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The Real Deal

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Now I'm a big fan of Mario Kart and Gran Turismo; the Pinnacle in games design those titles are...but today I got to play around with some R/C cars...to put it simply there are no words for the RUSH I got form that! To tell you the truth I learned to appreciate racing games a little more...

Sign of The Times

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No more trade ins for me. In the Past I would tell myself that I'm going to hold on to a particular title forever but end up trading it in for something new. Ran into "buyers regret" on more than one occasion... Now I'm satisfied, if I want it and for some reason I can't get it, to hell with giving up everything I got to get it...Complain, complain, complain...tired of looking over my shoulder...nothing to do but just move on...

Think I got lost in the end there..."oh well".

Ever feel over qualified for something but want to do it anyways...

Am I done yet

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Playing Gran Theft Auto 4, will I finish it? Probably not. Playing Mass Effect, will I finish it? Probably not. Playing Deus Ex 3, will I finish it? Probably not. But I finished the latest Tomb Raider game...I guess games that try to have personality don't hold my attention for very long, but Tomb Raider has lots of personality... I get the feeling that my gaming day's are done, and finding inspiration is getting harder...or I could possibly be living contradicting lifestyles...PC's will do that do you; Cool games come out and you want to play them but at the same time you use the PC as tool to maintain whatever life your living...I know it varies from profession to profession...like if your 3d modeler for some reason you have time to play a 30+ hr videogame but on the other hand if your Computer Scientist or Programmer...I guess time-management would help a lot!!! On another note I went budget shopping for PC parts, sorta fell short and I'm disappointed in myself...in other words it wasn't time well spent!

Too Computerized

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I was contemplating; just thinking of the time when I first played a videogames console, how I just chose a game cartridge, put into the game console, switched on the power, and I was introduced to a title screen. No waiting for the game to install, or the system to log me into whatever gaming network, just "plug and play" in every sense of the phrase. It would be different if gaming on disks evolved since the day's of the 3DO, Sega CD, and PS1...I guess I just miss the good ol' cartridge day's, I remember when the N64 hit the scene and how games would be handicapped on that system because of it's cartridge based nature...the style of games are different on that system when compared to other games on other systems that are based on discs. Maybe...I'm just being a baby; Just realized the 360 allows downloads of entire games, that were once disc based, to your hard drive which in a way eliminates install times but load times are still there...gaming has changed over time but I won't say it has "evolved"... think about it, we just popped a game in and played, so simple...now so many hoops to jump threw...do I have the hard drive space, is it in HD...There was just a time when all the tech stuff was hidden, the words "install" and "loading" were unheard of on the NES and I love that! And it's funny how those words just crept into our lives, with me, it started with the Sega CD...and we didn't even realize it!

Investigation Complete

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I guess living in Silicon Valley has it's unwritten perks...tech companies go bankrupt, or move on, or simply evolve...but what becomes of the devices that the residence of Silicon Valley purchased, since there no longer supported there "released" in exchange for what the "market" has to offer...well I came across quite a few tech items were I just tell myself "people don't know how good they got it"...people actually throw away machines running dual core (or more) Processors. I guess people value things differently...or doing whatever they have to do to get the latest and greatest gadget available to the masses! "Did I picture a World with kids running around with the power of the sun in there hands"? Did Wozniak, did Gates...

Child of Light

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Played and finished the demo; could I commit to it? Yes, actually.

Tested And Proven

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I'm crammed up in a small ass room, seems like every five minutes I'm reorganizing stuff...to put it simply I wouldn't bring a female in my room if my life depended on it! So I find myself constantly in PC setting on FPS editing the controls to work with a joystick, sorry, but right now I can spend long hours typing in front of computer but playing FPS (or RTS's) for more than a few minutes and I cramp up...what sucks is for some reason on a console I can aim decently enough not to get frustrated, but on a PC I get pissed (when using a joystick)...I've dropped out of enough "Day Of Defeat" sessions to rant all I want about this!!! If I play wit a keyboard and mouse, I leave with stats to brag about, play with a joystick and I'm just enjoying the eye-candy...nothing like the sound of a unexpected headshot...heard it a million times! But for some reason I don't run into this problem on STEAM...if you don't know what that is...IT'S OK!

Unreconciable Differences

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It just came to me out of nowhere; the "colossal difference" between Microsoft and Apple...(and I can't believe I'm just now seeing this) is that when Apple sales you a new OS it comes with a PC to use it on, think about all the Apple OS's of the past and you can probably name the computer it was running on, take OS X for example I ran it on a Apple G4; on the other hand Microsoft (and you know I love you) Microsoft just throws it's Operating System out there and leaves it to the consumer to find a machine to run it on...I'm not a average user but my first run with Windows 3.1...I have no idea the machine I installed it on...maybe a Tandy 1000...let's take XP...maybe I ran it on...funny "I have no idea", I know the processor, but the consumer isn't really interested in that...it just so funny to me after 30 years of fooling with PC hardware I just now come to this...So weird, Apple comes out with a computer...Microsoft does the same thing...but for some reason software companies prefer the latter. "Oh well !"

Let's Party!

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Patting myself on the back for get to the end of game from my collection, my initial feeling was relief yet I don't feel accomplished...the game sorta just ended, most games I've completed sorta gave off a vibe that it was about to end; but this one just gave in, my character was on the brink of death, the enemy was still plotting more terrorist activity, and nobody had anything to say about it! I am not saying that games have came along way since the ol' NES but change is very apparent. Games sorta treat you like your stupid, they brag about this and that but can't get the most simplest "things" correct...like constantly reminding you to reload your weapon, how am I supposed to get better if your constantly "babying" me threw the entire game? But it's a gift and a curse because when you got a lot a games on the table you tend to forget the controls...so the "reminders" are pretty helpful in that sense. Hardware matters!!!

Too Care or Not to Care

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During this long and recently tedious journey in gaming I'm once again taking a look back. From the day I picked up a console controller I wanted to know more and more about everything centered around gaming. These day's the more I learn (or find out) I just keep to myself. I share my gaming culture from time to time...yes. But unless your rocking the latest gear...that's all I'm say about that...I'm upset that the when I was playing the Wii U at a kiosk in a Gamestop that the game I was playing there was no anti-aliasing, or the jaggies were noticeable...I'm just saying that every PC I put together was better than the last same should go for consoles...I don't want to see yesterday's problems in tech. Retro-gamers don't kid yourself, I got this all under control.