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News and Thoughts 6/30/2015 VIII:

1. Journey drummer that will be.

2. Held without bail over in.

3. The case of rape.

4. How hazing in the US colleges.

5. That can cause over in the.

6. Sparking of the change as people lives are changed.

Really hazing needs to be changed!

News and Thoughts 6/30/2015 VII:

1. Ten years of marriage and.

2. Three kids and also.

3. Meeting on the set of.

4. Daredevil movie as Jennifer Garner.

5. And Ben Affleck to go their separate.

6. Ways but to remain good friends.

Good luck!

News and Thoughts 6/30/2015 VI:

1. The Donald will be suing.

2. NBC and also the Spanish.

3. Language Univision for up to.

4. $500M As he feels that the.

5. Networks have given him a.

6. So called raw deal over it.

You have more money than us Donald!

News and Thoughts 6/30/2015 V:

1. A woman that gets mad.

2. After a dog is left on.

3. The hot car and that.

4. Video shows her with the.

5. Blasting over in the owner.

6. Confronting him over it.

Baby is a lot more worse!

News and Thoughts 6/30/2015 IV:

1. Could the July 4th holidays.

2. That could hurt your health.

3. Due to the fireworks thing.

4. How to get out of the.

5. Waters of the sharks as.

6. Sharks are really, really getting.

7. Up to a lot of attacks.

I rarely go into the shark water it seems.

News and Thoughts 6/30/2015 III:

1. Athens has a pro European demonstration.

2. As they are in the.

3. Brink of bankruptcy and that.

4. They are in need of.

5. Money but the real victims are.

6. Those that are just trying to make a living.

7. Just ordinary normal people.

News and Thoughts 6/30/2015 II:

1. Death of a baby that was.

2. Found in a swing is now.

3. Ruled a homicide says police.

4. Eleven people over in Clinton.

5. NY are being fired and could be charged.

6. Over in the fact of two prison escapees.

Of course one dead and now one in custody.

News and Thoughts 6/30/2015:

1. The US women's soccer team has.

2. Won against Germany despite.

3. Being underdogs but also they.

4. Have quieted their critics over it.

5. As they are now going to.

6. The World Cup finals over it.

Good luck US!

News and Thoughts 6/29/2015 X:

1. Journey drummer is arrested and charged.

2. Over on the rape charges.

3. Fifty states and town by town.

4. That has rich towns.

5. Chris Christie has thrown his.

6. Hat into the 2016 ring.

Loved the band Journey as a kid!

News and Thoughts 6/29/2015 IX:

1. Jack Carter the actor comedian dies at 93.

2. 24-Year old fit man says the.

3. Court has the right to die.

4. NY man tried to use a wheelchair.

5. To gain sympathy while he.

6. Was robbing some banks says police.

RIP Jack Carter!