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Saints Row Title Update!

The Product Update for Saints Row will be available on Xbox Live. Microsoft provides product updates to anyone with a Live connection, even without a paid membership. If you have a Live connection, you will be prompted to download the update. The update is required to play Saints Row on Xbox Live.

Enabled 4xAA (anti-aliasing) for 480i standard-def and 480p resolutions (was 2xAA).

Enabled 4x anti-aliasing during initial player creation screen. Added player options to enable v-sync during. cutscenes and/or gameplay, with warning that it will affect framerate.

Fixed widescreen formatting issues in certain resolutions.

Fixed issue where button icons would sometimes not appear during tagging activity.

Fixed problem where camera could rapidly rotate around player when exiting vehicle.

Added dialog reminding player to save before final mission in the game.

Fixed rare crash bugs due to variants and fast shader constants.

DLC - Car dealership now skips paint selection for car if the car has no color data.

Fixed issue when signing out of a gamer profile on The Wheel Woman unlock screen.

Added missing audio tracks to music stores, including “Pickin’ Boogers.”

Added long sideburns and four other missing hairstyles to Shear Intensity salons.


Improvements to the way the game handles packet loss and bandwidth management between players. This addresses issues commonly cited as “lag”, and general synchronization problems between the players’ clients (vehicles/players warping around, etc).

Various bandwidth optimizations.

Fixed connection issues with gang servers (done server-side, update not required).

The system for rating a player’s quality-of-service has been improved, and made less conservative. This means you’ll see many more matches with 10-12 player limits.

Fixed “clothes stealing” exploit. Stolen clothes will be deleted, legit clothes will be unharmed.

Various changes to Matchmaking phase, to get players in the game faster.

Team-based, non-Gang games are now required to have even teams. Gang matches still allowed to be off-by-one to allow easier matchmaking, since single people cannot be matched-in.

Fixed issue that could cause the Blinged Out Ride vehicle to get stuck inside the garage when the driver disconnects.

Fixed crash that could happen during server migration.

Fixed rank reporting errors in Leaderboards for Team Gang Brawl and Team Big Ass Chains.

Fixed problem where end of games stats display could be improperly sorted.

Fixed issue in server migration where statistics would not be properly updated for the newly selected server.

Fixed issue where incorrect server was elected for game size.

Fixed issue where car could get stuck in a chop shop or get pushed out of the level and destroyed.

Added caching to pimp hat and multiplayer chains to reduce delay when they are loaded.

Fixed problem where PC could become bald after importing from single-player savegame.

Fixed problem where multiplayer garages had problems with client vehicles colliding at the entrance with an invisible mesh mover.

Item sync improvements.

Fixed problem that could prevent twelve people from getting into a match due to not having enough security associations.

Points stored in Big Ass Chains are now being reset between games.

Fixed issue where gang stats retrieval could fail and not be retried.

Addressed “standby” hack where a player would temporarily disconnect their network connection to move around without others seeing them.

The proper number of custom vehicle choices now appears for the Hustlin multiplayer level.

Gang sizes limited to 100 members.

Fixed cases where gangs match but not all players get into the game.

Only servers with sufficient bandwidth are selected to host a match.

Fixed bug where multiplayer garages had problems with client vehicles colliding against unseen geometry.

Big Ass Chains points scored stats are now reset between games.

Fixed bug where player would have pipebombs in inventory but would not be able to throw them.

Fixed problem in Protect Tha Pimp where a player would respawn at the beginning of a round in observer mode.

DLC - Always display name of level server has selected, even if client does not have that level downloaded.

Damn, it's been a while...

So we are counting down the bugs, killin' them one by one. 'tis the season. Sorry for the delays. I've been out and about, and will be back in full force as soon as I wrap up on some footage to be sent out.

I have lots of photos to post too. So head on over to the flickr site to take a look. We'll be comin out with some new screenshots as well. Things are lookin so freakn sweet.


E3 - mini countdown

I'm really looking forward to demo'n Saints Row. Right now, we've been goin over the E3 build every hour or so. I'm sure there are other dev's in the same place. Makin' sure that everything is in top form. I'm planning on uploading shots from the show on the flickr site. Should be a great show.


Sup. So we are done w/ the precert stuff, and with that, I can get back to passing out info and the like. What a relief.

Right now the focus is E3. Everything is starting to look good for the demo. I’ve been taking some more photos of the team and the like. I’ll post more up at the flickr site for everyone to enjoy.


I did a video interview with the effects artist the other day. Now, I just need to find a place to post it, since you can’t do that kinda stuff here.  If you have any ideas, let me know.


So I have two quotes that are out of context, which makes it even more fun.


“Everything I design is golden”…. Heh you gotta love that.


Everyone is talking about the new “Wii” There is a revolution within the team. Those that think the name works, and other that think its whacked. The thing is…They have already succeeded in getting people to talk about it. Marketing Genius.


So with visits from the watchers, we are workin on gettin’ things polished up for the demo at E3.

I can’t wait for people to get their hands on it.


I gotta head out. Later.

Crazy fun!

Sorry for the delay on the bloggin thing. We’ve been slammin’ to get ready for PreCert. With that, everyone has been in a frenzy to get things together. Everything is coming together, and it’s lookin so sweet. I’ll post some photos later on today for ya, as well as some more juicy content.

Bloggin' it bro, just bloggin it...

So is it the beginning of the week? Outside, Inside, this is a move without time. We are still in a mad dash to get everything ready. Tensions are not so high today though. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that it’s sunny outside, warm, and inviting. Or it could be a better brew of coffee, who knows.

So what's up this week?
Well gettin new screens ready for mass consumption, preparing for E3, and practicing our shivving skills.

Sat in on a few meetings that were just hilarious. Verbal pop shots, we had to duck and cover a few times, but everyone left with a smirk, and an etched memory.

who's goin to E3 this year? Anyone?
Let me know. It'll be fun to hook up.

not much to say right now. I'm still trying to corner someone for a quick interview. Say, send me some freaking questions or something. That would be helpful.

Oh, I started up a Flickr site, so I can start postin up photos. Check it out....

blog o rama

Greetings from the Land o Saints Row.


Just kickin it with some designers and programmers alike. Talking mostly about the hitman activity. It’s shaping up pretty well. Just gettin the shots of who’s gonna get it. Some of the spawns are sweet.

Anyway, I got an email from one of my buddies, who shall remain nameless, of course, givin me an accurate and appropriate documentation of a conversation…

Dev 1. I bet you cant wait until you get to do all the nav splines for (unannounced project)

Dev 2.  Ha.  No way.  Uh-uh! 

more later... 

If ya get it ya get it. If ya don’t ya don’t. no big


We are getting the achievements together as well. The art is lookin better everyday.  I’m excited about getting that in.  So I set up some sht on flickr.  I just got fed up with how freakin slow this site is.  Well, I’m not here to **** so I’m letting it go. I’ll post the link when I gather up some images other than pizza and goofy looks.







late night

Whoa, what a crazy day. I’ve been dealing with “if then” statements like it’s going out of style.  We had a programming meeting earlier, I was going to take some photos, but the mob looked restless. I figured I’d wait till they were fed, and deep into world of bug fixin’.

Exchange of the day,

 “Well you know , our lead designer used to compete in the Tetris World Tour”

He responds in a matter of fact tone of voice, “ Actually, it was the National tour.”


Moving right along….

 So I received tons of email asking for lurid details about what it’s like to develop Saints Row, latest screen screenshots, and of course, “when is the freakin demo gonna come out?” 

I’ll do a short interview with the Producer tomorrow. Perhaps he’ll have something to say to me about demo dates. 

As far as screenshots go. I’ve been attempting to post images on this blog for a while now, and I’m getting no love what so ever.  So I think I’ll create a Flickr site,  just to give you some images to hang up in your office.  Word on the street is that another batch of shots will be out soon.  Has anyone seen the new 3d shots yet? Lemme know.  I know one of the guys on the dev team has been workin’ away at em’, so they are bound to be out and about.


What else? Oh, lurid details? Ugh, well, it’s 12:26 am, and I’m starting to see shadows crawling on the wall.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be a good time to go into that.  Tell ya what, I’ll go around and ask some questions later on tomorrow.

So I just posted

So I posted on the 'official' SR union. I gotta tell ya. This sys. is a pain. I tried to post a photo, and I go thru the whole process, and nothing shows up. WTF?! Well, I'll just post some shots on Flickr. That solves the whole problem right there. I'll keep workin' at it. If anyone has any insights to this lumbering system, let me know. thx

First Blog - rockin'

It's a little early, and everyone is getting fuel for the push. I'll start out with a photo of one of our beloved testers. I'll be posting up shots every day, and talking about the dev side of things. Keep tuned in.

Also, in case you didn't know, the Saints Row website is live.

More later on...