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Yeah, implying only 'casuals' bought the Wii is pretty ridiculous. Everyone at some point had a Wii.

It gets a ridiculous amount of hate these days with practically everyone on gaming forums looking down their nose at the Wii but if you were gaming from 2006 to 2010 you still bought one. And It had some fantastic games.

who implies that only casual gamers bought a Wii? i think the sales alone disproves that theory multiple times.

And i still enjoy the Wii today, it had some great fun games on it.

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I finally bought some video game capture technology and I signed up for twitch. Until about twenty minutes ago, I was giving a live show of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. I will probably be doing live shows everyday from now on. There remain some things I need to learn and then I should be good to go. I will also be uploading gameplay to youtube.

hehe trying to advertise your channel eh :)

So how do you like streaming?

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Joel McHale not giving a fuck was the only thing that made the awards somewhat watchable

Yes. a guy actively wasting your time was worth your while. Amazing case of stockholm syndrome right here.

Spot on Solid

Jole Mchale is one of the worst actors i have seen and having him host this was a huge kick in the face of "game awards shows"

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So damn, VGX happend. Thoughts?

Not good

And it was a waste of time.

i am almost 2 hours in, and it's not that impressive

Its amazing you lasted that long :) but it gets worse.

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#So we all saw this story.


Now let's set aside that I personally can't understand why ANYONE, rich or poor would buy an Xbox One at launch, let alone spend more than retail price on Ebay. But I look at this guy's situation. He's 19 and has a 4 year old kid. So we already know he lacked the intelligence to use a condom when he was partying in high school. I also laughed at the claim it was for his "4 year old son." Seriously what 4 year old wanted an Xbox One. The guy is saying that as a weak attempt to get sympathy for the fact he was scammed on Ebay. But what I look at is that he's a college student with a 4 year old so unless he has rich parents, how on Earth can he afford to spend $750? The article says he "saved up" but I think by that they mean he's prepared to spend the next several months paying his credit card off.

I saw this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/11/your-brain-on-poverty-why-poor-people-seem-to-make-bad-decisions/281780/

Basically the article states that many people, despite not having a lot of money will often go out and buy things they probably can't afford because they feel like "hey, it's not like things will ever get better for me, might as well enjoy something fun." I found it amusing how so many said the Wii sold because "poor people bought it" yet a lot of the "casual" Wii owners I knew were folks who owned homes and had good paying jobs where it seemed like 360 and PS3 owners, at least early in the last cycle were the college guys living in dorms, one room apartments or with family. I have a friend who's a big hardcore gamer. He goes nuts whenever there's a Steam Sale, always buys new hardware at launch. He just bought 3 PS4s, the idea being selling 2 on Ebay to make the money to pay for the 3rd one. The thing is, his family is constantly struggling to make ends meet. His wife works at Target. He makes $10 an hour as manager at a pizza shop. They have a kid. A few years ago they were on food stamps. He constantly talks about how tight things are, yet will rush out every time Gamestop has a buy one get one half off sale. I was actually amazed that he recently bought an Xbox One but decided to sell it so he could PAY HIS RENT!! (please calm down and read the whole article before ranting in the comments)

Look I know a whole bunch of you are going to rise up and tell me how you have a great paying job and can afford to spend your money how you see fit. You're right. I totally agree, but bear in mind, there are always consequences to the actions you take. You can skip class to stay home and play Call of Duty, but don't be surprised if you fail the test. You can shell out $600 for an Xbox One on Ebay, but don't act surprised, when the end of the month comes and you can't pay your rent.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy video games or consoles. I'm saying don't make "stupid" decisions. Don't buy stuff you can't afford. Don't let yourself get scammed like our Xboned friend here. This coming generation is scary as we see companies like Microsoft, Activision and EA creeping in more Microtransactions and DLC. Sony's going to make us pay to play online now. Gaming is getting to be a more expensive hobby with each generation and game companies like to think we're as dumb as this guy. That we chase after new shiny things the way a cat goes after a laser dot. Let's prove them wrong.

If you haven't bought a new console yet, I ask that you sit back and really think it over. What games do you really want to play that are coming out in the next six months? Can you play any of these on something you already own and be just fine without AI fish and arm hair? What if the game you want is delayed and you're stuck with an expensive Netflix machine for the next few months?

And most importantly...is it really worth it?

Stay gaming my friends.

What a incredible narrow minded post.

Honestly who gives a crap how he got the money, he had the money and he might not be the richest man on earth but should that prevent him from enjoying a Xbox One close to launch day as anyone else? of course not.

Also who are you to even complain over how other people spend their money? as long as they are honest and not earning it by stealing or scamming, you should stick to your own little pond.

Or is it because of jealousy?

And your last comment is just ........ well lets just say it demonstrates a lack of something....

Also honestly i would never call anyone who wrote this kind of post my friend so perhaps relax on the "my friends".

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Which one is better and should be bought first. Since I haven't played any of them before I might give them a go at this point.

Both seem to have RPG elements but Dues Ex seem to be a bit deeper than Dishonoured.

The question is which has better story, gameplay and replayability.


Deus Ex HR is a terrible game in comparison to Dishonored.

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Who is Joel McHale again? I've never heard of him before

Who is he? Never heard of him

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Who is Joel McHale again? I've never heard of him before

@Netret0120 said:

Who is he? Never heard of him

Before last night, I'd never heard of him either, to be honest. :)

Joel Mchale is a nobody actor who gained a bit of hype because he was on Community the tv-show on NBC which hopefully this time will stay cancelled.

And it was insane to see him on VGx , they are only devs but they deserved better than some 5th rate comedian who are trying to find a new gig after his show got cancelled.

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I am talking about the guides that comes alone, that people purchase beside the game. The guides from BradyGames and Prima ?

Not really, everything can be found online today in free versions so the only time i get a "guide" is if it comes with a collectors ed.

But i guess people still buy them otherwise there wouldn´t be made any of them if they all just turned out a loss.

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So damn, VGX happend. Thoughts?

Not good

And it was a waste of time.

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Are you familiar with the term "one trick pony"?

I think that pretty much sums Ken Levine ´s career so far.

Only really outstanding game was bioshock 1, after that its just went downhill.

Bioshock Infinite was easily as outstanding as Bioshock 1

Not in my book.

Bioshock infinite was good but nothing there wasn't already done , only thing new was the rail system combat.