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Back 'n' Going

Man, it's been a while since I last posted a blog post. Well, I just want to say I've decided to leave - not Gamespot, just my profile. I've decided there's nothing left for me here. My union is to involved and people are just handing me theirs. I feel extremely bored and not bothered to come on the site with homeowrk and stuff. I'll still be around looking at game reviews and stuff just I will no longer be visiting my profile.

Perhaps I will create a new account sometime when I don't have so much on my mind. And about my unions? I for some reason can't seem to even thinking about giving them away so, they're staying with dead old me.

Perhaps I'll be reading your distant future blog posts some time but that won't be for a while.

See ya buds.


I got Guitar Hero World Tour for the PS2!

I've been getting quite a few new games lately!

Yes, I got Jak II, but I haven't even played it yet because I've been too busy playing Guiotar Hero World Tour!

I only got the guitar so I haven't played the drums and mic.

Expoect a review coming soon!


I'm possibly getting JAK II

One of my friends is giving away the PS2 game "JAK II" and he said he might give it to me.

I'll keep you posted on it. Gamespot rated it a 9.1! So I'll have to see what I think of it!

The World Ends With You is MINE! MINE!

I got THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU as a gift and I was really excited to get into it after reading all the reviews on it!

So far it is GREAT! Touch screen controls are smooth adn the visuals are just incredible!

I got Advance Wars: Dual Strike!

I saw it at Myer for $10 and I thought WHY NOT?

I made the right decision! Advance Wars: Dual Strike on the DS is awesome!

Sorry this is such a short blog poist and I haven't been on a lot. I just have a lot of homework and I'm just getting a little bored on Gamespot. Soz.:(

New Union NAME!!!

I changed the name of my union from THE NDS UNION to


If you join you can recieve an NDS NEWSLETTER, providing you with news about the union and the latest DS games!

You can compete in THE BATTLE ARENA, a monthly competition for members!

Get your DS game reviews up on the home page -


3 NEW iPod touch/iPhone Games

I bought three new games fpr my iPod touch. They are:

Nanosaur 2

Bugdom 2

Touch Tennis 09

I accidently bought Touch Tennis 09 thinking it was free!:oops:But it is still pretty good only easy mode isn't exactly easy.

Nanosaur and Bugdom are amazing though! The graphics are just like the PC version and the controls are great!

I got them on sale for $1.19 AU. The sale ends on Sunday so if you want them get to the App Store now!