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Its pure coincidence that my logic just so happens to be realist. :D

Also those didn't suffer from having logic. They suffered because the logic was applied way too late in their design. If they kept logic in mind from the get go they wouldve been fine.

hehe :)

Ya, the mechanics in Bioshock 1 and infinite was pure, i never understood the facination with Levine, he strikes me as a very ordinary and sometimes bad developer, which he proves again with the new dlc.

But otherwise i can only agree, i wish sometimes they would at least try to make things seem a bit more realistic, why is it that you can kill 20 guards without even one single noticing it? or like you say you sneak up kill a guy who has a gun but no ammo, doesn't make sense.

And its not just TLOU its most games even the great ones, but i think its overlooked because its a game.

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I want logic, not reality.

Also the game is already easy, limiting the ammo just makes it annoying, not difficult. Its a band aid solution to a serious design oversight.

Ya i got that but your logic here is more reality, also what you ask is what some games try but gets slammed for so its not easy either.

How many hasn't played skyrim and been pissed at the weight limit and downloaded a mod that gave you 100 or 1000 times the limit.

Also look at bioshock they tried to go the more "realistic logical" way and it turned out terrible because after all it's a game.

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Finally got my PS4, had a friend of mine offering 1200 bucks for one, but i said no. I would have to wait until january to get a new one

Are you crazy Ride?? someone offered you 1200$ and you said no? man you must love that ps4

If that was me i would have jumped on it in a sec, its only going to be a few weeks before the stores again are filled with ps4´s and i would have had 800$ profit or more if it wasn´t that good of a friend :)

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So I'm playing The Last Of Us right, and I'm running alil low on ammo so I decided to stealth the next encounter, I rolled up behind a dude with a pistol and strangled him, easy peasy, and then I had the strangest thought: "Wheres his ammo ?" I know if he spotted me he wouldve opened fire........ Forever , because these bastards don't run out of bullets and yet he doesn't drop any when he falls ?

This isn't a jab at TLOU, I guess I was just having one of those moments where I realised how dumb video games are some times, just like those times in stealth games where a guard walks right over the bloody corpse of his comrade and thinks to him self: "Did I turn off the stove ?" Or in an RPG: "Where the hell does she carry all that loot ?"

Sometimes it just gets to me

You know what, I change my mind, this is totally a jab at The Last Of Us, why don't these f#ckers make believable drops ? It really is beginning to piss me off.

Its a game, if you wanted to play real life you're in the wrong media :D

But ya i get the same things sometimes where its just like "WTF!!!" why didn't the devs see this is just stupid :)

As to TLOU if you had them drop ammo like they would have , the game would have been way to easy and you wouldn´t get the experience the devs wanted to give you.

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That does seem like a pretty ridiculous ad


they still hold like 7.6 million active subscribers that's still a pretty big number I don't know why they feel the urge to distort the number

7.6 million active member is indeed a big number however, statistical graph is showing a dip. Which is not a good sign imo.

Wow is almost 10years old so a slight dip in subs is pretty normal.

There is only so much new they can keep bringing in.

So its pretty insane that they still hold at almost 8mill , thats the population of some european countries or some major american cities.

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I almost forgot Assassin´s creed 1 and 2 and Dishonored also on the list of great games.

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Those are some pretty thin branches they are basing those rumours on.

But all the power to them if they decide to make a movie, hopefully it wont suck like 99.9999% of games to movies usually does.

Stuff has come true with less facts

True but still its pretty thin to base movies rumors on.

Anyways i wouldn´t mind a movie, it was a interesting setting but then again not so much different than whats already out there. But nevertheless it would probably be a movie i would watch when its out on bluray.

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i think one of the many things that makes a great game is the character design i wanted to know what companies has the best character designers working for them.

Hmm, Blizzard has some decent ones, but i think most character designers are freelancers and therefore its not that easy to pick one.

Pixar, disney, sony also have some pretty good guys.

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I would personally take a PS4 over upgrading my pc. There just are not enough cool new exclusive games coming to PC. I have a nice gaming pc with a GTX680. I dont feel the need to upgrade it because i rarely play games on it. I have a full Steam account with a bunch of games, but it just does not excite me like my PS4.

Hmm, this is a first , i never heard anyone talk about exclusives on pc as a deciding factor in whether or not to buy/upgrade.

Anyways you have a pc so of course right now new is welll new and thats what the ps4 is, but considering the limits on a console compared to pc, graphics, multiplayer ect. for someone who doesnt have a 680 which is a decent card and the rest is in the same "newish" grade, i would recommend a PC any day of the week right now, yes the ps4 is new but there simply isent enough games to keep it fresh, while on a pc you have the games but you also have for some a huge modding community plus the big indie game scene.

So if you're thinking longterm the pc is 100% the choice right now.

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