have one long term feud right now and if you miss a week you wouldn't miss anything. From Capitol Punishment to MITB, All you needed to do is watch the MITB PPV and you would see Orton vs Christian in a match then you could probably make it to the next PPV with out seeing a single SD and you would be completely caught up. SD needs something to shake it up, and they need something quickly.

TNA has been interesting it has a good amount of highs and a lot of lows let's go over the overall product from top to bottom. The TNA Television Title is the definition of a Joke, the WWE Tag Titles may not be at their best but they're 100 times better the TNA Television Title. The TNA Knockout's Tag Titles are also a joke and the worst part is that TNA pushes their Knockout's division as one of the best in the world but it has fallen so much in the past few years. Mickie James has been a very uninspiring as Knockout's Champion, she has had very few good matches, her promo's are not that great lately, and it seems like she has been distracted. And Velvet Sky seems like the real star of the division and if they don't give her the title at Bound For Glory i will be completely lost because she has been in very major Knockouts feud and she deserves the Title more then anyone at moment (even if that segment with Winter/Angelina/Mickie/ODB/Jackie/Velvet/Traci was possibly the worst segment i have ever seen). The X-Division is getting better but Brian Kendrick really shouldn't be Champion his gimmick is pretty terrible and i can't get behind him. The Tag Titles are the saddest one to talk about because they were once really great and now they almost never get defended and the Tag Titles use to mean something now they don't mean anything. And they're held by one of the best teams but Beer Money Inc is not acting like it. And the TNA Championship, this one is another big let down. Especially since i thought they were going to go in the right direction with Mr. Anderson. But they once again gave it to Sting which is a major let down.

Speaking of Sting, his Joker gimmick is so disrespectful and horrible it makes me sick. I'm tired of this Sting, and i don't understand what this is going to lead to, sure it's obvious Hogan is going to turn face soon but when he does and he has that one last match (Which he shouldn't) then who would he face, would he face Sting (as a Heel) because i don't think that makes any sense. And i'm tired of TNA young stars being unappreciated, why is Angle vs Sting main eventing a PPV while AJ, Joe, Daniels, Robert Roode 4 of the best are all being left on the sideline. Speaking of Joe, i'm like the direction that is going at the moment if it leads to what i think it will, if i'm correct Joe will be the only person with 0 points after Hardcore Justice then Joe bounces back with getting submission victories after Submission victories which leads him to eventually getting the top score going into No Surrender which would have Joe vs Gunner and Robert Roode vs Crimson with Joe and Crimson picking up victories and Joe getting the victory over Crimson and ending his streak. But TNA does really need to start repushing the guys they use to push i don't get why TNA pushed these guys in 2007 - 2009 then when Hogan came in these guys are stuck in upper mid card hell.

But i'm looking forward to Bound For Glory with the Bound For Glory series and i feel that the main event will be a big match.

Here is the card that i'm hoping for.....

James Storm (Heel) vs Bobby Roode (Face) in a Full Metal Mayhem Match
The story behind this match is that Bobby Roode and James Storm are tied in points going into No Surrender and they have one last tag team match and Roode picks up the pin after Storm hits their opponent with a Beer Bottle. Storm complains that he did all the work and should have gotten the pin, then at No Surrender after Roode loses to Storm, Storm attacks Roode. Thus setting up the match.

Mexican American (C) vs British Invasion for TNA Tag Titles
The story is a simple one, British Invasion wanted a title shot and they're the last team (assuming that BMI breaks up like the reports have been saying).

Battle Royal for TNA Television Championship
Eric Young challenges the whole TNA Locker Room who is not already in a match at Bound For Glory to a match, so a Battle Royal takes place with Rob Van Dam coming out with the title.

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels in a 2 out of 3 Falls, Number 1 Contenders match
The Story behind this one is that Daniels is jealous of AJ and Daniels costs AJ the 7 points he needed to be in the top 4 for the Bound for Glory series. AJ complains to Daniels, then Daniels brutally assaults AJ thus fulling turning heel.

Austin Aries (C) vs Kazarian for X Division Championship
The Story behind this is that Austin Aries has been defeating every X Division Wrestler that has stepped up to face him and he looks for new competition and Kazarian steps up.

Team Hogan (Abyss, Sting, Crimson, and Matt Morgan) with Hulk Hogan vs Team Immortal (Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, Gunner, and Mr. Anderson) with Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair in a Lethal Lockdown Match
Hulk Hogan turns face and joins forces with Sting before Bound for Glory and they form a team to face off against Bischoff with the losing team being disbanded forever.

Winter (C) with Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky for TNA Knockout's Championship
Winter wins the TNA Knockout's Championship at Hardcore Justice and leading up to Bound For Glory, tension is increasing between Winter and Angelina meanwhile Velvet wins a Battle Royal to become the Number 1 contender. Then Velvet causes more tension between Angelina and Winter.

Kurt Angle (C) vs Samoa Joe for TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Samoa Joe has won the Bound For Glory Series and Kurt Angle is looking for some real competition to face off against to help him train for the Olympics. So Joe vs Kurt is perfect and this is also a nice change up from the typical Immortal Heel vs Anti-Immortal Face. And TNA has the change to prove what they have have been trying to prove for months, that Wrestling still matters.

Recently almost everyone has got caught up in this CM Punk crazy hype and calling this the "CM Punk era", and that CM Punk deserves to be the face of the WWE. But i think that people are just caught up in the hype. Even TNA (who shouldn't have on their homepage that they're putting CM Punk all over their Video On Demand Service, what a low tactic). CM Punk is really good and he deserves to be WWE Champion and he may very well deserve a Era because he has caused a lot of great success but if you go back a little over a month, no one would say that CM Punk deserves an Era. So is one month worth calling CM Punk a legend or giving him an Era, not really. If CM Punk keeps up his hard work and WWE keeps pushing him then he should get an Era with Cena, Orton, Danielson, and others because they work hard to and it's not just CM Punk. I'm not denying his success but let's just see what happens after CM Punk loses the WWE Title and give it a couple months and let's see if it really is the CM Punk era.

Well that is it for this blog.

Revauling Titles, Zack Ryder, X-Division, SS, Top 10 and More

Recently there has been alot of talk about Long Island's own Zack Ryder. And how he was robbed by not appearing on Raw, well i'm a huge Zack Ryder fan WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT, but i can't complain about him not being on Raw. For one if he was in a match he would have most likely lost, secondly if he just did a backstage segment it would only be for a second, third he still has a job. And i think people need to appreciate that more, that he still has a job with WWE sure the IWC would go crazy if WWE fired him but they would forget sooner or later so WWE wouldn't mind. So sure Zack Ryder could have been on Raw but he wasn't, but as long as we can still see him on WWE Superstars and he still has a job i'm happy.

Next i must give big props to TNA for their build up for Destination X, it's only been one week of the regular build up but i'm already looking forward to the show and i'm really hoping it's a good one because i might get it, it all depends on what the main event matches are.

But i can't say that i'm happy with this Bound for Glory Series stuff, at first when i read the title "Bound for Glory Series" I thought that it was a Toy Line. Secondly the point system is really ridiculous and i feel that the only reason they have this stupid point system to protect guys like Crimson and Gunner from being beat but still not winning the tournament. And why have this start so soon it's June, they're building up a PPV 5 months away and i think there are to many guys in this tournament to get behind a certain one. I just think they could have done a simple tournament in September or August and people would be just as happy if not happier.

I would also like to talk about TNA's future. I read a report that said Robert Roode, Crimson, and Gunner are the planned future of TNA. And the way they're being booked that seems like an accurate report. Well Robert Roode is a great guy to lead the company i have always liked the guy and i thought he could be great as a Single's Wrestler or a Tag Team Wrestler. Now Crimson and Gunner on the other hand i don't understand why they're pushing them. Especially Crimson he isn't connecting with the fans and he has bad matches that no one cares about. I thought TNA might have realized he wasn't getting over but i guess they haven't or they don't care because they're still pushing him. Now Gunner is different, i think Gunner is ok but i don't think they way they're booking him is good for the long term plans for him. I mean they're trying to make him a main eventer with a Fluke win over Anderson and a Tag Team Victory over Sting. Then suddenly he is going to be main eventing PPV's and people won't be able to take him seriously because he hasn't really beaten anyone in a really big way. And what is wrong with TNA pushing TNA originals i mean what happened to AJ, Joe, Daniels, or Kaz they're all on horrible losing streaks and i don't understand why the guys that built TNA are being beaten by guys like Crimson, Gunner, or Abyss.

Currently many believe that the titles are not valued as high as they use too be while i do agree with that i still believe that they're still valued more then people give them credit for. But i still think there could be things done to make the titles seem more important. I think there needs to be more feuds centered around the title like what is going on with Christian and Orton. I think that really helps valuing the title. But i also think that many challengers helps values the title that is why if guys like Daniel Bryan or Sin Cara or Jack Swagger directly show they want the I.C. Title or the U.S. title. And as i said before numerous times a tournament wouldn't hurt anything or anybody and i think that if it was done well it could help revalue some titles like I.C. title or the Tag Titles.

Recently someone asked me who my favorite wrestlers of all time were, well here is my list of my top 10 favorite wrestlers and the reasons why.

Honorable Mentions: Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Davey Richards. These people may have been higher on the list if i was more connected with the company, i really like all of these guys but for whatever reason i'm not connected with TNA and Ring of Honor as much as i' m with WWE so i feel that these guys are not as high on my list because of that. And the other honorable mention is Kane, he was my favorite as a kid and i definitely thought he would be on this list but i believe that how WWE has mistreated Kane so much he has fallen out of my grace even though his time as World Heavyweight Champion was great and Kane is overall great he is just booked poorly.

10. Daniel Bryan: He is a big inspiration to Indy Wrestlers and i really liked his time as United States Champion and i feel that there are big things for him even if the IWC assumes he is going to fail. And i love almost every single match he has and i hope some day he gets the big match at a big PPV like he deserves.

9. Christian: I have always had a soft spot for Underdogs and in the beginning of 2009 when Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy were all in the same company it seemed that was Christian was the least likely to be successful, though it took him a while he is finally getting the big heel push he deserves and i'm glad that i supported him because he deserved it and it seems he is getting it.

8. Mr. Perfect: He was perfect, i never got a chance to see any of his matches live but i have enjoyed almost everything i have seen of his and i think that Mr. Perfect is possibly one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time.

7. Stone Cold Steve Austin: How can you not love Stone Cold he was a Bad *ss and he was very fun to watch and he knew how to work a match. He may have not been the most athletic in the ring but he was very smart in the ring.

6. Chris Jericho: As i said before i have a soft spot for under dogs and i feel that Jericho has always been an underdog and has never been appreciated as much as most WWE Legends. But Jericho is also one of the most talented people in the world and easily one of the smartest people in the wrestling business. He comes out to entrain every night and it really shows and i feel that Jericho is really the best in the world at what he does.

5. Motor City Machine Guns: These guys are high up on my list because i feel a connection with these guys. They're underdogs, they come from Detroit, they're two of the best wrestlers in the world right now, and there part of the reason why Tag Team wrestling is still alive in the U.S.

4. Randy Orton: I also feel a strong connection with Orton, whether he is a Face or a Heel i have strong emotions towards Orton. Whether it was him winning at WM 24 which really pissed me off at the time or whether it was Orton RKOing Bourne in that great moment that was amazing. I have strong feelings towards him no matter what. I definitely do like Orton much better on SD and they definently need to keep Cena and Orton separate unless they turn Orton or Cena heel or they directly have a Face Cena vs Face Orton feud which i hope to see some day.

3. The Rock: Rock has had such charsima that is really hard not to like him but after seeing his great matches with Stone Cold, Jericho, and Hogan there is no way i couldn't not have him be one of my favorites. He is a total package and i still feel that Cena vs Rock could still be one of the greatest moments in Rock's career.

2. Shawn Michaels: If i were to make a list of the greatest Pro-Wrestling matches of all time then 90% of my list would have Shawn Michaels matches. HBK is the total package and every single time i have seen him live he has put on a great show and i definitely feel that i connect with HBK more then almost any other superstar.

1. John Cena: (I know this one was obvious). I feel a strong connection with John Cena. He led to me becoming a full time viewer of WWE. I definitely have a stronger liking for him because he is a hated by most and i see him as very talented and under apperciated. And like i just said he is really talented and he doesn't get enough credit. He can cut a great promo, he is funny, charismatic, he definitely has the "IT" Factor, he makes WWE lots of Money, and he has great wrestling ability. And John Cena has many more great moments to come whether it's WM 28 or WM 30, Cena still has a very big future ahead of him.

With Summerslam coming up here is what i'm hoping for the card but i still want some what of a believe card.

John Cena (C) vs Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship with Special Guest Referee The Rock

Christian (C) vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match

R-Truth vs John Morrison in a Last Man Standing Match

Triple H vs The Miz

Cody Rhodes vs Kane

Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara

Rey Mysterio vs Mason Ryan

Dolph Ziggler (C) vs Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne vs Drew McIntyre for United States Championship in a Championship Scramble

New Nexus (C) vs Slater and Gabriel vs Usos for WWE Tag Titles

Kelly Kelly (C) vs Beth Phoenix for Diva's Championship

Now with the Cena vs Rock feud suppose to go literally more then a year. There have been many wondering how should this feud be booked. Well i think it's clear that Cena won't get a favorable reaction going into the huge show. So if i was WWE, i would have Cena keep the title until Summerslam where he is screwed out of the title by Rock and injured by Del Rio. Cena then makes his return at Survivor Series and wins the WWE Championship. Where he keeps the title but at PPV defenses like TLC and Royal Rumble he uses some questionable tactics. Which leads to Elimination Chamber where Cena would face John Morrison one on one for the WWE Title and JoMo would win the title cleanly but Rock would be at ringside. Cena would attack JoMo until Rock makes the save. Then Cena blames The Rock for causing him to lose to JoMo, and that if wasn't for Rock then he would have won at WM 27. Then follow this up with Cena becoming a Bad *ss heel like Batista was when he was feuding with Cena going into WM 26, and Cena would have to be more aggressive during his matches. This would allow for Cena to be a full fledged Heel and give people in Miami the right to Boo Cena, meanwhile Rock would appear at every Raw leading up to WM 28 which would help WWE Merchandise sales for a while. Then depending on how well everything goes for Cena heel turn the days before WM it would be decided whether to keep him a heel or face. I think this is the best way to book the feud because Cena won't stand a chance to get cheered unless they have a really good match and after the match they shake hands. But before the match i expect him to get boo'ed horrible so i think WWE really do needs to give a Heel Cena a chance for a while.

Well that it's for this blog and i haven't forgotten about my quest to learn more about Pro-Wrestling and i will try to write up two reports on two different styles of wrestling before Summer ends.

Dream Survivor Series, Randy Savage, ROH, and More

Why TNA currently sucks ......................

One there is almost no young wrestlers in TNA who are being pushed consistently. They push Mr. Anderson but fans have a heard time getting behind him because he goes back from Heel to Face so much. AJ plays the Injury Angle to much, Jeff Hardy is in rehab, Samoa Joe doesn't get pushed for what ever reason, and that only leaves old guys like Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, and Sting. These guys are good but they can't keep on staying at the top spot for 3 or 4 more years. TNA needs to build a top heel star because there is no real top heel wrestler in TNA. There is Jeff Jarrett but he kind of sucks and i doubt they will book Sting vs Jeff for the title, and Anderson is one of the biggest Tweeners. And there seems to be no planning for the future and they're just trying to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. But i do think that Robert Roode should be a big star like it seems they're doing but the problem is .... HE IS A TAG TEAM CHAMPION!!!!!!! If they want to make him a big star then take the Tag titles off him.

There stables crap is crap. First they have stables every couple of months and it's such over kill. Stables are great heat and very interesting that is true, but after seeing stables dominate the show for 9 months out of each year for the last 3 years it gets boring. And back to my point earlier there is no big stars to lead these groups, when i was watching the opening segment of the first Impact Wrestling (i will also address that later), all of the guys seemed so similar and i got confused because there were to many random guys fighting. And they shouldn't seem similar but they're. And all their big stars or potentially big stars get put down by TNA, AJ gets another Injury angle/ Daniels can't be on ROH and TNA TV (i'm assuming)/ Jeff Hardy is in Rehab/ Abyss randomly gets the X-Division Title which does nothing for him/ Jeff Jarrett never associates himself with his stable.

All the titles are normally on the wrong people for the wrong reason and if they're not then they're misused as champions. For example, Roode and Storm have the worst Tag Title opponents but they're great champions. While Abyss shouldn't be champion and he is just champion to enhance the Immortal vs X-Division storyline but it really does nothing for Immortal or the X-Division.

Then they heavily promote there changing to Impact Wrestling, but that is exactly the same as TNA Impact. They should have completely changed almost everything. They should have rearranged the Impact arena, cut the opening segments shorter or for the first episode have it take place after a long 15 minute title match at the start of the show. That would have been a great way to start Impact Wrestling.

But i do have to compliment TNA on the Mr. Anderson/Sting thing at the end of Impact Wrestling, i thought that was clever but they probably shouldn't have shown Mr. Anderson walking around in the outfit all night. But i liked Retro Sting and i'm glad that they're using that gimmick in the upcoming storyline.

But one good doesn't make up for the complete mess that is TNA right now.

And also recently TNA should be worried now that Ring of Honor has a big Television deal. Me personally i will have to watch Ring of Honor online but i'm glad that Ring of Honor has a shot of taking over TNA spot as number 2 wrestling company. It won't be easy but i think it's very possible and i think Ring of Honor is doing what it needs to do if it wants to be the number 2 wrestling company. Ring of Honor realizes it needs to be the opposite of WWE and TNA and give people mostly wrestling. If TNA did this then maybe they would be in better shape but they're trying to model themselves after WWE which is possibly holding them back.

I was watching a video on youtube about a dream survivor series tag team match. So i thought up my own Survivor Series card with everyone in the matches at their prime.

Samoa Joe vs Randy Savage: This feud would have Joe be the heel and Savage be the Face. I would have Samoa Joe go undefeated against numerous wrestlers then he starts beating legends until he faces Savage. I think this match could show Samoa Joe's power but also show Savage's athletic ability. In this match i would have Savage win after 2 Diving Elbow Drops.

Daniel Bryan vs Bret Hart in a Submission Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship: I think these two are perfect opponents for each other especially with it being a Submission match. I think this could be a really good Face vs Face match and there would need to be no heel in this match. But i would like to see kind of a HBK/Cena feud like in 2007 before WM 23. Bret Hart would come into this match as the IC. In this match i would have Daniel Bryan win this match with the LeBell Lock.

Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Melina, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya vs Lita, Jazz, Kharma, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky in a 5 on 5 Tag Team Elimination: I think this would be a really good 5 on 5 Tag Team match since the teams are pretty equal. I would have Trish's team being Face's with Lita's team being Heel's. I would have Team Trish bring it down to Jazz and Kharma to a full team of Team Trish. Jazz and Kharma would then get rid of Melina, Natalya, and Mickie. But Beth would eliminate Jazz. Then Kharma eventually takes out Beth Phoenix but Trish Stratus takes out Kharma for the win.

The Hardy Boyz vs Legion of Doom vs The Miz and John Morrison for WWE Tag Titles: In this feud i would have The Hardy Boyz and Legion of Doom be faces while The Miz and Morrison are the Heels. The Legion of Doom would come into this match as the Champions with the L.O.D. and The Hardy Boyz becoming enemies because of The Miz and John Morrison actions. In this match i would have the Hardy Boyz win the Tag Titles.

Shawn Michaels, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin, Edge, and AJ $tyles vs Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Vader, and Kane in a 5 on 5 Tag Team Elimination: In this match i would have Team HBK as the Face Team and Team Angle as the Heel Team. This feud would have Team HBK built as the Underdogs who put on the best matches but their size makes it a lot harder for them and i would have Team HBK being divided going into the PPV. Then at the PPV i would have Team HBK quickly eliminate Vader followed by Kane. Then after about 20 minutes of action with the Teams being 5 vs 3, Team HBK completely survives and all of Team Angle has been eliminated.

Randy Orton vs The Rock: In this feud i would have Orton as Heel and Rock as Face. Orton would be playing off his old Legend Killer gimmick and The Rock would want revenge for WM 20. Orton would get a Clean win with a RKO and after the match Rock offers to shake Orton's hand but Orton attacks Rock. Mick Foley comes out and Mick Foley and Rock beat down Orton.

Stone Cold, John Cena, Triple H, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, and Sting (Retro) vs Nexus (Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield, Darren Young, and Michael Tarver) in a 7 on 7 Tag Team Elimination Match: I would start this feud with Cena, Stone Cold, Hogan, Undertaker, and Sting trying to take out a combined force of Evolution and the Four Horsemen and the feud finally was coming closing to ending on Raw with a huge 5 on 5 tag team match but near the end of the match Nexus reformed and wrecked the match. Which lead to an uneasy teaming of Stone Cold, Cena, HHH, Flair, Hogan, Undertaker, and Sting. And the dominant force of Nexus. I would have the match go back and forth until Team WWE start to gain the advantage then HHH and Flair attack their team then go to the back and get counted out. Nexus beats on the 5 remaining members of Team WWE. Hogan tries to hulk up but he accidentally punches the referee after assaulting numerous Nexus members. Then the Nexus teams up on Team WWE and take out Hogan. Then Nexus eliminates Hogan then after a couple minutes of fighting Nexus eliminates Sting so it would be 7 to 3. But Undertaker, Cena, and Stone Cold get some momentum and eliminate Gabriel, Slater, Young, and Otunga. After about 10 minutes of 3 on 3 action, Team WWE gets the victory after a Chokeslam, a Stunner, and an Attitude Adjustment to Wade Barrett. Then Stone Cold has a Beer Bash with Cena while Undertaker celebrates on his own.

And that is how i would book my dream Survivor Series.

Recently as you may have heard Randy Savage has passed away, now i'm not going to lie and say that Randy Savage was one of my favorite's because he wasn't. But he was most certainly great and his impact on Wrestling was great. And he will be greatly missed and hopefully the WWE can get over their bitter feelings and induct him into the Hall of Fame.

Now onto current WWE matters. I think just like last year, WWE needs to spice up the product like they did with the Nexus angle but i don't think they need a stable thing again. I heard a rumor that Stone Cold is going to be involved in an angle soon so i think a good idea for the WWE would be to have current day stars vs old WWF attitude era stars. It would help promote Cena vs Rock at WM 28 and it could also help put over current WWE Stars. I mean we could see a lot of great matches at Summerslam if they did an angle like that. We have already seen some hints at Stone Cold vs The Miz, Stone Cold vs CM Punk, Diesel vs Big Show, and i think we could see some other cool matches as well like John Cena vs Del Rio for the WWE Championship with Special Guest Referee The Rock, Randy Orton vs Christian with Michael Hayes for World Heavyweight Championship, right now i think it would be a good idea for a WWE vs WWF Attitude storyline.

Well that is all for this blog so see you guys later.

WM, Draft, Edge, ROH and TNA, WWE and More

Sorry i haven't really been able to post anything more about Wrestling i'm really busy with Finals and big exams coming up so i might have to post another wrestling culture blog in the next couple months but until then .......

Well as you're all probably aware, Edge has retired very suddenly. It's sad to see him go but it's good they caught it this now. My first memory of Edge was when i first got back into Wrestling in 2006, i use to watch it back in the late 90's and early 00's but i really only remember the main event scene back then. But Edge was part of the moment when i really became a Big Wrestling fan, it was in July and it was The Saturday Night's Main Event. My brother and i got back into Wrestling because DX came back so we started watching it again. Now my brother wanted to play video games after the DX match was over but i was interested in the match that was on. It was John Cena vs Edge for the WWE Championship and that was the match that led me to becoming a huge WWE fan. But that wasn't my favorite match with Edge, my favorite match with Edge is either his TLC matches with Christian, The Hardy Boyz, and The Dudleys but i can't really pick one out of those but one match i really remember and i think is possibly one of the most underrated matches of all time. Edge vs Undertaker at Summerslam 2008 in a Hell in a Cell that match was so great and it seemed people ignored it even though it was so amazing. But my all time favorite moment of Edge's was when he cashed the Money in the Bank in on The Undertaker that was shocking for me and it blew my mind that he had just the Briefcase a couple of days before (this was before i would go on the internet to discuss Wrestling). Edge will be missed and i hope that he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame soon maybe at WM 29 speaking of Wrestlemania.

So WM 28 is going to be at Florida, well that pisses me off and i'm very upset that Florida is getting another WM. Espically when they just got one 3 years ago. So i made up a list of Cities that deserve a WM in the near future (these cities may have already held a previous WM but it happened so long ago they deserve another one).
Raleigh, North Carolina
London, England
Toronto, Canada
Boston, Massachutes
Philedphia, Pennslyvia
Mexico City, Mexico
I would like to see any of these cities host WM's at one of those years where it's not a set in stone city or state so like WM 29, WM 32, WM 34.

Now with the Draft next week I'm looking forward to the changes that could occur over the next few weeks. Here is what I expect to happen.

To Raw:
Cody Rhodes
Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
Hornswoggle (Unfortunately)
Wade Barrett
Jack Swagger

To Smackdown:
Randy Orton
David Otunga
Ted Dibiase
Daniel Bryan
Zack Ryder
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella

Lately, TNA has been sucking. I heard Lockdown didn't suck too bad but it wasn't good. TNA needs a change and a big one. It can't live off Hogan, Bischoff, and Sting anymore. They need to push young guys like AJ, Joe, Pope, and other guys. Meanwhile Ring of Honor is doing quiet well for itself. They're progressing even though they lost their TV deal they're making progress. When Eddie Edwards won the Ring of Honor Championship in a Surprise upset victory, Ring of Honor trended on Twitter. That is huge for an Indy Wrestling Company. And I think if ROH gets a good a TV deal and give them some time they can be big competition for TNA.

The Anonymous General Manger, this crap needs to end. I'm figured that it would happen before WM but that wasn't the case. Now I'm tired of this crap and I just think it should end. I think there are some but few options to end this properly. One Jericho could return with the Identity of the GM and they build that up for weeks. Or in one of the 3 hour specials, at the very start of the show the GM says he tired of hiding and then he comes out at the very end of the show, or at a Major PPV like Summerslam have a Young Guy vs a Young Guy for the WWE Championship with the Face Young Guy winning then the Anonymous GM comes out and announces that he is the GM and puts himself or a Young Heel Guy against the new Champion and have the GM or the Young Heel Guy win the Title. Because it seems like if they don't do something else it will be pointless or it will be stupid for the amount of build up they have had.

NXT Season 4, WTF where is Johnny Curtis. Did they just forget about him. I mean the guys who lost NXT Season 4 have gotten more time on WWE Programming then the guy who won NXT Season 4 and it seems like Johnny Curtis and R-Truth will never get a WWE Tag Team Match since R-Truth is turning Heel. I don't see the point in NXT if the winner does absolutely nothing.

WWE lacking, I feel like WWE is lacking some where and I think they need a big angle to fix that. But what could that big angle be? Well here are some good ideas.

John Cena turning Heel – He loses to The Miz numerous times in some cheap manner and he gets upset. Then he loses a Number 1 Contender match to John Morrison and attacks him which leads to Randy Orton and other members of the Roster trying to stop Cena. But Cena attacks them specifically Orton and this leads to Orton vs Cena at Summerslam, which would be a huge match if done right.

Triple H turns out to be the GM – This would lead for many possibilities and it would keep Raw interesting over the Summer which seems to be one of the harder times for the WWE.

Big Return – A Big Shocking Return would be a good twist like if Jericho won the WWE Championship after defeating a exhausted Champion after he promises not to reveal the GM's identity.

Nexus and Corre Join Together – With the problems in both the New Nexus and The Corre I believe the only way to save them is to merge them. Take the best from both groups and merge but the only problem is that it might be to similar to the Original Nexus.

Build a New Star – Do what they did in 2002, build a guy up right around now (what they did with Brock Lesnar) only it doesn't need to be a completely new guy someone like Sin Cara or Skip Sheffield or Wade Barrett or Jack Swagger or Drew McIntyre and build up them and set them up for a Summerslam Main Event.

Major Star vs Young Star – Say that you have The Miz vs John Morrison vs CM Punk vs John Cena vs Randy Orton. They could have someone like Dolph Ziggler costs Orton the WWE Championship, which sets up Orton vs Ziggler at Summerslam if it's built up properly it, could be great.

A New Group is Formed – This is one is pretty easy to get, I don't who and I hope they don't go to this because I love stables but I think they're used to much especially in TNA.

The Boss vs Cena/Orton – I think a Vince McMahon vs Cena or Orton feud could work out well. I would like to see Cena vs The McMahon's in some type of deal at WM but I'm fine with it being at Summerslam as well.

Well with WM 27 being wrapped up and not getting so good reviews when I thought it wasn't that bad I thought I make up a list of my own WM's from worst to best.

WM 9
WM 16 (2000)
WM 8
WM 2
WM 22
WM 15
WM 11
WM 27
WM 25
WM 4
WM 20
WM 13
WM 12
WM 7
WM 26
WM 10
WM 5
WM 24
WM 23
WM 6
WM 21
WM 3
WM 14
WM 18
WM 17
WM 19

Well that is it for this blog, remember take care and Spike you hair. WOO WOO WOO You KNOW IT!

March Mexico Madness

Here is what i learned about Mexican Wrestling.

In Mexico, Pro – Wrestling is a major sport. But Pro-Wrestling in Mexico is called Lucha Libre. Lucha Libre has a long history, going back to the days of the Aztecs. But there was no wrestling back in the Aztecs but in the Aztecs there was a distinction between two sides and that distinction was between their symbols that they wore. Now Lucha Libre has incorporated that with their masks as their symbols these symbols could represent anything it could mean something important to them, or part of their family history or part of their gimmick. But a Lucha Libre mask is very valuable to a Lucha Libres even more so then titles. And most wrestlers in Mexico keep their masks on at all times in public. Titles in America have a very valuable role but in Mexico the most important matches are Luchas de Apuestas. Which is basically a match where you put something on the line whether it's your hair, a title, or the most important of them all a mask. A Luchas de Apuestas usually will end a feud or rivalry. But in Lucha Libre the focus is less on the characters, interviews, and promos. Lucha Libre is more focused on the matches and how you act in your matches really determines on whether you're a Tecinio (Face) or a Rudo (A Heel). Similar to American style a Tecinio follows the rules and traditions and interacts with the fans in a positive manner while a Rudo will break the rules and cheat, as defined by Lucha Libre legends a good Rudo is a Coward at heart. Lucha Libre has many interesting differences to American Wrestling like they wrestle on the right side while American Wrestlers wrestle on the Left side. It maybe hard to notice to fans but it's a big difference to the wrestlers. Another difference in Mexican wrestling (that I mentioned in my previous blog) is that most matches in Lucha Libre are 2 out of 3 fall matches. Another difference is that the fans supporting the Tecinios are on one side of the ring while the fans supporting the Rudos are on the other side of the ring. Lucha Libre is also known for its tag team matches in which there are many different ways a team of 3 men can win. You can win by pinning the two normal members of the opposing team or pin the captain of the team. A referee can also stop a match for excessive punishment and reward the match to the team that is the aggressor. Another major difference in tag team matches is that instead of tagging you're a partner, you can roll out of the ring and that would be considered a tag which makes the Tag Team matches quicker and have fast pace action. A big difference between American Pro-Wrestling and Mexican Lucha Libre is that there is weight classes in Lucha Libre. Mini-Estrellas are short in height wrestlers with their own division are given the opportunity to show their wrestling abilities they're treated just like normal wrestlers only some are more comical then others. But Mexican Wrestling does have it's backstage politics, it has been reported that some Mexican Wrestlers give foreign wrestlers a much harder time for being foreign and that it makes it much harder for foreign wrestlers to progress in Mexico Wrestling companies.

Here are 2 videos i found that are very good and are great overreviews of Lucha Libre History.



In the early 1900's Lucha Libre was more of a regional sport that was until Salvador Lutteroth. In 1933 he founded the Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre. This was the first national Wrestling company in Mexico and it became a huge success. It's still currently going only now know as Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre or CMLL. EMLL changed it's name to CMLL in the 1980's because it wanted to sound more international. Mexico's first huge Wrestling was El Santo (The Saint in English). He became a hero in Mexico for many decades and was in numerous movies which also gave him much success. El Santo wrestled for decades and this lead to great success for EMLL. In between the 1950's and 1970's, EMLL had less success then it had previously and was at a low point. But in the 1980's EMLL teamed up with NWA and became a Mexican affiliate of NWA. But later in the 1980's EMLL broke apart from NWA because of Promoter disunity and because of NWA's losing battle against WWE. In the 1990's CMLL began to appear on TV which lead to a boom of the industry in Mexico. But after the start of this boom, Antonio Pena formed the Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion or AAA. Antonio Pena was a longer time promoter of CMLL but he decided to open AAA on May 15, 1992. Pena formed this company to push New Young Stars while CMLL was left with middle aged stars and the future of CMLL looked in great danger. AAA was the top company for some years and even teamed up with WCW until WCW started taking away all of their top stars like Rey Mysterio Jr, Psicosis, and other Luchadors. And after AAA lost some of their young stars, CMLL took back their position as top company with a youth movement of their own. CMLL during the 2000's biggest star was Mistico, he recently signed with WWE and it was a major loss for CMLL. But Mistico has contributed much to CMLL and has greatly helped with the recent boom of Lucha Libre in Mexico.

The New Pro-WrestlingMove of the Blog:


Here is a funny video to go along with this blog.


Now onto Current Wrestling Matters:

Ring of Honor recently had their 9th Anniversary Show, i didn't get to see the show but i heard it was ok. So i thought i comment on what i got from seeing some clips and the results. Well i'm glad that Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team won because they're really good and i'm kind of biased to teams that i already know. But i had some problems with the booking i understand why The Briscoe Brothers vs WGTT was the last match but why was the ROH Title Match the 4th match on the card, after watching every week of ROH since the start of 2011 i thought it was obvious that all the champions would retain. So why didn't they put The Kings of Wrestling vs The All Night Express earlier and put Roderick Strong vs Homicide later on. And after watching ROH every week since the start of 2011 how did this show win best weekly show of the year. Maybe i'm missing something but i'm not on the edge of my seat and sure the wrestling is pretty good but i really hate how some champions never mention their champions or wear their titles and they will have the ROH Champion not on TV for like 2 weeks that doesn't make any sense to me.

Now onto the 03/3/11 videos, WTF! Jericho said it perfectly in an interview why are they're copying WWE it just makes them look like WWE Rejects. That is why right before TNA got Hogan they weredifferent.They had the 6 sided ring, they had AJ vs Daniels vs Joe main eventing PPV's and the titles meant something divisions weren't forgotten about or got taken over by ex-WWE guys. I love WWE but TNA shouldn'tcopy WWE they should be something completely different. TNA's peak was at TNA TurningPoint (2009) IMO. Then look at TNA Turning Point (2010), one of the worst PPV's of the year. TNA needs to learn how to be original again.

The Hart's in Trouble.
Well recently i have noticed that The Hart Dynasty and Bret Hart have been neglected by the WWE. Bret Hart got pulled out of the Slammy Awards at the last second (a night after TLC). Tyson Kidd gets squashed on WWE Superstars every week and he got squashed at Royal Rumble. David Hart Smith has been on WWE Superstars a lot less and he wasn't even in the Royal Rumble like he was suppose to be. Natalya lost the Diva's Title with no build up and i don't think has gotten a win since January 24th on Raw. So i'm curious as to why this has been happening to The Hart's and is there some kind of heat if anyone has read anything that can help me answer this can you please post a link in the comment section.

My Disappointment with WWE currently.
Right now i'm very disappointed with many things involving WWE.
No Cena vs Rock match at WM 27
Bad Cena vs Miz feud
The Crappy New Nexus (But if Orton keeps punting people then the New Nexus maybe over)
The Burial of Dolph Ziggler
Edge becoming a 11 Time World Champion
No Big Shocking Surprises at Elimination Chamber
Triple H vs Undertaker, out of no where
Big Show vs Wade Barrett feud continuing
Jack Swagger and Sheamus becoming so weak when they were pushed so much.
The Lack of JoMo these past few weeks.
The Burial of the IC.
Christian's deserved to be pushed but he isn't getting pushed.
Vickie Guerrero getting more air time on an episode of SD then Del Rio, Undertaker, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, and Edge.

I think most of these things can be fixed but lots of these things i think we're going to be stuck with for a while. But i hope that WM 27 turns out well in general and i'm calling it now, i think that there maybe some surprising results.

Well that is all for this blog, i should have a blog on a different part of the world and their wrestling in a little while.

My Quest to Learn More About Pro-Wrestling

For one of my New Year's Resolutions, i wanted to learn more about Pro-Wrestling. Now most Internet folk or just regular fans who bought the WWE Encyclopedia and they think they know everything about Pro-Wrestling. Know many people i know think that i know everything about Pro-Wrestling but i don't and i need to learn a lot more. So first i needed to address the first issues what do i need to learn. Well after evaluating my previous knowledge of Wrestling. I know plenty about WWE, WWF, WCW, ECW, and TNA. Well plenty of people know about those companies. So first i need to learn about the smaller companies like ROH, NWA ( I know some information on those companies), the Indy Companies, and Dragon Gate USA.And by Indy Wrestling i don't mean like Backyard Wrestling (that is stupid IMO and i don't care for it) ialso don't care for those Indycompanies that just have extreme matches and it's not evenreal wrestling it's just beating each other with weapons.Another aspect i need to learn about is the history of American Wrestling from the 70's until now i know a good amount but i don't know to much about American wrestling from the 60's to earlier in the history of Pro-Wrestling.

But a main thing that i'm going to try to learn about is the different cultures of Pro - Wrestling. Many people think that there is only American Pro - Wrestling and Lucha Libre Wrestling. But there is so much more. There is the Brawling and more character based American Wrestling, the High Flying based Mexican and Hispanic Wrestling, there is the Technical andMartial Arts in the Japanese Style Wrestling, there is theRough and Technical type of Wrestling in Western Europe. And there are so many other countries and areasofthe world that may have completely different styles of wrestling. Like Chinain 2010, they had their first WWE Show ever, there could bea completely new styles of Pro-Wrestling if alarge ChinesePro-Wrestling organization was made.

Ialso look to learn about more Wrestling moves, i know a large amount of wrestling moves especially from writing matches since like 2008. But i know i could learn more and i want to be able to see the next "Moonsault" (By that i mean i want to see the next big spectacular move that everyone is amazed) before it happens in TNA or WWE. And i want to see moves that have never happened before one to help my writing and two because i want to see something new, i think both TNA and WWE are stuck in the 'wrestling manuever' department because i haven't seen a new great move in a while the newest move i have seen was probably one of Trent Barreta's or Curt Hawkins' moves those two guys never get any air time. And i think that WWE and TNA need to step up their game and they need to throw some guys like JoMo, AJ $tyles (Please put him back in the main event scene face or heel),and Kofi Kingston into the main event scenethen maybe we could see some new moves incorporated into the big matches.

Another thing i want to learn more about is the wrestlers of the past and future. I want to learn about the guys who don't get remembered who helped build up the Lou Thesz's or Buddy Rogers'. The Forgotten wrestlers like Art Barr, Whipper Billy Watson, Stan Stasiak, or Paul Jones. But i also want to be able to say that i saw the next John Cena in their first match. I want to see who the next Rock, Austin, Hogan, HBK, HHH, or Cena will be. So i will try to look more into Devepolmental territories like FCW or OVW. I also plan to learn more about the histories of titles, PPV's and Showslike the WWE Championship, the NWA Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship (the NWA Championship was theWorld Heavyweight Championshipfor a very long time until the whole Ric Flair thing in 1991).

Now how do i plan to partake on this journey of learing more about Wrestling's culture, history, future, and aspects of the business. Well i have already started i'm slowly building my way up by getting more wrestling related books; i recently got Benoit (a book about you guessed it Chris Benoit and his death), the History of the WWE Championship, A Lion's Tale (Jericho's first book), and Undisputed (Jericho's second book). Both the History of the WWE Championship and A Lion's Tale is teaching me a lot. The History of the WWE Championship a lot less then a Lion's Tale. Like in a Lion's Tale, Jericho eleborated how a CanadianWrestling match is different then a Mexican wrestling match and he explains the culture of Mexican Wrestling.

From what i got from his explanation of the style of Lucha Libre is more a high flying match (i know that everyone knows that but i will get to more interesting things), most matches in Lucha Libre are 6 man tag team matches with some interesting rules like a Team can win if someone jumps on their opponent on the outside of the ring if their opponent isn't the captain of their team. Also for a tag team match to end all the opponents must be pinned once so the final winning pin can take place. And most all one on one matches are 2 out of 3 fall matches. Another thing is back when Jericho wrestled in Mexico (i haven't heard of this currently) but the people who cheered for the Heels (Rudo in Mexico) sit on one side ring while the people who cheered for the faces (Tecinio in Mexico). But there are some fun aspects to this learning process like in a chapter in Jericho's book i learned that the Rookie in the group of traveling buddies always buys theWeed.

I also have spent more time watching Ring of Honorstuff and i have tried to watch more NWA and Dragon Gate USA stuff. And i will try to go to my first NWA show soon and go to any other Pro-Wrestling show i can get to go to.

You can join me on my road to ask questions, get answers, learn about the culture, the history, the politics, the stories, and get a greater understanding for Pro-Wrestling. Whether it's from readinga book, to buying some old tapes ( i plan to do that as well),get some dvd's,spend hours online watching videos and readinginterviews and articles. I plan to learn everythingi can from the beginning of Pro-Wrestling to the Days of Lou Thesz,Bruno Sammartino,and BuddyRogersto Antonio Inoki, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Harley Race to Bret Hart, Lex Luger, Sting, Randy Savage, and Ultimate Warrior to DX, nWo, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Goldberg to John Cena, AJ $tyles, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho to Wade Barrett, The Miz, John Morrison, Kaz, MCMG, to Beyond. It's going be lots of work for me but i hope it will be a fun educational exprince that i can try to work on in my free time.

Well that is it for this blog i plan to continue this journey and hopefully i can get a couple blogs in before WM about WM and any new knowledge i have regarding Pro-Wrestling.