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Pirates of the carribean

You ever wanted to sail the seas? You ever wanted to plunder goods from sailors? You ever wanted to command a battleship? Well here it is! Your wish/dream come true! The game starts in the year 1630, The year when the english port, Oxbay get's the extreme heat, French ships come to take over the port, Very relentless and persistent cannon fire. After that you go see the english governor on redmond island and you report to him about the incident on oxbay, He wants to commandeer your ship, You offer him an alternative, You and your ship are at his service, So you work alone as a spy against oxbay, Well, First you go at the other side of the island then you go through the jungles and the canyons right into oxbay, But before you enter oxbay two french guards charge at you thinking your an english spy (You are) and speaks to you, You must confront them, One way or another, Speech, Or violence. Then you talk to this barkeeper who is still loyal the english crown, You speak to him then a few minutes later you come up with a plan: There is a french soldier who does nothing but drink, So you buy him a few drinks then you ask him about all the french plans plus you want to join the french (As an english spy) and you succeed, But i'm afraid i must stop because both it will be spoilers and my fingers are getting sore from typing this :) And i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed typing this! Information: Game release: 2003 Makers: Betheseda softworks Genre: Sailing, Exploring, RPG. My game rating: 10/10

I'm new

Hello everybody, I have joined gamespot a few minutes ago and i was wondering if i can make some friends, It's ok about the help, I prefer to find out myself. PS: My favorite game is black and white 1, Yeah i know it's old :)