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News and Thoughts 8/29/2014 IV:

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1. Ex-OK cop is arrested and charged.

2. In the rapes and assaults of eight women he abused.

3. CA school over flap from the Arab-American community.

4. Decides to retire the old mascot.

5. Obama says that GOP has the.

6. Tony Stewart's return to NASCAR as.

7. Sponsors are leery of bad boy attitude.

8. Even in the death of Kevin War Jr.

Thoughts for the day:Cop abuses his power.

Over rapes and abuse of eight women.

Arab-American community decides to retire old mascot.

Tony Stewart returns with caution despite fatal wreck.

Which took the life of twenty-year old Kevin Ward Jr.

News and Thoughts 8/29/2014 III:

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1. Fate of stock rally could be.

2. Unveiled over until the end of September.

3. Up to thirty five million are planning to.

4. Be traveling for the road on Labor Day.

5. Real challenge over up to ALS.

6. How $100M is being raised to fight the disease.

7. Complete with a ice bucket challenge.

Thoughts for the day:Stocks rally could be unveiled.

Over into the end of September.

$100M Are raised for ALS as to fight the disease.

I am thinking of taking on the bucket challenge.

Myself if the family donates so that they do not have to.

No I am not joking!

News and Thoughts 8/29/2014 II:

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1. S&P closes with another record.

2. ISIS did target the Pope.

3. US says for now, no threat to.

4. The homeland but on the watch.

5. Hershey unveils the logo of theirs.

6. To be a new one.

7. Reputed gangster has been reputed.

Thoughts for the day:S&P closes with another record.

ISIS target the Pope Francis.

Says that in a new report.

Homeland in the US not a threat.

But need to be on the watch 24/7!

News and Thoughts 8/29/2014:

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1. Ex-cop convicted in murders.

2. TX abortion law aborted.

3. Woman like car haggling more.

4. Jon Voight did not know about.

5. Own wedding with daughter, Angelina.

6. Warrant for Girls Gone Wild Founder.

7. UN condemns police brutality.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Friday!

Ex-cop oonvicted in murders.

TX abortion law is aborted.

Can't wait for the NFL regular season.

Preseason is now over and done.

News and Thoughts 8/28/2014 IV:

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1. CA legislature says that yes means yes.

2. Joan Rivers is in hospital as.

3. She is resting comfortably over throat suffering.

4. Woman that was killed at the.

5. Burning man was a gallery manager.

6. Fiji says that forty-three people.

7. Soldiers had been captured in Golan Heights.

Thoughts for the day:CA legislature yes means yes.

In a new bill thing.

Hope Joan River is doing well.

And she recovers well.

Woman that was killed Burning Man thing, is a gallery manager.

Happy Weekend!

News and Thoughts 8/28/2014 III:

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1. Most in a new poll says that.

2. US needs to be more involved with.

3. Fighting the war against terrorists.

4. Google has new drone plan.

5. Plane has been diverted due to.

6. A reclining seat thing on the flight.

7. NFL tougher and stricter guidelines.

8. Over on the domestic violence thing.

Thoughts for the day:More and more against the US war.

Against the terrorists and Islamic state.

US needs to have alleys to help them win.

In order to do so.

NFL tougher and stricter guidelines in the.

Aftermath of the outcry in Ray Rice suspension.

News and Thoughts 8/28/2014 II:

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1. School bus driver charged with DUI.

2. Murder charge for child care worker.

3. Over in a boy's death.

4. Ukraine has some scarce scenes.

5. Flight diverted over in two unruly passengers.

6. Ebola could strike up to 20,000.

7. Comedian Joan Rivers fights for life after she stopped breathing.

8. During surgery for her throat.

Thoughts for the day:Never drive drunk in a bus.

When you are having kids lives at risk.

Child care worker over boy's death murder charge.

Hope Joan Rivers though not a fan.

Will get better.

News and Thoughts 8/28/2014:

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1. Boston suspect's sister is arrested.

2. Over on plot to blow up NY.

3. Police say man killed wife at hospital.

4. Also son died as well.

5. You want to hear a secret.

6. Hello Kitty is not a cat actually.

7. New drugs end up killing condemned man.

8. Over in a botched OK execution.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Thursday!

Sister tried to blow up girl and her boyfriend.

As she held a grudge.

Police say family man killed wife and son.

Hello Kitty not really a cat?

That is strange!

News and Thoughts 8/27/2014 IV:

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1. Japan PM says he supports war crimes and criminals.

2. Ebola virus hits a medic from WHO.

3. Now that the Sterling mess is no more.

4. Doc Rivers has re-signed with the Clippers.

5. As peace and healing come to the team.

Thoughts for the day:Is the PM nuts to say that.

He does support war criminals.

Ebola virus hits a WHO medic.

Sterling mess no more.

Doc Rivers has resigned with the Clippers once again.

News and Thoughts 8/27/2014 III:

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1. Cops crew member is killed.

2. But won't be seen on TV.

3. Lennon killer denied parole for eighth straight time.

4. Says what he did was idiotic.

5. Radio contact lost over in the plane crash.

6. Feel good story was indeed a hoax.

7. Hate crimes verdicts are nixed.

8. USC star suspended over feel good story turned hoax.

Thoughts for the day:Really hate it that the feel good story.

Over on the hoax thing is just that.

Star fell as he is also captain of the football team.

Happy Hump Day!

Lennon killer won't ever get out of prison!