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News and Thoughts 4/27/2015 III:

1. Man formally is charged in the.

2. Murder of an Indiana student.

3. Deadly NV brawl that has been.

4. In question called over in the.

5. Case of the guns and prison guards.

6. Expensive Skype thing over for.

7. Inmates and visitors to keep the latter safe.

Thoughts for the day:Skype for the prisoners is.

Expensive but it is safe no matter what.

Have a great Tuesday!

News and Thoughts 4/27/2015 VII:

1. Gulf of Mexico that will have.

2. Over in the rain that will.

3. Open up the rain over it.

4. Suspect over in the Utah airport.

5. Gate crasher is arrested over it.

6. Two exams are found near the.

7. CO shooter to be sane.

Thoughts for the day:Of course the shooter.

Is sane and knew right from wrong.

Let the case be about the victims and families.

News and Thoughts 4/27/2015 VI:

1. Robert Durst is going to be.

2. Held in New Orleans over murder charges.

3. One of the three murders.

4. He has been in the gun weapons.

5. KY woman is dead has filed for.

6. Divorce for sixty-six different times.

7. Man tried to avoid it and committed suicide.

Thoughts for the day:Man killed his wife as she was leaving.

As he was served divorce papers.

As he needed to kill her.

News and Thoughts 4/27/2015 V:

1. Funeral for Gray over in Baltimore.

2. Has drawn thousands of people.

3. Protesters against the police also.

4. Are supporters for Gray as.

5. They think that the feds need to.

6. Punish the police for the six officers.

7. Who violated Gray's civil rights.

Thoughts for the day:It seems not the first.

Nor will it be the last.

Of the kind of the protests.

Over in the race vs cops protest.

News and Thoughts 4/27/2015 IV:

1. Actress Jayne Meadows dies at 95.

2. As she was known for being the.

3. Wife of the late Steven Allen.

4. And the sister of the late Honeymooners, Audrey.

5. Sophia Bush remembers ex who died.

6. In the Nepal quake.

Thoughts for the day:RIP Jayne Meadows! :(

News and Thoughts 4/27/2015 III:

1. ESPN sues Verizon over in the.

2. Way of the stripped down plan.

3. Taylor Swift is trying to reason.

4. Over with the sheep.

5. Chiptole CEO is planning on the.

6. Banning of the GMO's from the food.

Thoughts for the day:Sheep are not as sweet and kind.

As they seem to be.

As they are so stubborn.

News and Thoughts 4/27/2015 II:

1. Baltimore police and protesters are.

2. Squaring off over in the death.

3. Of 25-year old man that.

4. Is causing them to have their.

5. Own Ferguson Missouri while the.

6. State of Emergency that is needed.

Thoughts for the day:Again not a good time to be a cop.

As hopefully that will die down.

News and Thoughts 4/27/2015:

1. Death toll over in the.

2. Quake of Nepal that is climbing.

3. As it is at 5,000 and.

4. How up to 100,000 are displaced.

5. Over in the way of their.

6. Homes that are no longer there.

Thoughts for the day:Give to the Red Cross or to the.

Salvation Army over for the tragedy in Nepal.

News and Thoughts 4/26/2015 VII:

1. GOP Governor says that the Clinton.

2. Book has error and not quid pro quo.

3. McCain renews to push the end.

4. Of the strikes of the drones.

5. Over from the CIA he says.

6. Could a female President come.

7. From the USA sooner rather that later.

Thoughts for the day:GOP Governor says that the.

Clinton book has error and not about.

Over in the quid pro quo.

News and Thoughts 4/26/2015 VI:

1. Lauren Hill the woman that died.

2. Of cancer has a memorial.

3. As she never, at all let it.

4. Be slow down as thousands of.

5. People end up turning up as.

6. She played her one and only game.

7. Drug czar who knows addiction game.

Thoughts for the day:Lauren Hill has one game.

Over in college but.

A lifetime she has lived then

We will ever despite losing her brave battle at only 19.