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When Xbox comes to town

Hey there.

As most of you, I am back to school fow a whole new year of academic pleasures....yeah! I'm pretty confident it will go well, since I have easier courses than I did last year. I will be entering University next year, so this is my last chance to get good grades to apply to medical school. (I live in Quebec where a mix of the french and american scholar system is applied. That means that right now, if I lived in the US, I would be in University already. In Quebec, you don't have to do a health sciences degree before you enter med school). To celebrate, I...bought a Xbox 360. So far I've had a lot of fun with it. I grew tired of my DS and of my few Wii games, so I decided to invest a bit and improve my gaming experience. The nice part is that, since I never owned a Xbox before, I can now play good games for a lot less money than if I had bought them as they came out.

Right now, I'm playing to Assassin's Creed 2 (I tried the first one, but I found it impersonal and redundant) and it is very, very good (especially on a HD TV). Altaïr wasn't a very interesting character, but Ezio is very likeable and his backstory is fun. This sequel is visually better than the first one, and its story is much more entertaining.

I also beat Gears of War 2, which I loved too. I beat it twice: once on normal difficulty and then on hardcore. I am now beating it again on Insane difficulty and I try to get every collectible (I like to get as much as possible for my money...).

A friend lent me Halo: ODST and I'm...not sure. Personally, I don't see what most Xbox fans like so much in the Halo franchise. The game feels too extravagant, unrealistic and is very unsatisfying. The enemies are not fun to shoot and the weapons feel odd. I personally don't like futuristic laser weapons at all. I guess that's why I enjoyed GOW2 so much: even though it is set a the future, it has a dark gruesome, realistic look (with real bullet-firing-chainsaw-equiped-guns) that Halo doesn't have.

I'm still tracking Halo:Reach and I might try Halo 3, but I guess I wouldn't like them any better wouldn't I?

Besides that, I am tracking and waiting for Gears of War 3 (It's going to be great), Deus Ex Human Revolution and Bioshock: Infinite. There are still many good game coming up.

I'm wondering what I'm going to play next. I was thinking about Red Dead Redemption. Any advice?

See you around.

PC gaming is dying

Hey Gamespotters,

Although I didn't post any interesting news for a very long time, I thought about starting anew.

I recently bought Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and was blown away. The gameplay, the graphics, the voice acting...everything turned out great. Of course, as most critics, I was a bit disappointed by the lenght of the solo campaign (which was still thrilling, by the way).

However, I've disliked, so far, the multiplayer experience. I have not played the first Modern Warfare, so I can't complain about the limited number of players allowed in on game, but still, I've noticed an awful amount of glitches that ruined the game. Yesterday, I got caught in a hacked server: I automatically got to lvl. 70 and unlocked all weapons and killstreaks bonuses that would normally take hours of gaming to unlock. That was very frustrating, since the only way to get around the hack is to reset all stats to 0, losing all I had achieved so far.

I can't wonder anymore why PC gaming is going downhill. Ethics and policies are not meant for real life only, and it angers me to see that some people really don't care about them. I have but one message to those who make fun hacking and ruining the great work of developpers:

Get a life.


Hey Gamespotters!

I've been much like a ghost around here for the past year, but I didn't forget you. As I wrote some time ago, I do not play video games as much as I used to but still, I like to keep up to date about new games and features coming out. For those who care about, here's what's going on:

Right now, I'm really into the Half-Life series, which I had never tried before. I recently beat Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One and I am currently finishing Episode Two. The later is...breathtaking. It's been a while since a game gave me such a strong feeling of excitement. The sequence where you have to defend yourself against a horde of antlions coming through four gates, at the beginning of the game, gave me chills and an intense rush of blood to the head! :shock:

This led me to purchase The Orange Box two weeks ago. I happily discovered Portal, which is exactly my kind of puzzle game, but haven't had a chance to try out Team Fortress 2 yet.

What's more? BioShock 2. I just uploaded an exclusive gameplay video that came out three days ago I think. (from gametrailers.com). A little note: a multiplayer mode was announced for the game. I can't wait to see how it will turn out.

Besides, I recently got the last Prince of Persia game. I like it very much but I kinda put it aside to concentrate on Half-Life 2: Episode Two. I'll give it some more time in a while.

So, that's it for now. I hope (as always) that my English hasn't given you a headache.

Have a nice day.


Been a long time gone...and won't really come back. For a few months I've been buzzing around my schoolwork, my job and my girlfriend ans friends. I must say I've lost pretty much of my interest in video games. I was very surprised when I went to the local Wal-Mart (for the first time in, like, a whole year, I swear) and saw a brand new Advance Wars game, and new Final Fantasy on DS etc. (I'm sorry Gamespot, the news reader of mine is gone for good). I didn't buy any at that time as I was looking for a different product: the Wii.

I bought the Wii for my little sisters. Of course, I do play a little, but really not that much time. I currently own Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which was the first game I got and tried, and Trauma Center: New Blood and Okami. Trauma Center is fairly disappointing, as the same exciting gameplay and atmosphere come along again with the same old chit-chat between lame characters. I liked the first Trauma Center on DS for the gameplay, and I enjoy this one for the same reasons, nothing more.

Okami, however, is a great surprise. I knew the game from PS2, but never had the chance to enjoy it before. If I'm currently mostly playing Metroid, Okami is next on my list of games-to-beat. Outstanding visual design, great music, nice storyline; Okami is, up to now, one of my favorite games ever.

Metroid is by far the best game I had the chance to try on the Wii. Controls, graphics, sound, even the story, seems to be flawless to me. I don't even know how to describe it. You know I haven't wrote a review for a while...

Well that's it for now. I'm not planning to get as active as I used to be here on Gamespot and in the Unions. Just going to keep in touch with Wii-related news and upcomming games.

Have fun out there and get out a little. You know it feels so good. I won't make you a speech here however...

Gamespotters, I salute you!

Will it last?

I wonder wether or not all this hype about BioShock's gonna last for long? I know and I completely agree that BioShock is an outstanding, immersive and very entertaining game. But not so long ago, it wasn't really known and people weren't really paying attention to it. Then suddenly, for an unknown reason, everybody seemed to discover BioShock all at the same time, became very excitated and started talking about it. Just as many of you Gamespotters, I'm playing and enjoying BioShock. Most people claim that BioShock will become a classic. They claim that people will remember this game as one of the best games ever created, as they did and do with Half-Life. Will BioShock be considered as a major event in gaming history, as some people believe? That, I don't really know, and I doubt. Does this game really have what it needs to reach the holy "Panthon of Video Games"?

Don't you think we're all a little over-reacting?

I do.

Will this big hype last for long?

I doubt.

Opportunity awaits!

I finished my BioShock (PC) review. It's my longest review to date and, I believe, my best so far. I spent three days writing this. It could have taken less time, but I was busy playing the game. It's so immersive and innovative...it's incredible...

Anyway. See the review here.

By the way, I'm having some problems with my Internet. My images don,t appear and things like that. And it's real slow today. Hope it'll fix soon.

Blown away!

My father just received his new laptop. He's got a deal with the company he works for: the company pays the taxes and my father pays the rest for 2 years (so just a few bucks a month). Totally, the company pays a third of the price or so. My father will use that laptop for 2 years, and in 2 years, He will be done paying and the laptop will really be his. But, if everything goes as planned, this laptop will then be mine and my father will order another one. In 2 years, I'll be entering college so that laptob will probably be very useful to me.

That machine is very nice. It's slim, not heavy at all and it doesn't make noise at all neither. To unlock it, you need to pass your finger on a little optic glass, and it reads your fingerprints! No more passwords! The future is on your fingers! It has a great processor and, guess what: a very good graphic card! Of course, I installed BioShock on it and...Oh my god!

The game blew me away! It's amazing! The game runs so smoothly. The controls are...normal...the graphics amazing (settings on higher)! Rapture looks so great! Those voice are great too, and those #%&@!* Slicers are frigging scary sometimes! The onlyPlasmid I have now is the Electrobolt, which you get early in the game. I also have the Colt and The Machine Gun. Unfortunately, when I was in the Medical Pavillon, the game froze. I hope it won't happen again as it did for some other people.

I'm not so used to shooter, and especially FPSs, but I don't dislike them neither. I believe that BioShock is the game that will really get me in shooters in the future. I started a game on the "Easy setting" and I still don't know wether I going to harvest the little sisters or to save them...That game is so great! I like everything! Hacking robots is fun too, but a little complicated and difficult. I will write a deeper review about it in the next days.

Shocking deception....

I got BioShock (PC) today. Unfortunately, by the time I installed it and started a new game, I realized that my computer's graphic card isn't good enough to support the game, even with the lowest settings. I was so deceived...So now I'm stuck with a game-I wanted-for-so-long that doesn't work on my #!%%@* computer. The only way out of this dead end is to get myself a new graphic card. The game alone costed me $49 (EBgames credits) and I don't want to spend (at least) $150 more for it. A $200 game? I don't know if BioShock is worth that much...:(

I won't sell the game. That would be stupid. Fortunately, I found a good deal on futureshop.ca. With this one, I should be able to run BioShock smoothly. I believe that $130 is a fair price for a card like this. I'm probably going to pay half the price and my father the other half. It's his computer after all ;).

I was (and I'm still) really deceived...I hope this feeling won't last long...

Funny fact: The character you control in the game has my name: Jack (well, Jack is the abreviation of Jacob :P)

Where did I put my Sox already?

I'm finally back from Boston! It was nice camping trip so I believe I have to write a little about it.

We hitted the road on last Saturday. We drove for 6-7 hours and finally reached Ogunquit (Maine) where we had reserved a camping lot with my cousins. There, we went to the beach and to a few restaurants. It was quiet you know...
Then, Tuesday, we went to Boston (Massachusset). That was the best day of the trip. We followed the Boston's freedom trail and visited a few places. We wanted to go see Fenway Park, where the Red Sox (which is my favorite baseball team) play but, unfortunately, there was a game that night and so it was nearly impossible for us to get a close look of the stadium. I was a little disppointed as I wanted to see Fenway Park all day long but still, it was great day!

(I will put pictures later.)

I also got myself a new job today: I wash dishes in a St-Hubert (restaurant). I know it's much, but it's fairly good enough for a student job...

I'm paid $8.44 / hour. It's decent, but I hope I'll get a raise if I do good :P.

Cash and Cars

Hey there Gamespotters!

Just a quick blog post to tell I'm doing good. I still work every mornings (except sunday) to earn some cash. In 6 days, I earned $267 (canadian dollars). It's rainy here this week so, as I can't work under the rain, I won't get as much money this week. :(

I'm currently playing Need For Speed: Carbon.

It's been a while since the last timeI played a racing game. Need For Speed: Carbon is a fairly good game. I like it.
Also, I'm currently re-beating Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 2: Justice for All as Phoenix Wright 3 is coming out soon. Still waiting for BioShock too.

So, that's it. See you around.

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