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News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 VIII:

1. Ellen Pao who was in the.

2. Midst over in the work place.

3. To try again after losing first case.

4. Five injured over in the.

5. Gas leak in the North Carolina Apple center.

6. First class fees are no longer.

7. The type as they used to be.

First class I think are overrated.

Love second or third class!

Humble people in my humble opinion.

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 VII:

1. US to meet with the allies.

2. Amid the signs over in.

3. The strategy with allies faltering.

4. Medicare billed more for the.

5. Mental health issues as.

6. That they got way too much.

Time for the world to help out USA against ISIS, Al-Qaeda and defeat them once and for all.

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 VI:

1. Wearable tech that could help.

2. Out over in the brain injuries.

3. Marriage is going out of.

4. Style as it is about.

5. Living outside over on marriage.

6. Ford plans to have the new.

7. Release over in the Sync 3, Fiesta and Escape.

Ford cars that are in the plans.

Over for new Sync 3, Fiesta, and Escape.

Brain injuries over in wearable tech.

News and Thoughts 6/2/2015 VI:

1. A runaway truck that kills.

2. A six-year old boy.

3. And causes a family that is ruined.

4. Due to their boy being killed.

5. Pension panic that is gripping.

6. Over in the heartland of it all.

Really feel bad for that family.

That lost a six year old boy!

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 V:

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen that.

2. Are designers of the year.

3. And have no plans to return to acting.

4. Malaysia air says that they are.

5. Technically bankrupt as they are.

6. Forced to layoff 6,000 workers.

Think when the airline over that tragedy last year.

Really did them in sadly.

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 IV:

1. Army's new camouflage as.

2. They are debuting in July 1st.

3. Beau Biden has led a.

4. Very troubled and a very cursed.

5. But charmed though short life.

6. In accomplishing forty-six years of his life.

7. Then we would be accomplishing in a lifetime.

RIP Beau Biden.

New Army uniform to be in July 1st.

Camouflage that is.

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 III:

1. Chinese ship 458 bodies that.

2. Are sinking in a storm.

3. Investigation that is going on.

4. Over in the sinking as.

5. Trying to figure out how the storm.

6. That helped the sinking over those people.

7. That end up dying over it.

Really sad with 458 people that were dead. Thoughts and prayers are with them.

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 II:

1. Homeland Security is not taking any.

2. Chances and trying to enhance.

3. More screening after flopping with.

4. Fake weapons in a practice run.

5. Need to keep on doing it.

6. For the real thing is not a drill.

Indeed it is not a drill at all.

Need to keep on doing it until one succeed.

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015:

1. John Kerry who broke his leg.

2. Over in Europe to cut short.

3. His trip to Europe has been.

4. Also shortening the talks over.

5. In Iran due to now trying to.

6. Get well with his leg.

Get well Mr Kerry!

News and Thoughts 5/31/2015 VIII:

1. Aloha the movie could not be.

2. Spared with an all star case like.

3. Bradly Cooper and Emma Stone as.

4. It flops to sixth place and.

5. The Rock's San Andres is the top of the.

6. Box office as it had to overcome bad reviews.

Saw Aloha and it was good not great though.