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News and Thoughts 4/17/2015 VII

1. Defense viewed at failing the.

2. OK city bomber who was executed.

3. Back in 2001 as the twentieth anniversary.

4. Is now coming up on Sunday.

5. OH woman who fatally shot her.

6. Boyfriend six times is now.

7. Being called the new Jodi Arias.

Thoughts for the day:Will not mention the suspect.

Over the bombing over out of.

Respect for families and victims.

News and Thoughts 4/17/2015 VI:

1. Gas range over in CA that.

2. Has blown up as about.

3. Eleven are injured over it.

4. Race has crept over in the.

5. US AG Lynch nod as she.

6. Went from being a sure fire thing.

7. To being one down to the wire.

Thoughts for the day:Gas range over in CA.

Blows up as eleven are injured.

Race has crept over in the.

US AG nod for Lynch.

News and Thoughts 4/17/2015 V:

1. Chris Chase says that Britt McHenry.

2. Suspended over her rant is.

3. Misjudged way too soon.

4. Man realizes he babysat a kidnapped boy.

5. RIP to Chicago Cardinal Francis George, 78 who died.

6. Dr Oz amid calls to Colombia U to resign defends practice.

Thoughts for the day:They will not get rid of Dr Oz.

RIP to the Cardinal.

McHenry will live and learn.

News and Thoughts 4/17/2015 IV:

1. Jordan Spieth is wanting to still.

2. Keep up his hot streak continuing.

3. After the win at the Master's.

4. EU recovery look good on paper.

5. But not on the pockets.

6. TWC bid by Comcast Justice Department is nixing.

Thoughts for the day:Jordan is on such a hot streak.

Things that do look good on paper.

But not always in reality.

If ya know what I mean.

News and Thoughts 4/17/2015 III:

1. Suge Knight facing murder charges over.

2. Video in the fatal hit and run that killed one person.

3. Passenger that hit a snoring passenger.

4. Is banned for a year after.

5. Air Marshals ended up confronting her.

Thoughts for the day:Never, ever hit a passenger.

Regardless if they are snoring or not.

News and Thoughts 4/17/2015 II:

1. Iraq says that Saddam #2 is.

2. Now declared dead good riddance.

3. Mike Huckabee to announce on May 5th.

4. Whether or not that he will run.

5. For the Presidency in 2016.

6. Tim McGraw criticized for giving Sandy Hook concert.

Thoughts for the day:Good riddance to Saddam and his people.

Mike Huckabee is deciding whether he needs to run.

For the Presidency in 2016.

News and Thoughts 4/17/2015:

1. GOP to have meet at.

2. New Hampshire where the.

3. Very first ever primary to.

4. Be taken place there as.

5. Hope to defeat the Democrats.

6. Gruesome sight over in the five people.

7. In Phoenix murder-suicide thing.

Thoughts for the day:Can't wait for the elections.

As really love it when they take place.

Have a great Friday!

News and Thoughts 4/16/2015 VII:

1. Obama's pivot on his trade.

2. That could be meaning war.

3. One GOP says that Conservatism.

4. Is winning the war on abortion.

5. Is Clinton evolving or is she.

6. About to eye over on flip flopping.

Thoughts for the day:Obama's pivot on trade could.

Be meaning some problems.

GOP says that Conservatism may be

Winning over against abortion.

News and Thoughts 4/16/2015 VI:

1. Twitter is out to crack down.

2. Over on the abusive tweets.

3. As some that are with racism.

4. And other crimes as the authorities have.

5. Had to arrest some over those remarks.

6. Reminding us how to use social media.

7. In a responsible and polite way.

Thoughts for the day:Really use social media in a responsible way my friends.

Be responsible about it.

News and Thoughts 4/16/2015 V:

1. OK City that would set the.

2. Tone for the USA in trying.

3. To prevent terrorism before five years.

4. Later 9/11 has hit as the.

5. 169 People that were killed.

6. To be remembered after twenty-years.

7. Over such a tragedy.

Thoughts for the day:Remembered that as a kid back then.

Really sad as it stings.

All on our own soil