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News and Thoughts Halloween 2014 IV:

1. Apple CEO comes out of the closet.

2. Maine Governor hopes to reason.

3. With the quarantine nurse that won't.

4. Seem to reason with her own health.

5. Two men end up save in the.

6. $24,000 Of the investing thing.

Thoughts for the day:Apple CEO comes out of the closet.

How that could affect his job.

Maine Governor better reason with the quarantine nurse.

She is really affecting the people of Maine.

Investment turns out to something else for two men.

News and Thoughts Halloween 2014 III:

1. After forty-eight days on the run.

2. Eric Fein could be facing a death penalty.

3. Death penalty imminent over killing any kind of law enforcement.

4. Apple CEO Cook is out of the closet.

5. Pentagon is trying to gain the.

6. Advantage over to speed up in Ebola virus.

7. Halloween parade ends in tragedy.

8. Over for a mother and two kids with a train running into car.

Thoughts for the day:Finally Eric Fein is off the streets.

Finally that monster is off the streets.

Death penalty is imminent for him.

Killing any kind of law enforcement gives you the needle.

Pentagon advantage over in the Ebola virus.

Speed up there.

News and Thoughts Halloween 2014 II:

1. FTC sues dating sites that.

2. End up faking the profiles.

3. Maine nurse continues to defy the.

4. Authorities over being quarantine over the.

5. Ebola virus as she may hire a.

6. Civil rights lawyer over rights violations.

7. George Zimmerman grand jury facing civil rights violations.

Thoughts for the day:Zimmerman grand jury is now up in the air.

Over his violating of Martin rights.

Maine nurse could hire civil rights attorney.

She is affecting or threatening to affect those with Ebola.

Have some empathy!

News and Thoughts Halloween 2014:

1. LA to have a sport team in 2017.

2. As it could be a football one.

3. National Guard to head to HI.

4. Over on the clean up in lava.

5. CO edibles over in the pot thing.

6. With one toke over the line.

7. NATO has nineteen Russia aircraft intercepted.

Thoughts for the day:LA to have a sports team.

That is said to be NFL.

As NFL has not been in LA for nearly twenty years.

US National Guard to go to HI.

Cleaning up lava.

News and Thoughts 10/29/2014 IV:

1. Jihads claims a man that says.

2. He was tortured and held against his will.

3. SF Giants win the World Series.

4. Against the KC Royals 4-3, winning 3-2.

5. Madison Baumgarner wins the MVP as he.

6. Pitched the near perfect shutout.

Thoughts for the day:Jihad terrorists says a man captured and

Tortured him against his will.

Congrats tot he SF Giants in the World Series.

Wanted the KC Royals to win though!

News and Thoughts 10/29/2014 III:

1. Man has been delayed in being executed.

2. Over in Missouri for the time being.

3. NASA asteroid astronauts says that.

4. They can't reach out to Mars.

5. Killer Caimas is on the hunt for the crocodile.

6. Democrats are losing the youth vote.

7. As they seem to go to the vote of GOP.

8. How Ebola virus is getting to be cured in Sierra Leone.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Thursday!

Man delayed over in execution in Missouri.

NASA asteroid astronauts says that they can't reach out to Mars.

Killer Caimas is on the hunt for the crocodile.

Democrats are losing the youth vote.

Now going to the GOP!

News and Thoughts 10/29/2014 II:

1. Microsoft has 3,000 workers to be.

2. Laid off in a big kind of way.

3. Long Conservative Latin America.

4. Is now going to be so liberal.

5. WV says that almost the GOP.

6. Is like a heaven to them.

Thoughts for the day:3,000 Microsoft has up to all of these

Workers laid off in a big kind of way.

GOP WV is like a heaven to the state.

Liberalism now coming to former Conservative Latin America.

Happy Hump Day!

News and Thoughts 10/29/2014

1. FDA has approved of the Meningitis B.

2. X-Rated evidence over for Jodi Arias.

3. In the trial of her life heard.

4. How and why Amelia Earnhardt has died.

5. Wreckage could tell how and why.

6. Giants and Royals for them this is it.

7. Now or never in Game 7.

8. Atlas rocket successfully hits i rocket.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Thursday!

FDA has approved of the Meningitis B.

Amelia Earnhardt wreckage could tell how and why.

She may have wrecked and died.

Giants and Royals now or never!

News and Thoughts 10/28/2014 IV:

1. College Football has a playoff system.

2. A first of it's system.

3. Facebook is down 10%.

4. Fired radio host buzz over in.

5. The comment of the rough sex thing

6. What does the future hold for Atlas rocket V?

Thoughs for the day:College football playoff system.

Is a first f it's kind.

Facebook is down 10%.

Fired radio host buzz over rough sex comment thing.

Have a great Wed!

News and Thoughts 10/28/2014 III:

1. Meet the mid terms forty-two donors.

2. Pope says that the evolution.

3. Big Bang are now real.

4. Operation game inventor can't even

5. Pay for own operation of his own.

6. Which is a real operation.

7. Nurse admits that the fault of veteran.

8. Was that of her own.

Thoughts for the day:The forty-two donors in the

Mid terms to have.

Poe says that evolution and Big Bang are real.

Have a great Hump Day.

Operation game inventor can't even pay for own real operation.

Very sad to hear!