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That's All Folks

Sad to say I haven't logged into Gamespot in months as I have been busy studying for my GCSEs. I log in now to officially say goodbye, unfortunately I've out-grown Gamespot.

Thanks go out to all my friends that have posted on my blog and formed unions with me, special mentions go to Jack_Force, spfx30 and code305 my 3 closest GS friends who have made me banner after banner and sent me messages all the time :)

I also thank Gamespot for giving me advice and reviews of games so that I may know a game before spending £30 only to find out it sucks. Also, thanks for the many game related downloads (patches, demos, etc) you have put up and the game tournaments, some of which I have watched countless times. I'm sure that I'll continue visiting GS occasionally, for many years to come.

I hope all you guys enjoy yourselves in whatever it is that you do with your life, and although I didn't really do enough of these to classify it as a feature, I'll end with:

Weekly Quote V

There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same

For the last time, That's All Folks ;)

The Too Dark Knight

I heard in the news the other day that Dark Knight is getting a lot of bad rep because of it's violence and dark humor. People are saying it should be a 15 and yet it contains little if any, specificaly bloddy violence. Surely parents could work out that a film called the Dark Knight was going to be dark. I mean what did they expect? Batman being joined by a load of fluffy bunnies and defeating Joker with a rainbow of flowers? Everyone knows Joker is mad so obviously there is going to be some 'crazy' violence in it. You can tell from the trailers that it is going to be violent. Basically parents:

If you don't like it, don't let your kids watch it.

Don't moan afterwards that you didn't think it was appropriate.

That's All Folks... :x

Dark Knight, An Appropriate Title

Went to see the Dark Knight yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I've always been sceptical of Batman, holding prejudice against him for not having super powers (which means he isn't a superhero, but that's beside the point). The film couldn't be more dark if it tried. What I mean is that under the genre category of the film's synopsis it should say noir among other things.

The storyline is superb, with there being more tension than calm throughout the film. And what would a film about the Joker be, without a few gags, which are delivered in a similary dark way. Heath Ledger does a brilliant job playing the Joker, introducing just the right amount of crazy without the Joker seeming low-brow and 'corny'. The stuff on screen is creepy enough but what is just as creepy is the psychological effect it has on you, it's very disturbing (I wouldn't recommend it for young children or those of a nervous disposition :lol: ).

One thing however, is that it is unimaginably long. I mean, there are several moments where you think the film is about to end but then it cuts to a different location and continues. This could be seen as a bad thing if you drink a lot of Coke at the cinema :shock: or a good thing 'cos that just means there's more to see.

All in all, a great film, with a good storyline, brilliant acting and a creepy mood throughout 9/10.

That's All Folks... :D

Countdown to Summer

Only 2 and a half days left 'till I break up for summer, and o boy have I been waiting for it. Every half-term holiday and wekend has gone by so un-imaginably quickly for me, but no force on Earth could make Summer Break fly by like that. Have to go back into school for 3 days after I break up to do some work around school for my Citenship 'Help the Community' coursework, but I'm doing it with my two best friends so it won't be all that bad.

Went to see Hancock last week, loved it, has the best storyline ever, a must see. Am intending to go see WallE and Meet Dave, should be fun. Still waiting for the Red Alert 3 beta to begin and Team Gizka to release the KoToR restoration but some things are worth waiting for! Went to the History festival in Northhamptonshire with my aunt and uncle for the day yeasterday, had some fun watching World War II reinactments and learing about weapons and strategies of the past.

All looks good on the home stright to summer, but I have a feeling that things might get worse for me, before they get better. Overall, a good week.

That's All Folks... :)

End of Work Experience

That's it. My 2 weeks of office work is traded in for a week and a half of school work, then almighty summer! Still saving up my money and biding my time (I'm certain the days are numbered on Microsoft creating an XBOX portable :D). Besides that I'm playing Kane's Wrath again but not so much as I would like to. My mum is worried about my Spanish coursework and says I need to cut back on the amount of time I spend gaming. I've already seen The Forbidden Kingdom even though it doesn't come out in the UK until later this week, thanks to a kind American posting the whole thing on YouTube. Until next time,

That's All Folks... :)

Level 20 and Other Stuff

Hit level 20 yesterday, a milestone in my opinion. I've been told that it takes quite a while to get through, but I'm not worried. Got UnderDog and Jumper on DVD yesterday, there not half bad you know, I'd definately recommend them. Going shopping today for stuff I need for my work experience (although I'm sure that's not all I'll buy :D). Besides that nothing much else, except I'm really getting into RF Online, if any of you guys have it post your character's name.

That's All Folks... :)