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News and Thoughts 8/26/2014 IV:

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1. Islamic state is holding woman.

2. Who is a 26-year old and American hostage.

3. Cobra severed over on a head.

4. Killing a chef in the process.

5. Ex-Fla Governor who was a GOP.

6. Turned Democrat Charlie Crist elected.

7. Wrestler among four dead in OH plane crash.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Hump Day!

Woman an American and 26-years old.

Is held hostage in Islamic state.

Chef killed over in Cobra severe head.

Better watch out for those cobras.

Wrestler among four dead in OH plane crash!

News and Thoughts 8/26/2014 III:

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1. US journalist back home after he.

2. Was held hostage two years.

3. American terrorist dies for the ISIS cause.

4. Islamic state is holding woman, 26 hostage.

5. Detroit police officer who shot a man.

6. Is telling his side of the story.

7. Cops are now seeking the homeless date.

8. At VMA's of Miley Cyrus now.

Thoughts for the day:Went and saw If I stay.

Really it is sad but a touching movie.

Islamic state is holding a woman.

Who is a 26-year old hostage.

American terrorist dies for cause.

Really the guy just denounced his homeland.

News and Thoughts 8/26/2014 II:

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1. Lawyer says that a hero fired for age.

2. Kidnap text have save a woman.

3. From being a victim of someone heinous plan.

4. Ebola has the upper hand says.

5. An official with knowledge of virus.

6. NYC train went the wrong way.

7. Drug tainted bills are being investigated.

8. Ferguson needs to change it's ways or else.

Thoughts for the day:Hero fired for age.

Ebola is gaining the advantage as

Japan may have a cure over it.

Or so they say with drug.

NYC train that went the wrong way.

Could had caused so much beyond chaos.

News and Thoughts 8/26/2014:

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1. US begins its Syria surveillance.

2. Something that they should had done long ago.

3. NYC train goes the wrong way.

4. WHO says it needs to ban.

5. E-cigs for the minors there.

6. Kidnap text helps to save a woman.

7. Who flees her monster kidnapper.

Thoughts for the day:US should had begun Syria surveillance.

A long time ago but Russia, Ukraine, ISIS,and Iraq.

Had gotten in the way somewhere there.

NYC train could had hurt others.

News and Thoughts 8/25/2014 IV:

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1. Tech creating both African-American and Hispanic.

2. In the under class thing.

3. GOP campaign video features the video.

4. Over in the killer of James Foley.

5. UK ID's killer of James Foley as.

6. Billy Crystal gives such a moving.

6. Speech about his friend, Robin Williams.

Thoughts for the day:Two weeks on Monday was when

Robin Williams left us as really it has.

Not at all sit in yet.

James Foley killer was a UK rapper.

Says the UK Intel thing.

Have a great Tuesday!

News and Thoughts 8/25/2014 III:

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1. Amid furor over the killing of Michael Brown.

2. In trying to bring peace to the.

3. Riots as third quiet night is what they need.

4. UK says that the James Foley killer.

5. Is indeed a former raper turned terrorist.

6. Ex-FBI chief Louis Freeh has been injured.

7. In a car crash but was wearing his seat belt.

Thoughts for the day:Michael Brown thing in trying to

Bring peace after a few weeks riot over.

In the Ferguson thing as third straight night of quiet.

James Foley killer is indeed a former raper.

Best wishes for Louis Freeh to get well.

News and Thoughts 8/25/2014 II:

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1. Ex-Miss Spain comes on out.

2. Sleep drunkeness happens to be common.

3. Paris relieves joy of celebration.

4. New library has no new books.

5. Japan could offer a Ebola drug.

6. Emmy Awards are tonight!

Thoughts for the day:Another person comes out of the closet.

Sleep drunkeness just happens.

Paris has a joy of celebration.

Have a great Monday!

And a great week!

News and Thoughts 8/25/2014:

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1. Michael Brown is laid to rest.

2. Ferguson thing is slowly yet surely dying down.

3. Over in the protest thing.

4. Woman 75, gets life for a cold case in Utah.

5. After shooting her husband years ago.

6. Gas plumes over on the East Coast.

7. OK sued over for the executions.

8. After they were botched up.

Thoughts for the day:Michael Brown is laid to rest.

Ferguson in need of slowly dying down over.

In the protests as people need to move on.

About 95% of them are outsiders.

Gas plumes over in the East Coast.

OK sued over for execution botched up.

News and Thoughts 8/24/2014 IV:

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1. For millions of cord cutters it.

2. Is the Cable TV goes to blank.

3. Quake rattles in CA as Napa wineries.

4. Did not at all get rattled.

5. Countries scolded on human rights are.

6. Lashing out in Ferguson.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great week.

Millions of cord cutters have gone in the blank.

Over on the Cable TV thing.

Ferguson lashed out by other countries.

News and Thoughts 8/24/2014 III:

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1. Family of Michael Brown are preparing to.

2. Say good-bye to their son.

3. Napa is back to normal.

4. After the 6.0 quake in CA.

5.CA has 120 injured and three critically.

6. Richard Attenborough 90, acclaimed actor and director.

7. Has died as he won Oscars.

8. UK ID's man in the death of James Foley.

Thoughts for the day:RIP Richard Attenborough.

Know him as the kindly grandfather in Jurassic Park.

Michael Brown family preparing to say good-bye to family.

6.0 Quake over in CA.

Napal trying to get back to life.