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News and Thoughts 9/17/2014 IV

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1. Adrian Peterson's mom defends her son.

2. Parenting skills amid the charges facing him.

3. Restaurant fights Yelp as they claimed.

4. Yelp gave them a one-star review.

5. A birthday wish comes true for the.

6. Boy who has cancer there.

7. Australian leader warns of planned attack.

Thoughts for the day:Mom of Peterson defends her son.

He is also the father of seven children from different women, out of wedlock.

Restaurant blasts Yelp for giving them one star review.

Have a great Thursday!

News and Thoughts 9/17/2014 III:

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1. What we need to work.

2. Over about the Scottish vote.

3. Pa fugitive was a Soviet Bloc soldier.

4. House is authorizing the training of the Syrian rebels.

5. TX woman is executed for starving her child.

6. Artificial sweetners give diabetes to people.

7. According to a new study.

Thoughts for the day:Scottish vote is coming.

What they need to know.

Soviet Bloc soldier was a Pa fugitive.

House authorizing Syrian rebels.

TX woman executed for starving child to death.

News and Thoughts 9/17/2014 II:

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1. Mother surprised to learn that her.

2. Son was fatally shot by Louisiana police.

3. Judge will not release CO woman in terror case.

4. Who will be the next Norman Rockwell?

5. NYPD says that hate crimes are up.

6. Against both the Muslims and Jews.

7. How the NFL needs to redeem itself.

8. Over in the off the field incidents.

Thoughts for the day:Mother is shocked as this.

Killing of her son by police as police need to.

Go by crimes alone and not by race.

NYPD speaking of that says hate crimes.

Are up against both Jews and Muslims.

NFL needs to redeem itself off the field.

Not just on it!

News and Thoughts 9/17/2014:

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1. Mother to die for starving child.

2. While she is on death row.

3. Pa cop killer still on the loose.

4. Was known for acting out military playing.

5. Online sleuths to be probing over.

6. In the death of gay teen in beating.

7. Dow has a high points closing down.

8. NFL problems need to be taken care of.

Thoughts for the day:Mother to die for starving child.

Pa cop killer still on the loose.

Just like a Eric Randall Rudolph

Happy Hump Day!

Online sleuths to probe over death of gay teen.

News and Thoughts 9/16/2014 IV:

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1. US has charged NY man with.

2. Trying to conspire with Islamic State.

3. New Frappacino mini Starbucks is trying.

4. It will likely be a hit.

5. Little to no relief over the.

6. CA wildfires and the homes they are destroying.

Thoughts for the day:NY man tried to join with ISIS.

Really scary when one of the USA has been trying to join with the enemy.

Really that is very scary.

New Starbucks Frappacino mini to be a hit.

CA wildfires destroyed up to 100 homes.

News and Thoughts 9/16/2014:

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1. Armour says that NFL needs to.

2. Be rattled on by the Budweiser.

3. West Africans welcome the US troops.

4. To fight against the Ebola virus.

5. Boeing and Space X win NASA contracts over.

6. Flying the space crew there.

7. Buy less and pay more are big business.

8. Plus Iphones are now in the hype.

9. Ray Rice trying to appeal his indefinite suspension.

Thoughts for the day:NFL is the most popular sport.

But now is the most controversial over domestic violence.

West African welcomes USA to fight Ebola virus.

Before the whole entire world gets it.

Huge I Phones are now the new hype.

Buy less and pay more are big biness.

News and Thoughts 9/16/2014 II:

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1. Mexico to airlift to tourists out.

2. From the hurricane that is coming.

3. Up to 3,000 troops going to Africa.

4. Over the Ebola virus there.

5. Russia to have reinforcement of the troops.

6. Over in the area of Crimea.

7. Rihanna upset over CBS permanently banning her song.

8. Over Thursday Night Football, blasting them.

Thoughts for the day:Mexico is airlifting tourists in the harm's way

Over in a hurricane.

Up to 3,000 troops going to African.

In the Ebola virus there.

Reinforcements in Russia to go there to Crimea.

Well she was the victim of domestic violence is the reason.

Singer Rihanna getting her song pulled and also four-letter tirade.

News and Thoughts 9/16/2014:

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1. Obama gets troop help in saying.

2. The Ebola virus is out of hand.

3. SF Golden Gate Ghost Ship hits.

4. Top General says that US ground troops.

5. Could be heading over to the Iraq.

6. Pa survivalist is now on the most wanted.

7. In the death of a state trooper.

8. Arian Foster of the Houston Texans.

9. Supports 100% Adrian Peterson, troubled Vikings RB.

Thoughts for the day:Up to 3,000 going to Africa.

In hopes of containing the virus.

Pa survivalist #1 public enemy for the State trooper's death.

Ground troops could be heading over to Iraq.

News and Thoughts 9/15/2014 IV:

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1. Ebola fight is now in the hands.

2. Of those that can prevent it.

3. President gives them the green light.

4. Tim Cook remembers his mentor and friend.

5. Apple founder Steve Jobs after his death.

6. Two years ago from cancer.

7. Thai cops are probing the death.

8. Of some tourists now a homicide.

Thoughts for the day:The President gives the green light.

As he tells those to fight the Ebola virus.

Kids that are sickened in twelve states.

Over the Ebola virus thing.

Remembering Steve Jobs two years after he.

Lost his battle with cancer.

News and Thoughts 9/15/2014 III:

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1. US is beginning the airstrike as.

2. Dempsey says that US can fight.

3. Alongside the good Iraqi soldiers.

4. Official tries to pay off mistress.

5. Ten small US cities that are growing.

6. Right in the USA these days.

7. Panama is #1 while the USA is #12.

8. In the global wide in the economic thing.

Thoughts for the day:US is beginning on the airstrikes.

Dempsey says that US can fight alongside.

The good soldiers over in Iraq.

Official tries to pay off mistress.

Panama is the leading country while USA is 12th in the nation of economic global health.