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Top ten inovations that revolutionised Gaming

The isn't in order leading to the best inovation. 1 - The control cross 2 - Cheat codes 3 - The invention of the second qeust 4 - Analog stick 5 - Easter Eggs 6 - Motion controls 7 - Role Playing games and the level up system 8 - Digital Downloads 9 - WIreless controls 10 - Force Feedback Gaming has come a long way.It started with one stick and a button(ATARI) and at the time people were amazed.The industry crashed and for years gaming was dead.Nntendo came along with the NES and introduced the Cross control and it changed everything.It was hit and miss at the time(I'm looking at you Rob the robot) sure it was cool to see him stack the pallets and it work on the screen though. Some ideas that were very good ideas though failed,Like the Sega channel.Also the dark age of the end of the 16 bit era and begning of the 32 bit era with their obssesion on using live action actors instead of just polygons.Thankfully that period didn't last long.It was hit and miss with live action..Games like Command and Conquer pulled it off..or Double switch and Night trap. Then came StarFox 64 and things were never the same..Being able to feel the damage was incredible at the time and still is today. And then the introduction of the wireless controller..Rest in peace cords that we would trip over and sometimes knock our machines onto the floor. The evolution of Gaming has been a good trip and its only going to get better. To the PC fans that read this.I left the mouse and keyboard out since I wanted this to be a look back on Consoles