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Skylanders:Giants isn't just for kids.

Skylanders, where toys are evolved into playable characters in an epic journey to save their homeland from this dark creature.Gamers of 17+ may laugh at this sort of game but in reality we all know toys are still beast even if they do end up in the dust of your bedroom closet.The fact I love about this skylanders series is that it's very unique.The gameplay is sort of childish but it does have a fun dialogue and unleashes you inner child.Admit it, you wish you were a child again.The candy,the birthday parties and those pesky girls who think you have coodies.We all know for a fact we outgrow "toys" but we never outgrow our childhood.So as you scream and yell at immature teenagers on Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 I'll be storming my way with toys by my side to unleash my inner child defeating monsters and what not this winter year :)