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News and Thoughts 12/26/2014 IV:

1. Fourth night that is George HW Bush.

2. That is in the hospital as.

3. Ninety-year old days ago.

4. Second of the two cops.

5. Buried as son reads and memorializes.

6. His father as a great man.

Thoughts for the day:Last year, Bush went skydiving.

For someone that is his age.

Second of two cops being buried.

News and Thoughts 12/26/2014 III:

1. Autistic boy found drowned in lake.

2. As family is in mourning.

3. Mississippi tornado that has people try.

4. The best to recover and come to terms.

5. Justices that rock the road if you.

6. Can end up finding them.

7. Dustin Diamond of Saved by The Bell arrested in stabbing in Wisconsin bar.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Weekend!

Sad for that boy as he had Autism

Mississippi tornado that has people.

Try to recover and come to terms.

News and Thoughts 12/26/2014 II:

1. A woman 82-years old that has.

2. Lost her house over SUV crash.

3. Pa woman gave birth to a baby.

4. Thanks to the help of a cop.

5. Suspect of a viral road rage was out of jail.

6. In yet another unrelated road rage.

Thoughts for the day:Congrats to the new baby.

As all cops are now that bad.

Hate it for that lady to lose her house.

News and Thoughts 12/26/2014:

1. Sea of blue in the remembering of.

2. NYPD officers that are in mourning.

3. As the second of the two officers being laid to rest.

4. Asia remembers the ten-year tsunami.

5. That has torn lives and that.

6. How it changed the way that the.

7. World looks at the tsunamis.

Thoughts for the day:Remember as the police officers.

Not all of them are bad keep in mind.

The good outweighs the bad.

Remembering the ten years after the tsunami and how

We look at them!

Christmas 2014 News and Thoughts IV:

1. George HW Bush still in hospital.

2. Just as a careful precaution.

3. Professor wants to see pee power on the moon.

4. Ukrainian retirees starving on rebel country.

Thoughts for the day:HW Bush still in the hospital.

Over for a ninety-year old President.

Professor sees pee power on the moon.

Ukraine once again in crisis.

Christmas 2014 News and Thoughts III:

1. Muted holy day over with Cuban Catholics.

2. Forty years as Wisconsin man's tree.

3. Is up and strong.

4. Obama on Christmas Day going to.

5. Have US troops end in Afghan tour.

6. Portland woman released by East Timor prison.

7. King James Lebron of the NBA.

8. Black bear released after urban adventure has been captured.

Thoughts for the day:New era for Cuban Catholics.

Forty years as Wisconsin's man tree up and strong.

Obama on Christmas Day going to have.

US troops end in Afghan tour.

Lebron king in the NBA!

Christmas 2014 News and Thoughts II:

1. FAA issues safety warning as.

2. They are getting them from Christmas.

3. Female vets are fighting over.

4. Over in the red dress thing.

5. In second battle against the VA.

6. $485,000 Raised for a family that.

7. Lost home in over a jet crash.

Thoughts for the day:Beware of the drones.

Vets fight over battle against the VA.

They can be pretty sexist the VA it seems.

Glad that family is getting that much to pay for house.

Christmas 2014 News and Thoughts:

1. Woman that was a POW over.

2. In WWII but unlike Unbroken in the.

3. Released film about a soldier and track star.

4. That had forgiven his captors as.

5. Key development in case of two.

6. NYPD officers that were killed last weekend.

7. Lost engagement ring as well as.

8. Blessing in disguise in Christmas.

Thoughts for the day:Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Woman that was POW in WWII but could not

And would not forgive her captors.

Really hard for her to do.

Who could really blame her.

Christmas Eve 2014 IV:

1. Still no good warning over.

2. In the way of the.

3. Tsunami that happened a decade ago.

4. When is an online rant.

5. That becomes that of a.

6. Warning of a threatening crime?

7. Just like threatening cops.

Thoughts for the day:Violent warning is not a good warning.

Like in threatening cops like someone.

Did in the Youtube thing.

Tsunami happened a decade ago?!

Wow there!

Christmas Eve 2014 IIi:

1. Four killed in a Mississippi tornado.

2. Thousands of homes that are destroyed.

3. St Louis has tensions over yet.

4. Another shooting that occurred.

5. But this shooting was in Berkley.

6. Christmas Eve to have a lot.

7. Of wintery weather in the USA.

Thoughts for the day:Up to forty million people.

To be traveling in the USA.

As they might hit the snow.

Less than an hour for Christmas!