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News and Thoughts 9/2/2014 II:

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1. ISIS terrorist group says that they.

2. Had beheaded the journalist Steve Sortloff.

3. Joan Rivers family is going to be.

4. Either taking the 81-year old comedienne off life support.

5. As she is still at a NY hospital.

Thoughts for the day:Really sickening what that ISIS terrorist group.

Did to that journalist as he was just trying.

To do his job.

Really something hard on the Rivers family either

To take her off life support or let her slip away.

Very tough decision?!

News and Thoughts 9/2/2014:

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1. Two men are released from a murder.

2. Conviction that has sentenced them to.

3. Life since 1983 due to DNA that.

4. Has exonerated both of the men.

5. Seven reasons that you bruise.

6. Is a mortgage crisis coming?

7. US Govt sickened by journalist death.

8. Venezuela has condemned TV show.

9. World class sprinter Bolt challenged by 103-year old.

10. Home Depot is having a huge breach.

Thoughts for the day:Really DNA has come a long way.

Since it was first tested.

But still has a long way to go.

Mortgage crisis coming here?

US Govt sickened by the beheading of journalist.

Venezuela has condemned TV show.

Have a great Tuesday!

Bolt being challenged by 103=-year old sprinter.

News and Thoughts 9/1/2014 IV:

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1. Obama in Labor Day has been.

2. Talking in the minimum wage.

3. See Angelina in her wedding dress.

4. It was taken from People Magazine.

5. US military targets over in Syria.

6. As they eye the extremists.

Thoughts for the day:Talking in the minimum wage.

Over in the Labor Day.

Angelina in her wedding dress in People Magazine.

Hope you all have had a great Labor Day.

Have a great week!

News and Thoughts 9/1/2014 III:

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1. Who are the Americans that are.

2. In North Korea as there are three men.

3. Ga couple with kids kidnapped and shot.

4. Suspects being looked for as mother survives.

5. US made sneakers have been in.

6. A foot over for some military

7. Labor Day the President talks minimum wage.

Thoughts for the day:Three Americans that are being.

Held over in North Korea.

As hope that there are talks.

Maybe the President that can get.

Someone to come and get them out.

US made sneakers have been a foot over

News and Thoughts 9/1/2014 II:

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1. UK boy detained over in Spain.

2. Ukraine battling the Russian tanks.

3. Can you really die from a lack of sleep?

4. Three kids killed in China.

5. Divisive Arab mascot officially retired.

6. $2.4B Casino begins a shutdown.

7. Rough weather has wrecked havoc.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great week.

Ukraine battling Russian tanks.

Can you die from a lack of sleep.

China has three kids killed.

Casino worth billions to shut down.

News and Thoughts 9/1/2014:

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1. Labor Day 2014 is here.

2. Eight dead in Paris building crash.

3. Surprising on working with the American place.

4. Like at a McDonald's to know.

5. There is little grey area over.

6. After the aftermath of Ferguson killing.

7. Auctioned off on the baseball cards.

Thoughts for the day:Labor Day 2014 is here.

Eight dead in Paris building crash.

American places where people work at.

Grey area matter Ferguson killing.

News and Thoughts 8/31/2014 IV:

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1. Oil tanker vanishes with $100M.

2. While with cargo off of TX coast.

3. Casket the slide down the hill.

4. Has been described as a freak accident.

5. Putin has called Ukraine in order.

6. To have some talks with them.

7. But will it be working?

Thoughts for the day:Oil tanker vanishes as

How it could just vanished with all that money.

Casket down the hill slides was beyond a freak accident.

It gave the people in attendance a scarce.

Putin talking to Ukraine as this could just be a trick.

News and Thoughts 8/31/2014 III:

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1. Texting while you are driving as.

2. Woman impaled through the buttocks.

3. Rivers daughter telling us to keep fingers crossed.

4. Iraqi takes back the town as.

5. Militants are fleeing since US forces came to strike back.

6. ID the five killed in Denver plane crash.

7. Judge has blocked Louisiana abortion enforcement law.

Thoughts for the day:Labor Day is today for 2014.

Really never text while you drive.

Have the person riding shotgun with you do so.

ID five killed in Denver plane crash.

Rivers daughter is hopeful but also in denial.

News and Thoughts 8/31/2014 II:

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1. Three are injured in NY lightening strike.

2. Five killed in Denver plane crash.

3. As there are no survivors there.

4. A federal agent is arrested after he brandished gun,

5. Slow box office weekend this Labor Day.

6. Joan Rivers not making it in her coma.

7. Mother of boy who brought gun to school sentenced.

Thoughts for the day:Be aware of lightening strikes.

Five killed in Denver plane crash.

As small planes need to find a way.

To help in trying to not crash.

Joan Rivers chances of not making it slim to none.

But God has better plans.

News and Thoughts 8/31/2014:

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1. ISIS is being attacked by the.

2. Iraqi war soldiers as they are stepping up.

3. Powerful after shocks in quakes over.

4. Last week Napal CA had them.

5. Malaysian Crew of 6,000 to be laid off.

6. Over the two airplanes controversies it seems.

7. Libyan militia has invaded and took command.

8. Over in the US Embassy thing.

Thoughts for the day:ISIS is being attacked by the.

Iraqi war soldiers as they are stepping up.

Powerful after shocks in quakes over.

In the Napal CA had them.

Overhaul over in Malaysian crew 6,000 to be laid off.