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News and Thoughts 9/14/2014 IV:

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1. Seven things that Clinton achieved.

2. While she was at the Steak Fry at Harkin.

3. Actress who starred in Django Unchained says.

4. Police tried to take her PDA.

5. Power outage at the Six Flags park.

6. Navy has ID the pilot that crashed.

7. Over in the oceans there recently.

8. USA trying to get out American in North Korea.

9. Serving six years over hard time.

Thoughts for the day:Clinton could be front runner.

Something denied her six years ago.

Actress that starred in Django Unchained says.

Cops tried to detain her PDA.

Six Flags having problems this weekend.

Never travel to Iran or North Korea.

News and Thoughts 9/14/2014 III:

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1. NFL needs to get it right.

2. Over on in the domestic violence.

3. As the NFL has three stars arrested and charged.

4. From domestic violence to child abuse.

5. US needs all the help that it can get.

6. To be rid of the ISIS terror group.

7. Miss American misspells that of the Jane Austen name.

Thoughts for the day:NFL needs to get it right.

Over in the domestic violence thing.

From that to child abuse.

ISIS terror group as the USA needs all the

Allies that it can get.

Have a great week!

News and Thoughts 9/14/2014 II:

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1. Pilot impresses without any hands.

2. TV anchor reveals that he has.

3. Months to live over his brain tumor.

4. Louisiana gas leak has killed one.

5. Mayweather in a boxing decision defeats.

6. Maidena in a win decision by judges.

Thoughts for the day:Seems like pilot without no hands can impress.

TV anchor hopefully a huge miracle can be pulled out.

Louisiana has a gas leak, one dead.

Mayweather wins over Maidena.

News and Thoughts 9/14/2014:

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1. Unveiling the Amy Winehouse statue.

2. CA fire is contained up to 20%.

3. 1,000 Firemen are working on it.

4. Reward is offered for Pa cop killer.

5. Hilary is speaking at IA as.

6. Year and a half before the Caucus.

7. Six years hard labor for American in North Korea.

8. Pope has married up to twenty couples.

9. Last week of TV season of reruns.

Thoughts for the day:Amy missing for three years.

20% of the CA fires over it being contained.

1,000 Firefighters are working on it.

Reward is offered for Pa cop killer.

Can't wait for the 2016 Presidential season.

Have a great Sunday!

Next week new TV shows.

News and Thoughts 9/13/2014 V:

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1. The most educated countries of the world.

2. Seven most expensive states to live in.

3. Only a rich person that can.

4. Afford to live in those states.

5. Manhunt is underway for a Pa.

6. State trooper's killer that has not been caught.

7. 2015 Sabaru Outback as it is very quick.

8. Patient plays violin during brain surgery.

Thoughts for the day:Most education countries in the world.

Seven most expensive states to live in.

Only a rich person that can afford to live in those states.

Pa State trooper's killer has not been caught.

Kill a cop means a needle in the arm.

Have a great Saturday!

News and Thoughts 9/13/2014 IV:

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1. New focus over in the Ebola thing.

2. Over in the Sierra Leon thing.

3. Self driving cars are talking to one another.

4. US Rep Mark Sanford engagement is called off.

5. Jobs safety net frays over for construction work.

6. Lava approaches vacant lots in the.

7. Subdivision over in Hawaii there.

Thoughts for the day:Trying to pick up a lot.

Due to the fact of stuff that was beyond my control.

But trying to play catch up here.

Sanford may not want to pay for two alimonies.

Know that is not funny but still, he ruined his first marriage.

Lava approaches HI vacant subdivision lots.

News and Thoughts 9/13/2014 III:

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1. NFL had one of it's worst weeks.

2. That they claim to have.

3. First it was the Rice case and now.

4. It is the Peterson thing in addition to independent investigation.

5. Peterson case has claimed a new case.

6. For the NFL thing over conduct policy.

7. Nigerian militants have caliphate there.

8. Dog has a fine feeding in their own cafe.

Thoughts for the day:NFL has one of it's worst weeks.

Rice case and Peterson recent ones are bringing.

The very popular sport to it's knees.

Dog has a fine feeding in it's own cafe.

News and Thoughts 9/13/2014 II:

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1. Ukraine PM blasts the Putin administration.

2. Once again as it is not the first nor.

3. Will it be the last there.

4. Rob Ford says that God wants.

5. Him elsewhere and that he.

6. Will not be running for Toronto mayor anymore.

7. Dogs are getting fine dinning.

8. Islamic state claims UK journalist beheading.

Thoughts for the day:Ukraine PM blasts Putin administration.

Thank goodness Rob Ford not at all running.

For mayor as the city of Toronot.

Is glad that is not happening.

Have a great weekend!

News and Thoughts 9/13/2014:

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1. US warns those not to send.

2. Money to the terrorists that hold their.

3. Loved one hostages as that could go from.

4. Bad to worse says the authorities.

5. Ebola could be hurting over in the.

6. African tourism due to the virus.

7. Police have ID the slain trooper.

8. Who gave his life in the line of duty.

Thoughts for the day:US warns those not to send.

Money to people overseas that hold their

Loved ones hostage as authorities say it could go

From bad to worse.

Ebola is hurting the world not just

One or two other countries.

News and Thoughts 9/12/2014 IV:

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1. Ebola fight needs doctors and nurses.

2. Says the UN over the virus fight.

3. Museum has unveiled a rare diamond.

4. Gas bail killing is now $2M.

5. Adrian Peterson of the Vikings has been.

6. Indicted over of TX child endangerment.

Thoughts for the day:Ebola fight is needed indeed doctors and nurses.

UN is urging more to come.

Museum has unveiled a rare diamond.

That seems to be beyond priceless.