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Wii Owners Rejoice

Well now on TripleTags.com you can make Wii Gamercards, yes that is right the same service that offers PS3 gamers a place to make and create GamerCards has now introduced Wii gamercards to the line up.

So if you are a Wii owner and are looking for a cool Gamercard to add to your sig on the forums or just want one for the hell of it, come on down to TripleTags.com today and start making them.

We have add the whole Nintendo Wii video games and Virtual console to the list of games to choose from, so you can make a Gamercard and pick up to five games to display in it along with their status you set like Wishlist or now playing.

We also have made it so you can cross platform the games too, so if you are a PS3 owner and Wii owner or just want to share the love you feel for the game go ahead, you can add any game to your library of games and put them into your Gamercard without problem.

Here is a sample for you all

TripleTags.com Wii Tags

TripleTags.com Wii Tags

Where I have been lately

JamesL007 (Admin)[] - brought to you by TripleTags.com

Well as of late you probably have noticed I have not been so active on Gamespot anymore. Well I have been busy over on www.TripleTags.com helping run things and create stuff, see I am a Admin over there so my time is usually spent now gathering up news and reviewing games over there and just in general helping out when I can.

So I have not forgotten about you my friends on here at all but throught you would like to know what was going on with me and why I have been not so active with commenting on your blogs, or being in the unions doing my thing.

Along with that I have had to go through a lot of Family Problems too this year, and right at the Holidays too and on top of that I was let go from my job about 2 months ago still have yet to find work damn it.

But my savings and credit cards should hold me for now.

So if you get a chance go and check out TripleTags.com for yourself, we offer Gamercards for the PS3 owners along with Tagpapers, and Themes. Plus we are going to be adding more content and include more PSP tagpapers and themes too.

I hope to be alittle more involve around here too, but currently I am working on a COD4: MW Theme for the PS3 right now and its a learning process to say the least.

Keep on Gaming,

10 out of 10

I noticed that many gaming websites have been awarding 10 out of 10 awards to video games as of late and I believe they are in the wrong on this. I mean 10 out of 10 means you have made a major impact on the gaming industry and have changed the gaming world for the future. I believe we have had a lot of really good games this year but for 10 out of 10 this honor I believe cannot be awarded so easily or quick to any game out there today. 10 is the Holy Grail for a game, and means a lot to the game that it had satisfy in all fields of need to make it a totally complete game. Now Gamespot has only awarded a few games this honor to its credit and that's good but other sites have been awarded this honor to easily to games now of days so here is my list of how a game is judged for a 10 out of 10 and I bet it's close to the actual guidelines.

  • 1. Changed the game industry or changed the way gaming is done for the industry, games like Unreal Tournament and GTA: 3 did this and changed the gaming world and have since been a great improvement for the industry.
  • 2. Becomes a benchmark in the gaming industry, meaning all other games are rated or held up to that level you set for the industry.
  • 3. Replay value has to be great, I mean you have to get a lot of gaming experience out of the game and it has to live up to a certain level for the industry.
  • 4. This is an honor that can only be achieved over a time frame, meaning it should not be awarded right away but over time when you look back at it and then revise the rating for it to be a true 10 out 10 game.

Games that share this honor in my opinion are the following games:


Super Mario Bros 3

Zelda: A link to the Past


Mortal Kombat

GTA: 3

Unreal Tournament


Sonic the Hedgehog

Honorable mentions are:

GTA: San Andreas



Command and Conquer

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Half life

The Sims

I mean its great to see developers and creators working around the clock to make masterpiece games like they do but I beileve we over look some little things before we rate the game with such a high honor. I mean its a big thing to the gaming world and needs to be reserved for only the best games of our time that must of us agree on.

So in short remember that a 10 out of 10 honor is a big thing that should not be awarded so easily or quick to any game on any system.

Thank you and Keep on Gaming,

ITunes should offer I-insurance

Why should ITunes have this feature, I have since back in the day had my computer crash and lost a lot of music and video on it most of them where from ITunes too. So I was thinking that Apple should offer an insurance you could buy and then re-download songs or videos up to five times so that you don't lose all that music or videos you spent damn good money on in the first place.

I figured that ITunes could charge a small yearly fee and for it you could re-download your music or videos up to five times per item. Then that way you could keep all your stuff and have the comfort of knowing that at anytime if your computer crashes hard you can re-download all that content and not worry.

I figured they would offer different plans for people and based on what you download the most like so,

Music Only: 35 dollars a year and you can download up to five times.

Videos Only: 35 dollars a year and you can download up to five times.

Ultimate Plan: 70 dollars a year and you can download all your music and videos up to five times plus you could buy albums and season passes at a discount too.

This is something that ITunes should have been offering since they started the ITunes store, I mean I have backed up most of my music to CD that I brought off ITunes but I lost a lot of videos before of my crash back in April and I thinking if ITunes offered something like this you could then get them all back, of course the account and only authorized computers could get the download to them then that way so can fight back against pirates of music online.

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Review of Family Guy Volume Five,

If you are a fan of Family Guy then this latest installment of the series on DVD is for you it is loaded to the 9th with extra little scenes you did not see on TV along with deleted scenes from the show. Episodes on the three disc set are as follows.

Episodes Breakdown:

Episode One: Stewie Loves Lois - There's no end to Peter's suffering after undergoing his first prostate exam, and Stewie changes his attitude towards Lois after she saves his cherished teddy bear.

Episode Two: Mother Tucker - Peter is devastated when he learns that his parents split up, but he eventually warms up to his mom's new boyfriend anchorman Tom Tucker.

Episode Three: Hell comes to Quahog - After Peter buys a tank with Meg's car money, Meg gets a job at the local superstore but the corporate giant ruins the town's economy, so Brian and Stewie leap into action.

Episode Four: Saving Private Brian - Brian and Stewie join the Army, but when they're shipped to Iraq they try everything to get discharged including shooting each other and pretending they're gay.

Episode Five: Whistle While Your Wife Works - When Peter blows off his fingers in a fireworks accident, he convinces Lois to help him at work meanwhile Brian dates a beautiful but dimwitted girl, much to the delight of Stewie.

Episode Six: Prick Up Your Ears - Lois volunteers to teach a Sex ED Cl-ass at the high school, but is quickly fired for being honest with the kids, meanwhile Stewie plots to trap and kill the Tooth Fairy.

Episode Seven: Chick Cancer - Stewie weds his old flame and finds that marriage isn't all its cracked up to be, and Peter gets hooked on "Chick Flicks" so he decides to make one of his own.

Episode Eight: Barely Legal - Meg falls in love with Brian after he takes her to the prom, and there's a shortage of police officers in Quahog so Peter, Cleveland and Quagmire join the force.

Episode Nine: Road To Rupert - Brian sells Stewie's teddy bear at the Griffin's yard sale, prompting a cross country journey to get it back, Peter loses his license so Meg has to drive him around.

Episode Ten: Peter's Two Dads - Peter travels to Ireland to find his real father and discovers that he's the town drunk, while Stewie tries to get himself in trouble because he likes being spanked.

Episode Eleven: The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou - Stewie has a burning desire to maintain his new tan regardless of the consequences, and Peter discovers the thrill of being the neighborhood bully.

Episode Twelve: Airport '07 - After crash-landing a plane and getting fired, Quagmire overstays his welcome as a houseguest of the Griffins, so it's up to Peter to help his buddy get his job back.

Episode Thirteen: Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey - Lois believes that Bill Clinton is a bad influence on Peter but when she confronts the former president they end up doing it, now Peter must have an affair to get even with Lois.

Along with those episodes the third dvd is loaded with deleted scenes and extras that you probably will never watch but they are there. The episodes on these DVD come Uncensored so you get all the goodness that is Family Guy, the episodes too like I said all have extra snippets to them that make owning this volume a must for any true Family Guy Fan.

Overall Score for these DVD set is: 9.0/10 They could have added some better extras to the third disc.

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Review of Death Proof,

Well I watch this movie twice and all I can say is "Damn" this movie is killer good.

This is a spoiler-ish free review,

Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino

Cast of Characters,

Kurt Russell ... Stuntman Mike

Rosario Dawson ... Abernathy

Vanessa Ferlito ... Arlene/'Butterfly'

Jordan Ladd ... Shanna

Rose McGowan ... Pam

Sydney Tamiia Poitier ... Jungle Julia (as Sydney Poitier)

Tracie Thoms ... Kim

Mary Elizabeth Winstead ... Lee

Zoe Bell ... Zoë (as Zoë Bell)

Michael Parks ... Texas Ranger Earl McGraw

James Parks ... Edgar McGraw

Quentin Tarantino ... Warren the Bartender

Monica Staggs ... Lanna Frank

The Plot,

Fast Cars, Hot babes and good dialogue is what is in this movie. Stuntman Mike(Kurt Russel) drives a car called / entitled Death Proof, it proves the driver with a almost safe guard againist any accident the driver get himself into. The movie is a play on the old school Grindhouse cinema $tyle so you will notice that the film does jump or is chopped at parts why, back in the day Grindhouse movies were made for almost nothing and had no real big productions behind them so often they did have jumps and bad editing. The Movie is Set in Austin, Texas and trys to make you feel like back in the day, you will notice a old 45 record player at the Bar, this trust me is a Cl-assic and is hard to find them now of days, I mean 45 the record player ask your parents kids what a 45 is if they don't know ask your grandparents then.

The movie goes through a lot of trouble to make you feel like back in the day, old movie posters and cl-assic signs are littered throughout the movie look for them its a great touch to the movie. The movie starts out following Three hot babes going to a bar, and talking and just having fun so far, later on Butterfly(Vanessa Ferlito) notices a certain car following them, its in fact is a Jet black 1970 Chevry Nova supercharged, driven by Stuntman Mike. As the girls at the bar are drinking and enjoying themself's one patron asks for a ride, Pam(Rose McGowan) has been chosen by Stuntman Mike, he offers her a ride home when he is ready, meanwhile the back story here is that Jungle Julia(Sydney Tamiia Poitier) runs a radio show in Austiin and has said that for anyone who asks Butterfly her name and offers her beer and says a certain line she would give them a lap dance. Well guess who takes up that offer, Stuntman Mike does and after he does a old John Wayne line he gets a lap dance from Butterfly. After the seductive lap dance they all start to depart the bar, now the fun starts for the film.

Remember Pam is riding with Stuntman Mike, and after he goes over why he calls his car Death Proof she decides to go along with it. But soon learns she made a real bad choice, as Stuntman Mike starts to scare the living hell out of her, and finally he kills her, and now he goes after the other girls from the bar and after finding them on a lone stretch of road, he turns his Chevy Nova around and rams them with the lights out, for a touch of Cl-ass he turns them on just before hitting them, you will love the car crash and the mulitangles its shot in, great cinema on this crash truely.

Well after that, Stuntman Mike is in the Hospital recovering from the crash, he is the only survivor of the crash. Well after a short stay at the Hospital he can now be found in Tennessee, now you will meet up with Abernathy(Rosario Dawson), Kim(Tracie Thoms), Lee(Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and Zoe(Zoe Bell). First off both Kim and Zoe are gearheads / stuntwomen so they know there way around a car. Well Zoe says why she wanted to come to Tennessee is to find a 1969 Dodge Charger with a 440 under the hood and it happens to be that there is someone one with a stack one and is up for Sale. Now the Girls just want to drive it to recreate a scene from Vanishing Point. So after Abernathy, Kim and Zoe talk it over they decide to leave Lee with the owner, hoping that her charm will keep the owner distracted. So after they start off on their recreation scene soon Stuntman Mike who has been stalking them so far, starts to begin ramming it, big thing to remember is that Zoe is basically hanging on the hood of the car, so as you can tell Zoe is hanging on to the hood of the car as Stuntman Mike is ramming and banging the car. Well after a couple of minutes Zoe is thrown from the car's hood and into a bush, and after that Stuntman Mike gets out of his car to congratulate himself but Kim shots him in the arm, so he leaves but Zoe is ok so the girls decide to take it to Stuntman Mike at his own game.

From there you can imagine the next car chase scenes is one of a kind, with both the girls and stuntman mike not giving a inch, well from there you have to see the movie to see what happens next, I can't give away the ending just like that its a good movie so check it out for yourself.

The only problem I got is the fact that these movies both Planet Terror and Death Proof where billed as a double feature meaning a two for one, and now I have to buy each one sperately is totally crap to me and everyone else.

GrindHouse 2

If you could check out the COD4:MW site and join up using my Invite Code: COD4161603, if you use my code you get bonus points too I heard so check it out and win some cool prizes all. Peace

New DVD's,

Hello all, I just got some new DVD's to today so I will be busy watching away the day.

If you wonder why I haven't being on here lately, I have been helping out the guys at PS3Tag.com and I have been trying to create my own skins and backgrounds, check out the userbar I created the Manhunt 2 one, the animated one.

New DVD's I got today are:

Death Proof

Family Guy Volume Five

Robot Chicken Season Two

Disater The Movie

So after I watch death proof about five times I will write a small review Peace.

Coca Cola
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Manhunt 2 animated userbar

Home has been updated

Manhunt 2 created by me
Home Beta

Yes that is right for the PS3 owner's who have gotten in on the closed beta version of Home it has been updated,

First Thing is you will need to update the game,

Than recreate yourself in the game or character which ever you want, meaning all your old data is cleared out, so you will be starting over again.

After you have customized your character, you can now work on your apartment, which too will be bare.

After you do that, look out the window, you will notice a marina now, with boats and ships and people walking around along with new buildings too, plus your apartment now has doors.

So now you travel outside, you will notice a big change over the old $tyle what you saw at E3 is what the new Home square looks like, you can play Chess or checkers with people now outside, plus you will notice butterflys and dragonflys are flying around in the environment too.

You will notice that the Theatre and Bowling alley are located there too, so you can now easily go to them, now you have to download the area instead of just walking in and waiting for it to relocate you to the right area.

Things that are gone, you will no longer see how many people are in the beta world any more, they have taken that feature out.

You can no longer change the color of your PSP, its for now a default black, and wallpapers are limited too.

Things that need to be added still,

More Furniture, and options with it, for example if you hang up a picture frame you can't add any pic's you have on your HDD. They have a set of them you can choose from.

We need more stuff, like TV's music or boombox's or something, because its not home with out me having friends over to watch a video I have on my HDD.

Next, you should be able to jump into a game from home, you still can't do it.

No loading screens, come on we don't need them, if San Andreas for the PS2 can manage it without loading screens why can't Home do the same thing.

Where the hell is the shop, we where to have a shop, so we could buy more stuff or add certain things, but there is a area of the beta world that is off limits I wonder if that is it.

Keep on Gaming.

Update on the GTA: VCS Video Series,

Hello all, sorry I have not been posting comments or blogs like I use to, but hey I was busy. First things first, about the GTA: VCS Video series if you haven't seen the latest video give it a look and tell what you think about it.

Do you like the old one Part 1 or Part 1-A, Note that Part 1-A does give you a visual look of the jump and the direction you have to hit the jump in order to complete it.

So go ahead and let me know, what you think, do you like the old one or the new one or would you like to see them both together in one video plus should I add music or leave it silent? Let me Know below is both videos so take a look Thank You.

Part 1


Part 1-A


Plus has a side note, I may be switching to a iMac computer sometime this year or next, and would like to know a couple of things so if you are a current iMac user or a Apple computer user in general let me know I want to ask a few question about the system and how it operates before anything goes offical. Why am I switching well, I am tried of all the problems PC's have from time to time and I think a change is need greatly, plus most iMac come bundled with all kinds of good software you can use and the ability to make great DVD's. So let me know if you are a iMac user or a Apple computer user so I may ask you a question or too, thank you.

JamesL007[] - brought to you by: ps3tag.com

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Manhunt 2

About the GTA: VCS video series,

For the time being, I have had a problem capturing the video I want, so for now I have the map overview, meaning its from the map that you see when you pause the game, but it lists all the Unique Stunts Jumps and locations. But I hope to actually have video of me either doing the jumps or showing you the location of the jumps. I am working on this problem and hope to have the video I wanted up by the beginning of next week now.

The Video series was going to be a four part series,

1. Location of the Unique Stunt Jumps

2. Location of the Rampages

3. Locations of the Odd Jobs

4. Causing Trouble in VCS

I am working to fix the problem and be able to capture video in real time, for now there is a three second delay in my capture card from my TV screen and it makes for the video to look screwed up and the audio to be off. So for now I will up the USJ overview map its shows the locations, but I hope to have a better video soon of this.

Remember to check out my LiveVideo Page Here, and to Check out my blog on Blogger Here, let me know what you think of my new blog site.

The First part of the series is displayed below, let me know what you think I know its bad, but I hope to be able to fix this problem in the future so I can capture even more gameplay footage.