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Finally got a PSP

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Well I finally got a PSP today. I've never really had much interest in it until now. I've always preferred the DS Lite/DSi and of course the 3DS when it comes out, as far as handhelds go, but with Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep finally out I figured it was about time. I've been a fan of the series for quite a while now, I own all of the other games in the series so far and Birth By Sleep looks like a fantastic entry into the series. And since I didn't previously own a PSP, I decided to get the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep PSP Bundle. I really love the Mystic Silver color too, I think it looks a lot better then Black.

There are a few other games I'd like to eventually get for it too. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Dissidia: Final Fantasy just to name a few. Not too many games I'm really interested in for the PSP either but I think the ones I do like justify the purchase.

Friend Code Threads I've Made

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I just wanted to go ahead and make a list of all the FC Threads I made so they're all together in one place. I think every time someone makes a FC Thread it should be stickied so it's always at the top of the forums. That way people wouldn't have to search for them, it should be more conveinient.

So anyways, these are all the FC Threads I've made.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

ExciteBots: Trick Racing

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing;title

My Friend Codes, New and Old

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Since I had to format my Wii I lost all my saved data for games that used Wifi. I haven't managed to get all the new Friend Codes for all my games yet, but this is what I've got so far. I figured I'd just list all my other Friend Codes for the DS/DSi Ware as well.


Animal Crossing: City Folk: 0431-8677-9983/Jay/Twilight
Endless Ocean: 3887-1521-6963/Jay
Endless Ocean: Blue World: 3004-8366-2370/Jay
Excite Bots: Trick Racing: 4597-9557-1405
Goldeneye 007: 2411-2516-6618/Jay
Guitar Hero 3: 0088-4200-5301/School of Rock
Guitar Hero World Tour: 4640-9609-9554/School of Rock
Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games: 1849-1451-2123
Mario Kart Wii: 5113-3210-0560
Mario Sports Mix: 3868-6731-7875
Mario Strikers Charged: 4082-6152-7721
Monster Hunter Tri ID: LUBCXY
Nights: Journey of Dreams: 4383-2629-4825
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 2665-3358-4503
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: 4684-0450-1493/Jay
Sonic and the Black Knight: 4984-5584-2188
Sonic Colors: 2193-4300-2074

Super Smash Bros Brawl: 4254-3374-1199/Jay
Tatsunoko VS Capcom: 3739-0939-5947/Jay
Tetris Party Deluxe: 3997-1159-8951
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer: 0733-1632-2093

Wii Ware

Bomberman Blast: 3309-5807-2480
Dr. Mario Online RX: 0625-0875-7042
Excite Bike: World Rally: 3008-8153-9688
Uno: 4211-5496-0072


Final Fantasy III: 0904-3990-1949
Pokemon Pearl: 0474-7330-5204/Jay
Pokemon Platinum: 0045-2315-9002/Jay
Pokemon Soul Silver: 1892-3349-3245/Jay
Pokemon White: 5071-3256-0473/Jay

Starfox Command: 4752-8989-6012
Tetris DS: 6713-4892-3223
Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass: 1376-8454-0002/Link

DSi Ware

Dragon Quest Wars: 2665-1582-9079
Mario vs DK: Mini's March Again: 0474-5310-0623

I'll add more as I get them.

Probly The Worst Possible Thing That Could Happen To Your Wii...Formating it

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Two days ago I had to format my Wii, erasing everything on it. I transfered what I could to my SD Card, but I wasn't able to transfer any of the save files for games that use Wi-fi.

The reason why I had to format it is because when I played certain games, after I quit and went back to the Wii Menu when the screen goes black it would stay black. Then an error would come up saying The System Files Are Corrupted. And usually I'd have to push the power button on the Wii to turn it off, then turn it back on so I could take the game out. The games that it did this to me with were Wii Fit, Wii Fit plus and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

This problem started a few months ago, I think around the end of July, beginning of August. I didn't think much of it at first because it only happened once in a while, but then it started to happen more and more frequently over time. And when it did happen it would just be random, sometimes I'd play one of those games and it would go back to the Wii Menu like it's supposed to, and other times the error would occur.

So two days ago I finally decided to call Nintendo about it because it happened again and I just got fet up. They told me the only way to fix the problem was to format my Wii. Of course I wasn't happy about it, but I ended up doing it. They said if I didn't format then it would get just get worse.

When I asked what could cause something like this to happen, they told me that it could've came from something I got off of Wi-Fi like custom Mii's from the Check Mii Out Channel, or if people Modded their Wii's to make illegal modifications to stuff to create content, that made me think of Animal Crossing. But whatever the reason there was some bad piece of data in my Wii.

They also said that I was one of the lucky ones. Usually when this type of error occurs, it happens when people turn their Wii's on and they can't even access the Wii Menu. Though I don't really consider myself lucky, considering it shouldn't have happened at all. I can't remember everything they said but.

I guess it was better than having to send my Wii to them for the 4th time, but I'm still not happy about it. The problem seems to have been fixed too, I've tried Mario & Sonic at the OlympicWinter Games and Wii Fit Plus, and the error hasn't seemed to occur again.

I lost years worth of gameplay that I'll never be able to get back. I'm not even sure I want to play most of the games I lost the saves for again, with lots of new games coming out and games I have that I haven't had time to play yet or barely played at all. I'm just not sure when I'll have time to go back to all those games.It's really just a big let down.

Not to mention that I had to get my Wii connected to the internet again, redownload all the Channels and make new Mii's. I even got a new Wii number and lost everyone I had registered. And now I'll have to get new Friend Codes for all my Wi-Fi games, so I guess I'll be making another blog for my new Friend Codes once I get them all, if I decide to.

I guess I'll just finish by saying that Formating your Wii sucks, and I hope no one else here at Gamespot has to go through this.

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I've recently started streaming on For anyone that's interested I'll be streaming various video games for the Wii and older Nintendo systems. I'll be playing games that I like for other people's enjoyment. The quality's not the best because I'm using a webcam, but I've had people tell me it's a lot better than others they've seen. On days that I work I likely won't be able to stream until the evenings, so if you do check the stream and it's off air during the day that's how you'll know. But on days I don't work I can usually stream any time, provided I feel like playing :P, so if you want to watch just check back from time to time. My user name on Ustream is also J_Ford.

This is the link for my stream,

Animal Crossing: City Folk sig

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Since I'm waiting for my Wii to come back from Nintendo I've been bored, so I decided to make an Animal Crossing: City Folk sig. I absolutely love the game and can't wait to play it again. I can make sigs for anyone that's interested too. Just let me know which two characters you want on it, I'll try and find pics of them, and give me your town info. I'll make it look the same as mine. Sorry that it doesn't quite fit here on my blog, it fits just fine in the forums though.

Animal Crossing City Folk sig

Sending my Wii to Nintendo again

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Unfortunately, I have to send in my Wii to Nintendo again to be repaired. This is the third time I've had to do this, the THIRD TIME. Last week it was having disc read errors with Super Smash Bros Brawl again, like when the game came out it had the same disc read issues and I had to send it in then. Well, this time I was actually able to get Smash Bros to work twice since last week, I had to keep cleaning the stupid disc so many times it was ridiculous, but that's not why I have to send my Wii in. The reason this time is beause it won't read any of my games anymore, not just Smash Bros, any of them. It was working fine last night, I played Animal Crossing: City Folk for over 4 hours with a few friends on Wi-Fi. Then this morning I played Wii Fit, it worked fine. Then after Wii Fit I went to play Animal Crossing some more, and a Black Screen came up telling me to Eject the Disc and turn off the console. And now none of my games work, so yet again I have to wait, probly at least 2 weeks before I'll be able to play my Wii again. I'll likely be shipping it tomorrow morning, hopefully I get it back before the end of the month.

My Collection of Stuff

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This is a collection of all my videogame stuff. Games, posters, plushies, figures, manga, etc. I still have more pics to add but these are all the pics I could get for now.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Manga
(Front and Back)

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time manga front
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time manga back

I just recently bought this manga. As soon as I saw it I had to buy it. It's really cool how they made a manga out of Ocarina of Time. You have to read it from right to left like traditional Japanese manga. It has some really great artwork, and Link actually talks in it, a lot! I'm waiting for Part 2 to come out in December this year.

New Super Mario Bros Plushie Collection

New Super Mario Bros Plushie Collection

Balloon Boo, Mega Mushroom, Mario, Goomba, Petey Pirannah. This is the whole set of these plushies, they just came out this year, 2008.

Super Mario Figures

Super Mario figures

I'm missing Donkey Kong from this set, still waiting for it to come in. These figures also just came in this year, 2008.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 The Complete Series

Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3

This is a DVD collection I bought from Wallmart. I remember I used to watch these episodes on T.V when I was little.

Old Mario, Sonic, Link

Mario and Sonic figures, Link card

This stuff is really old, lol :P. I got these when I was little. I found them in one of my boxes in our basement. I completely forgot I had them, but I'm really glad I found them.

McDonalds Happymeal Mario set

McDonalds Happymeal Mario set

I'm missing a Yoshi toy from this set. I wish I could have got it but they were all out of that one Yoshi toy. The meals may have been happy, but I sure wasn't :P Oh and I'm missing the plastic yellow tennis ball that goes with the hammer beause my sister's stupid cat got into my room and stole it when I wasn't home, I've never been able to find it since then.

Pokemon plushies

Pomemon plushies

These are some Pokemon plushies I got a long time ago. The Pikachu on the left has a zipper on the back, you can put stuff inside of it.


Soul Calibur 4 poster
Smash Bros Brawl calendar
Super Mario 64 poster

These are some posters I have up on my walls. I got the Soul Calibur 4 poster from the Collector's Edtion of the game. The Smash Bros Brawl calendar is from a Nintendo Power magazine and the Mario 64 poster was sent to me in the mail from Nintendo in 1997 in a preview catalogue, I've had it for a long time.

Super Mario Galaxy Collector's Coin

Super Mario Galaxy Collector's Coin
Super Mario Galaxy Coin

This is the Collector's Coin that you got for pre-ordering Super Mario Galaxy. I've never touched the coin or taken it out of the case.

Videogame Display Stands

Super Mario Galaxy display stand
Final Fantasy XII display stand
Kingdom Hearts 2 display stand

Believe it or not I actually got all these display stands from the place I work at, getting them is one of the only good things about that store :P. The Super Mario Galaxy stand is the coolest one, the top part spins around constantly if there's a battery inside.

Kingdom Hearts Manga

Kingdom Hearts Manga

The top 4 are Kingdom Hearts, the first 2 on the bottom are Chain of Memories and the other 2 are Kingdom Hearts 2. I have them all so far except the rest of the Kingdom Hearts 2 set. You also have to read them from right to left.

Fierce Diety Link Statue

Fierce Diety Link Statue

This is something I'm really proud to own. It's such an awesome statue, and it was really expensive.

Videogame Figures

Videogame figures
Final Fantasy XII figures
Final Fantasy X figures
Final Fantasy VIII figures
Final Fantasy VII figures
Kingdom Hearts 2 figures

These are all of my Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts figures. FFXII, FFX, FFVIII, FFVII and Kingdom Hearts 2. I have all the figures for each set except I'm missing Sephiroth from FFVII and Sora's other forms from Kingdom Hearts 2. I hope they'll make sets for FFIX and FFX-2. I've been collecting these figures for around 2 years now.


Wii games
Wii Points cards
DS games
Gamecube games
PS3 games
PS2 games
PS games

These are all the games I currently own for the Wii, DS, Gamecube, PS3, PS2 and PS. Guitar Hero: World Tour should be in the Wii games pic but I don't have my band bundle yet.

My Artwork

Link Soul Calibur 2
Paper Mario
Baby characters and Toads
Toon Link
Sora and Roxas
Dark Magician Girl

These pics are all hand drawn by me. I'll post more when I can.

Just to let everyone know, including the unions I'm in.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that even though I'm usually always logged on here at Gamespot, I'm not always on the site. I like to stay logged on because I find that it levels up my account a lot faster. I just thought it'd be a good idea to mention this because I've been getting a ton of messages lately from some of the unions I'm in. It's not that I'm ignoring you guys, I do read the messages when I have time but I've been pretty busy with work and other stuff lately. So for anyone that was wondering I hope that clears things up :).

Tired of being moderated unfairly

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Over the past few days I've been getting moderated for unfair reasons in my opinion. One was for posting a pic of Zero Suit Samus and the other was for using the word "retarded". There were worse pics of Samus posted on that same thread, same with pics of Peach and I was the only one who got moderated? As for using the word retarded, someone had posted a video of some guy making fun of the Wii. In the video, he said he had bought and played every game he wanted for the system. Near the end of the video he took his Wii outside, put it down on the ground, pulled out a gun and shot the Wii, though it didn't show the bullet going through the Wii you could only hear the gun fire. So I said that the video was retarded because it was. How is it funny when someone makes a video of something like? It's not funny, it's insulting to the Wii and to Wii owners.

Since I'm listing my moderations I may as well list other things I've been moderated unfairly for, some of these I didn't even know about until just recently.

I got moderated for posting a video of Zelda in Half Life 2, apparantly it was Disruptive Posting. I don't see how when it was about Zelda and Zelda has a lot to do with the Wii. Sure it was for Half Life 2 but it had Zelda in it, you'd think it would be alright to post something like that on the Wii Forums because Wii fans would want to see something like that.

I got moderated for standing up for Mario Party 8, apparantly is was Trolling. Some guy made a thread about Mario party 8 saying Nintendo needs to stop making Mario Party games blah blah blah. He was insulting the franchise in my opinion. So I posted a fairly long response. It was my opinion about Mario Party and what makes the games so great. All I did was talk about all the good things the games have to offer and so on, there's nothing bad about any of them. Then at the end I asked how the person who made the topic could consider themseleves a Mario Fan if they don't like Mario Party and that this thread shouldn't exist. I don't remember exactly what I said but it wasn't trolling. If that can be considered trolling than the thread should be considered trolling because that particular thread was obviously made to annoy people who like Mario Party.

I also got moderated for posting a Super Mario Galaxy Review from Gametrailers, apparantly I was ignoring the stickied thread. How is posting a review for a game bad. People post reviews for games all the time. Yeah, there was probly a thread for Super Mario Galaxy at the time...more than one I'm sure, but I don't remember there being any threads specifically for posting reviews and if there was I was unaware of it. I was also the first person to post the review from Gametrailers, I made sure that no one else had posted this particular review yet. So it's ok for everyone else to post reviews except me, that's why I got moderated, right? That's the way I understand it.

I'm just really sick and tired of being moderated unfairly. It seems like people are reporting me simply because they don't like me. I've seen a lot worse things being posted on the Wii Forums and no one seems to report any of it. That's discrimination.

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