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While we are on this Topic, I wana Bring Up Beyond: Two Souls. This game does not bring up meaning consequences for the decisions you make like Heavy Rain but its narrative has been delivered more intuitively, Its Interacive Storytelling at its Finest, much more relative to gaming than whatever it was Hideo Kojima Was trying to pull with MGS IV. Which one has the better story ? Well theres no objective answer to that because they are polar opposites. So lets add some context: in this medium (gaming): Beyond wins. In Passive Mediums (like Movies). MGS wins.

Two things you have to remember Lulu, Cage hates game over screens and you only play as one character, so the decisions you make in game can't be as "fatal" as in heavy rain and still keep the story going.

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I think Ubisoft is taking a giant risk by not releasing it as a launch title, so you can be 100% sure that the game isn't finished in a state where they can release it without major major major bugs.

So i feel its the right call and it makes me glad because i wont get to play something that is awful and not finished.

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I know I've read articles saying video games can help your hand-eye coordination, surgeons who played video games opposed to those who don't performed better, and it's been said that it helps your problem solving skills. But has anybody found video games more immersive than any form of entertainment?

It definitely takes your mind off certain things, and sometimes I find myself being lost and focused on whats going on around me. I guess for me it helps taper of the daily stresses of life. It always seems like your brain is constantly thinking, at least it does for me when I am into a game.

Yes, games can be therapeutic to a certain degree because it all depends on the person, for some games can work magic for others not.

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@Zynn: If its interactive, then it's game. I haven't played it yet, but Heavy Rain is one of my favorite games of this generation. I'm a sucker these types of linear adventure games.

No, it actually takes a bit more than simply being interactive to be a game. And why is Heavy Rain one of your favorite games when its writing is so terrible and it doesn't make up for it in any other way.

Actually no it doesnt. You can make up your own definition and you can go by that, but most will probably go by the universally accepted one, where if its interactive it can be called a game.

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Hmm, last game was Stanley Parable

Fun "game"

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Why do you even worry about money? search google and in about 5secs i bet you can find at least 1 hack to give you unlimited cash. Because thats just how bad Rockstar are handling GTA Online.

Rockstar really really really need to stick to making GTA single player experiences and do not try to make a mmo, because they suck at it.

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No game is perfect , there are always in all games, bugs, small things that could be better or change.

So i have never given any game 10/10 5/5 A++

Making a 10 unattainable is silly, 10 doesn't mean perfect. It means it's a masterpiece and absolutely worth playing

Not as silly as the score system now, where they almost always give out 10 to the biggest hype titles, no one even questions if it gets 10 but goes insane if it doesn't get 10.

That is silly.

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No, why would i buy Farcry: Black Flag instead

For me that cash will be spent on something extra on the ps4.

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Yes, I'm going to get a lot of heat on this one, but it's a much praised game with a 96 metascore which has it's share of significant faults. Don't get me wrong. It's still a very good game, just not an excellent game or a monumental one.

The visuals are great and the cutscenes are phenomenal but they can only take you so far. It unfortunately falls into a predictable pattern of fight-cutscence-fight-cutscence. Granted, the fact that many favorite characters of the Batman series are definitely a plus. But aside from the glitter, the core gameplay truly hasn't evolved.

Batman generally takes out his foes with stealth, attacking by surprise, yet the game requires you, most of the time, be in plain sight. Combat is linear, and especially when rooms get smaller, your options dwindle.

The only real practical thing is to mash buttons to punch, and the press the counter button (like a quick time event). It is essentially a button-masher most of the time. Add the frustrating difficulty spikes and it can be a true nightmare to play.

I guess just imagine what it would be like if they took the movie The Dark Knight but carefully dosed you with 2 minute clips of it each time you kill 10 enemies. Yes, it's that kind of a game. A skinnerbox game.

Still a very good one. Just not an imaginative or creative one.

Batman Arkham City and what i have seen of the new Batman is proof that most developers only hit that golden spot once.

Batman AC was a good game but it wasn't a huge improvement over Batman AA, Arkham Asylum was just such an epic new and brilliant batman game that any game that followed it would have a hard time living up to those standards.

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No game is perfect , there are always in all games, bugs, small things that could be better or change.

So i have never given any game 10/10 5/5 A++

Then why have a 10 or 5 on the scale if no game is ever good enough to attain it?

I awarded Twilight Princess a 10, not because it's a perfect game, but because it was simply the best game I had ever played at the time. I probably wouldn't give it such a score if I played it now, but that game still holds plenty of sentimental value regardless.

Because gaming websites and game reviewers do not think of 10/10 5/5 as a 100% perfect score,

And you also prove why no game should have that score, because if you can't go back to it in 2-5-10 years and still give it 10/10 then you shouldn't have given it at the time.

But as i said above, the 10/10 score is not a indication that it is perfect , its just a score to make any reader aware that this is a must buy game