How do you idiots manage to breathe!!?

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    Yes, that is a Maddox quote because system wars was being rather stupid yesterday.

    First, someone goes around making a topic about why nintendo is greedy. O rly? All companies are greedy because they want your money! Well, the TC of this particular thread isn't a bad guy, I just happen to disagree with a lot of the points but there were some stupid things said by other people in the thread. For instance: some idiot said "M$ is bringing me a great product whereas nintendo is just remaking the gamecube and sticking motion sensing in it." Hey tard, before you make stupid comments like that, look at the Wii's specs and the Wii's coming games then see if you can say that, idiot.
    Second, someone made a topic about how "sheep get nothing to play all of 2007" yet the sheep brought out multiple games coming for the Wii but he thinks there all stupid because he can clearly see out of his crystal ball that all the Wii games this year are going to be stupid. On top of that, the Sheep have the DS which is already getting more games anyway. Then the TC of that particular topic brings out the stupidest possible theory as to why Jeff gave WarioWare a 9.1! He wanted to give teh nintendo fans a pity AAA lol! Hey we all love stupid Jeff conspiracy theories (like the one where he only likes games with chainsaws) but at least get some actual proof.
    Third, nobody would leave the freaking motorstorm score alone! IT'S STILL GOING ON TODAY! How long can you honestly milk a freaking gamescore ownage! The topic in my sig is the only one worth claiming ownage over because it was so funny, but now it's locked.
    There was also a topic called "when's the PS3 going to get it's first AAA?" The guy who made the topic claims he's a manticore even though he said the following: "I'm a manticore but the PS3 is starting to suck and I have every next-gen console except the Wii because I think it's the biggest POS ever and the Xbox 360 is the only one I play." Yeah that's great except that means you're not a manticore, dumbass! That usually means you're a lemming.
    How much more stupid are we going to get here people? I know that System Wars is gamespot's garbage disposal and that's a good thing, but at least make it look like a neat garbage disposal.

I'm just that awesome and I repaired my PS2 for the third time.

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Who's the best? Me of course. I'm playing Castlevania, Gears of War, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, Half-Life 2, and Loz Twilight Princess all at the same time. :P Just kidding (in case you don't know if I'm joking). I updated it to the games I'm really playing: None! But I will be playing Kingdom Hearts 2 tomorrow if my parents let me drive down to rent it. They're really strict about me doing things like that on our holy day. To be honest, I thought the first one was really good (yes I know, I'm a dork for liking something with Disney in it). It really shouldn't be in my collection like I say it does on "my games." I only played the first few minutes of it at my friend's house.

Enough of that. I'm sure you've all heard of the infamous disc read error that is commonly associated with the PS2, well I got one. Luckily I'm a good mechanic (not really, I just know how to take things apart) and I know just how to fix it.

Behold the insides of an old and fat PS2 (SCPH3001 model I think).
Now all we need to do is... is really dirty and embarrassing.
From this picture we can safely assume that the culpurit of my disc read errors is the crap that's all over the inards of my PS2.

All I do is whip out a bottle of... (you guessed it!) AIR.
That's not the end of it either. The next thing you do is...

:o Oh noes!!! I swabbed teh laser!!!!
As long as you have some rubbing alchohol on the cotton part of the swab, it should be fine.
It's not over yet, we still have to adjust that white gear in the back.

Just twist that thing a few different ways and test how well the new twist did. That gear adjusts the angle of the laser, it sure helps.
And I am............done! I suffer from disc read errors no longer.

Sonic revived?

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"After a slew of disappointing and downright bad games, Sega's speedy hedgehog has finally returned in a game worthy of the Sonic legacy."
Gamespot said this in their review for Sonic and the Secret Rings. 7.6 isn't the great score for sonic we've all been hoping for, but this is definitely (according to gamespot) the best 3D sonic game to date (in many years). I can't wait to try it out, seriously a great series that needs a good 3D games.  Maybe we will soon see him in the AAA's again someday.

Sony isn't as cocky as you wish they were.

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Interviewer: "The Playstation 3, to me, is hands-down the most powerful of the three consoles. Based upon that, are you surprised at the success of the Nintendo Wii so far?"

Phil Harrison: "No, I think it's actually a very positive trend for the industry, that something which is very fun and lighthearted can be adopted widely. I think that's a positive trend, and I think that if that generates another generation of consumers who are going to be playing games and want games in their life, I'm all for it. Why would I not welcome that kind of innovation?"

Source: DICE 2007 Phil Harrison interview (watch at
Despite what many people may say, Sony isn't as overconfident as you think. Phil Harrison is a very humble and has a good head on his shoulders. I don't ask that you buy the PS3, I just wish some people to respect that some guys like Sony games more than they do others. So if you see a Sony fan walking down the streets, give him a nice big hug and say "I love you for having your own opinion." Wow, that was some strong weed I just had there. What am I writing right here?

I'm all Geared up for Metal Gear Solid.

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Boy, it was hard to wait for it as it could get, but I can hardly wait for Metal Gear Solid 4. I know I have had a few rants against the PS3 the past few months, but I finally feel like I'll get my money's worth. I'm a huge MGS fan and I basically grew up with it. Since then I've had little luck finding a series that is much better than it. In celebration of the coming MGS4, I changed my Krauser avatar to old Snake (as you can see) and started playing MGS, MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, MGS: Portable OPS, and Gears of War (because it has the word "gears" in it. I'm also playing FF VI which is quite fun. More good news for me is my report card: 3.95 GPA. :) This has to be one of my happiest weeks. Happy gaming folks!


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I'm so happy because Final Fantasy VI for the GBA comes out today. So they already released it in Japan, but I can't understand Japanese and the SNES version is also Japanese. Anyways, I can't wait to get it. :)

Suspension is rescinded and gmod rules!

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I recently got suspended, but now I'm back and recently I've been playing around with Half-Life 2.
I decided that Breen totally owns Vader:

Anyway, my gmod screens will get better as I figure more of the stuff out. So far, it has really come out well. Anyone has some ideas please pm me. ;)

Lawl, Warioware

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So, in gamespot's opinion, WarioWare is better than the following:
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (on both systems)
Lost Planet
Counter Strike
Half-Life Episode 1
Pretty much the entire MGS series
Company of Heroes
Battlefield 2142
Call of Duty 2
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Fable: The Lost Chapters
Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Heroes of Might and Magic IV

This game must be pretty good I'll have to try it. But seriously, it might be pretty good, I just think it's so funny that it got higher rated than all those games.
I'll have to check it out for myself.

Well, Bruning crusade is approaching.

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That means I will have something to do all summer besides repeat stupid raids. It sounds pretty good. I hope it does well on gamespot. I'm also hoping a lot of games do well on the Wii and PS3. I didn't pay all that for nothing.

System Wars classification guide

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I'm really bored so if you're new to system wars, then go ahead and read this. You already know what these are, these are what they act like from what I've seen. The "best of" rating means that they are the nicest of that particular group of people on System Wars.

Cows: these are the most rare breed of all on system wars ever since PS3 bashing became more abundant. Before the days of its launch, cows were probably the most obnoxious of the fanboys. Most of them, after the PS3 launch, went for PS360 instead since the 360 is nearly untouchable at the moment. Cows in the days of the PS2 were invincible, but not so much now. Cows nowadays usually do topics like: "Why the 360 is more expensive than the PS3," and other things like that. There are some pretty nice cows though.
Best of the Cows: Telekill. Telekill is hardly a Cow at all and is very open-minded when it comes to games on other systems. Very unbiased person indeed. Kudos to you, Telekill.

Lemmings: starting to take the place of cows in both aspects of annoying and invincible. Before both the Wii and the PS3 launched, they were pretty nice. Lately, they've become increasingly obnoxious and while there is a few nice ones, they've become hard to find. They are a big part of system wars nowadays.

Best if Lemmings: Ben-X. Ben-X is a person that is very into rare games. He is also very open-minded about other games on other consoles even though he leans towards Xbox 360. Good work there, Ben-X.

Sheep: I haven't met very many militant sheep although there is a few rather annoying ones on occasion. They are the third most abundant on system wars just taking behind the lemmings. There are not a whole lot of them since most of the Nintendo fans have other systems as well. This is most true simply because they have the least-expensive console. For the most part, a lot of people seem to hate them, but the hatred for them is pointless since there are almost little-to-none of them.

Best of Sheep: N/A haven't met very many hardcore sheep at least on system wars.

Hermits: N/A I have seen only one hermit and that's about it.

Shemmings (Wii60): The most abundant on system wars. A lot, though not all, tend to love bashing the PS3 of course. They don't love both systems equally though. Some tend to lean towards more of Wii and others the 360.

Best of Shemmings: Too many to name just one.

Cemmings/Lows? (PS360): these are mainly just remnant cows who have decided to jump on board the Microsoft bandwagon. Some tend to be quiet while others go on pathetic rants about how they absolutely hate the Wii even though they've never tried it. There isn't really any "best of" for these guys. Most of the ones I've met are very rude. That doesn't mean they're all bad though, just the ones I've met so far have been pretty annoying. Like I said, these are mostly remnant cows who actually don't really care all that much about the 360, but buy one anyway just so they think they can spite Nintendo fans. (Though most Nintendo fans I've talked to couldn't really care less to be honest). I've even liked some fanboys better than some of these ignorant pests.
Edit: Do not take this review into heart of these guys. Some of them might be pretty nice, but the ones I've met so far have been pretty bad.

Ceep/Shows? (PSWii): Your more likely to find these than the Cemmings/Lows, but less likely to find them than shemmings. These are the people that don't like the american system and stick with the japanese systems. The ones I've met so far are fairly nice, but some can be annoying in rants about the 360.

Best of PSWii: N/A There is one particular person, but I can't remember his name.

Manticore (PSWii60): I happen to be in this category. Manticores use the most logic when it comes to criticizing each and every one of these systems from what I've seen (don't thing I'm being self-indulgent). They have the most valid arguments about each system because they've actually tried them all. Stick with these guys if you're looking for what real gamers think about each system.
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