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Tested And Proven

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I'm crammed up in a small ass room, seems like every five minutes I'm reorganizing put it simply I wouldn't bring a female in my room if my life depended on it! So I find myself constantly in PC setting on FPS editing the controls to work with a joystick, sorry, but right now I can spend long hours typing in front of computer but playing FPS (or RTS's) for more than a few minutes and I cramp up...what sucks is for some reason on a console I can aim decently enough not to get frustrated, but on a PC I get pissed (when using a joystick)...I've dropped out of enough "Day Of Defeat" sessions to rant all I want about this!!! If I play wit a keyboard and mouse, I leave with stats to brag about, play with a joystick and I'm just enjoying the eye-candy...nothing like the sound of a unexpected headshot...heard it a million times! But for some reason I don't run into this problem on STEAM...if you don't know what that is...IT'S OK!

Unreconciable Differences

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It just came to me out of nowhere; the "colossal difference" between Microsoft and Apple...(and I can't believe I'm just now seeing this) is that when Apple sales you a new OS it comes with a PC to use it on, think about all the Apple OS's of the past and you can probably name the computer it was running on, take OS X for example I ran it on a Apple G4; on the other hand Microsoft (and you know I love you) Microsoft just throws it's Operating System out there and leaves it to the consumer to find a machine to run it on...I'm not a average user but my first run with Windows 3.1...I have no idea the machine I installed it on...maybe a Tandy 1000...let's take XP...maybe I ran it on...funny "I have no idea", I know the processor, but the consumer isn't really interested in just so funny to me after 30 years of fooling with PC hardware I just now come to this...So weird, Apple comes out with a computer...Microsoft does the same thing...but for some reason software companies prefer the latter. "Oh well !"

Let's Party!

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Patting myself on the back for get to the end of game from my collection, my initial feeling was relief yet I don't feel accomplished...the game sorta just ended, most games I've completed sorta gave off a vibe that it was about to end; but this one just gave in, my character was on the brink of death, the enemy was still plotting more terrorist activity, and nobody had anything to say about it! I am not saying that games have came along way since the ol' NES but change is very apparent. Games sorta treat you like your stupid, they brag about this and that but can't get the most simplest "things" constantly reminding you to reload your weapon, how am I supposed to get better if your constantly "babying" me threw the entire game? But it's a gift and a curse because when you got a lot a games on the table you tend to forget the the "reminders" are pretty helpful in that sense. Hardware matters!!!

Too Care or Not to Care

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During this long and recently tedious journey in gaming I'm once again taking a look back. From the day I picked up a console controller I wanted to know more and more about everything centered around gaming. These day's the more I learn (or find out) I just keep to myself. I share my gaming culture from time to time...yes. But unless your rocking the latest gear...that's all I'm say about that...I'm upset that the when I was playing the Wii U at a kiosk in a Gamestop that the game I was playing there was no anti-aliasing, or the jaggies were noticeable...I'm just saying that every PC I put together was better than the last same should go for consoles...I don't want to see yesterday's problems in tech. Retro-gamers don't kid yourself, I got this all under control.

I Don't Follow

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Just thought to myself when I stopped following videogames...I pin point it in the Dreamcast era, during and before the Dreamcast I would have the latest titles or the best the system had to offer. Since then it's been pretty much a game of catch up and I'm tired of it. I don't know really what happened, but it has something to do with the You-Tube videogame community, I really believed that I knew everything there was to know when it came to videogames and least in my neighborhood. I guess I'm feeling like that guy...yeah, "that guy".

Arcade Games

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I wonder if game makers ever intended players to get to the end of Arcade games, not console games but Arcade games? Games like Pac-Man seem like they just go on forever! But other Arcade games such as ones based on popular pop culture icons...tend to have a story, and as we all know...stories come to an end; so I again I ask...

I'm back !

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Been having trouble uploading content so I'm keep this short...Recently I've been tuning into what contemporary culture has been into, following both Falling Skies and Defiance; I haven't been looking forward to anything except Extant (Halle Berry)...things just haven't been the same since "V" was abruptly cancelled, "talking about leaving me hanging"! Picked up a dozens of games and have been finding it redundant that I can't find the time to get to them, but I have been clocking in some hours in New Super Mario Bros., got threw the difficult parts now it's all about grinding or "basically I can see the light at the end of the tunnel" or in this case completion is near...Still going at it in Street Fighter 4, picked up C.Viper, a first for me because I've always used the main characters since the beginning of the franchise, even when the ability to play as the bosses became available... Very frustrated with the condition of my PC, got silly driver issues and problems that'll leave me on hiatus as I troubleshoot to get the most out of the hardware I own...

Game Over, for Now

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Sometimes if not most of the time you just want to chill and edit your online profiles...if I'm not allowed to do that...

Free Stuff

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The era of free stuff came into existence around the same time the Internet gain came into existence. You know, getting shareware games for the PC, do you have any idea how cool that is when all your gaming on is a Nintendo ? Even to this day I've never really gotten any free stuff for my consoles. And I never was really into getting free stuff, from free phones, to free pirated games via CD-burner and a borrowed game/film. I was like a kid in a candy store when I played games on my smartphone for free via "app store". Even the paid stuff was pretty high-quality for the price, Contra (remake) for example, less than a $1 wish I new that 20 years ago I'd never would have bought the NES version, which was well over $20...And "Real Racing", can you imagine getting Gran Turismo for free back in the day's ? Wishful thinking in every sense of the word !

I'm not against burning disc's , I just don't like the fact nobody takes the time to put lables on the disk beyond using a permint marker...people just get caught up when they find out things are "free", it's like all morals go out the window and they go into some sort of primative state. 


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Is the internet just about nostalgia, just reminising of the past ? It was cool to find that I wasn't the only one who enjoyed some of the things that I liked that my friends in real life didn't (or just didn't show), such as Star Wars and videogames. Now it's getting a tad redundant and feels like I'm doing the same dance over and over... seeing all sorts of people actually making a living from doing stuff that I've been doing for all of my life ! Shit is just stupid, there ain't a living soul on the internet that doesn't want to call the internet home, instead of a place to get free stuff...whatever that means. But the net caters to a certain class of folks, ever notice how an average Joe that lives nowhere near you is all over your favorite webpages ? What's worst you never meet that person on a personal level before they fall into oblivion...maybe "fall" is the wrong word. I sorta still remember the time I first discovered the internet, the ad then was, "connect with people all over the World, talk to friends whenever and wherever you want", WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ? All I do on the internet is stream videos...period ! Now I'm just curious as what's going to happen when I get my home video network up and running, the "internet" is phasing itself out of my life and I'm sure it has the attitude that "we can do this without you", are we doing it together now ? Point is, there ain't a soul on the internet that makes more money than me, so "they" can act stuck-up all they want, because ain't nothing worst than a liar. People saying "I got a million views", stop and think about that for a moment ! If you got 1 dollar from a 1/3 of those views you can not work for an entire year, mind you, that most videos are not even 10 minutes long; I wonder how that makes Hollywood feel ? Or every five seconds a new console is released, or a kickstarter gets some obsured amount of money for an idea you'll never see, question is, "why do I know about this, why am I talking about this, why-why-why", it's worst than internet porn, there's girls everywhere that you can interact with, but not technology ! I live in the heart of the Silicon Valley and the only way I get my hands some new tech is my local Office Depot, there are more Starbucks and libraries in my neighborhood and it's been like that for longer than I care to reminece on. I'm still pushing a P4, single core, but my internet connection got ads for processors with 4 cores and way above, and again, it's been like that for longer than I care to remember. I stopped playing catch-up. I can give a **** ! I think that 90% of the people that own multi-core processors have no idea what kind of power that intales, all they know it's worth something and everyone want's it...

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