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AAA Titles That Fall on Their Face

I bet I'm not alone in getting some joy out of AAA titles that garner so much attention and, dare I say, fanboyism before they are released and then get terrible reviews. Sometimes I do get upset when I'm looking forward to a game that does that, but it is far and few between.

Take Medal of Honor. I had zero interest in this game, but I know many of you out there did. I must say I was a little elated to see all the bad reviews. I chuckled thinking of all the posts on various sites and people that I had talked to who said this was going to be THE game to have. The multi-player was going to blow everyones socks off and the solo gameplay would just have to be great and etc. etc. etc.

Well, EA showed everyone on that didn't they. Not only did they put out a mediocre game, but they put out a very hyped mediocre game. In a way it's a shame when this happens. It doesn't help the industry any...it doesn't really hurt it though either as there are so many great games coming out in the next months.

I will say this though. I do hope Fallout: New Vegas doesn't follow suit and I am worried about GT5 as well as NFS: Hot Pursuit. All of these games should be great if not excellent......but could follow suit and end up just as mediocre as MoH.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Illegal Immigrants and Jobs

I'm going to preface this with the fact that I am not racist or against immigration. I believe in laws and that they should be followed, by everyone, whether from this country or another.

Today I read an article about how Colin Powell says that he has proof immigrants are good because they fix his house. Now I had to step back and say, "Why can't Americans fix his house?"

Let's go back a few years, like 15. I remember hearing this crap when I was in high school. "Illegal immigrants do the jobs we don't want to." 15 years later (present day) we have a whole bunch of people who have heard that saying constantly for 15 years and now we believe it. So now we think of these jobs as too low for us. "We're Americans; we're too good for'that'job." I honestly feel that phrase,"Illegal immigrants do the jobs we don't want to." is one of the largestcontributorsto the downfall of our (American) society.

Why is it that we are too good to work on someone's car, garden, lawn, or house? Why is it we're too good to clean floors, work at a gas station, wash cars, or be in fast food?

Now I know companies that hire these people are just as much at fault as we are for not taking charge of our country and working these jobs. Most of these jobs used to be considered starter jobs, something to get your foot in the door. A way to get in with a company, make them recognize you and your talent, your hard work, and move up, maybe even to management. Now though, they are just too low for us. I did this at a pizza restaurant, starting out making pizza and working my way up to Assistant Manager. Could have gone farther, but I went to school because I didn't want to do that for the rest of my life.

I overheard some kids (16-18 I'm guessing) that were complaining they didn't have money to have fun, their parents wouldn't give them any, and they didn't want to lower themselves to work in fast food or at the food court at the mall. That made me sick. I started working in corn fieldsde-tasseling, then went on to work atHardeesand a local pizza place. Now I work in IT because I put myself through school working in these jobs that are too low for many people, adults and kids, these days. Where did this sense of entitlement come from? I supposethat'sa subject to discuss at a later time.

I wouldn't change anything I did for the world. I'm happy that I was able to get myself where I am because I put my nose to the grindstone and put myself there. I did those jobs that no one wants to do now, and it was one of the greatest times of my life. I encourage anyone who thinks they are too good for a job to reconsider. We have to change this mindset that we can't do these jobs as it has some fault in the state of our great country.


While I'm guilty of showing this at times, I believe I have finally hit a point where I think it is annoying. With the impending release of Halo: Reach we saw a great rise in people defending their game of choice, be it MW2 or BC2 or even Halo. I'm guilty of posting against MW2 because I don't like it. I loved BC2 and I love Halo.

What I don't understand is our need as gamers to defend a game to the death. Shouldn't we be defending our family, friends, spouse, etc. to the death. Is it really worth the ensuing rise in blood pressure to defend a game that is going to be replaced by the next big release anyway, whether you want it to or not. Such is the cycle of games, out with the old, in with the new.

I feel it is something that we need to think about. Don't worry, I'm not raising myself above anyone else, I'm no better or worse. My blood pressure will rise and my anger will be thrown when someone bashes a game I love or I feel is under rated. But I think that now at least I've realized it's not worth it, and in time can stop letting my love of a game cause me want to bash heads. Games aren't all there are in life, and I think it's taken me 20 odd years to figure that out.

A Second Look

Who out there thinks some games deserve a deeper or second look? Games like Operation Darkness, GS Score of 6.0. Ninety Nine Nights, GS Score 5.9. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, GS Score 6. These are just a few examples. Yes, all the previous games have some issues in common. Bad voice acting, shallow game play, short campaign. But, all of these games have something else. Entertainment value. Operation Darkness; Apart from bad voice acting and a last gen control scheme is a blast to play. The strategy elements are excellent and the story is unique. Ninety Nine Nights; A Dynasty Warrior rip-off, it made itself standout with great characters, an original story, even if it was hard to follow, and better graphics and draw distance and the Warrior series. Eat Lead; Slightly dated graphics and generic shooter controls didn't change the fact that it was original and quite fun. These are only a few games that I feel deserve a second chance. I feel we have reached a point in gaming where not everyone can have a Halo sized price limit when making a game. A great many Indie games are just as shallow, have troubled controls, or bad acting if any....yet we seem to hold them to a higher level than other games that are made on only a slightly larger budget. Don't get me wrong, there are some absolutely terrible games out there, but we have to stop holding everything up against games like Halo, Call of Duty, Metal Gear and the like. Every game has something special to offer.