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News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 VI:

1. Space X Falcons that has launched.

2. Over in the skies to come.

3. Global warming that is in.

4. The coral killer study finds.

5. Twitter that has William Shatner having.

6. His own memorial for Leonard Nimoy.

Thoughts for the day:Shatner having his own Twitter.

Funeral rant over his friend Leonard N.

Global warming in the coral killer study finds.

Space X Falcons has launched over in the skies to come.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 V:

1. LA man struggles with police as.

2. He was killed in that struggle.

3. Motive is still unresolved over.

4. In the Missouri murder-suicide.

5. Releasing the name of the suspect.

6. As nine are killed over it.

Thoughts for the day:LA man struggles with police.

As he is killed.

Missouri murder-suicide motive that.

Is not revealed as the suspect.

Kills eight and killed himself.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 IV:

1. NOAA rejects the whale in the.

2. Sanctuary over in the Atlantic

3. Couple that is fighting over.

4. In the legal marijuana medical laws.

5. With the feds vs state government.

6. In the jurisdiction friction thing.

Thoughts for the day:Whales that are about to.

Fight over in the Atlantic.

NOAA has rejected them.

Couple fighting over legal marijuana pot laws.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 III:

1. There is a Walking Dead town.

2. Inspired by the AMC show.

3. Focus is the top box office.

4. After such a slow weekend.

5. Ebola nurse that is going to.

6. Sue the place that neglected her.

7. Over her case says lawyer.

Thoughts for the day:I am not one to.

Really very rarely jump on the bandwagon.

Hope you have a great week.

Ebola nurse needs to sue.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 II:

1. Deadly bacteria over in Louisiana.

2. While with the monkeys.

3. Concerns the sparks over in it.

4. Medical pot that are legal.

5. Over in the state vs federal pot.

6. Which is having a jurisdiction friction.

Thoughts for the day:Louisiana has a deadly bacteria.

Monkeys that have sparks over it.

That is spreading in it.

Legal medical pot over jurisdiction with

State vs federal pot.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015:

1. Netanyahu the PM of Israel.

2. Is coming to DC as he.

3. Wants to expose both the.

4. Partisan and diplomatic rifts.

5. Police say that boy 4, is.

6. Killed after finding the gun.

7. Of sitter that he was in home.

Thoughts for the day:Israel a long way to.

Go to the peace.

Partisan and diplomatic rifts.

Boy found a gun as really guns need

To be hid and locked.

News and Thoughts 2/28/2015 V:

1. William Shatner will miss Leonard Nimoy.

2. Funeral due to being in a charity thing.

3. As it really saddens him.

4. Rand Paul if the elections were held.

5. Today at C-PAC poll as he would win.

6. Over Scott Walker of WI.

Thoughts for the day:Shatner says that Nimoy was.

Like a brother to him.

Not just like a friend.

C-PAC poll if he won over Scott Walker.

Would be Rand Paul.

News and Thoughts 2/28/2015 IV:

1. College says marriage is made for.

2. A man and a woman.

3. Stand by their story over it.

4. Airline sends a man to Brazil on a mix up.

5. Kelly Osborne exits the Fashion Police.

6. Due to the Guilana Rancic racist comments.

Thoughts for the day:Man and woman are meant

For marriage in going as one.

Have a great Sunday!

Kelly Osborne to exit Fashion Police.

News and Thoughts 2/28/2015 III:

1. Fla police chief loses job.

2. Due to being arrested in the.

3. Three ring prostitution sex thing.

4. Lupita Nyong has her $150,000 dress back.

5. Taco Bell that is going to.

6. Be having Captain Crunch doughnut holes.

Thoughts for the day:End of career for the Fla police chief.

Three ring prostitution sex.

Lupita gets her $150,000 dress back.

News and Thoughts 2/28/2015 II:

1. Kid Rock gives up the Baynet thing.

2. Assassinated leader over against Putin.

3. Felt he was going to be dead two weeks ago.

4. Activists protest over in the.

5. Black sites over in the PD.

6. Focus is going to be taken.

7. Over in the Fifty Shades of Grey.

Thoughts for the day:Not a big fan of Kid Rock.

Putin opponent felt he was going.

To be dead two weeks ago.

Activists protest over in Chicago.

In the Police Department thing.