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News and Thoughts 10/19/2014 IV:

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1. Peyton Manning breaks 509 TD's and

2. Has 510 TD's and breaks QB record.

3. Ebola nurse's family says that she.

4. Did not ask for this and was not careless.

5. Dog also has to be tested for Ebola.

Thoughts for the day:Manning finally breaks his TD record.

Ebola nurse family says she was not careless.

Dog has to be tested for Ebola.

Have a great week!

News and Thoughts 10/19/2014 III:

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1. IBM going to have a major Monday announcement.

2. Even though the U of Va student's remains.

3. Have been found but ID officially could.

4. Take for weeks.

5. Lufthsana pilots to strike down tomorrow.

6. Wall Street to have a wild week again.

7. Fourteen arrested in Pumpkin Festival flap.

Thoughts for the day:U of Va students remains to be.

Officially ID for weeks.

Lufthsana pilots to strike down tomorrow.

Wild week for Wall Street.

Fourteen arrested in Pumpkin flap.

News and Thoughts 10/19/2014 II:

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1. Romney despite the fact of.

2. His run he insists for President is over.

3. A family is glad that they are.

4. No longer quarantine after twenty-one days.

5. Over the Ebola virus thing.

Thoughts for the day:Is Romney really over?

It would not be surprising if he was not.

Being quarantine for 21 days would be a pain.

News and Thoughts 10/192014:

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1. Kurds say that the US led airstrikes in the Kobani advance.

2. Woman that is on the ledge.

3. Spain says that nurse assistant is.

4. Clear of the Ebola virus.

5. On the road to try to find.

6. The world's must funniest person.

7. Fury is top at $23M.

Thoughts for the day:Kurds say that US led airstrikes.

Advance over in the Kobani.

Have a great Sunday!

Spain nurse assistant cleared of Ebola virus.

World's most funniest person.

News and Thoughts 10/18/2014 IV:

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1. Air strike targets ISIS state over.

2. In the Syria oil refinery.

3. Miami is a huge sitting duck over.

4. The next hurricane to strike.

5. WHO draft memo over Ebola flight.

6. Botched over to Africa recently.

Thoughts for the day:Syria needs oil to pay up things.

Miami sitting duck for hurricane.

Ebola flight to Africa botched up.

News and Thoughts 10/18/2014 III:

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1. Alex Morgan injury of the US has been unveiled.

2. U of Va missing student Hannah Graham's.

3. Body has been found as her family.

4. Is asking public for privacy.

5. Pa trooper shooter has not yet been found.

6. But the Autumn woods and winds could make him either.

7. Found and captured or could hide him even more.

8. Nurse catches flak over $680,000 in OT pay in prison hospital.

Thoughts for the day:Sadly the body of Hannah Graham's is.

Likely fond and that her family asks for privacy.

Pa trooper shooter has not yet been found.

Remember Eric Rudolph as he was not found for years?

Nurse OT flak pay over prison hospital.

News and Thoughts 10/18/2014 II:

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1. Stephen Collins won't be facing child.

2. Abuse allegations dating back to 1970's.

3. Four kids and two adults a family killed.

4. Life with quarantine for twenty-one days.

5. That is living in fear over Ebola.

Thought for the day:Collins gets off on a free pass.

House fires that killed a family of six.

Quarantine for twenty-one days and life there.

News and Thoughts 10/18/2014

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1. Drivers that have the most cars with the most tickets.

2. Ebola virus that has people on lock down.

3. Quarantine for twenty-one days.

4. MD patient care is where TX nurse is at.

5. RIP member shirts to honor the dead.

6. Fury the top of the list with $8.8M.

7. Some of the US towns are not taking any chances.

8. Conservative US cardinal claims he was demoted.

Thoughts for the day:Cars that give the most tickets.

Ebola virus with people on lock down quarantine up to twenty-one days.

MD patient care is where TX nurse is.

RIP memorial shirts being made.

Have a great weeend!

News and Thoughts 10/17/2014 IV:

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1. Missteps of the Ebola patient.

2. Timeline that he was not getting good care.

3. Six hours that a couple of seventy-two years.

4. Who died those hours apart.

5. FSU QB Winston is getting himself into.

6. More and more trouble there.

Thought for the day:Ebola patient missteps timeline.

Six hours a couple of seventy-two years

Who died but are in heaven.

FSU needs to dump that cancer QB.

News and Thoughts 10/17/2014 III:

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1. Ebola case with three instances and.

2. They had one doctor that treated them.

3. Timeline details over in the Ebola missteps.

4. Cruise passenger was handling stuff that.

5. Was on the cruise thing that got him Ebola.

6. Tim Hauser of Manhattan Transfer has died.

7. Bono reveals reason for the glasses is.

8. Due to the Glaucoma thing.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great weekend.

Ebola case with three instances and had one doctor.

Has treated them both.

Cruise passenger unveils to having Ebola was

A member of the crew.