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News and Thoughts 7/25/2014 IV:

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1. Same sex ban struck down.

2. Alaska has quake as that.

3. Is rare to have quake over in snowy part of country.

4.Pa gunman at hospital shooting would had killed more.

5. If heroic doctor did not stop him.

6. 300 Homes that are destroyed over.

7. In the WA state wildfires.

Thoughts for the day:Miami area has been struck down.

Over by the gay marriage ban.

Pa gunman would had killed more if.

Heroic doctor did not stop the man.

Have a great weekend!

News and Thoughts 7/25/2014 III:

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1. Feds say that officials in.

2. Dallas took $1M over in bribes.

3. Very short cease fire in Gaza Strip.

4. There is no surprise to that.

5. House OKs child tax hike.

6. $190M For the pelvis pic victims.

7. Radar captures may swarm.

8. Death penalty off the table over.

9. Error with the two men in case.

Thoughts for the day:Just like I said.

Love politics but glad I am not

In it as really get caught over with the power.

Death penalty off the table.

With two men in case.

As both men needed to be tried separately.

Not together says the eighth amendment.

News and Thoughts 7/25/2014 II:

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1. Hudson River is safer after.

2. The boat crash that occurred last year.

3.Congress to do list very large but.

4. They seem to not want to do anything.

5. Sentences for two people that were.

6. Convicted in the beating of a driver.

7. One family's bucket list to woman killed by drunk driver.

8. Helping her legacy live on.

Thoughts for the day:Hudson River is safer now.

As hopefully learning from boat crash lesson.

Congress large to do list but.

They do not want to do anything else.

Oh politics is not that hard people!

Sentences for two people who beat up a driver.

Near to his death!

News and Thoughts 7/25/2014:

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1. Feds show how stoned it is.

2. Not to be driving under the influence.

3. 12-Hour cease fire for Gaza.

4. Despite turning down Kerry cease fire plan originally.

5. Carjackers from Pa drive into crowd.

6. Kills up to three kids.

7. US fighter jets escort an Canadian plane.

8. After a threat occurred over it.

Thoughts for the day:Stoned is one thing with drugs.

Just like alcohol over it.

12-Hour cease fire with the Gaza and Israel.

Despite originally turning down the Kerry plan.

US fighter jets escort on Canadian plane.

Due to a threat.

News and Thoughts 7/24/2014 IV:

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1. Air Alergy wreckage found in Maui.

2. Pa doctor who shot patient as.

3. The patient fatally shot a caseworker.

4. Russian military fires upon officials over.

5. In the Eastern Ukraine place where.

7. Debris over in the MH17 site.

Thoughts for the day:Sadly caseworker dead over

Patient in custody, stopped by doctor.

Have a great weekend!

Maui finds Air Alergy!

News and Thoughts 7/24/2014 III:

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1. MT Senator Walsh is going to review.

2. By the Army War College thing.

3. Human rights or human shield over.

4. In the Israel-Gaza war thing.

5. Man that was out jogging mauled to.

6. Death by the neighborhood dogs.

7. Earth in the midst of the new study.

8. Over in the six mass extinction.

9. Wreckage of the teenage fatal crash.

10. Of plane has been found in Samoa.

Thoughts for the day:The PTSD MT Senator Walsh.

To be looked at by Army college.

War Israel Gaza thing is going on.

Man that was out jogging was mauled to death.

By the dogs thing.

Don't buy dogs that are with pit bulls or bulldogs.

Have a great Friday!

Amazon used to be the in thing.

News and Thoughts 7/24/2014 II:

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1. Hershey is warning of stick shocker.

2. Execution of a man says his lawyer.

3. Went off without any hitch.

4. Overall safety for passengers and crew of all flights.

5. Is a huge concern over disappearances and crashes.

6. UN school has been hit overseas.

Thoughts for the day:Execution of an AZ man.

Did not go off without no hitch.

Again safety for passengers and crew of

Any and all flights a must.

Now especially overseas that is.

Happy Thursday!

News and Thoughts 7/24/2014:

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1. Wreckage of Air Algerie has been found.

2. Zuckerbeg can become rich again.

3. Severe weather headed to Midwest again.

4. More girls ask for cancer vaccine.

5. Fla law professor murder is a mystery.

6. Cars may get anti-hacking device.

7. Walmart managers make much more than Starbucks counterparts.

8. Week ago 298 people killed on MH17 flight.

9. Families and friends of theirs are forever changed.

Thoughts for the day:Really the safety of passengers and crew.

Now that a few planes have disappeared.

Overseas as that has become a concern.

More girls ask for cancer vaccines.

Anti-hacking devices for cars coming.

To prevent people from stealing cars.

News and Thoughts 7/23/2014 IV:

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1. AZ condemned inmate dies in two hours.

2. 660 Gasps of air over in the lethal injection.

3. Five different ways Israel and Hamas are different.

4. Over in this war of struggle.

5. Montana Senator Walsh says that.

6. PTSD thesis is a a huge mistake.

Thoughts for the day:AZ condemned inmate dies in two hours.

Another blunder in the lethal injection thing.

Five different ways Israels and Hamas are different.

Over the war of struggle.

PTSD thesis is a huge mistake it seems.

News and Thoughts 7/23/2014 III:

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1. Arrests are made in the Global.

2. Stub Hub of the $1.6M theft.

3. AAA says that if we stop and start.

4. Car engines it could help us save gas.

5. Paul Ryan wants to end homelessness.

6. Discovery twenty amazing facts about your hearts.

7. Regardless of rockets in Israel they.

8. Still want their birthright acknowledge.

9. Coincidence that pair of airliners crashed together.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Hump Day!

Paul Ryan now wants to end homelessness.

Twenty facts to help your heart.

Israel regardless of rockets wants to.

Acknowledge their birthright there.

Coincidence that pair of airliners crashed together.

Rivers will quit if Sterling remains with team.

Thought that Sterling was banned!