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My Games List (UPDATED 04/12/09)

Wondering where the list went? You can blame that on GameSpot's f**kin' broken text editor. They've had well over a year to fix the problems with this piece of s**t, and they've done NOTHING! I'm sure there've been tons of complaints in the tech forums, most of which have gone unnoticed. Seriously, GameSpot. Fix your damn editor, or include an option on where to find these so-called "errors" so we can make those ridiculous fixes before posting.

Anyway, if y'all want to see my growing list of games, go to this blog instead.

The History of My Nickname, Jackov

Well, here's a little history lesson on how the name "Jackov" was brought up.....

It all started when the game Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 was released. (I happened to get that game on the first day of its release. (b'-')b) My friends were settin' up their characters and their profiles. They made some funny names like "Elvis II", "Trent", and "Dick Harry". I wanted a name that would be even funnier, and would be distracting at the same time.

When I made my character, it had an alien body with human head (the guy with the long black dreads sticking out of the sides). I laughed my ass off to see the guy I just created. Then for some odd reason, the word "jack-off" was brought up in my head. I thought that maybe this would be great for the name of my character, but I didn't want to make it too obvious. Then I was contemplating on some Jamaican names, but sadly that didn't work out too well.

As my friends were waiting for me to finish up my guy, I remembered about the last game (& movie [without the "007" part]), GoldenEye 007 (N64). I remembered that most of the game/movie took place in Russia, so I started thinking about some Russian names. Mostly all the names I could think of ended with the letters "ov". That's when I had the idea to combine the word, "jack-off", with the (Russian) suffix, "ov", to make the name "Jackov"!

While playing, my friends couldn't stop laughing as the messages of "You killed Jackov" and "Killed by Jackov" flashed on the screen. It indeed served as a hilarious name, and it even distracted them for a while. I've accomplished my goal.

I loved to use that name, so I stuck with it. From there on, I've used the name "Jackov" in every video game I've come across, like....The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), Halo: Combat Evolved (PC), TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (GCN), Tony Hawk's American Sk8land (DS), Mario Kart DS (DS), etc.. I've also been using it in forums across the Internet, like PowerBomb 101, 4-Ever Wrestling, IanSpence.com, MySpace, SmackTalks.org, GamingRing, GameSpot, and pretty much everywhere else.

So there y'all have it. That's the history of how the nickname "Jackov" came to be.