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News and Thoughts 3/5/2015 V:

1. Hilary Clinton wants to have.

2. Emails from the State Department.

3. In which she is in huge trouble for.

4. Man who invented and transformed.

5. The Ramen noodles in Japan.

6. As he is celebrating his 105-year old birthday.

Thoughts for the day:Love the Ramen noodles.

They are good on such a great rainy day.

Clinton in trouble with her emails.

News and Thoughts 3/5/2015 IV:

1. Three Ferguson police officers that.

2. Are terminated over in the sending.

3. Of the emails in the Justice Department.

4. Dutchess Kate that is going.

5. Over to Downtown Abbey.

6. Frank Sinatra while he was alive.

7. Did take Selfies before they became a thing.

Thoughts for the day:Three cops in Ferguson is

Now out of the job due to.

Sending not so nice emails to the DOJ.

Sinatra may have "created" the Selfies thing.

News and Thoughts 3/5/2015 III:

1. Dog's dramatic rescue over in Russia.

2. That is gong viral as.

3. Man tried to save the dog.

4. It is alive though thank goodness.

5. Teacher is jailed for showing.

6. Kids in high school of all things.

7. A violent movie that is R.

Thoughts for the day:Very dramatic dog rescue in video.

That is now going viral.

Man was in the waters of the frozen Russian tundra.

Trying to save the dog.

News and Thoughts 3/5/2015 II:

1. Eleven companies who's bubble has.

2. Already bust and going down.

3. Five signs that could be.

4. Making you a millionaire.

5. Fifteen of the most inexpensive cars.

6. In the year of 2015.

7. Twenty-one of the problems only.

8. Long haired women would understand.

Thoughts for the day:Eleven companies that.

Have already going down and.

On the bubble as five signs.

Could really make you rich?!

News and Thoughts 3/5/2015:

1. Delta plane that led due.

2. To ice off the side of the.

3. La Guardia airport as nobody.

4. Thankfully got hurt but still some scared.

5. Seven strange facts over.

6. In the earth of the dwarf planet cares.

7. Rousey says that she could be up to.

8. 100 People the amount of time she beat her nemesis in UFC fight.

Thoughts for the day:Glad that the Delta plane.

Is OK and that nobody

Got hurt or it could had gotten worse.

Have a great Thursday!

News and Thoughts 3/42015 VIII:

1. Airlines has cancelled thousands of.

2. Flights in the wake of.

3. The Southeastern in the snow.

4. Ferguson cop loses job due.

5. To the emails that the cop.

6. Sent over to the Justice Department.

Thoughts for the day:If you write a nasty letter to the DOJ.

You lose your job.

Please do not at all.

Airlines cancel thousands of flights in the

Wake of the Southeaster of snow.

News and Thoughts 3/4/2015 VII:

1. School cheerleader coach that is charged.

2. In the rape of a girl.

3. Boy braces a frigid weather.

4. As he visits a sick friend.

5. Snow flies over in the.

6.Dispute over in the shoveling of snow.

Thoughts for the day:Cheerleading coach that is.

Charged over in the rape of a girl.

Boy graces a frigid weather as

A sick friend is visiting.

Snow flies over to the dispute over.

In the shoveling of snow.

News and Thoughts 3/4/2015 VI:

1. Justice Department that is direct evidence.

2. Over in the Ferguson bias.

3. US ambassador that is slain.

4. Over in South Korea.

5. GOP is weighing in on the.

6. Obama care health thing.

Thoughts for the day:Justice Department tells Ferguson

Police to shape up or ship out.

US ambassador rough day over

In South Korea getting slashed.

News and Thoughts 3/4/2015 V:

1. Sewage is now the main concern.

2. After the question of Ebola cases.

3. That happen to now subside.

4. Chadian President has vowed to.

5. Wipe Boko Harem off the face of the earth.

6. Turkish airlines have run off the.

7. Runway over in the Nepal airlines.

Thoughts for the day:Ebola crisis is subsiding.

But now it is the sewage.

And how to contain it.

News and Thoughts 3/4/2015 IV:

1. After the Israel PM warnings the.

2. Talks with the USA and Iran.

3. Continue though they need to tread lightly.

4. A Muslim caught in the middle.

5. Largely Autism generic in it.

6. Famous Bermuda Triangle disappearance.

7. May have been botched in a mutiny.

Thoughts for the day:USA and Iran need to.

Tread lightly on the warnings.

Muslim caught in the middle.

He is a chaplain.