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The Xbox 720. Your speculations?

Ah 2006, that was the beginning of the Xbox 360's rise to power, unfortunately this did not lead to total domination (I don't care for the PlayStation 3, the online capabilities are terrible. Just terrible, regardless of how "free" it is.) Since then I decided, "I'm getting a 360, no matter how long it takes" and, true to my word, I did. A few minutes after that decision.

I was dumbfounded, it was spectacular gaming experience, gone were the days of being limited to 10 enemies on the screen at once without an fps meltdown, the graphics were such an amazing boost from the older consoles and as for Xbox Live well, you know where I'm going with this.

Now, enough reminiscing, I was wondering what the Xbox 720 could possibly hold in store for us.

As a kid back in "High School" as the Americans call it, my friends and I would call this mystery the 720. I was pleased when they chose to stick to this simple and effective name rather they something ludicrously philosophical like XBOX LIFE.

At this point in my life, I don't think I have the scope to imagine anything better than the 360, I mean sure I could imagine larger battles (possibly in the hundreds) and generally larger games but, I can't see any graphics better than what the 360 and PC holds now. It's just a blank canvas. I know that the 720 is going to be much more powerful than it's humble predecessor, this could mean much more realistic animation and AI behaviour which is always good and thank god they are making the 360 games playable on the 720, rather than the leaving the old games to drown in a lake of their own despair.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox 720? Have you got anything new to bring to the table, and I haven't exactly been thorough so you probably do. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see in the new console? Or maybe a 360 game franchise that should move on into 720 territory.

Lets here your views.