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Sony Conference

This was a mellow conference, not much energy but plenty of goodies. - Beyond - A new ip from developers of Heavy Rain, very good and what seems to be a capturing storyline, am keen to see more. - Playstation Allstars: Battle Royale - On Vita and Ps3 was fairly interesting but it seems they are trying to reinvent Super Smash Bros (not going to work), There is no way to figure out who is winning, or even if you're doing good in general. - Ps Classics are finally coming to Vita in the summer (Looks like i'm keeping my Vita after all) - Call of Duty: Declassified - Vita exclusive, not much to show. - Assassins Creed 3: Liberation - A Female main character which is good news, the game also links to ps3's AC3 to unlock new weapons, characters in multiplayer, costumes all much more.... October Release. - Crystal White Vita (saw it coming over a year ago) - PS3 AC3 exclusive dlc - Farcry 3 indroducing a 4 player coop mode / free exclusive ps3 dlc due to a new Closer relationship with Ubisoft - Wonder book - Book of Spells is a Harry Potter themed, interactive Move title, good idea but heavily pushing the Move due to lack of interest - Playstation Mobile... Sony working closely with HTC to improve the mobile gaming world - God of War: Ascension - Due for release in March 2013, In my opinion it's too samey, If you showed me this before i played 3, I would have probably thought it was 3... Not much to impress or show for me... And what's with the reversing of time for objects??? - The Last of Us - Clearly a well thought, innovative game, watched this one like a hawk, a must buy for any PS3 owner. I would say the highlights of this conference were; PS Classics for Vita, Beyond, AC: Liberation was a nice touch and The Last of Us stole the show. I'm giving this a 4*

Ubisoft Conference

Well Well. Ubisoft have just given one incredible conference, by far the best so far, I'm giving a 4.5* from sheer actual happiness still inside me. - Just Dance 4 - You know the drift - Farcry 3 - Dark, pretty, deep and twisted storyline, compelling gameplay. - Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Getting better and better with each clip. - Avengers - No gameplay but video was a good start - Rayman Evolution - Not a fan but fitted the WiiU to the core - ZombiU - A zombie game in London, WiiU showing it's new power off well. - Assassins Creed 3 - Blown away with it's brilliance, Creed is back, feeling and looking outstanding!!! Pisses over the crappy Revelations. - Shootmania - A fresh new online multiplayer for PC, demonstrated by world ranked players and truly showed it play well, basic but damn interesting, a sure world tournament type game for the future. And the icing on the cake, not Creed, nope... - Watch Dogs! (this even gets its own gap) What a game! open world, a sandbox game to proudly stamp itself on next gen machines. Story is immersive and I want to see more!!!!!!!! Whatever it will be released on, I will own it, be sure of that! FarCry 3, Splinter Cell, Shootmania, Assassins Creed 3 and Watch Dogs make up the score along with the scripted host. A Happy 4.5* (GIANT RED STAMP!!) Impressed

EA Conference

EA get a 3* from me this year, if it wasn't for Dead Space 3, Crysis 3 and Sim City 5 the show would only get a 2* - They promised 10 great games and showed me 3, in my oppinion anyway, others will think differently. - Crysis was top of the class again, a must buy with more than just mindless shooting, these games really do give you your moneys worth, plus being Crytek, they put Multiplayer 2nd, good one guys!! - Dead Space has always been a sore spot in my eyes but the Coop campaign has shown me a new light, i'll be looking for someone to play this with for sure. The characters even interact with each other in conversation that fits the scene perfectly. - Sim City (not the social version) is good to see back on the market, they have always been very inventive game with a loud voice, the new colour format and looks of the game suit it nicely and i wish it the best of luck. - UFC is now in the hands of EA, now I don't get along with EA much but they sure know how to make a sports game, UFC will thrive under their rule, and peoples wallets will become mere peasants. - Battlefield 3 Premium, well if you know anything of COD Elite then say no more. - NFS, Fifa, Madden, Sim City Social, MOH are basic, we will play them just for the shiney new coating to be honest. No matter what it's a 3* thanks to the top 3.

MicroSoft Conference

My rating for Microsoft in terms on content is a 3.5* - It would get higher but titles like Halo 4 and GOW Judgment which are highly sort after really didn't show enough and felt rushed. - Tomb Raider and Resident Evil 6 had great action packed footage with much to expect and COD was their main focus... Obviously. - Other titles like Fifa, Madden, Forza were beyond rushed and was a shame to see them pass before you could take anything in. - They are heavily focusing on Xbox SmartGlass for Windows 8 and still trying to push Kinect as much as they can. - Exciting news of the likes of Nickelodeon, Paramount and Mushinima coming to App store and something XBL users have been waiting for... Internet Explorer. - They did manage to boast the Xbox 360 as the best selling console world wide. Well Done 3.5* (of 5 in case you couln't guess)

R.I.P Inside Xbox

R.I.P Inside Xbox EU A !!!!!!MASSIVE!!!!!! Thank you to Dan Maher, Andy Farrant and the rest of the IX crew for delivering such amazing shows and creativity to the Xbox community. I assure you that you will be incredibly missed especially by myself. The dashboard and feel of XBL will never be the same again. once again, THANK YOU.

Goodbye Inside Xbox?

I can't believe they want to close down Inside Xbox!! It's one of my favorite things do watch on Xbox. If it does go then Andy and Dan are going to be missed Hugely!!!!!! I hope the petition gets filled fast and I hope Microsoft actually look at it and take notice.

Halo 4

Right now, I must say I worry for the future of my favorite shooter :( With Halo 4 due November 6th there will be: - No Beta (worrying) - No Armor Lock (my favorite ability) - Permanent Sprint (un-needed) - Faster movement (changes entire flow of Halo series) - Possibly No Firefight (A mode my friends and I always have fun on) - Forerunners Vision (Takes away strategy and quick reactions) - Spartan Ops! (Please leave that for COD) - A developer who says it doesn't matter if you skip the story (scary, 4 hour jobby maybe?) 343 Have only just got their hands on Halo and have changed it so much it's like an entirely new shooter, not the Halo I love and know. As i have been playing Halo since day one all those years ago, seeing such a drastic change so suddenly is like a massive boot to the face. I know Reach changed a few bits but it didn't change everything, it stayed true to itself and kept the original Halo feel to it. So far, all 'speculation' and 'facts' about Halo 4 seem to be pointing to a company who want to release a game that is the same as any other, it all points to a COD sound alike. I am already missing Bungie, 343 done an excellent job on Anniversary and i hope they listen to the REAL fans of Halo, I'm happy with change, I'll accept and try it out as much as possible. But complete change i never agree with, it's a bad idea and i worry for the future of my favorite shooter. Will it keeps its uniqueness? I really do hope so.

Skyrim 1.5 Update

Cannot wait for the next, much needed, patch update for Skyrim! I'm unable to progress through the dark brotherhood at the moment due to a stupid bug :( Thanks to the accidental slip of the tongue we know the patch is on it's way soon!! am liking the new Kill Cams but I JUST WANT TO PLAY MY GAME!!

Bethesda Next Gen Title

So Bethesda have hired the original team of Fallout 3 and Skyrim to work on their Next Gen Console RPG! It's certainly going to be a masterpiece in around 5 to 6 years time, so long as it's fresh. Do you think it will be a Fallout or Elder Scrolls title or something new and shiny?
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