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Sony's early victory?? Resident Evil series has fallen off grace, Final Fantasy.

We've all seen E3 I'm sure, and it was one of those conferences that surely no will forget. One only can relate to 2006 where Sony was almost going bankrupt because of how much people hated the overpriced, the 599$ PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the cheaper console considering the Red Ring of Death (RROD) played a major role in destroying the quality of the Microsoft's baby boy, Xbox 360. Both companies had their own ups and downs. We're near the end of this PS3/Xbox360 generation and I'll like to go back down memory lane for a little while. The PS3 started with a disastrous launch, having no gamer to buy the console was a major loss for Sony and it kept going until maybe 2011 where they finally said "OK! I think we've profited a dollar here" Thanks for the PS3 slim model's new price tag, bigger GB capacity in the Hard Drive. Also Microsoft didn't just sit there watching Sony having all the glory for themselves, also introduced their own version of Xbox 360's elite first, then the slim version that had the same features Sony did, higher GB capacity, adding a wireless Wi-Fi "finally", to their system, it was like "OK! Gentlemen, I've decided ....... not use wired cords again" XD With both companies' attempts to force people into buying the motion controls, Move and Kinect. Obviously failed to keep the gimmicky controls alive. So much for the next big thing of gaming these days and this is where I want pinpoint something very clear, I personally don't think that gaming will ever change, it will always be the traditional way with the controller on your palms, relaxing on the sofa and kicking some ass. We've not just seen the rise and fall of the two companies, Sony and Microsoft, but also few games out there that lost touch and their reputation is/was going downhill. In 2006, Final Fantasy 13 was introduced to be a PS3 exclusive game especially designed for the PS3's hardware system, along with it Final Fantasy Versus 13 where the game was trying to break away from the series traditional 'Active Time-Based system" according to the developers at the time and to have an original story and mythology for the series. In 2008, the shock couldn't hurt more when Microsoft announced Final Fantasy 13 was going to come to their console as well. Sony's CEO's own words were something like this "I was not surprised. I was disappointed." With then, later problems revealed within the game itself like "linear" structure of maps and going 20-25 hours just to reach an open area where you can do side missions. And fans were having a split between the love and hate cycle of the series. Above all else, the speculation that Final Fantasy series has ended and the developers have no original idea. True, Square Enix had a big gen in the PS3/Xbox360 cycle when looking at their standard of quality of games, few are exceptions though like The World Ends With You and Kingdom Hearts on the DS and 3DS were just marvelous and old-school from my personal point of view. Not only Square Enix had a bad gen, but looking at how Capcom did with their baby, Resident Evil series, a genre-defining game when everything is scary is truly scary and creepy. When I was a kid, I used to piss in my pants whenever I see a zombie, but the tide's changed. Now I piss on that ugly-ass parasitic zombie-like ganado or whatever they're called now. Resident Evil, a reputation and game every gamer anticipates whenever a new installment is coming out. That all changed, however, after the release of Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 sat the par too high for the series as the developing team ran out of ideas for what's next. Resident Evil 4 was one of the best games ever made...No doubt about that. But what went wrong? Resident Evil 5. Now, I personally loved Resident Evil 5 for what it offers as a non-Resident Evil game, but some of you are still loyal for the series and have faith that it will pull itself together and deliver something classic one day. Resident Evil 5 was totally the black sheep of the series. Why not Resident Evil 6? Well, it seems Capcom wanted to address a wider audience while pleasing the fans with their latest entry. But Resident Evil 5 was the wrong U-turn for the series to redeem its self-esteem. Having thrown away all the survival elements, playing at daylight, and having a partner which does all the job for you, regarding the technical terms, was just a killzone or gears of war in a third-person view. As an action game, it was one hell of a ride, but didn't feel like Resident Evil anymore. That is why the same mixed feelings of this game were carried to Resident Evil 6. And there in Resident Evil 6, I'd lost all faith in the series. It literally has fallen off grace. Now, looking at the bright side of things, there's always a chance and it's never too late. There are two new-gen consoles coming out this year and if the ace of the hole is in their courtyard, I'd doubt they wanna lose it like last time. After watching Sony's E3 and also Microsoft's, it just gave me hope on gaming again. I've been kinda off gaming for a while because nothing excites me anymore. But when I played Bioshock Infinite and now playing The Last of Us, I'm just wowed to the point that my day is ignited :) Let's wish Sony and Microsoft the best, not just for the console wars, but for the games to be fun again.

Buying 3DS, playing half-life 2, and waiting for the PSN to rise from the dead.

All right, it's been a long time since I played a handheld game on both DS and PSP and I have to say the PSP is in its last breaths, there are clearly no games that offer me a true experience like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and I last tried Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday and Wow, a way to kill a franchise... :?

Last Wednesday, I went to the nearest video game retail in town and I picked 2 3DSs. One for me and for my little brother, and I have to say. 3DS is refreshing start for me for a return to a handheld gaming "ONCE AGAIN". I know I'm not playing any 3DS games at this moment, but I'm playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 "DS game" on the 3DS since I haven't been able to find out where my DS lite was. But what I'm waiting for patiently is Resident Evil Mercenary 3D. I've been watching previews and gameplay footages on youtube.com and I'm impressed, I like beautiful graphics. That's why it's gonna be my first 3D game for me. It's like my 3DS debut.

Ok, talking about the device itself, 3DS, when I first touched the device, it felt heavier than it looked actually I was surprised giving the how light the DS lite is "my DSlite" I tried the 3D effects and they're amazing but they hurt the eye that's why I don't recommend turning on the 3D all the time and only when you're playing a 3D game. The DS games are compatible with 3DS, but no 3DS effects and there's no need for them. Touch screen is very smooth and I love it because it's so responsive, it's more responsive than its predecessors even while typing or handwriting, everything is very responsive which I like that. Analog Stick has been added which awesome but why not dual analogs?? Everything so far is good and I can't complain about anything right now. But there are things missing like the store, the browser .. you know, the usual stuff.

Along with the 2 3DSs, I've picked up Half-life 2 "PC" and it's a nice game but it's not like what the critics say, maybe I'm playing it in the wrong time because it's 2011 and the game's a 2004 game. But valve are masters of the single-playing first-person shooters. If you look down their past/recent games, Portal Series, Left4Dead Series, and Half-Life series.. They're all single-playing focused.

Ok moving along to the PS3's PSN and I see articles on ign.com that's gonna be online on May 2nd... I don't really know Sony was attcked hard this time and I don't think it's gonna be the same again. I just hope my account isn't stolen though I don't have any penny on the store. Nevertheless, I'm not that worried.

Giving up on Mulitplayer games... single-player campaign games.. PS3 hacks...

Hello everyone, and happy Valentine's Day.

This time of year is a great time for games, just like last year, when we got games like Baynoetta, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War 3, and Heavy Rain. This time around, we'll be getting some goodies like Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Socom 4, Final Fantasy IV the complete compilation, and many upcoming titles along the way. But this year seems all about First-Person Shooter which is one of my favorite genres, but I kind of bored from it, too many FPS games and most of them are just waste of time in my opinion. Take the latest CoD title from Activision which has become an annual-released franchise every Novermber-December and each time, the quality of their games goes down. I think I'm giving the FPS genre its last chance to redeem itself with Killzone 3. It made me excited of course. I mean, we got the move controller supports the game and THE AWESOME gun accessory, the SharpShooterDEATH TO THE HEILIGANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This alone will make me go nuts.. The Sharp Shooter supports Killzone 3 and Socom 4, and Socom 4 is looking very interested from what I've seen. I think, it's gonna be a little costy though.

As for my next purchase, I've decided to get me Mass Effect 2 "PS3 Edition" and Little Big Planet 2, I've played it with my friend's house and it was amazing. I want something co-op like that, the last good co-op game I had was in 2010... maybe early 2010 when I played Borderland. Other than that, games were all MP or SP. :(

I hope Mass Effect 2 can satisfy my RPG ego... the last good RPG was ... when was the last time I played an RPG??? :cry:

Not this one xD

not this one... xD

this one ^^

this one... xD

Ok, people are going crazy with those hacks on the PS3, and I gotta say I didn't think many people would hack their system but unfortuantely I was wrong. Hackers are freaking everywhere. I know I didn't hack my system "I DIDN'T HACK MY SYSTEM.. I SWEAR"

As far as I know, the CoD games are a heaven for hackers due to popularity of the game. I'm concerned, it'll become the next PSP regarding the hack tools and stuff. If it ever happened we will meet people online flying, running as fast as the light, automatic-firing snipers and RPGs.

NGP announcement and line ups, Dead Space 2 and upcoming titles:

Hello everyone, and it's been a long time since I've written a new blog here on my gamespot account.

The worst-kept secret is now announced and named as the NGP, well, it's a smart name and it looks like it's showing a futuristic technology in the handheld market. I mean, it really rivals the PS3 in its graphical power, when Uncharted was shown, actaully, it was being played at that time. I couldn't believe my eyes. The game looked like Uncharted 2: Amongs Theives. Not only it was played, the NGP showed off some of its potential as a strong competitive to the Nintendo's 3DS. So far, the 3DS is only like the Nintendo regular DS, I haven't seen anything new except for its technological improvement. Unlike the NGP, it has motion senor just like the Dual Shock on the PS3, it has a back-pedal sensor where you actually play using it. Also, it's become something common, the touch screen. Well, it's not a bad thing but it was inevitable, any could've guessed that so it's not something shocking. But the NGP is a real beast, but everyone here on the site is worried about its Price. I can't blame anyone because let's not forget Sony's E3 2006 "599$"...:( .

it looks sexy

hit me!!!!!!!!!!

There are lots of good games coming and I hope they won't be jsut an NGP ports from the PS3's library.

what I've seen so far:

* Uncharted: No Subtitle Yet.

* Metal Gear Solid NGP: Not confirmed as a game.

* Yakuza: Same as MGS.

and I've heard about third-party developers like Activision developing their biggest bad boy, Call of Duty for the NGP.

I may sound unreal but the long-forgotten Resident Evil Portable that was originally developed for the PSP, should be switched to the NGP. I mean, what's the benefit now of releasing it for the current PSP if they ever consider it?

The games that I'd like to see coming to NGP:

Resident Evil

Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy

Metal Gear Solid "if it were just lik Peace Walker, that would be an epic win"

A new Persona game.

I've just bought Dead Space 2 for my Xbox360 and I gotta say, any mom would hate this game..lol. It's really awesome. I played horror games like Alan Wake, Resident Evil, and Silent HIll. But I don't think I've seen a game so brutal and violent as much as Dead Space. Personally, I didn't like the first one but what can I do? I gotta play it sometime later, but I think I'm getting the bigger picture thanks to the recap movie.

your mom hates this... (6)

MOVE-ing AWESOMLY .. is like a wii rip off ?? is it worth NOW/LATER?

Ok, here we are with MOVE finaly in stores. And I can see a lot of mized opinions for it. I've been following the system wars forum and the Playstation 3 forum as well. Until I actually bought the thing "starter pack" if you don't know what it includes here it is. It includes, the move controller, PS eye. and Demo Disc. I bought the Move and I wasn't really sure that I made the right choice. I got the same feeling when I first bought my Xbox 360 elite last year. But anyway , I'm happy that I did and the Move is showing a great technology and it's well-deserving the purchase for me.

But the launch was very absymal for the Move. There were only few games that were worth playing, Resident Evil 5 Gold Editon, Heavy Rain Move Edition and Sports Champion. The rest of the games were mah. And I can see why people don't even bother playing or talking about them. Most of the disscusion i've seen so far is about Resident Evil 5 and which version is compatible with the Move. for you guys who don't know it's only The Gold Edition. I know it's very retard from Capcom and I'm so pissed off.

I've been also seeing comments about Move saying if they ever want a Move-like controller they won't bother and they'd get a Wii instead. Of course, Wii is a console based on motion controls. Unlike the PS3, this is considered as an accessory of the PS3. But may I remind everyone that the PS Move is showing a very high potential and I can see it surpassing Wii in the future "yes, i said it. I think the PS Move will surpass the wii" But I wonder if Wii/PS3 owners will get Move despite they already have a Wii. I don't think a Wii owner who also has a PS3 will get the PS Move. But who knows, people change in a blink of an eye.

Is the Move worth it ?? Right now, no. I don't think the Move is necessary. But Killzone3 will push the Move to the next level as well as the other games that are coming next year or so. So, I'd say. People, you don't have buy it right now. You can wait.

Kingdom Hearts BBS and my TGS thoughts.

ok, almost every gamer in this site has seen Tokyo Games Show already for both Sony and Mircosoft. Overall, the 2010 TGS is disappointing, seriously! there weren't many exciting news for me. of course, new IPs are always appreciated in my list "yes, DAMNED! i'm looking at you" that's the first thing i was happy about. Also, the ICO team collection is coming exclusively to the PS3 and that was aweome news. I've never played any of those games because i wasn't awared of them but now I am. The Last Gaurdian was shown through screen shots which is cool thank you Gamespot. Other than those games, nothing got me excited. Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII weren't serisouly shown "DAMN!!". And the new DMC is a reboot to the series :thumbs up: but Dante's new look is absolutely absyaml : thumbs down:. Well, I guess that's what I wanted to get off my chest about TGS 2010 for now.

Now, I've been playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleop for about a week now and to my surprise. It really is THE best KH on handhelds so far. Of course the original KH are superior but let's not forget that this is a PSP game and it has its limits over the PS2 depsite of it's an old console now. But As an action Role-Playing game in its own and for the series itself. This is an acheivement for Square Enix. I'm a big fan of Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. The KH DS didn't click with me at all. My brother beat the game and he spoiled it for me but nevertheless i played it anyway and like i said, it never clicked with me. KH BBS made me forget the horrible experience that i had on the DS with the beautiful cut-scenes and flashy gameplay. I've never seen a Kingdom Heaets game played like this. It's almost a PS2-level game. I'm still in the second playthrough. So far. I've beaten Aqua and curently playing as Ventus. I knew the since the beginning the story will focus on Terra that's why i haven't play Terra's story yet but looking foraward to playing it after finishing Ventus' story. After i finsih the game entirely.. i'm gonna review it.

Final Fantasy XIII's second opinion:

Okay, it's been 4 months since the latest installment was released.

And the shocking let down is too big for the hardcore RPG gamers and the FF core fans. And I can understand that Square Enix is trying to create something fresh and new but I think Final Fantasy XIII is a massive fail because of the linear nature and the nothing-to-do after you're done with the story. In my review, I rated Final Fantasy XIII 9.5/10 and I'm going to stick with that rate because Final Fantasy XIII is a great game and worthy of the franchise "I know!! Kinda contradictory, isn't it?!!"

But when I was finished with the main story and went to do the side missions, I found out that there was nothing to do except for the hunting missions for the ceith "spelling".

So far, I've spent 123 hours in the game and finished 63 missions and I only have 1 mission to go. After that, nothing to do in the game and that's so disappointing. I was about to get the platinum trophy in the game but there was a glitch when you install a theme got from a trophy. It blocked all your trophies from being got and that's really bad. I've never thought that Square Enix at least won't fix this problem with a patch update. I've tried to do what gamefaqs.com advised and never succeeded.

I was so motivated when the trophies were still on and never had been glitched. I was determined to go platinum and when the glitch happened, I was about to lose it.

Okay, returning to my main topic. How final fantasy xiii succeeded to break a lot of FF core fans. Of course, one of the reasons to thank for that failure installments is the Microsoft's Xbox's HD-DVD's insufficiency. The producer of FFXIII stated they had to cut from the ps3 version to make both versions as identically as possible. Now don't get the wrong idea and tell me I'm a fan-boy. But it's not first time its being done. Grand Theft Auto 4 was shortened because of the HD-DVD's insufficiency. That's another example. Anyway, but even if FFXIII had stayed exclusive to the PS3, it would've been linear but I don't think it would've been as linear as the FFXIII we see today.

In my opinion, Final Fantasy Franchise in general should choose only one platform. It's either xbox360 or ps3. Maybe even PC. So, that mistake doesn't ever happen again. It's true, it sold like pan cakes and it shows that there are a lot of loyal FF fans that still want to play the game but Sqaure Enix shouldn't take that game as inspiration.

12 years of gaming !

I remember when I was a kid, I used to play a console we use call it in my local area "Home Console". This was my first real console in my 12 year-old gaming and who knows, it may be more. I remember playing Mario "which was my favorite game at that time" The ninja turtles, and hooking my wired gun to play that shooting game which was about shooting your enemy in the snow storm. It was cool. Then my dad got me the Sega Console "i don't know which model" but i used to play MegaMan and Sonic on it and they were fantastic. Then my real gaming hobby began with the PSone when I saw it for the first time, I was about to explode because of its performance at that time. I became very attached to the PSone. I rememeber my first games were Winning Eleven "with my brothers" and Metal Gear Solid "at that time, i didn't know any word of the English Language, so i didn't understand anything" and my first ever Role-Playing Game, Final Fantasy VIII.

I didn't play a lot of games in my PSone and PS2 gaming time because all I knew was 5-10 games at that time and I kept on playing them. I also remember playing the most scariest game ever, which was Resident Evil 1 and I used to hide behind my sister's back whenever a zombie would come out "lol" sometimes I hide in the kitchen. But that fear didn't really effect on me later, it made me wanna play Resident Evil games more. So, after playing RE1 and 2. I was eager to try the third and I was still a kid "maybe 9 years old" and I saw the Nemises "spelling" and SOB freaked me out and I once again became afraid of playing Resident Evil again "LOL" I didn't know how I got the courage to play it alone at 12AM or more during summer and didn't cry or anything. I was a complete wuss "LOL" I was afraid from nearly everything back them. Now, I'm just simply AWESOME! LOL.

That's why I don't like the Resident Evil's new direction to being an Action Game because it's not what it's about. From its name "Resident Evil" it means that there's an evil in a certain area, town, or city and there are people who are gonna try to survive that evil.

I got the PS2 later in 2003/2004 and I was trying to catch up and play all the games that I hadn't played yet. So, I started playing PS2 games with my usual favorite games, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 2, and of course I got the new game that was recommended by shopkeeper when I first bought it, Onimusha 2. I hate playing sequels without the prequels, but I needed games to choose because my PS2 came out with 10 games of my choosing. So I picked random games and the games I was trying to play at that time. I remember picking up

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X-2

Onimusha 2

Devil May Cry

Metal Gear Solid 2

Vampires something "it was a shooter game"

it was a lot of fun.

Games used to impress me and make me feel alive like "WoW !! it looks real and amazing" and expression like that.

I grew up playing games. Some people thought it was childish thing to do but I usually don't listen to random opinions that come outta nowhere or don't make sense. And most of the opinions came from people who were bad to me.

But now, I say "Look, games improved my Enlgish, I can speak 2 languages because of gaming" and stuff like that.

But lately, this Generation of games haven't felt good. I don't know why I still play games a lot, but NOT all of those games make me impressed like before.

The only few games that really made me satisfied after beating:

Demons' Soul

Persona 3 FES

Persona 4

Suikoden 3

"I played those three games in this time of Gaming, that's why i wrote them down here"

Final Fantasy XIII "although I was disappointed with the replay value, I was really hooked up with its story but when i finished it and saw the ending I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more but there werent any"

Devil May Cry 4 "big fan of the series although i hated 2"

and my masterpiece game

Metal Gear Solid 4 " this game is hard to describe. it's really THE best game the ps3 has to offer"

I felt so satisfied when I finished those games, but now whenever I beat a game. I can't have enough. I want more... .

My final fantasy xiii impression Part III

This is the third part and it might the last one "hopefully not, cuz i might write one more blog for the side missions"

Anyway, I am 71 hours in the game so far and i'm ToTally hooked up with the story and needless to say that i am at the final boss. I've noticed something about this FF's villain, he's not really that evil compared to its prodecessors. He's like any other villain who wants the world "cocoon" destroyed.

I don't get the feeling that he's the reason for all of this mess that cocoon is facing. He just shows up, talks a little, then he fights the characters "lighting,snow, vanile..etc".

I noticed that he doesn't add anything new to the story except for the hard time fighting against him.

Every villain in any kind of RPG is the main reason for all of the messed up events and such.

for example, FFVII main villain was Sephiroth and the story was focused on him "of course Cloud and the others"

FFVIII's main villains were Seifer and Ultmicia. And again they added something to the story although Ultimicia played her role through the shadows.

and so on.

my point,

Every RPG's villain should add up something to its story. And this title, FFXIII unfortunately doesn't do that.

So, Barthandelus is the worst villain in all FF's history.

My Final Fantasy XIII impression!! Part II:

After spending more time with the game, I've finally realized why the game

was so linear (of course i've read it on the site but didn't get to my head @ first)

It's to make players hooked up to the storyline and storytelling. Now, I've been playing for the

last 28 hours and the game has finally opened up its arms! I am in the second part of the game (i guess i can call it that)

where the map is so FREAKING HUGE and I don't know where i should start!

I look at the right direction, i see huge monsters and very small ones, too

and it's the same on the left.

And guess what! there are missions, too. I only took one mission and I'm still on it.

I've also realized that the game needs PATIENCE. It took me 28h, 30m to get outta of the


i just hope there no strict paths after this part where I'm at right now!

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