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News and Thoughts 8/1/2014 II:

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1. Obama and Putin are talking about.

2. Having a truce over in Gaza and Israel.

3. HOF Weekend NFL 2014.

4. Pope Francis has surprise second lunch.

5. Biggest weddings do's and don'ts

6. Internal Affairs officials in NY says that.

7. Hold of police caused death.

Thoughts for the day:How long a cease fire can happen.

There will be no Middle East peace.

Pope Francis is just an average Joe.

But higher it seems!

Hold of police caused a death.

Have a great weekend!


News and Thoughts 8/1/2014:

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1. Ginsburg talks of male Justices.

2. Obama says that Americans have.

3. Been through a lot since 9/11.

4. Biggest wedding vows dos and don'ts.

5. New movie Guardians of the Galaxy $11.2M.

6. In it's opening debut there.

7. Facebook back after outage.

Thoughts for the day:Ginsburg talks of male Justices.

Obama says a lot has happened since 9/11.

Yeah from the economy to the stocks.

Everything though we have come a long way.

Still a long way to go.

Hopefully not another 9/11 ever, ever happens.

Want to see that Guardians of the Galaxy.

News and Thoughts 7/31/2014 IV:

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1. Seventy-two hours for the cease fire.

2. In Israel and Gaza Strip to begin.

3. But how long it will last remains to be unseen.

4. Bertha going to the Atlantic as.

5. A tropical storm to begin with.

6. Senate passes $17B health care bill.

Thoughts for the day:Cease fire seventy-two hours as.

Israel and Gaza Strip remains to be unseen.

How long it can last without fighting.

Atlantic bracing for Tropical Storm Bertha.

Hope it is just a storm. Nothing more!

News and Thoughts 7/31/2014:

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1. Ebola virus patients are now.

2. Headed to an Atlanta hospital.

3. Eleven other countries like Argentine are.

4. Forced to declare for bankruptcy.

5. National Guard is at the border.

6. TX is forced to deal with it.

7. Despite the mixed reviews they are getting.

8. Bill Clinton confesses he could had taken.

9. Out Bin Laden prior to 9/11.

Thoughts for the day:Ebola virus has 700 people dying.

Also if they entered into the USA or other places.

Chances are that virus could head to that person from the virus victim.

Eleven other countries forced to declare bankruptcy.

Not just that in Argentina.

TX mixed reviews over National Guard at the border.

News and Thoughts 7/31/2014 II:

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1. Portland dumps the outdoor toilets.

2. Island is overran by cats.

3. US and UN agree once again.

4. To a cease fire in the Gaza Strip.

5. This time it is a seventy-two hour one.

6. Dorm essentials that are under $20.

Thoughts for the day:One thing I do not like about outdoor toilets.

There are no faucets to wash your hands with.

But on the other hand.

Thank goodness for the hand santizers there.

Dorms essentials that are under $20.

Colleges should be coming for free.

Not paying for classes.

News and Thoughts 7/31/2014:

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1. Teacher loses her job over blog.

2. Adding insult to injury is that.

3. Judge tosses out her suit.

4. SF $1M homes that are going.

5. Damaging pest now in Mass.

6. Giraffe dies during a transport.

7. Town is Harry Potter theme.

8. Man arrested three years after crimes.

9. Of both fiancee and girls being murdered.

Thoughts for the day:Judge tosses out teacher suit.

Blog gets her fired.

Social media needs to be careful these days.

SF homes are now at $1M.

Damaging pest now in Mass.

Giraffe dies during a transport.

Have a great Thursday!

News and Thoughts 7/30/2014 IV:

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1. Feds say that a man was.

2. Found during flight fondling a sleeping passenger.

3. Hysterectomy device is pulled off.

4. Senate is beginning to take aim.

5. Over the campus rape coverage.

6. Trying to prevent that all.

Thoughts for the day:Never ever do stuff.

While you are during a flight.

Device for hysterectomy device is pulled off.

Senate is beginning to take aim over campus rape coverage.

Happy Thursday!

News and Thoughts 7/30/2014 III:

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1. US economy primed for take off.

2. Plane hits close to a Target.

3. Parking lot as one killed.

4. Argentina falls into defeat over.

5. In the default over failing.

6. Twitter gets all chummy with Sharkadodo.

7. Mid year talk over on the Oscars.

8. Millennials spend on three great vices.

Thoughts for the day:US economy primed for take off.

One killed in plane hitting close.

To a Target parking lot as.

Argentina talks fall on death ears.

Twitter gets all chummy on Sharkadodo 2!

B movie or C beyond movie!

News and Thoughts 7/30/2014 II:

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1. Six Philly cops are indicted over.

2. All worked in narcotics but have.

3. Been abusing their power for personal gain.

4. Remain in prison until their trial.

5. Pilot has been sentenced over for.

6. Groping a teenager during a flight.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Hump Day!

Six Philly cops abused their power.

Over in the Narcotics division and

All are placed in prison until trial.

Pilot sentenced for groping teenager during a flight.

Never group or do anything during a flight.

News and Thoughts 7/30/2014:

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1. Forty-six charges that are against.

2. A career thief in the cars.

3. MN police may have captured a.

4. Cop killer show fatally shot one of their own.

5. Everybody is upset over the reason.

6. Obama is doing nothing over immigration issue.

7. Mom is arrested for letting her son, 7 walk alone in park.

8. Can you sleep and lose weight at the same time?

9. Ebola virus forces Peace Corps to pull out.

10. Roadster of Elvis to be sold.

Thoughts for the day:Car thief charged in forty-six counts.

MN police may have captured a cop killer.

Who killed one of their own.

Everybody upset over Obama doing nothing over immigration issue.

Moms and Dads should know never to leave their sons out alone.

Elvis famous roadster to be sold out.

Peace Corps forced to pull out of during Ebola virus.