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Why Playstation is my life.

Playstation has been with me ever since the beginning...well Nintendo Power was the first console that turned me into gaming in the mid & late 90's but once I got the playstation one I fell deeply in love.Still to this day Playstation surrounds me most of the time and when it's not in my life music is with me.Music and playstation is what I need and of course the beach :). Playstation describes a lot about me and this is why I created this account to share to you about me and playstation and my taste of games which consist of action,sports,rpg,shooting and so much more.I have such a wide and weird taste in games.I can go from playing Kingdom Of Amular to Call Of Duty into NHL. I hope you like my profile and still trying to change the pictures on here still not working -__- ohh well I'll get it somehow. :D thank you- James