News and Thoughts 4/19/2014 III:

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1. Nigerian fights against the extremists.

2. Pope says faith to all ends of the earth.

3. Mazda recalled older SUVs.

4. Harper says that she is cancer free.

5. Ex-Army Ranger says that he may have been.

6. Or killed former NFL turned Ranger buddy, Pat Tillman in 2004.

7. Ex-con gets wish for his home in prison.

8. Three years due to not being able to live out in the real life.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Weekend!

Nigerian vs the extremists.

Pope says faith to all ends of the earth.

Ranger gives his first ever interview over Tillman.

As he was trying to keep a very low profile.

Who could blame him.

Ex-con gets wish to have three years in prison.

Due to not being able to live in the real world.

News and Thoughts 4/19/2014 II:

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1. Putin stymies West with the subterfuge.

2. Venice wants out of Italy.

3. Couple married seventy years are departed in death.

4. Fifteen hours from one another.

5. Atheist sues NJ over his license plate.

6. How a NY cab driver has managed to avoid paying.

7. Up to $28K in toll pay thing.

Thoughts for the day:May not like the toll pay thing.

But it is so that the highways can keep on going.

Atheist and others like that person will sue.

In order to keep their license plates God free.

Couple married for seventy years.

Depart in death fifteen hours apart.

Putin still playing wicked games.

News and Thoughts 4/19/2014:

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1. South Korea operator had issues in the past.

2. Before the recent incident with vessel.

3. Ukraine deal to open new ground.

4. Hopefully for safer passage and paths.

5. Sub search for missing jetliner wrapping up.

6. Antennas will let you watch TV for free.

7. By having them cut off.

8. USA fastest shrinking cities.

Thoughts for the day:South Korea operator has had issues in the past.

Before tragedy with the vessel.

Ukraine to deal with safer open ground.

Hoping that they can get Russia off their back.

Very likely doubt it however.

Have a great Saturday!

News and Thoughts 4/18/2014 III:

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1. Nike is bit by a large scale theft.

2. Security grows amid Delta taxied in remote area in Denver.

3. Iran sees a plane come into country that is from Utah bank.

4. Man gets life for chopping girlfriend in pieces.

5. Fizzling sales over the I Pad from Apple and what can be done to be corrected.

6. Twelve dead in worst ever avalanche in Mt Everest.

7. A teen is suspended after asking Miss USA for a date.

8. Official says diver found three bodies in South Korea ferry.

9. Mississippi vandalism in James Meredith statue has fraternity shut down.

10. WY slide are has raised concern.

Thoughts for the day:Never really like Nike.

I am a Reebok person!

Delta taxied security grows in Denver.

Trying to correct that mistakes.

Have a great and safe weekend.

Man gets life for chopping girlfriend in pieces.

Twelve dead in Mt Everest avlanche.

WY slide over concerns since Washington State.

News and Thoughts 4/18/2014 II:

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1. Over 200 immigrants are arrested.

2. Do women really like beards.

3. The deal may be done for Ukraine-Russia.

4. But it is going to take a lot.

5. South Korea takes ferry captain in custody.

6. Twenty are dead so far in ferry capsized.

7. Venezuela has their own riots.

8. As did the turn sink the ferry?

Thoughts for the day:Happy Good Friday!

200 Immigrants are arrested as.

All seem to be illegal.

My dad has a beard and my oldest nephew does.

Like clean cut men but also can make an exception.

Cause they are in the family LOL!

Thoughts and prayers are with the South Korea tragedy and victims.

News and Thoughts 4/18/2014:

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1. Quake hits over in Mexico.

2. How to stop phone theft from rising.

3. Easter babies don't disappoint at all.

4. Cargo in Space X lifts off.

5. Ten best NBA players that never been to Finals.

6. Why palm oil is being banned.

7. Mazda issues over the rust issue.

8. OH teacher fired over President comments.

9. The school board voted 4-0 over the teacher's comments.

Thoughts for the day:Quake hits Mexico but nobody injured.

For the time being.

How to stop phone theft from rising.

Cargo in Space X lifts off.

Happy Good Friday there.

Palm oil is being banned.

Rust issues hitting on Mazda.

OH teacher fired over making racial Presidential comments.

Be careful what you say or it will bite you in the rear.

News and Thoughts 4/17/2014 III:

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1. Kathleen Sebelius rules out Senate run.

2. Chelsea Clinton is pregnant with her first child.

3. With her husband of four years.

4. Obama says health care is working.

5. Weibo surges after low opening with IPO.

6. Ferry fears of texts with love and South Korea tragedy.

7. In the vessel with many students to their families.

8. Philly amour car theft by robbers of $105K.

Thoughts for the day:Kathleen Sebeilus after rules out Senate run.

After a rough HHS reign there.

Congrats to Chelsea is pregnant with first child.

Is the health care really working?

Vessel with many students texting good-bye.

To their loved ones there while it was sinking.

Have a great Good Friday!

News and Thoughts 4/17/2014 II:

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1. Food poisoning still a problem.

2. John Edwards back to practicing law.

3. Royal family is being harassed.

4. Jet lawsuits will they hold up?

5. 100 People murdered in the name of hatred.

6. All due to going to a hate website.

7. Economy of the Easter Eggs.

Thoughts for the day:Food poisoning still a problem.

John Edwards after his trial and acquittal.

After nearly two years back to practicing law.

100 People died in a website.

All in the name of hate.

World has really gone nuts.

News and Thoughts 4/17/2014:

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1. Obama holds news conferences as.

2. Issues included Ukraine, Obama Care, among others.

3. Progress in Ukraine and Russia deal.

4. John Kerry says the deal is signed.

5. Will US want Hilary the hawk back?

6. Jet lawsuits will they hold up?

7. Giving update on the Northern CA bus crash.

8. Easter eggs in the economy.

Thoughts for the day:Obama did not really talk about Ukraine but about Obama Care.

Even though there is a deal in place.

For the Ukraine Russia but action will have to speak.

Louder than words and deal.

John Kerry says that it easier said than done.

Have a great Thursday!

News and Thoughts 4/16/2014 III:

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1. Hundreds likely dead in South Korea vessel sinking.

2. IRS discusses criminal complaints in Tea Party thing.

3. Lone Boston bombing suspect can have private visits.

4. As well as view autopsy photos.

5. Players boycott coach despite the coach being.

6. Acquitted over child porn false charges.

7. Hunger is a silent US crisis.

8. Lance Armstrong back in bike business, as a bike mechanic.

Thoughts for the day:Keep thoughts and prayers with South Korea.

As hundreds may be dead in vessel thing.

IRS vs Tea Party Round whatever!

Lone Boston suspect giving him that, is really an insult to the victims families.

Players boycott coach despite coach being acquitted of false child porn charges.

Hunger is indeed a silent US crisis.

As well as the world's deadly but quiet crisis.

Have a great Thursday!