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The most frustrating boss I ever fought :(

Today I probably fought the hardest boss I have ever fought in my life while playing Tekken 6. I mean this is beyond hard this boss is so cheap I wanted to shoot myself while playing him. I tried almost all of my tactics block and spam a button, trying to connect some combos, spam the juggling technique, and taking the fight slow but once Azazel gets on a roll he just demolishes me in a few moves! I failed like 10 times trying to beat him and I still can't beat him so I ragedquit :D Yes, very nooby of me but I was wasting so much time trying to beat 1 boss. Maybe some other day.. This boss is the most frustrating boss I ever fought, worse than Gill from Streetfighter 3, Seth from Streetfighter 4, Shao Kahn, and even worse than all of the King of Fighters bosses and King of Fighters have some of the cheapest bosses ever. AAAAH! What ever happen to the easy Tekken bosses u can kill in 5 hits like Ogre? The bright side from this is that a roulette pops up after every 3 or 4 times I lose to him and I get free money. I get rewarded for losing :D The down side is I messed up Lar's win-loss record so bad from getting my ass kicked multiple times from Azazel.