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News and Thoughts 8/20/2014 IV:

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1. Ferguson visit is personal for Eric Holder.

2. Who visited with the leaders.

3. Michael Brown gets grand jury case.

4. James Foley's parents are leaning on their.

5. Faith over their son heinous death.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Thursday!

Eric Holder goes to Ferguson visit.

Michael Brown gets grand jury case.

At times the feds need to stay out of stuff.

But they are there for a reason though.

News and Thoughts 8/20/2014 III:

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1. Triple AAA says that the more.

2. People will travel on Labor Day 2014.

3. Jesse Jackson wants to have Pandora.

4. And more diversity over it.

5. India bride ditches groom over get this, toilets.

6. Ferguson visit personal for Eric Holder.

7. Michael Brown case heads to grand jury.

8. Parents of James Foley leans on their faith.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Thursday!

Jesse Jackson wants to have diversity.

Michael Brown heads to grand jury.

Really at times the feds need to stay out of stuff.

India bride ditches groom over this, toilets!!

News and Thoughts 8/20/2014 II:

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1. Eric Holder is in Ferguson as.

2. He vows change over the riots.

3. In the shooting of Michael Brown.

4. Russia is shuttering over in the McDonald's.

5. Utah woman 67, recovering over in the arsenic restaurant tea thing.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Hump Day!

Holder is in Ferguson as the feds.

May likely take over for the riots thing.

Due to the fact over civil rights abuse.

News and Thoughts 8/20/2014:

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1. Four people beheaded along with James Foley.

2. As Foley pictures of his beheading taken off of Twitter.

3. Due to them being very heinous.

4. US sells off the acreage thing.

5. Eight homes threatened and 1,000 more threatened in CA wildfires.

6. Kids to have apps to tell them to go home to their parents.

7. 95-Year old Yoga guru has died.

8. North Korea says they can't stand the face of John Kerry.

9. Woman 86, has penned first ever romance novel.

Thoughts for the day:You are never too old to pen a novel.

Like that 86-year old woman.

95-Year old Yoga guro has died.

Eight homes are burned, 1,000 more threatened by CA wildfires,

US sells off on the acreage thing.

Foley beheading taken off of Twitter.

At least Twitter took the high road.

News and Thoughts 8/19/2014 III:

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1. Man who is 83, says that he hid.

2. $1.1M In taxes from IRS in Florida.

3. Why igniting the birds in the.

4. Mid air over in CA there.

5. Pope is saddened over the deaths.

6. Of his kind in a car crash.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Hump Day!

Man hid $1.1M in taxes from the IRS in Florida.

Igniting the birds in the mid air over in CA.

Pope is saddened in the deaths of kind in the car crash.

News and Thoughts 8/19/2014:

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1. How police need to do confrontations.

2. That need to learn from Ferguson.

3. Journalist paid the ultimate price.

4. CA patient is exposed to Ebola.

5. Just in two days, 113 people have the.

6. Virus over on the Ebola.

7. Eric Holder is going to Ferguson.

8. In hoping to change things.

Thoughts for the day:Ferguson police did not seem to.

Be at all trained in confrontations.

Journalist paying the ultimate price.

While trying to do their jobs.

113 People have the virus Ebola in two days.

Eric Holder hopes to change Ferguson.

News and Thoughts 8/19/2014 II:

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1. Choke hold goes to the NY Grand Jury.

2. Over in the NYPD case.

3. Grandma takes kid for intruder.

4. Man kills niece who was only one.

5. Ballmer leaves the Microsoft board in order.

6. For his new job in LA Clippers as the owner.

7. Veteran climber dies in a fall.

Thoughts for the day:NY Grand Jury now gets the.

NYPD case over in officer.

Cop who fired the fatal shots at Brown.

Can't leave and has 24-hour police watch.

Veteran climber dies in a fall.

Man kills niece, who was only one years old.

News and Thoughts 8/19/2014:

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1. Ebola virus now has the death toll.

2. Over in now past 12,000.

3. Ferguson Missouri schools that were.

4. Suppose to start this week now have been.

5. Cancelled all this week over riots.

6. Innocent people are being tear gased.

7. Over in the riots as they have nothing to do with it.

8. Nap forces jet to abort landing.

Thoughts for the day:Ebola virus now has the death.

Toll over in the 12,000.

Missouri schools in city of Ferguson is.

Riot over in cancelled over in the district.

Have a great Tuesday!

News and Thoughts 8/18/2014 IV:

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1. Don Pardo the long time Saturday Night Live.

2. Has died at the age of 96.

3. Ask the experts as the.

4. Buying over on a appliance.

5. Cost of a child that has been.

6. Raise over by nearly $246,000.

7. Ex-cop denies he killed Oregon woman found in suitcase.

Thoughts for the day:RIP Don Pardo.

Also was the announcer on Jeopardy.

Buying an appliance for your home.

Cost of a child to raise is very expensive.

News and Thoughts 8/18/2014 III:

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1 86% Of the Ferguson Missouri is.

2. African American but three of them.

3. Are officers of the law in city.

4. For now no arrest warrant for.

5. TX Governor Rick Perry but he is.

6. Suppose to be arraigned in court on August 29th.

7. New plans for the Sprint pricing plans.

8. Getty photographer in Missouri arrested in unrest.

Thoughts for the day:You would think that now we would.

Learn over civil rights in the 1960's

But this is something that needs to be learned.

For all generations to come by.

People are not born with hate, but acquire it sadly.

Have a great week!