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Excerpt here:

The Elder Scrolls Online will be a "premium" subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game, carrying a monthly fee of $14.99/12.99/£8.99 after the first free month.

Zenimax Online Studios president Matt Firor revealed the news in an interview with Gamestar. He said a business model where players pay once per month for access to the entire game is better-suited for the MMO than a free-to-play scheme.

"We feel that putting pay gates between the player and content at any point in game ruins that feeling of freedom, and just having one small monthly fee for 100 percent access to the game fits the IP and the game much better than a system where you have to pay for features and access as you play," Firor said.

"The Elder Scrolls Online was designed and developed to be a premium experience: hundreds of hours of gameplay, tons of depth and features, professional customer support--and a commitment to have ongoing content at regular intervals after launch," he added. "This type of experience is best paired with a one-time fee per month, as opposed to many smaller payments that would probably add up to more than $14.99/month anyway."

Full article here

So, what do you think about this? Personally, I believe a MMORPG has a more thriving community if an hybrid model of F2P/P2P is included like Rift and SW:TOR.


Excellent news, it means that the game is taken serious and all players start on equal terms.
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I don't understand why subscriptions are so hated. mmorpgs have plenty of servers, filled with thousand of peoples, they're constantly for years fixing bugs, tweaking and adding content and gameplay and providing customer support. Why is it so unreasonable...?

Subscription are not hated, after all there is still plenty out there paying for Wow, COD Elite and Xbox Gold and Ps+ its just that people need a reason to cough up the $$$,
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So as a computer tech I always hated Win 8 and refused to install it on my main gaming rig even tho I got a free copy of Win 8 Pro from work. So last week I got my GTX 780 which comes with a UEFI firmware on it and I said you know what? I'm gonna install Win 8 in full UEFI mode and see how it goes. setup my MB. GFX and Bios to UEFI and installed a fresh copy of Win 8, WOW.....my PC literally Boots from a cold start in 5 sec from the time my Bios logo to the time windows 8 gets in Start screen. Im so amazed by this to the point I'm going to make a youtube video out of it. So I installed all updates, Drivers, etc...and bunch of drivers were already set from Win 8 like my intel USB 3.0 and some things that I had to optimize in Windows 7 for my SSD, were natively pre optomized by Windows 8.

now to the important part. I did several testings with bunch of recent games and pretty much every single game I ran so far, played much smoother than Windows 7, but I have to install and play bunch of old games to do some more testing. and my only issue and compain I had was Start menu and that is pretty much fixe 100% with a small 4mb program called StartIsBack, I just love it and I don't think I can go back to Windows 7 now unless I notice some severe performance/technical issue.

I just wanted to share my experience with you guys, so If you ever wanna buy a computer that has Windows 8 on it or you are building one and hesitant if you should get Windows 8 or not, I would say go for it. it is a much faster, smoother OS.

The problem with Win 8 is its not enough of a improvement over Win 7 and despite it being as stable and as problemfree on most systems, there is enough to warrent a change from win 7. But other than that Win 8 is a decent Os and do you have a touchscreen its even better.
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Do you think The Division will be pay to play as well?

Ask when its been released and people start to buy it or have friends start to play it. Now people will say "buuuuuuuuu i am never going to pay F2P is da´bomb" but wait and see when both Wildstar and Elder is out
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Alright first we have GTA V which appears to steal at least one heist from the movie Heat; the Armored Truck robbery,and I suspect the writer was watching Breaking Bad when he "came up" with the Trevor character. Then there was Scarface City, whoops, I mean Vice City which they somehow didn't get sued for. Then in Max Payne 3 there is a part in the stadium level where he leaves a blood trail on a wall as he drags himself along it which is identical to a part in the movie Desperado. You could even say that San Andreas was an amalgamation of 90's Hood Movies. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by something else but when you have to straight up steal other peoples ideas maybe you should turn off the TV when you write.Knightbayne
Nice trolling there..... but a obvious troll is just obvious
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it's only 2 hours long, no replay value.  what if they made the house like horror or something, added monsters in the hallways and give your characters like an axe or a pistol or something.  like 8 hours of combat, a few hours of cutscenes, and like an hour or two of reading notes and stuff like that.  make like 12 hours instead of 2, you know.  also, an online multiplayer portion would be awesome.  think like luigi's mansion 2, exploring the haunted house with 3 other players.

Gone Home is like a demoreel of a what a possible game could be like. But your absolutly right, the "game" takes about 1min to complete and has no replay value or anything worth mentioning. So 20$ is a insane ripoff and steam should be ashamed that they allowed another scam like Dear Esther to fill the "steam shelf"..
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Tom, you didn't have to create a new account to try to persuade people to like you and your reviews. The majority of people seem to disagree with your view point.. there is nothing wrong with that. It's your opinion.. thats fine.. the issue is the content of your reviews doesn't seem to match the review score. It doesn't matter though.. GS still pays you so keep doing what your doing unless they threaten to fire you. Your reviews cause lots of people to view them out of the rage that builds from the terrible scores.. works well for GS as they get more hits. Rattlesnake_8
lol :D But the problem i have with Tom is not his score but that he has to turn everything into a poem or sound like he is reading a poem.
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The trouble with using one company's performance as an indication of an industry-wide trend is that you can of course just use a different company with different performance to predict that whole genre will die out tomorrow.

There's no doubt that many mobile games fail financially. Just as there are many console video games that fail financially. The difference is, mobile games have been proven to be less financially risky. GungHo got "lucky" with Puzzles & Dragons, sure, but even if the game only made half of what it has already, it would still be a better financial decision than starting a new triple-A IP on the PS4/X1. Potentially higher yield + 1/10th (at the most) cost = not good for big games.

your conclusions makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Yes, that one mobile game has made a ton of cash, but do you even know how many games that are being released every month? year? the chance of hitting that spot is like you going down to the shop and playing the lotto, its 1 in a "HAHAHAH you think you can win" chance Also COD, GTA and WOW have made more than your mobile game has, so using your logic it would mean that AAA titles stand a pretty good chance.
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Ever played Puzzles & Dragons on your smartphone? I'll bet you have.

Fun little match-3 puzzle game, with Pokemon/role playing twists.


Just in case you don't click links because you're weird, here are the highlights:

[QUOTE="ARTICLE"]"Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo Online pulled it $763 million in sales in the first half of 2013, representing a colossal year on year rise of more than 945 percent.

As a result, the company has posted an operating profit of $460 million up more than 4,331 percent and net income of $287 million, up 2,609 percent.

However, while the half yearly figures are eye watering enough on their own, when you break down the numbers to the April to June quarter, it's revealed the company is bringing in a daily revenue rate of $4.9 million."experience_fade

I apply bold like a champion.

Think about those numbers for a second. SWALLOW THEM.

Do you know how much those numbers obliterate every franchise's sales on consoles? This friggen free to play, simplistic smartphone game will cross the 1 billion sales threshold in under one year. WHAT?

There's one thing that's stopping the free to play market from blowing up on consoles: hardware adoption rate.

Meaning, when the PS4/X1 have a combined total consumer base of around 50 million+, watch out; triple-A games are in trouble. Anything that isn't indie, in fact, is in trouble.

It's a revolution. Do I love it? No. Is it inevitable? YES. THEY'RE COMING FOR YOU.

Your not making much sense, how can you go from mobile gaming earning a bundle to F2P is the future? what you´re talking about is like comparing apples to salmon and saying both are a fruit.
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Let's face it, a lot of us are going to pick up and enjoy our Splinter Cell Blacklists, our Saints Row IVs, our Diablo3s, or whatever the case may be on console this year.

But once Grand Theft Auto V and eventually Call Of Duty Ghosts come out, I think it's going to be a major battle between the two.

So there's my question - what will outsell more? GTA V because it's the most anticipated game of the year or will it be the yearly COD game that conjures up sales of more than a million dollars every year?

Battle? why does it matter which game sells the most? But in the end you cannot really compare the 2 since GTA V has its launch on consoles and we are 6months to a year away from seeing its pc launch. Also GTA V is a game where the single player part isent just there to make people feel better about paying 60$. like COD.