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News and Thoughts 7/10/2014 IV:

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1. Man busted for undercover police car.

2. Surgery goes well for the.

3. Girl who lost ear to raccoon.

4. ESPN offers Tiger Woods to.

5. Have a Tiger only UK Open broadcast.

6. Twitter clues in on where Le Bron James.

7. May be headed to next?

Thoughts for the day:Man is busted over towering.

An undercover police car.

Girl doing well in losing her ear.

To a raccoon as she just needed surgery.

ESPN offers Tiger Woods his only UK Open Broadcst.

Have a great weekend!

News and Thoughts 7/10/2014 III:

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1. Threats of violence have a family.

2. Force to flee away from CA.

3. No more migrant buses for Southern CA.

4. VW halts the sales of Golf and GTI.

5. Taco Bell has decided top prompt.

6. In the protein in diet meal.

7. Clean up over in the North Dakota.

8. Oil spill is two miles long.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great weekend.

Family forced to flee over.

The threats of violence as they are.

Also migrants as well.

Migrant mess is just that.

Oil spill is two miles long.

Taco Bell protein thing.

News and Thoughts 7/10/2014 II:

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1. Uncle is arrested and charged with.

2. Six counts of capital murder of killing family of six.

3. Including four of the five children as surviving child.

4. Has found 911 call and has uncle arrested.

5. ABC to welcome back Rosie O Donnell.

6. To the View officially says network!

Thoughts for the day:Uncle facing murder charges.

And the death penalty as he killed parents and four kids.

Brave surviving child played dead as family was tied up and murdered.

Calls 911 and has him arrested.

Heaven help us in welcoming back Rosie O Donnell.

Can't at all stand that woman!

News and Thoughts 7/10/2014

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1. John Boehner is blasting Obama.

2. Over on the border thing crisis.

3. Warning never, ever to feed the bears.

4. Or it will come back to haunt you.

5. Israel babies are born in the line of duty in bombs.

6. Pot researcher has been fired.

7. Awards for the Emmys are announced for 2014.

8. Musk can donated up to $1M.

9. Ukrainian city is forced to evucuate.

Thoughts for the day:The border crisis getting worse.

Children are the worst victims.

Warning never, ever to feed the bears.

Or they will harm you!

Pot researcher has been fired.

Emmy nods are being announced for 2014.

Israel babies born in the line of duty in bombing.

News and Thoughts 7/9/2014 IV:

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1. Cop wants photos of teen's private parts.

2. Over in a sexting case thing.

3. As Consumer Reports wants us to stay.

4. Away from the sunscreen spray for kids.

5. Justin Bieber pleads no contest to.

6. Egging a neighbor's house.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Thursday!

Cops want photos of teenage boy's private parts.

In a sexting case thing.

Justin Bieber still is a punk!

News and Thoughts 7/9/20914 III:

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1. Obama and Perry meet at the.

2. Crisis of the border in W.H.

3. Six dead in the Houston area home.

4. Four of them are kids.

5. Prime suspect is caught and in custody.

6. Practical Google exec was caught.

7. Over in a sexual web thing.

8. Terrorists targeted Eiffel Tower and Louvre.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Wednesday to you all!

Obama and Perry meet at the W.H. crisis border.

Have a great Hump Day.

Four kids are murdered among six in Houston area.

Prime suspect is caught and is in custody.

Google exec caught in sexual web thing.

News and Thoughts 7/9/2014 II:

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1. Harley Davidson is forced to recall.

2. Up to 67,000 of their bikes.

3. Telsa seeks to see wrecked car.

4. Israel and Hamas has clashed.

5. Not the first clash nor will it be the last.

6. UK pubs are beginning to disappear.

Thoughts for the day:Harley is forced to recall.

Up to 67,000 of their motorcycles.

Have a great Hump Day!

Israel and Hamas are clashing.

Not the first nor will it be the last.

UK pubs where will others drink now.

News and Thoughts 7/9/2014:

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1. Marriage case over to high court.

2. The man that hit the soccer ref.

3. And killed him is being charged.

4. Storm hit way too fast.

5. Admits a camp boss who owns land.

6. Last Crumps cupcake has sold.

7. Mel Gibson feels bad for Shia Le Beouf.

8. Le Beouf has had history of alcohol abuse.

Thoughts for the day:Marriage case is heading.

To all places a high court.

Soccer ref that was killed as.

Man who fatally hit him charged with murder.

Camp boss says that storm hit way too fast.

Mel Gibson hopefully will begin to

Learn from his lesson!

News and Thoughts 7/8/2014 IV:

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1. Russia says that USA has kidnapped.

2. A cyber hacking suspect of theirs.

3. Jerry Sandusky son says that ex-coach.

4. Father did abuse him as a kid.

5. Real Housewives husband gets up to eight years.

6. Due to over on financial fraud.

Thoughts for the day:USA kidnapped in Russia's words.

A cyber hacking suspect of theirs.

Sandusky son abused as this is coming out.

Eight years for Real Housewives husband.

News and Thoughts 7/8/2014 III:

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1. Worker found in Pa sugar factor alive!

2. As he was being buried.

3. One of the relatives that blew the whistle.

4. In an Utah mother who killed her six babies while on meth.

5. 2014 Gasoline may have peaked.

6. Cleveland OH is rock and rolling all around.

7. Honda has been forced to recall more than 1M cars.

8. Ukraine pounds separatists over in Russia.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Tuesday!

Worker in Pa sugar factory found buried alive.

Wouldn't you have to be buried alive.

Utah mom was on meth as.

She ended up killing her six babies.

Honda forced to recall more than 1M cars.