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Just some post.

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Hey guys! It's been ages since I made one of these blogs things and so because of this I must say one thing.....Hi again!

lucky police chase on nfsnw

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last night i was being chased by level 4 police and i was getting a way but than i i saw a roadblock but i couldnt see the spikes srip. my sL 500 left rear tire popped and i thoutht the chase should have ended but my car was still going 60 mph. the police didnt see my car in a tunnel and iluckly got away whithn 60seconds


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what games are you getting for chistmas and why?

two videos

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my first two videos not bad are they?


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what if everyone in briton had to fight in a war?


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what would happen if i was a rally driver?

level 0

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iam on level 0 might turn back to nomal soon.
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