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News and Thoughts 1/28/2015 II

1. Maker of the drone that crashed.

2. Over in DC to stop flights.

3. South Carolina civil rights convictions that.

4. Have been tossed out over the 1960's.

5. After eight African-American men that.

6. Sat at lunch in a all white deli.

7. Episcopal board asks priest to resign.

8. Over fatal drunk driving accident.

Thoughts for the day:So the droner will get a job.

S.C. civil rights convictions that the.

Tossed out 1960's convictions as those.

Eight men say that they are relieved.

Plus tell protesters like in Ferguson and NY to protest.

But in a non violent way.

News and Thoughts 1/28/2015:

1. After killings by the police in places.

2. Like Ferguson and NY as the.

3. Grand Juries that could be.

4. Changing over how to conduct.

5. How could one woman had.

6. Affected up to 200 kids with measles.

7. That have originated over in Disney Land?

Thoughts for the day:Ferguson and NY could be really

Changing the grand juries policies.

Have a great Thursday.

Three more days til Super Bowl!

News and Thoughts 1/27/2015 IV:

1. Denver airport has decided to block.

2. Out the pot souvenir sales.

3. So that kids won't get ideas.

4. Details on the new Air Force One.

5. Are now release indeed.

6. Police ask teens to stop shoveling.

7. Over on the huge snow.

Thoughts for the day:So that young people do

Not get any ideas as the.

Airport blocks and bans sales over on pot souvenirs.

Air Force One are having a new details.

Police asks teens to stop shoveling over on the huge snow.

News and Thoughts 1/27/2015 III:1.

1. Drone maker offers to block flights.

2. Over in Washington DC.

3. Who is who in a Whodunit in.

4. The Argentina deadly murder case.

5. America's toughest sheriff is been.

6. CA students that were not vaccinated.

7. Sent home by the schools.

Thoughts for the day:Blocked flights over in Washington DC.

Argentina murder case deadly.

A who's who of characters.

AZ and USA toughest sheriff tackles the Super Bowl.

Drone makers offers to block flights over DC.

News and Thoughts 1/27/2015 II:

1. Man is formally charged in the.

2. Craig List murder of elderly Ga couple.

3. Both were shot over their car.

4. Feds to investigate the bomb threat.

5. Over on Twitter as the showing that.

6. Need to be careful on whether posting on that.

Thoughts for the day:Man could get the death penalty.

Really saddened that elderly couple got murdered.

Craig's List needs to be careful as

That is a haven for criminals.

Would never post on there.

News and Thoughts 1/27/2015:

1. No Polar Votex for NYC as.

2. It is in Boston MA as.

3.It snowed so much in that part.

4. Ga executes a man that is.

5. Mentally disabled despite the fact he.

6. Killed an inmate years ago.

7. 75M I Phones are sold by Apple.

Thoughts for the day:No Polar Votex in NYC as

It did do well in Boston MA.

Ga executes a mentally disabled man.

He killed an inmate.

News and Thoughts 1/26/2015 VI

1. Teen snow tubing over in NY.

2. Has died next to hitting the pole.

3. Man that created the drone says.

4. The White House was drunk.

5. But the drone seemed harmless.

6. People across the USA are bracing.

7. For the weather in the Northeast.

Thoughts for the day:Teen snow tubing in NY.

Has died next to hitting the pole.

Drunk man over the White House drone.

But it was very harmless.

News and Thoughts 1/26/2015 V:

1. Why wearing turbans in America could.

2. Be sending the Islam and Muslim religion.

3. The wrong kind of message.

4. Alaska is sending the wrong kind of message.

5. Over in the protection of the.

6. Way of the protecting of the refugees.

7. Alabama appeals decision over in the.

8. Gay rights issue thing blocking ban.

Thoughts for the day:Wearing turbans is seen as.

Offensive and really rubs the USA the wrong way.

Alaska protecting refugees is like protecting those.

That entered the USA illegally.

News and Thoughts 1/26/2015 IV:

1. Dow drops to 300 points as.

2. The stocks need to recover.

3. Super Bowl week as the media day.

4. Will spotlight and highlight the Pats problems.

5. Over with the so-called Deflate Gate.

6. Oscar nod actor Benedict Cumblebatch apologizes for.

7. Calling colored actors out saying he made a mistake.

Thoughts for the day:All is forgiven Benedict.

Deflate Gate could be shut up by.

The Pats winning the big game.

Super Bowl media day today.

News and Thoughts 1/26/2015 III:

1. Blizzard that has rocked it's.

2. Way to the Boston area but.

3. Pentagon has ID the remains of.

4. A WWII vet that was killed in 1942.

5. Greg Anthony the player turned NBA analyst.

6. Was caught offering $80 to prostitute.

7. And was suspended over it by TV.

8. Did ABC nearly fired Rosie Perez?

Thoughts for the day:The View has been really a downer.

Since a lot of my favorites left.

Greg Anthony caught offering $80 to a prostitute.

Got suspended over it.

Pentagon has remains of WWII vet.