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News and Thoughts 1/31/2015 V:

1. Family of the hostage being held.

2. By ISIS along with the diplomats that.

3. Is monitoring the situation no word.

4. "Suge" Knight the hip hop mogul from.

5. Death Row records no stranger to trouble.

6. Is charged with a fatal hit and run and attempted.

7. All while filming a movie.

Thoughts for the day:Hopefully that the hostages.

Will be released and soon.

Suge Knight in huge trouble

But no stranger to the law it seems.

News and Thoughts 1/31/2015 IV:

1. TX honors yesterday as Chris Kyle day.

2. To remember slain American Sniper.

3. Mitt Romney pulled out of election.

4. Due to possibly being beaten over.

5. If Hilary decided to run.

6. A coach is in trouble for clipping.

7. Hair over the wrestler, both were female.

Thoughts for the day:Remembering Chris Kyle a real hero.

Though if he were alive he would

Not say so himself.

Hilary running could be really something

For Democrats now that Obama will be leaving.

News and Thoughts 1/31/2015 III:

1. Should the vets that are on death row.

2. Be exempt from the PTSD.

3. Democrats are beating GOP in the.

4. Divide and the conquer game.

5. CIA and Mossad has killed a.

6. Senior Hezbollah member in car bombing.

7. Youngest kids that are in the fight league.

Thoughts for the day:How young is too young.

For the kids to be fight?

CIA and Mossad kills a terrorist.

As they say the more the merrier.

Democrats are beating the GOP as they will

Be gaining an advantage come 2016.

News and Thoughts 1/31/2015 II:

1. Air Asian captain before the.

2. Fatal crash left his seat.

3. Kim of North Korea says that.

4. He will fight against rabid dogs.

5. How you all can be aging.

6. With grace with wisdom and be wiser.

Thoughts for the day: Really makes you wonder.

If the captain left the seat.

As the crash was taking place.

North Korea Kim has no empathy or

Sympathy except for himself. :(

News and Thoughts 1/31/2015:

1. Actor Val Kilmer is rushed to a.

2. Hospital over throat surgery.

3. Pilots land in a helium balloon.

4. Very safe and sound and.

5. Made a record as well.

6. Serena Williams wins her nineteenth.

7. Overall title in Australian tennis.

8. Five boaters rescued off NC coast.

Thoughts for the day: Hope Mr. Kilmer will rest.

As he has not been on the screen.

For such a long time.

Have a great weekend.

One more day till the Super Bowl.

Congrats to Serena.

Chapter 1: Geoff and Silvy Sadness

I have not written the story of Geoff and Silvy as Geoff Edwards the host I based this on, passed away last year at 83. As this is dedicated in his memory. And Silvy is based on a Power Rangers Fan Fiction about and kind of my own mind. Also this is where Geoff and Silvy in which she got mad if you follow the story, this is where Geoff and Silvy got to know each other after she was on one of his game shows "Starcade" about video arcade. As he really began to fall in love with Silvy but Silvy got mad over learning the tragic death of her parents. As he was chasing her all around San Francisco where the show was taking place.

Geoff knew that she would really be upset. Over the way that Geoff found out from Miss Banks her first name, Etta and Drake, her only teenage friend but she was mentoring him for a nine-year old straight A student.

But he had to find out. Why she was keeping that secret and he was going to have to get to the bottom of this. Knowing that mean to disappoint her at all. But he was going to find out sooner or later how her parents died. Which was on a camping trip. As which three drivers including her parents and another driver where it was all of their faults. The driver of a tractor trailer went the wrong way and her father who was driving went to sleep. She was the only one living. Due to her having a seat belt.

As he was chasing down his new best friend, knowing that she was hurt and crushed. About how they died. As only Etta and Drake knew along with the doctor that was treating her. And how she was being abused by her only "relative" a drunk uncle named Max. As he was not family to her at all.

Still the guy was abusing her all around and if he could, would get his little friend out from his reach.

As Silvy in tears was upset over the way Geoff had to find out. Friends or not from Etta and Drake. Running all around SF. Trying to get rid of her new older friend. But this would not deter the determined host.

"Silvy just come to speak with me. As really hate to chase you around SF honey. We can do this either easy or hard. But I am your friend!" as Geoff was chasing her around.

"Please Geoff just leave me alone! You really shouldn't had been told that. That was a private matter."

"You know this would not be private anymore. I had to find out about it. Don't get mad at us. We were only protecting your best interests at all honey! Please Silvy just talk to me" as the game show host was already in tears. As he really loved and cared for her. As he hated to see his new friend sad.

But she knew that Geoff was just falling in love with her but did not want to show it to him.

News and Thoughts 1/30/2015 IV:

1. Amazing climb for the Niagara Falls.

2. Climber over in the snow.

3. After 150 years the Confederate submarine.

4. Hull that has been unveiled.

5. See what undocumented immigrants as.

6. They carry right across the border.

Thoughts for the day:Two more days til the Super Bowl.

Climber climbs over in the snow.

On his way to the record books.

Over in the Niagara Falls.

Hull of the Confederate submarine has.

Been found in 150 years unveiled.

News and Thoughts 1/30/2015 III:

1. Earn up to $13,000 a year in.

2. The selling of the fecs.

3. Dragon Dinosaur that is found.

4. Over in China as it is.

5. One of the rare things.

6. Russian jet bombers that are.

7. Flying over the UK channel.

Thoughts for the day:Fecs are new as.

Really never heard of that.

China finds it's own dragon dinosaur.

Seems to be a rarity.

News and Thoughts 1/30/2015 II:

1. Bats cause a lot of mayhem.

2. Send a lot of people that.

3. Are screaming from Arkansas court.

4. Eight out of the ten stats are made up.

5. Mitt Romney to make it official.

6. NOT to run for the Presidency.

7. For the GOP in 2016.

Thoughts for the day:Bats cause a lot of.

Mess and mayhem as the.

People scream from Arkansas court.

Mitt Romney NOT running for President.

News and Thoughts 1/30/2015:

1. Seems that George Zimmerman can't

2. Get out of trouble but.

3. His assault charges are dropped.

4. Eight out of the ten stats that.

5. Are really made up.

6. School goes all gender neutral.

7. CUNY to drop the Ms or Mr.

Thoughts for the day:70% Of people say

That they have their jobs.

As really you can't blame them.

Zimmerman just can't get out of trouble.