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Ive beaten the game on hard with the evil/high chaos ending and on nokill, no detections on very hard with the good ending. The AI is bad regardless of difficulty. I am guessing the only thing that changes in NPCs are maybe their vision cone radius, the spot distance/range, the time delay between seeing and spotting, and the speed at which they go from level 1 to level 3 deteciton. None of this does anything to fix the abysmal leaning mechanic, which on its own makes the game extremely easy. I mean you can stand with your body around 25% already exposed and lean over from a 2 foot wide pillar while carrying a body on your shoulders, just feet away from a patrolling guard in broad daylight and his line of sight, and you dont get detected... come on.) That is skyrim-bad stealth mechanics.q-bert39

I must admit i can recognize one single point here in my game, yes the game havent made the Guard AI 100% perfect, but considering so many other games, its no worse then 90% of whats out there and if you want you can always find faults.

But one thing you can see in Dishonored is a difference between Very hard and Normal/Hard, in the last two you can almost stand on top of the guards and jump around without them seeing anything where in very hard, lean just a tad to far and you will get spotted instantly.

The vision range doesnt change, it just becomes more realistic, it does how ever change how fast it goes from white to red "lighthing"

In regards to the leaning, its a game not a simulator and yes visually the leaning looks wrong and it sometimes looks like your standing almost in full view, but thats poorly visual and again its such a small thing.

I guess tho not a small thing for you and from your posts the game is clearly not for you.

The sleep dart while possibly realistic is still very overpowered in this game, because unlike tranqs, bullets in most games are not realistic and do not kill/incipacitate an unarmored target in one shot. Same with crossbow bolts. So now we have sleepdarts that "kill" in one hit guaranteed, whereas our bolts/bullets generally always take multiple shots. There arent really that many tough single opponents in this game, let alone in each mission, so 10 is more than enough. Maybe a 1 dart cap would be more balanced.

Of course the sleeping darts isent overpowered, its a sleeping dart, how did you intend for it to work? you shoot and then 15mins later the guards fall asleep? or you shoot the guard yells out 100 guards are on top you? or do you mean that one dart is not enough to get someone to sleep? because i can promise that if a 2inch 15cm´s dart with tranq. in can get a 2 ton elefant to sleep, it will be able to get a 180pound guard to sleep within seconds.

Also sleeping darts doesnt kill they get people to sleep and as mentioned above, you can call your local zoo and get a confirmation that if needed they have darts that can get a 600 pound lion or a 2 ton Elefant to sleep within a very short time.

And 10 darts are high but its certainly not to much, not in my opinon at least.

As for your remark about rushing, i never said i rushed. You can approach the missions any way you want. It just so happens that the direct way is not only the quickest, but also the most rewarding. This is due mostly to the bad AI, where instead of spending 30 minutes sneaking and plotting my attack on a room/building, i can just walk in, abuse the **** out of the leaning mechanic, bullet/bolt every guard in the area, and then proceeed to my target. Why can i do this? Because there are very little concequences for being direct, the AI is not good enough to penalize me for going on a rampage. I am not talking about raising alarms, etc (which btw is stupid in its own right, just remove the oil cans on the security devices and the guards cant put them back in... COME ON) but rather that the guards in the adjacent rooms/locations usually do not respond to fighting, even if you use bullets/grenades. So i can clear a room by the direct kill approach just as efficiently as silently knocking out each guard or killing them quietly, because my actions have little to no impact on the other guards or locations in the mission.

You clearly rush through the game, no where in this game is the direct way the most rewarding, unless you dont consider Bone charms, runes, sidemissions, character story, loot and safes/paintings rewarding. And also in a game like dishonored where you have countless options, the goal isent to complete the mission fast or be so restricted by the game devs, that you are forced to play a certain way.

So ya you could do like you but i for one dont like to play that way, i play it for the stealth not to rush in shoot everyone get some white lighting and then get a mission end, despite it might be no kill and no detection.

So your critic here is again in my opinion not valid, because you might not want to play the game stealth, but since the game is about options its kinda not a vaild critic to say "hey this game gives me options and i dont want to use some of them, so the game is faulty"

Also if guards could just put the whaletank in again, it would defeat the game mechanics in that regard, its the same with every other stealth game out there, you choke a guard, take him and hide him. Like the other guards cant notice that suddenly Peter isent answering his walkie or suddenly the guard walking on the other side cant see Peter walk anymore.

Its a game not a simulator so it seems like you just look for faults here, and clearly in that regard, no game will ever be good enough.

They do also respond but if you consider the noice level in that kind of envoriment, its not always people hear things even if it happen right in the next room. It all depends on the wall material and how good it carries sound. So again its a game not a simulator of real life conditions

Blink IS badly implemented (and im not talking about how easy it makes this game), especially for controllers (this is a known issue). For mice it's ok, but if you play with a gamepad it is god aweful, and often times overly frustrating trying to get the ledge-grabbing icon to appear

Hmm, going to plug in my gamepad and check it out, but its never been a secret that gamepads are a poor substituion for a mouse and keyboard in a game like Dishonored, these kind of games are just meant for keyboard and mouse, so right now i cant see your critic in regards to blink, but its something that can be fixed quite fast, so lets hope arkane sees it as a bug and goes to work on a fix.

Maybe you're right though, and this game isnt for me, because i actually want a challenge in my stealth games. Also in the real world, you dont shoot people with bolt sized tranq darts out of a crossbow, as the impact would probably just kill them outright.

Some of these issues may be solved by a patch, but they cant really fix the AI intelligence problems, and the leaning mechanic is just DOA for a true stealth game, so all you can do, as a serious stealth player is not use it (along with blink etc).

Ya, i dont think this game is for you, it seems like its simply to open, to depended on you as a gamer wanting to play stealthy.

But again i cant see the problem with challanges in regards to no kill no detection stealth, in fact a whole lot of people think its way to hard.

But for argument sake, what game is your kind of stealth game?

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You just kinda missed everything I said. Yes, the Outsider does have influence from the G-Man. He also may have influence with gods in mythology, but him and the G-man are practically the same characer (not surprising considering they have some of the same people from HL2 working on this game). Also, I'm not talking about length as in hours, I'm talking about content. There simply isn't enough actual game to let you get connected to the world or characters. Whether you spend 9 hours or 40 hours on the game doesn't matter, they still didn't put in enough to make you feel a connection to the game. And in regards to HL2, I'm not comparing their gameplay style's, I'm comparing their lore and the worlds both of those games created, and I was saying how HL2 did a better job of immersing you in a world and making you feel connected to it.

Hmm, i can see why you have the idea that G-man is a source of inspiration for The Outsider, but in regards to the powers G-Man have there are countless characters in books, movies, history before that with the same powers. But i will agree that the powers are almost the same so who knows where they got the idea, with halflife 2 vets on the team it might from half-life but it might also be from history or any of the gods who can do the same. Unless the devs tell us, we can never be sure. And i didn´t miss anything you said, it seems you missed what i said. Content wise the game is long enough and its nowhere near being under the 25hour mark, unless your using trainers/cheats. Just in one mission there are around +20 conversations, 15+ books, a couble of audiographs, letters, journals and clues from the outsider. The problem with Dishonored is that people tend to have their A to B hat on and if its not like Half-life where you were spoon fed the content it doesn't exist, a lot of the story you have to want to find, you have to explore the areas, listen to people talk, read the books and everything else. And yes its not common in the game world, but it doesnt change the fact that its there and if you sit at the Ending and think wow it only took me 12hours and ii still need answers for 100 questions, its your own fault. So ya Half-life 2 did a better job in holding your hand through the game, and spoon feeding you the answers, where Dishonored is kinda like that intellectuel movie, most people just sit what? because it doesnt have cut scenes or a direct feed of the info. Also another thing thats important in Dishonored its play through both High and Low Chaos no-kill/kill, because you will get a very different playthrough if you do,
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I can't seem to find them anywhere. Are they before Daud after him in the sewers or what?

They are after Daud so look there.
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Two more developers have left Irrational Games, makers ofBioShock Infinite. According to LinkedIn, Artificial intelligence lead Don Norbury and combat design director Clint Bundrick are the latest to depart the Boston-based company.

The changes to their LinkedIn pages were first spotted by Superannuation. (Who, incidentally, shares a lot of that kind of scoopery in a regular column here atKotaku.)

Norbury and Bundrick's departure comes in the height of crunch-time for the highly anticipated, best-of-E3 award-winning action game. AsKotakureported in August, the game's development has been less than smooth, and Irrational has seen a string of high-profile departures, including art director Nate Wells and director of product development Tim Gerritsen. At the same time, Irrational recently hired Rod Fergusson away from Epic Games to help getInfiniteout the door. The team at Irrational had reportedly been wrestling with ambitious but eventually axed multiplayer modes as well as difficulties with Elizabeth, the game's much-vaunted A.I. companion.

According to their LinkedIn pages, both Norbury and Bundrick have taken positions at Microsoft, which adds an interesting wrinkle to their departures. As Superannuation also pointed out, producer Joe Faulstick also departed Irrational for Microsoft back in May.

When asked about the departures, a spokesperson for Irrational had no comment. Irrational and 2K have been uncharacteristically quiet aboutBioShock Infinitefor most of the past year, though they have been teasing a new trailer for October 21, and the game remains slated for a February 2013 release.


I'm not sure what's going on at Irrational, but something definitely appears to be wrong. Losing the AI lead and combat designer? I know by now a good chunk of this game is probably finished, but these seem like very significant losses that could end up hurting the final product. I'm becoming a bit worried about the game after this news.

Also of note is that three prominent developers have left Irrational for Microsoft this year - not sure why that is, but it seems like it is more than pure coincidence.

I think its a safe bet that when the game is 4 months from release that its pretty much done and all thats left is the final polishing of the game. So those two leaving doesnt have to mean anything else then that they are done and Irrational didn´t have a new project for them, so they took work at MS. And it might look like Irrational is cutting back on their game developing and we probably wont see anything from them before the next gen.
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Te Outsider is clearly influenced by the G-Man; an unexplained supernatural figure with unclear motives or origin. Also, I agree with all of these points, but I think it all stems from one problem: the game is just too short. Now, don't get me wrong, it's still longer than other games, but compare it to say, Half-Life 2. Half-Life 2 and this game both had an interesting and original world, but Half-life 2's incredible length gave you time to invest in the characters and to figure out more about the world you're in. In Dishonored, right as I was starting to get an understanding for the world and it's characters, the game ends. The game needed to give the player more time to be in the world, but the way it is now everything is so rushed by that it all goes too fast for the player to soak it in.

The Outsider isent influenced by Half-life and G-man. If anything The Outsider is highly influenced by the different gods in greek, nordic, roman mythology who is god of tricks, like Loki. And the game isn't to short, its just not a A-B long game, its a game that rewards you for thinking outside the A to B box, making your own way in missions there is. So if you had a playthrough of under 20 hours its because you choose to. not because the game didn´t have options to make it longer. Since the only person who decides how long you want to be in the game is you, there is no timer on when you complete or end the mission, even after your done, you can stay, explore, kill everyone, choke everyone, or just look around and find every single lootable item. And also learn about the world. In Regards to Half-life 2, you cant really compare the two games, half-life 2 was a fps action game, Dishonored is a stealth based game with action possibilities and draws on Thief and other stealth based exploration games.
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For example: The Outsider. What are his intentions? Why is he helping Corvo out? How did the Outsider gain his powers? Why does he not manifest himself into the real world. He is sort of a background character and the NPCs will mention him, but you never really understand why he is there and what happens to the Outsider after the game. Does he approve of Corvo's actions? What makes Granny Rags, Daud, that unknown boy, Piero, so special that they can see the Outsider?



So I beat it last night and it was awesome, but it just ended too abruptly. That and I really wanted to know more about the Outsider and Granny Rags (she creeped me out)

Now about The Outsider he says that he does what he does because a particular character interests him. All the people that he showed himself to interested him in one way or another. The Outsider seems to sometimes just gives these people different powers to just watch what they do with them. In the end it looks like he did this just for his own entertainment, to see the outcome that these people pick.

Yeah, I was thinking that too.. though I would have loved to understand how the Outsider achieved his powers and what's his background is and how he came to be. It seemed like Arkane Studios was thinking about creating more to the story but then their plans may have been cut short.

Hmm, isent it a bit chicken and the egg here, the outsider is kinda a god, he is like if we take the nordic gods, like Loki the god of tricks. So why is important to find out how a god got his powers? he was probably born that way.
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I just beat the game and I thought it was fun, however, there are many things that makes this game fall short.suitmypants

 First off, the game's storyline is pretty generic (this is not a bad thing, there are many games that have a generic story line and are still fun. Originality is hard to comeby). However, they could have done much more to the story. Arkane Studios created some intriguing characters, yet you never really get to establish a real connection to any of them.

I must say i disagree, they have done a great job with the characters, you just need to stay and chat with some of them or listen to their conversation and not rush through the game.

My favourite characters are Samuel, he is great, Callista, and Piere and Solokov.

Slackjaw is also excellent.

The enemies in the game are also greatly done.

 For example: The Outsider. What are his intentions? Why is he helping Corvo out? How did the Outsider gain his powers? Why does he not manifest himself into the real world. He is sort of a background character and the NPCs will mention him, but you never really understand why he is there and what happens to the Outsider after the game. Does he approve of Corvo's actions? What makes Granny Rags, Daud, that unknown boy, Piero, so special that they can see the Outsider?

All you ask here gets answered in game, you either rushed through the game or didn´t collect it enough runes to figure out this, because if you get every rune available you get your answers which are also very open to how you perceive the story you get.  Also you get your answer if he approves in the ending particular if you get the high chaos ending.

And why do you need to know what becomes of him? he is a "god" so he goes on to do godly things make chaos and get worshiped by the people who practice the dark arts.

Also Piero doesnt see the outsider, he gets ideas in his dreams from him, which you find out in game. Same thing with Granny Rags, Daud you also get info on in the game, cant remember if you get it from the outsider himself or if thats another character.

But again it seems like you didn´t read books, listen to audiographs, read letters and listen to peoples convo, which is why you missed a lot of story.

I also wished they fleshed out the Loyalists and other side characters (such as Daud or Slackjaw) some more. As I said earlier, you never really develop a strong connection to any of the characters with the exception of Emily. It would be interesting if more of the NPCs had side missions where you can help retrieve a relative ( like Callista's side mission) and then have them reside in the Hound Pits (and possibly offer some bonuses). It also would have been interesting if you could recruit NPCs (by saving them) and help build a "resistance" and see how it affects the game ending. Sure the espinoge was great, but I felt that the game would have been better if it focused on a resistance movement as well as an espionage movement. In addition to this, maybe you can have the NPCs help you out on a mission, such as courtesans distracting guards, street kids opening up new pathways, hustlers dropping in subtle hits about a lucrative drop off.

As above it seems you didn´t take time to explore and find all the different runes, bone charms and do every side mission. I will give you though that more side missions would have been nice, but right now, and this is based on my own playthrough, each mission takes about 2-4hours depending on how skilled, how much you explore, how the guards move in your game, if you choose to do side missions and so on, so 100% completion of the game will take above 30hours and i think if they added more, people would get tired of the game.

So i am happy with the prospect of possible DLC in the future instead.

Also I loved Daud and Slackjaw, but you never really get to see how their influence affects the city. It would have been interesting to see if you helped Slackjaw and his thugs will help fight the guards and slowly you see them take over the territory mission after mission.

Hmm, why do you love Daud? he is the reason you got framed and he is person who killed the empress, but each man his own taste. Slackjaw i agree on, he is a great character and i am 100% sure he will get his own DLC soon. But in regards to your "take over" that would just be to much GTA SA, also remember he is a bad guy, so unless you get the chaos ending, it would be counterproductive to have Corvo help take over area for Slackjaw.

Or how about saving Daud? What was up with that? I decided to pick pocket Daud and not kill him but yet nothing comes from that. I dont see him anywhere else in the game nor does he come after me once I elected to "send him a message."

You spare Daud to get the nokill mission stats :D but as i see it, i spared Daud because he is just a hired assassin and once youre in power, he is out of business and will have to flee.

So its pretty pointless to killl him.

 In addition to this, I would have loved to see a civil war going on. The government is obviously corrupt so how come no one else is fighting them? It would have been interesting if it had a Half life 2 vibe where you see civilians overtaking certain locations and you can help them as well (and possibly recruit them for the final take over).

Hmm, So a population hit by a plague that kills pretty much everyone, would engage in a civil war against the government who up until the empress die, is trying to figure out a way to help you? 

Like I said, this game is fun but there are many things that left me wanting more. You never really get to see the consequences of your actions (helping out Slackjaw, not killing Daud/Granny Rags/The Tormentor), you never get to understand who the outsider is and what are his intentions and how he received his powers, and the world felt like it could have more interaction. Other than that, the game is fun, but theres 0 replay value (I beat the game on the hardest difficulty with 0 kills) and its rather short (only 7 missions). Its a fun game but it's not worth the 60 dollars in my opinion.

I must admit many of the things you say are in game and some are just not right for the game in my opinion, so yes you get to understand the outsider, you get to know where Granny rags comes from, you also get a ton of info from the heart you carry around if you use it.

So my advice is try playing the game again and be a bit more patient and try to explore, find all the runes, listen to conversations and read books, letters and you will find answers to 90% of what you "complain" over here.

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[QUOTE="vogdswagon26"]I have tried all i can to get into the art dealers safe and it keeps saying i need his combination. I looked up the combination online and tried (696) before I went to talk to slackjaw, even though the combination was right it told me i need to have the art dealers combination. So I completed slackjaws mission and retrieved the code straight from the Art Dealer in the golden cat. Before returning to slackjaw I once again tried the combination again (696). Again it told me I needed the art dealers combination. Frustrated at this point I returned to slackjaw and gave him the combination, after which i made one last attempt to open the safe with the combination 696 and it still says I need the art dealers combination combination I reason i want in so bad is because i want to collect all the sokolov paintings as well as the rune that is held within PLEASE HELP!

Since its a sidemission and you cant actually know the combo before you have gotten it, which you will get a mission done for, i think its a built in prevention. Not quite sure though and i have gone way past that mission, so cant go back without starting a new mission. So just go get it and loot the safe :D
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So which one are you guys anticipating most between these two ? Personally I can't wait for both but am a bit more excited for Far Cry 3. The world looks so amazing and it reminds me a lot of Far Cry 1.

100% Hitman Far Cry 3 looks good, but its nothing compared to Hitman, its been to long since there has been a Hitman game so i am going for that one 100% and probably renting Far Cry 3
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Would you guys say it's worth the 60$ price tag, or should I wait for it to go on sale?chrisrooR
I bought it and havent regretted it one minut. If you consider that going to the movies or going out to eat is easy the same cash, then its worth every penny.