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Connor Kenway


As I spent my many hours playing as young Connor and finally getting to wear the insanely cool tribe-like Assassin outift I figured that Connor is badass.Forcing my way to knock on the door many times for Master Achilles Davenport and even getting on the balcony for his attention.Even that didn't work until he saw me kick ass out near the barn (thats right Achilles you better have seen me kick ass!) and letting me inside is humble home.Talk about a major makeover!Connor is by far a GREAT assassin in the making.I felt like when I was playing Ezio it was all quick to me.Ezio got his outfit on and didn't know a single clue what is in for.Connor KNEW, he knew what he HAD to do for our world.A "bird" told him ;) .Connor, god I love saying his name (not in a suathe kinda way), Connor,Connor & of course more Connor.Sucks his dad was a *SPOILER *Templar* /: but we all have a shocking thing in our family.I could be adopted and not know about it, or I could be related to ummm...hmm...Brad Pitt..idk but I'm just babbling on.Anyways, Connor Kenway is by far the most interesting Assassin I yet played.I knew about his family, his Tribe and where came from than any other Assassin and they should do that to more Assassin's in the future.We NEED to play their backstory FIRST!Hope you fans are having a happy "gallore" of AC III.

Happy Assassin Hunting To All!