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I'm behind in gaming. I took years off and just got a PS3. I'm on Bioshock and Assassin Creed 1. I'm also embarrassed to say that I'm still on the first Metal Gear Solid for PS1. I never followed that franchise. So as I beat these games and buy new ones, is it ideal to play them in order? Keep in mind I don't really care about story lines, I just play for the most part.

Hmm it depends on 2 things, the person and the game.

some people dont like to have a story spoiled so it doesnt make much sense to play the last game before the first game, since playing that would make it pointless to play the first.

But for some it doesnt matter and well then it doesnt matter and they play the games how they want.

So do you care about the story and spoilers? then i wouldn´t recommend it otherwise go ahead.

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So I bought The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask for £23, which is a steal here, considering Majora's Mask goes for £30-40 alone. It's the first time I've ever played them and I love them. They've aged well and I couldn't put down the controller when it comes to OoT. I've only played 10 mins of MM to see if it works.

On the internet during top ten annoying characters Navi is always on there. Comments - hate on Navi. Videos - "Shut the fuck up Navi". Am I the only one who thinks people blow her out perportion? I think when she says "Listen!" it's cute and rare. She only does it when you've been wandering a while or come up to an object/baddy of interest and I've had no annoyance from this yet the internet hate her.

Who's with me?

Noone hopefully because who cares? its a game.

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Vice City 100%

My list of GTA would be

1: Vice City
4: San Andreas

6: Chinatown Wars

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Fallout any day of the week.

Fallout is imo view the much better game not just because its limited by a much more structured storyline, it never feels like its pointless like with Skyrim.

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Ya, because we all know that the rating system works right?

And how many irish gamespot members are there in US?

I'm curious to know why you're targeting Depression Quest in particular instead of the tons of ultra-violent games that are dominating the modern video game industry? Depression Quest seems like child's play compared to stuff like COD and GTA.

As for Danny, what did he do that's so bad? So what if he has a strong opinion and used his popularity/influence to spread it? How is that any different to, say, Jim Sterling or Yahtzee using their popularity/influence to spread strong opinions?

There is a huge difference, Dep Quest targets an audience and you know why real Doctors tell patients and people not to go check their symptoms on net-doc before hand? because they are laymen and they should let the diagnosing to professionals. Same thing goes for a text based thing like Dep quest, which doesn't even really offer any insight, it offers a insight to what this chick was feeling and her conclusions might be right for her, but for a lot of others out there its not.

So you are ok with a member of game site using their job and popularity for his own agenda? because i am sure not and exactly as in a review there is no room for personal BS, there sure as .... isn't room for it in a show or on the site as a news story.

It makes gamespot look bad and unprofessional and puts their integrity into question, because if Dep quest´s developer gets special treatment, who is to say others won't get the same like Gone Home or bigger developers games.

Your arguments make no sense whatsoever. Did Zoe Quinn ever claim Depression Quest to be a replacement for an actual doctor? Don't be ridiculous. Every story draws from a writer's personal experiences in some way or another.

Have you ever heard of an "opinion piece" before? Countless journalists write opinion pieces all the time, yet you make it sound like it's something new. Writing opinion pieces is part of a journalist's job.

Has it ever occurred to you the reason Depression Quest is getting "special treatment" is because it's something that's, for once, actually original and innovative? Out of all the derivative trash you could have attacked, you instead chose to attack one of the more innovative games out there? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you, dude?

You clearly didn´t read what i said if you couldn't make sense of it, because of course Zoe Quinn didn´t say it was a replacement, neither did i say that she or anyone said that, What i did say was that a serious subject like what she wanted to bring to the table, was not suited for a place like stream where kids and weak younglings have their presence. and before you say "ya but its on the interweb" let me point out there is a huuuuge difference between having it on her own website, which noones visits and have it on steam.

Also nice try with your condescending tone, but the problem was that Danny boy used The Point which yes i know is equal to a opinion piece, but the way he did was just so bad, putting it in all casual and ending with almost spending the entire episode about that and not saying much about what the "topic" was.

Anyways who cares, Dep quest is on there but luckily forgotten and noone cares what you, i or anyone on this board thinks.

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Crash Bandi of course that game was a blast when i was a kdi.

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Hmm, did all the mods go on vacation or something :D because wow the game discussion board is shit right now, someone advertising their shitty youtube crap, half a ton of download this movie pirate style and god knows what else.

Dude, it's like Christmas for spambots today. Game of Thrones, Veep, and a few other new seasons for running series. The Country Music Awards, and Wrestlemania 30. The sheer volume of spam today was absurd. I got about a dozen or so this morning, a few more on lunch break from work, and a dozen more after work.

On gaming notes, wow I am bored. The newest PS4 PS Plus free game was Mercenary Kings, and oh man that game sucks. I played it for a hour before the word "boring" began repeating in my head over and over. I forced myself to play just a touch more after that, but yeah no. I hate it. Child of Light, FF14: ARR, and Pier Solar HD (seriously, Watermelon, get it finished!) can't get here soon enough.

Can't be bothered to play Outlast anymore, one and done game.

Ground Zeroes was a bad joke that just pissed me off that I'll be waiting another year or more for Phantom Pain.

I feel so negative and burned out right now.

Oh, Game of Thrones is back? didn´t even know that.

But ya it was bad, but at least its died down again and you guys seem on top of it.

Mercenary Kings? i heard good things about it, but its not good, darn i was rather looking forward to it after hearing some of the praise.

hehe Outlast, cant believe you still play that, after my first run to the end i knew this was one of those game i would but at the back of the gameshelf.

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Online gaming isn't addictive. To say its addictive is to say that every single person that plays an online game will form an addiction. The author of that article and the OP obviously have no idea what the word "addiction" really means though and just using it because it sounds good.

Ive played online games like world of warcraft and everquest for years on end, played battlefield 2 online for a year or so and I was never "addicted" because I could go weeks without it and when I got tired of the game I just quit playing. Only game I play online now is occasionally diablo 3 when I was some fast exp or just grind some loot.

@Jacanuk said:

No game is addective.

But some weak minded people can think it is because they are well weak.

Having an addiction isn't a weakness at all, only a weak minded person would think that.

An addiction is something a person subconsciously latches onto because it fulfills some psychological need buried deep within them and 99% of the time they do not even realize it. Just like most uhhhummm cynical assholes don't even realize they are one......till they are either more mature mentally or they get older and look back to see what a douche they were as a kid.

Do you know or have had a addiction because otherwise i cannot find a single reason for your flawed logic.

Because your post stinks of bias and having a personal connection, and that connection makes you blind to the obvious truth, that its only weak minded individuals who have an addiction. Its like with people and facebook or their smartphone, its a compulsive behaviour that sterns for not being strong willed.

Also your first statement is obvious the same flawed logic.

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@Pffrbt: Clearly Dark souls is hard. If it wasn't then no one would play it. It has no other hooks

What made you come to that conclusion because it has a small very very vocal fanbase about how hardcore it is?

Also you might not see any hooks, but thats only you, unless you somehow think that your opinion is a valid measurement for everyone else and they think, feel and do what you do?

And the same actually goes for Dark Souls and if its hard or not, its all down to the persons own skill, but i have heard a lot of people say its not hard and i will agree with them, the game isn't hard, it's filled with strange camera angels, design decisions and bugs that wont get fix because it only "adds value" to the game.

And as to rewards as i mentioned there isent anything to debate, its a highly subjective term and not really open to debate.

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Resident Evil

Dragons Dogma

Dead Rising

Street Fighter

Mega Man

Phoenix Wright

Breath of Fire

and What IP I did not mention

I am saying this because Capcom's profits are down again


Well, Capcom will never die entirely if they get to a point where they are having a hard time sustaining themself, they will put out a SOS and you can be sure either Nintendo or another big publisher house will swallow them up.

But if that for some bizar reason shouldn't happen, those ip´s will either be sold or depending on their contract revert back to someone.