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News and Thoughts 12/18/2014 II:

1. Eight children from eighteen months.

2. To up to eighteen years old found stabbed to death.

3. Over in Australia as police mum on what happened.

4. Or if a suspect is in custody.

5. It will be a lot to catch up on.

6. Over in the USA and Cuba thing.

7. After sixty years of hostility.

Thoughts for the day:Eight children from a baby

Up to eighteen years found stabbed to death.

Australia has had such a rough week.

Now this has happened.

Easier said than done over in Cuba and USA!

News and Thoughts 12/18/2014:

1. Officials believe that North Korea.

2. Happens to be behind the hacking.

3. No doubt over the Interview thing.

4. Driver who stopped for ducks.

5. Gets for jail time and a driving ban.

6. Skip the rice when your cell phone.

7. Ends up getting wet.

Thoughts for the day:You have to get a new cellphone.

When yours get wet yuck!

North Korea is indeed behind the

Hacking and threat thing.

Is that a surprise!?

News and Thoughts 12/17/2014 IV:

1. US airstrikes that end up killing.

2. Three ISIS leaders as experts say.

3. War is beginning to take a toll.

4. The Interview movie may not ever.

5. See the light of day.

6. Due to the threats of terrorism and North Korea.

7. It may not be released on DVD even.

Thoughts for the day:Taken a toll on ISIS?!

Well it should take a toll!

Three down and more to go.

Helps the US win the war against ISIS and terrorism.

Way to go boys!

News and Thoughts 12/17/2014 III:

1. Walmart and Toys R Us are in trouble.

2. Over in the selling of toy guns.

3. After the recent episodes that occurred.

4. In particular what happened in Cleveland OH.

5. Saudi Arabia is having the lack.

6. Of oil in their part of the woods.

7. Competent Slender Man trial defendants to stand.

Thoughts for the day:Toy guns could be mistaken

Over for the real guns.

Like what happened in Cleveland OH.

Saudi Arabia is having the lack

Of oil in their part of the woods.

News and Thoughts 12/17/2014 II:

1. Over in the North Korea thing.

2. For the movie the Interview.

3. Due to the fact.

4. Hacking and the security thing.

5. Plus over another threat of terrorism.

6. Sony may never let the controversial film.

7. Ever see the light of day.

Thoughts for the day:You could not at all pay me to.

See that movie due to the fact.

Of it looking so dumb there.

News and Thoughts 12/17/2014

1. Cuban crisis has ended after up.

2. To fifty-six years as.

3. Relations with US to be reopened.

4. GOP lawmakers vow to fight Obama's plans

5. Tides begin to turn after the.

6. Years and years of turbulence history.

7. Pope Francis played a key role.

8. In forging the deal with Obama and Castro.

Thoughts for the day:Easier said than done.

Fifty-six years of turbulence.

Hope it will be a sign of.

Good things to come between the countries.

News and Thoughts 12/16/2014 IV:

1. Three years since Sr Kim Jong Uh's death.

2. It is time for North Korea to move on.

3. TSA chief is focusing on the.

4. Riskiest over the travelers.

5. Man gets seven years for.

6. Trying to make bomb over AZ sheriff.

Thoughts for the day:North Korea trying to move on.

Three years seems long but time to move on enough.

TSA chief focuses on riskiest of moves

Over the toughest travelers.

News and Thoughts 12/16/2014 III:

1. Obama spends the $1.1T bill.

2. To avert govt shutdown as well as.

3. Pay for stuff like light bulbs and lunches.

4. GOP Senator has blocked the.

5. Terrorism insurance measure thing.

6. The seventeen terrorists that were.

7. Part of the Pakistan thing were killed along with victims.

Thoughts for the day:Really sad over the Pakistan thing.

GOP Senator blocked terrorism insurance measure.

What if they need it next time?

As it is good to have insurance!

Obama spends the $1.1T bill!

News and Thoughts 12/16/2014 II:

1. Sydney is trying to come to terms.

2. On how this could have happened.

3. In their own backyard as two hostages.

4. One of them the manager trying to stop a gunman.

5. NASA spent up to $350M over on.

6. A so-called worthless tower.

7. Russia says it has the right to put.

8. Nuclear weapons in Crimea.

Thoughts for the day:Sydney keep in thoughts and prayers.

In shock over how something horrific.

Can come in their own backyard.

Worthless tower that NASA hs spent.

A lot of money on.

News and Thoughts 12/16/2014:

1. Powdered alcohol as not so fast.

2. In the death of a woman.

3. Russia says that it has.

4. The right to look at nuclear arms.

5. Senate approves of the Obama pick.

6. Over for the Surgeon General.

7. As it was a narrow vote.

Thoughts for the day:I have an alcoholic in the family

So know the feeling as really am worried.

Though he can be a you know what at times.