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Union Awards are back ? !

Many of you weren't around back then, but at one time gamespot used to create every year an awards show for all the unions on Gamespot, in order to recognize outstanding unions. Sadly, the last one was in2007and since then there hasn't been a new one.

It's time for a renaissance however! The Union Awards are back, although we need help from everybody to make this as successful as previous years.Hereis the link to the thread where this is being worked upon, we're looking for volunteers and people to help spread this throughout all the unions in gamespot. We want to make this as unbiased as possible and have as many people as possible from the community involved in this project. Let's raise awareness for unions and honor those who've been successful!

Help us bring back the Union Awards by copying this and posting this in your blogs and unions!

E3 2010- Lets hear what you have to say!

So as you all may be aware E3 2010 is here. And im most likely not the only one who has a blog or some sort of discussion pertaining to this awesome event. But anywho, tell me about what you expect, what you want to see, what you anticipate, your predictions, and pretty much anything related to this years E3 event.

Im back..

Hi everyone,

i know that it has been a very long time since ive been here on GameSpot. I do apologize for my absence and will explain in due time. But for now, i do sincerely appreciate and feel very grateful to see that you all have held out for me.

Im confirming for the record that i am not dead, or that some big catastrophe happened to me. I myself am alive and well. Ive been through some pretty dark and rough times and lets just leave it @ that for now.. I will eventually explain later on as soon as i start to recollect and get my life back in gear.

As for now though, it feels good to be back and i feel terrible for my absence, and wish that you all can forgive me for such an unexpected departure as i did seem to disconnect from life for the longest time.

Again, i really do very much appreciate all that has been done and thank the officers for looking after things, and for everyone else in this union who has proven to be dedicated and held through while i looked to be non-existent for the longest time.

Im going to be taking things easy for now, but i do promise to ease back into the rountine and come back in full swing and pick things up again. As i can see that there has been tremendous change here on the GameSpot community and here in the union since i was last in touch.

Take care everyone, and i do promise to explain things in due time.

Until then,


Jack Napier.

Well, Well Everyone!.. its my Death- day party!

Thats right folks, Jack here again. Just wanted to kick things off, today is a very special day indeed. Today is my birthday! I just put the death-day caption to catch your eye. So if you got worried then, well im sorry but the JOKES on YOU! HA HA haha.

Any who, hope you all have a good day and dont mind me, im just in it for the laugh! Take care,

Laughing fish

From me to you .. Appreciation

pay it forward

Hi everyone, Jack here.
Ive been thinking recently since spring seems to be teasing us lately with this nice weather as it pokes its head around the corner, that ive been in a fairly good mood recently. Ive helped a few of my friends here on GS start up their own unions, the GDC 2010 conference is just moving inward now and ive been thinking and reflecting about some of my good friends here on GS. So in turn of this, ive decided to write an appreciation blog, ive picked a date in mind that i feel will also tie in with another special day for me. I cant say when and what it is, but i'll let you know when it happens as i'll have compiled a list of honourable mentions to those who mean something to me here on GS. I'll state their name, and write a little thought out blurb about them and how they have touched me.

In my eyes, i feel like its a way to express my gratitude and appreciation towards others here on GS and i think that its something that we should all do here once in a while. Cause really, when has someone actually thanked you for something and actually meant it? hmm.. when has someone actually appreciated something that you have done for them?

To me its a rarity as i try to help those around me and make the world they live in a little better. Ive always been one to put others infront of myself and help them rather then help me. Ive been told not to do so otherwise, but i beg to differ since it is my nature and tendecies to do so.

I dont ask for much in return from anyone here, other then that you pass the message on and you create your own appreciation moment and celebrate those who mean alot to you. I find it to be a very rewarding and satisfactory excercise and remember that when you do so, be sure to let them know to pass it on. And if they really do care and appreciate your acknowledgement then they will take up your offer and do so as well.

This is a little thing that i like to call "Paying it Forward" for those of you who recognize this term, its from a movie/book about literally 'paying it forward' and passing it on to someone else. Its a great and uplifting story, and so can yours be.

Its the art of reciprication, you give a little to get a little.

Thanks guys, take care and i encourage that you all practice this incentive, and see what a difference it makes in your lives. If so then please tell me, and if not then tell me otherwise.


-Jack Napier.

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

So with the close of the 21st winter olypmics and with a final epic match between the Canadian and American men's teams in hockey, with Canada being the victor and surprisingly highest gold medal count for Canada as a country ever in the history of the winter olympic games and the higest gold medal count ever for a host country and overall in any winter olympic games before. This was most indefinitely a very surpirsing and astonishing feat for the host country and is something for all Canadians to be proud of.

So despite those results and mixed feelings that some of you may have towards the final results, what are your thoughts on this years olympic games, the ceremonys, any particular sport, upset, victory moment, or even just anything pertaining to past and a prospective future winter olympics, what are your overall thoughts?

Did any of you here actually follow the olympics this year, if so, any particular counrty you were cheering for?

Here's to another great olympics! and congratulations to the host country Canada and their tremendous efforts and feats.




Windows 7

Windows 7... just recently got it when i fixed my computer and replaced my HD. I personally think that its better than Vista and quite cool.

Tell me what you guys think of it?

1 Year ago today, i joined GameSpot.

Today, as i just suddenly realized is the one day anniversary/ birthday of when i joined GameSpot.

I have to say that in that one year, ive done so much. Ive made plenty of friends, took part in so many GS events and tuned into GS for their coverage on some of the big name events like E3, Comic Con, CES 10, Penny Arcade Expo, Lipezig, etc. Ive also been affiliated with a few unions. Some of which are successful and today are still going strong. Ive endured alot, met some interesting people, learned a bit about them saw where they come from and realized that there are so many people here in this community that come from all walks of life. And to me i find that rather fascinating to interact and socialize with some of those people as well as some of the more notalbe and well known people and staff here on GS.

For that i am grateful to share and contribute and communicate with all those almost everday about anything from the release of a hit game to personal thoughts and experiences that we go through every day that we can all relate to on a personal level. Cause really, behind these avatars, these masks of sorts that give us an identity, are real people like you and me who connect amongst one another on many fronts whether its over the internet or not.

But besides all that, im glad and feel fortunate enough to be celebrating my 1 year anniversary with those here on GS that are my friends.

Cheers everyone, and heres to another year and i wish the same to you all as well.

The Ultimatum... its what had to be done ladies and gentlemen.

So in light of my recent dienma with my PS3 passing on. I decided to take it apart myself and get my MW2 disc myself.
I can safely report that my MW2 disc has been succesfuly removed, unscathed and looking good as new.

I took out my HD and managed to salvage some other interesting bits. But now i plan on purchasing a PS3 slim and am looking forward to it. Dunno whether to get the120 GB or the 250 GB.

Ive done the math, crunched some numbers, and have determined that for $60 more i can get a 250 GB for $400 w/tax included. Compared to $340 w/tax for the 120 GB. The 250 GB is twice the memory of the 120 and more than 4 times the size of my old and now deceased 60 GB unit. Cost, will not be an issue for me, i dont mean to brag. But its not something that im concerned with.

I unfortunately loose the ability to play all of my old and favorite PS2 games on this prospected new PS3 slim that i plan to get, but i can easily find an old PS2 or buy a PS2 slim for $99 new or even buy one off a friend of mine.

So with all that being said. I greatly appreciate everyone's efforts and contributions to helping me and grieving along side me with my PS3, really, i do. . Its had its run and fair share of fun. But now it was time to say goodbye and so long.

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