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News and Thoughts 6/2/2015 IX:

1. Nine states that are under.

2. The underemployment rate as.

3. Japan Governor do not want.

4. To have US base over in the.

5. Military and battles the country of the USA.

6. UN says more than 6,400 killed over in the Ukraine war bases.

Really sad over in Ukraine.

Nine states under the underemployed rate.

Great jobs in the state.

News and Thoughts 6/2/2015 VIII:

1. Egypt has withheld over on the.

2. Death sentence of former President Mubarak.

3. Over crimes against humanity.

4. Solar impulse makes an unscheduled.

5. Landing over in Japan.

6. Sirens that are sounding in an.

7. Israel drill in the schools.

Good for the Israel schools.

Paris locks to have love bridge dismissed!

Mubarak got himself into some hot water.

News and Thoughts 6/2/2015 VII:

1. Americans with disabilities are trying.

2. To work despite the fact of.

3. That as more than 2/3 of America.

4. Want to be treated like equals.

5. The act that has turned twenty-five.

6. Due to the fact of them not.

7. Wanting to get special treatment.

I have two nephews that have Cerebral Palsy! Know the feeling a bit.

News and Thoughts 6/2/2015 V:

1. How the Catholics over in.

2. Bosnia are ready over for.

3. Visit from Pope Francis.

4. How the liberal country of.

5. France that has gotten their.

6. Own Republican Party as their leader Sarkarzy.

7. Vacations in the USA.

News and Thoughts 6/2/2015 IV:

1. Philly Amtrak engineer was using.

2. His cellphone and also he.

3. Was texting and that could.

4. Land him in such hot water.

5. Over in the texting an the.

6. Crashed that killed up to twelve people.

7. Investigation could be up for a year.

Don't text and drive!

News and Thoughts 6/2/2015 III:

1. Failures are shown over.

2. On the TSA behalf.

3. As they need to enhance.

4. Over on the security over.

5. In the screening as they tried.

6. To stop fake weapons but failed.

They need to keep on practicing until they succeed.

News and Thoughts 6/2/2015 II

1. FIFA scandal as the President.

2. Seemed to be known that.

3. He is letting on as.

4. It is making him look more.

5. Guilty than ever as the.

6. USA and international waters of soccer fans.

7. Are shocked over a pretty family friend soccer.

It is Football in Europe but soccer in the USA!

News and Thoughts 6/2/2015:

1. The Duggar family will be giving.

2. First interview since the scandal.

3. With son Josh on the.

4. Fox show with Megan Kelly.

5. As they will describe their side of the.

6. Story and why that they tried to.

7. Keep this out of the media in 2002-2003.

As that was before they became famous!

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 VIII:

1. Ellen Pao who was in the.

2. Midst over in the work place.

3. To try again after losing first case.

4. Five injured over in the.

5. Gas leak in the North Carolina Apple center.

6. First class fees are no longer.

7. The type as they used to be.

First class I think are overrated.

Love second or third class!

Humble people in my humble opinion.

News and Thoughts 6/1/2015 VII:

1. US to meet with the allies.

2. Amid the signs over in.

3. The strategy with allies faltering.

4. Medicare billed more for the.

5. Mental health issues as.

6. That they got way too much.

Time for the world to help out USA against ISIS, Al-Qaeda and defeat them once and for all.