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News and Thoughts 11/26/2014 II:

1. Caught in the crossfire as a teen.

2. Trying to make a new life.

3. Up to 500 flights that are.

4. Being cancelled over in severe weather.

5. Travelers that are trying to make it.

6. No normal life for Darren Wilson,

7. Despite being an expecting father.

Thoughts for the day:Caught in the crossfire as a.

Teen making a new life.

Up to 500 flights cancelled.

No normal life for Darren Wilson.

Have a great Wed!

News and Thoughts 11/26/2014:

1. Protesters all over the country as.

2. A lot of people and protesters getting out of line.

3. MN car goes through a.

4. Protester as teenager legs are caught.

5. Taken to the hospital.

6. Darren Wilson says he would not.

7. Change anything at all if.

8. Regardless of race, color, or creed.

Thoughts for the day:Up to forty states that.

Are in protesters and rioters out of line.

There is a difference between both

Protesters and rioters.

Darren Wilson admits he feared for his life.

News and Thoughts 11/25/2014 IV:

1. U of VA focuses on alcohol's role.

2. Over in the sexual assault thing.

3. Push for school diversity is.

4. Having a rough time for a school.

5. Is the police tactics that are very.

6. Acceptable over in Ferguson?

Thoughts for the day:VA focuses over on the alcohol role.

In the sexual assault thing.

Push for the school diversity is.

Having a rough time for a school.

Ferguson police and National Guard tactics acceptable?

News and Thoughts 11/25/2014 III:

1. More protesters in wake of grand jury.

2. Still are very upset due to the fact.

3. Of no indictment over it.

4. Torching the police car in Ferguson.

5. Obama says that Ferguson is not the only.

6. State that is in need of racial harmony.

7. Darren Wilson says that he is ready have.

8. USA getting ready to hear him.

Thoughts for the day:More of the protesters of the wake of.

Grand jury still upset over the fact of no indictment.

Ferguson is not just the only state that is.

In need of racial harmony says Obama.

Happy Wednesday!

News and Thoughts 11/25/2014 II:

1. Severe weather over in the.

2. Wednesday a warning sign to.

3. Long holiday season over in the snow.

4. Up to 30M people that are traveling.

5. Obama and Hagel never made the.

6. Relationship work as they kept butting heads.

Thoughts for the day:Severe weather as be careful.

For those that travel as.

Wednesday to be really bad.

Up to 30,000,000 are traveling.

Stay safe and sound.

News and Thoughts 11/25/2014:

1. Ferguson fires are all night as.

2. Protesters are still upset over the.

3. Way that grand jury was announced.

4. Darren Wilson to give his first interview.

5. On ABC News as he admits that.

6. He was in fear of his life and for doing his job.

7. Apple to break the $700M mark.

8. On it's way to $1B.

Thoughts for the day: Happy Tuesday!

Thoughts and prayers are with Ferguson.

How in the world can they

Do this to their own home.

And their own town?!

Darren Wilson gives first interview to ABC News!

News and Thoughts 11/24/2014 IV:

1. Cleveland boy that was fatally shot.

2. By cop caught on video camera.

3. Cop though boy had a real gun, not the.

4. Replica gun that boy was carrying.

5. Family says town wants pit bull dog put out of.

6. It's misery for good!

Thoughts for the day:Never get a pit bull for a dog

Cop thought boy had a real gun.

Not a replica gun.

Really not a good time to be a cop!

News and Thoughts 11/24/2014 III:

1. Ferguson now up in riots as.

2. Fire is all over the town with violence.

3. Police and National Guard seem to be.

4. Outpowered and outnumbered over in the.

5. Tear Gas and looting in the streets.

6. Parents of Michael Brown that are upset.

7. Over the not having Darren Wilson indicted.

8. Cop who had the fatal shots.

Thoughts for the day: Just pray for peace in Ferguson.

As they are in need of trying

To get back to peace and to.

Learn to love one another and know that.

The only race is the human race.

News and Thoughts 11/24/2014 II:

1. Captain of the Navy warship that.

2. Is relieved of his duty.

3. CA crash that may have.

4. Been caused by some fatigue.

5. Restaurants brace for calorie labeling rule.

6. Cleveland police officer that is.

7. Seen on video shooting kid with gun clear.

Thoughts for the day:Navy Captain is relieved of duty.

Fatigue been caused by CA crash.

Restaurants brace for calorie labeling rule.

Have a great Monday!

News and Thoughts 11/24/2014:

1. Some thirty horses that have.

2. Been killed in a fire in Chicago stable.

3. Ferguson to announce the grand jury verdict.

4. Over at 9PM EST whether officer.

5. Darren Wilson will be indicted or not.

6. Over the August fatal shooting of Michael Brown, 18.

7. Rudy Giuliani defends himself against racist claims.

Thoughts for the day:Just hope for the best.

But praying for the worst in Ferguson.

Darren Wilson learns his fate.

Will type this as listening to this on CBS!