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A Definitive Departure

There is something about this site that has me coming back for more. I don't like the site, and the community just makes me sad now that I see practically all the users are immature and/or just terrible posters. OT is a hollow shell of itself. So I've decided that I'm leaving. Permanently. "But, Jak," you say, "did you not already leave twice and return both times?" Well, yes, but this time it's different. I'll be scrambling my password, so unless I go out of my way to guess, there's no chance of me returning. I would have done this to begin with, but, honestly, I was always planning on returning. Firstly it was to enjoy my summer to its fullest and not waste it like I had the previous year on OT all day, and the second time it was to help me manage the start of high school. Speaking of which, yes, start of high school. I always hid my age on this site, and I'm not sure why. I guess by the time that I had stopped caring, I didn't really bother going out of my way to clarify it. But, for what's it's worth, I just turned fifteen, which seems to surprise people. I guess I behave older than my age, but, hey, whatever. I can't really say I'll miss the place. Sure, I'll miss the people that I've met and the times I've had, but most of these people are gone, and times have changed. The site is just a hollow shell now, and it's making me feel worse every time I go here. Do I regret it? No. I had a good four years here, and I think that this site has influenced who I am as a person in more ways than one. Hell, two of my best friends are people that I've met through this site. But I think it's time for an end to this. Honestly, it should be saying something that most of the people I want to say goodbye to are already gone from the site entirely or hardly ever show up, like Samwel_X or fishdalf. But, to my friends here, and the people that I've fallen out of touch with, goodbye. Travo_basic, btaylor2404, aaronmullan, Yagr_Zero, and, really, anyone that I've had a good conversation with on this site, you will be missed and I wish you the utmost best in life. There are plenty more things that I could say, but I'd prefer to not get melodramatic here, and I'll save you all the trouble of reading it. Really, though, it was a fantastic run, and I'm sad to see it ending with a slow burn out. But you can't get everything the way you want it, can you? Cheers - Garrett.

It appears I post a new blog every three days

In keeping with a schedule tradition, it appears that it's been two years since my last review, so that means it's time for another one. It's pretty embarrassing to read my old ones, seeing as how terrible they were. At least I can gauge how far I've come as a writer since then. I suppose I'll review Arkham Asylum, since that's really the only game that came out last year that I've played. So . . . what's up with you guys? Anything happening at school or work? Any recent purchases? New interests? Unplanned pregnancies?

Snow, Amongst Others

The East Coast got hit with a huge snowstorm last weekend. My area was lucky enough to receive a foot of snow, which is impressive, seeing as how we hardly ever get snow around these parts. Even more impressively, it's all still here. I particularly enjoy that the snow started ten minutes after my winter break started. Just my luck, not being able to miss any school from it. Additionally, I'll be traveling to Kentucky tomorrow to visit the family. Here's hoping it's a good Christmas, seeing as how all the rest of the holidays this year haven't felt special. Happy holidays.

Life away from here

Went to Oregon in July. It was nice. Spent a few days on the coast and it was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Hope I get to visit again next summer. Moped around for the rest of my break. Wish I had done more, but I don't regret the way I spent my summer. Thought a lot, and I dig thinking. Started high school. I dig it. A lot more streamlined than anything I've experienced before. Most of my classes are okay and I'm doing fairly well. Honestly, that's about it. Can't say I lead much of an exciting life.

Hey, Remember That Last Goodbye? Yeah, Now's the Real One

Once the system logs me out after a week or however longer I have left. I will be gone for good. Not that it matters, seeing as how anyone that has ever paid attention to me on this site and anyone who has a chance of reading this blog will be gone. I write this solely for comfort in solidity.