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Check it out here.

I never would've guessed that Valve would innovate in this space. Not only that, but this looks pretty good.

Your thoughts?

It looks butt ugly but in the end all that matters is how it feels and acts when you have it in your hand. So can´t say anything yet, need to have it in my hands before making my judgement.
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I find it difficult to classify Cage as avant-garde given that designers like Yu Suzuki were implementing similar ideas of day-to-day minutia as far back as 1999 with the original Shenmue.

Hell, Rockstar had the player attending classes in Bully and more recently, GTAV allows you to walk the expanse of the golf course in between holes.

I actually love those subtle flourishes but HR never supplements those moments with anything to balance them out.

By contrast, Shenmue was QTE-centric but it also enjoyed a solid brawling engine.

I guess I simply cannot subscribe to the theory that Cage is some manner of auteur, though he clearly wants to be considered as such. Personally I don't think he has the balls or the direction to make an actual game and rather hides behind this fallacious notion that his narratives serve as the impetus and justification for weak mechanics.

Even if he attempted mechanics that were shallow, it would be far better than those laborious QTE's, which render much of his work the interactive equivalent of Dragon's Lair.

That's where I stand anyways.


It´s actually rather fun to hear you rip Cage a new one and in the same post, use GTA V´s side-activity which is pointless and serve absolute no purpose as a example.

In fact Heavy Rain and Beyond are both games that shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as GTA V, where GTA V is just a open world where you can fullfil your inner need for destruction. HR and Beyond wants to tell a story and are more focused on that then to install some pseudo-freedom.

Also how can you have missed that what both games tries to do, is not to give you a gaming experience in terms of mechanics and gameplay, but to give you a story that you can feel apart of by the interactive elements and how they are done.

So i really dont get why people criticize Cage, especially not when his studio is actually trying to move away from the boring same shit open world game that is GTA or mind numbingly dumb Call of Duty and its clones. Particular not when people also praise Ken Levine who is probably the biggest fraud and scam artist in the gaming world.

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Im confused here. Microsoft is really pushing the digital only crap, but Sony wants to keep it. Michael Pachter said 10-15 more years with physical discs at a minimum. What do you think?

To be honest, im not sure if I ever will purchase more games if physical value die out.

When a digital copy can give you the same feeling you get from a physical copy, then its game over for the physical disc. I buy a lot of my games on steam but games i REALLY want i usually buy in a collectors/special edition which just isent the same in a digital version. Also sometimes its nicer to have a physical copy. So i dont see it ending 10-20-30 years in the future, it will last my lifetime at least.
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I'll try the demo when it goes public but I really think I'm done with David Cage and his "games."

I hated Indigo Prophecy and while I finished Heavy Rain I loathed it afterwards. (I agree with Carnage about the game having some profound moments however)

I really can't see myself slogging through another QTE-fest for the sake of some mediocre narrative. (The third act of Heavy Rain went to absolute shit in terms of story)

Thanks for the impressions regardless.


David Cage is a terrible writer and I'll never understand how anyone in their right mind could defend his stories. 

Hmm, who in your opinion is a good writer?
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[QUOTE="Jacanuk"]From the sounds of i think you took a wrong turn somewhere because all you said is you don't like what Beyond is.
Funny since I actually enjoyed the demo.

All your points are invalid.Pffrbt

Wow you make a compelling argument.

No argument is needed, you clearly misunderstood what kind of game Beyond is so your points are invalid because they are like complaining over water being wet. Also it seem you have a "dislike" of David Cage so of course this game isn't for you since its his game
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I found that Spec Ops the line is a poorly made game. Worse is that it used poorly made hook to get some to think it is deeper that it is. It is no different than a fake medium with a man under the table pushing so that it looks like spirtes are lifting it up. It used these tricks to try to hide the fact that it not that well crafted game.

The is the problem I have any many of these "arty" games. They are many times poorly craft games if you can call them games. As games they are not good art.



The mechanics were unspectacular but hardly broken; it was a competent shooter that used the conventions of the genre to delve into a more interesting thematic subtext while cleverly subverting the medium by gradually making the protagonist the antagonist, replete with a nasty but inevitable coda where the bloodlust inherent in so much of gaming played out with a spectacular violence that subsequently turns a reflective surface inwards and makes us evaluate why and how we play these games.

Indeed Spec ops tries that but in the end it fails miserably and is why it never became anything but a avg shooter in a huge sea of shooters.
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Of course not. They're as much an art form as any other form of media. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy.


Then i take it you can mention some games that fall under the "art" banner?

The point is just about any game could be argued as artistic expression in one manner or another.

If you want a list, albeit incomplete, of games that would fall under the categorical designation of being artistically motivated, here are a handful of examples:

- Ico

- Shadow of the Colossus

- Braid

- Limbo

- Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

- Spec Ops: The Line

- The Last of Us

There are plenty more but having played all of those games I can attest they occupy parameters that far exceed the notion of games as toys or vapid entertainment.

Ok, from the list it confirms what i thought, its all subjective. But you are right that games could be seens as art if we go by the pure definition. But so far i have yet to see one single game who could even be considered art, but then again i am just a scrub :D
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David Cage continues his tradition of insane control schemes, nonsensical QTEs, and bizarre writing and scenarios.

-Dozens of cops fighting Ellen Page on top of a moving train in a storm for some reason.
-Cop cars that have no divider between the front and back seat, allowing for one of the silliest stranglings I've ever seen.
-Nearly incomprehensible QTEs.
-A chase through the woods where it's too f*cking dark to see where you're going or what you're doing.
-Tank controls.
-No way to restart a chapter or checkpoint.
-No way to skip cutscenes. 

From the sounds of i think you took a wrong turn somewhere because all you said is you don't like what Beyond is. All your points are invalid.
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I got  the Beyond demo early and holy crap this game is gorgeous. If you liked Heavy Rain this will blow your mind. It has the same control scheme, except they got rid of that "R2 to walk" bullshit, the ghost mechanic is absolutely great: the transition is seamless and there's so much stuff you can interact with and cause a mess, scare people and who knows what else. The story is once again dynamic: there is no checkpoint reload if you fail, you just deal with the consequences of messing up, but unlike Heavy Rain there doesn't seem to be any permanent strike against you for f*cking up bad (i.e. permadeath of a protagonist). Combat is once again QTEs, so if you had a problem with that in HR you may still impact with it here. The acting is simply stellar, both in terms of 3D models and voice acting-facial animations. The plot seems to be a really involving paranormal thriller with solid characters and good set pieces.

Can't wait for this game.

Holy something something something that demo was awesome :) and if the demo is anything to go by this game will blow everything else out of the water. Only thing that annoyed me was Page. she should take Kristin stewart and jump in a lake somewhere and forget about acting :D
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Of course not. They're as much an art form as any other form of media. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

Then i take it you can mention some games that fall under the "art" banner?