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Glad I was able to help a few people. Perhaps the information could be included in some sort of FAQ or sticky so that it can be found easily? Otherwise people have to read through this whole thread for one little bit of information.

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I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but the first thing I would try is clearing my cache. Failing that I would try different browsers.

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No problem! Glad it helped someone. : )

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Just a heads up to the users having avatar issues:

I had exactly the same problems (avatar showing everywhere but comments sections) until I actually went into my Fuse settings via the button at the top right of the comment box and clicked "Submit Changes". I may well be stating the obvious, but it wasn't obvious to me (I didn't even know what Fuse was), so hopefully it'll help someone else out.

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Please take a moment to think about how awful the gaming industry would be if nobody copied or took inspiration from other people's work.

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i don't really understand what your argument is. you seem angry because your beloved genre name is being used for games that you don't personally enjoy. take a typical RTS game (base building, gathering, army building etc), put in a few RPG elements (hero units that gain levels) and you still have an RTS game, albeit with some RPG features. i can't think of a single negative effect on your being this has, other than when you search under "real-time strategy" on gamespot you will see some games that you don't personally enjoy. thankfully nobody ever forces you to click those. also, while age of empires and the total war games do both come under strategy, age of empires comes under "real-time strategy" and the total war games come under "turn-based strategy". if this is not enough of a distinction for you then really i question your ability to use the website rather than the website itself.

now ask yourself this: does genre name really matter? you can create subgenres within subgenres, but all that really affects is your ability to find similar games to something you like, which i already find extremely easy with a small amount of effort. really it's just a filing system, not something sacred. pigeonholing too much can also have the negative effect of slowly making you stick only to one very specific subgenre and never broadening your horizons (something i find far more dangerous within music).

as for campaigns within RTS games, you seem to think that because you don't personally enjoy them that they are pointless and should not be included. why can't RTS games be used as a medium to tell a story? isn't that the choice of those making the game? regardless, a great many people DO enjoy them, myself included. the starcraft games are great examples of it done very well. even when the campaigns are done badly (age of empires), nobody forces you to play them. you might argue that precious development time and funds were spent on it, but generally if a campaign is done very badly it's because they weren't.

in the grand scheme of things don't you think you should be more focused on the content of games (and enjoying it), rather than the various subgenres they come under?