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News and Thoughts 7/23/2014 IV:

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1. AZ condemned inmate dies in two hours.

2. 660 Gasps of air over in the lethal injection.

3. Five different ways Israel and Hamas are different.

4. Over in this war of struggle.

5. Montana Senator Walsh says that.

6. PTSD thesis is a a huge mistake.

Thoughts for the day:AZ condemned inmate dies in two hours.

Another blunder in the lethal injection thing.

Five different ways Israels and Hamas are different.

Over the war of struggle.

PTSD thesis is a huge mistake it seems.

News and Thoughts 7/23/2014 III:

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1. Arrests are made in the Global.

2. Stub Hub of the $1.6M theft.

3. AAA says that if we stop and start.

4. Car engines it could help us save gas.

5. Paul Ryan wants to end homelessness.

6. Discovery twenty amazing facts about your hearts.

7. Regardless of rockets in Israel they.

8. Still want their birthright acknowledge.

9. Coincidence that pair of airliners crashed together.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Hump Day!

Paul Ryan now wants to end homelessness.

Twenty facts to help your heart.

Israel regardless of rockets wants to.

Acknowledge their birthright there.

Coincidence that pair of airliners crashed together.

Rivers will quit if Sterling remains with team.

Thought that Sterling was banned!

News and Thoughts 7/23/2014 II:

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1. Teen who sued parents claimed.

2. She was abused by her beau.

3. Six new GM cars are being.

4. Recalled up to 718,000.

5. Forty-seven staff and crew are feared dead.

6.Over in the Trans Air Asian crash.

7. Mom loses battle in brain dead baby case.

Thoughts for the day:Oh please teen suing parents.

As she needs to pull her own weight.

GM has six new cars being recalled.

30K People attend American's funeral after he.

Was killed by Hamas, one of two Americans.

Mom loses battle in brain dead baby case.

News and Thoughts 7/23/2014:

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1. Facebook once again is in the.

2. Financial gain front seat.

3. Apple vs Microsoft in the biggest rivals.

4. Over in the tech world.

5. 30,000 Attend the funeral of the.

6. American who was killed by Hamas.

7. FCC serves notice to providers over.

8. Internet speed over it.

Thoughts for the day:Facebook is in the dough again.

Gain over on the financial thing.

Apple vs Microsoft in big name rivals.

Tech world as both have been big time nemesis.

News and Thoughts 7/22/2014 IV:

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1. Snoop Dog says that he had smoked.

2. Weed while he visited W.H.

3. Ex-Alaska Governor Palin has been.

4. Caught red handed in speeding.

5. Brooklyn Bridge raises the white flag.

6. As that is a not too bright sign.

Thoughts for the day:Wonder how Snoop Dog did

Not get kicked out for smoking weed.

As the Secret Service messed that up.

Palin caught speeding of all places, Alaska.

Where she used to be Governor.

News and Thoughts 7/22/2014 III

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1. Tel Aviv planes that are being delayed.

2. Due to the Gaza Strip fighting leaving.

3. People that are from Israel in the USA stranded.

4. US says that Russian rebels are arming themselves.

5. Obama care is vulnerable to fraud.

6. Clinton has sparred with the Rubio over.

7. In the election year of 2016 with message.

8. Supreme Court lets the AZ execution of.

9. Condemned man into the right time.

Thoughts for the day:Israel people that are living.

In the Gaza Strip as they.

Are fighting in that country.

Clinton vs Rubio over election message.

Supreme Court lets AZ execution of condemned man.

Into the right time thing.

Have a great Tuesday!

News and Thoughts 7/22/2014:

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1. Billionaire has taken fire over the.

2. Herb Life comment of destroying them.

3. Appeals panel strikes blow on Obama Care.

4. Rogue wave kills a mother.

5. While on vacation with her family.

6. Starbucks Barista says that he was fired over tattoo.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Tuesday!

Herb Life backfires on Billionaire.

No wonder I do not get in the beach or ocean.

Due to crazed waves like that.

Prayers and thought are with that woman's family.

Barista tattoo got him canned in Starbucks.

News and Thoughts 7/22/2014:

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1. Lots of missing plane parts are.

2. Just that in sawed off MH17 flight.

3. FAA cancels the US flights over Gaza Strip.

4. In Israel for the time being due to fights.

5. Consumer Reports tells us to ignore cars.

6. Like the BMW and Benz and buy Buicks.

7. VA nod from Senators warnings as he faces.

8. Rough water when he takes job, should he.

9. What if a major tornado hit a major US city?

Thoughts for the day:Not just the plane is sawed

In half but also tampering with evidence.

FAA cancels all of the USA flights.

In Israel due to the Gaza fights.

Consumer Reports tells us to ignore cars.

Like BMW and Benz as Buick is the way to go.

Major US city would suffer damages like

NY and NJ did in Sandy in 2012.

News and Thoughts 7/21/2014 IV:

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1. All hope in immigration is really.

2. Out says the US Senator Coryn.

3. Child poverty rate is increasing.

4. $180K That was stolen over in.

5. The Atlantic City casino robber thing.

6. Ex-Marine arrested over missing woman.

Thoughts for the day:Immigration is really out with all hope.

Child poverty rate is increasing.

Atlantic City $180,000 casino is robbed.

Nobody is found in the robbery.

News and Thoughts 7/21/2014 III:

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1. WA has such a huge wildfire.

2. The worst over in their state.

3. Reporter from the UK has been.

4. Found stifling over in the luggage.

5. In the Malaysian plane crash.

6. Medal of honor goes to the soldier.

7. Who served in Afghan who went above and beyond.

8. Netflix doubles in their earnings last year.

Thoughts for the day:WA state has a huge wildfires.

Worst ever in the state.

Have a great Tuesday!

Reporter in the UK have they have no shame?

Medal of honor for person who served call and beyond.