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News and Thoughts 5/24/2015 VIII

1. Cleveland is now feeling the protest.

2. How Ferguson, Baltimore, and New York.

3. Some people in the riots even cheered.

4. Good cops as there are some.

5. Arrests but no violence over.

6. In the community over it.

News and Thoughts 5/24/2015 VII:

1. Phoenix VA boss says that

2. They were mirred over in conflict.

3. Nigerian town that is now.

4. Over in the Boko Harem.

5. Over on a deadly raid.

6. Lonely man finds a home in Islam and.

7. Sadly finds the ISIS state.

Really very beyond sad how people think they can find a purpose in terrorism.

And how these young people that are being brainwashed!

Extremely very sad but true!

News and Thoughts 5/24/2015 VI:

1. New Orleans officer that worked.

2. Over on the housing project.

3. Has been shot and killed.

4. While doing his job to protect others.

5. Highways that will have Memorial Day.

6. To watch for DUI's or DWI's lookouts.

If you drink don't drive or if you drive, don't drink!

News and Thoughts 5/24/2015 V:

1. Bikers are now being the.

2. Subject of criminal investigation as.

3. It is sad that there are.

4. Normal people that are in.

5. Biker fatigue and how what happened.

6. In Waco TX has changed things for them.

News and Thoughts 5/24/2015 IV:

1. A man that is facing multiple.

2. Murder charges with an SUV.

3. An Eagle scout that ends up.

4. Honoring his dead father.

5. By wearing a pin over it.

6. There could be more weapons.

7. Over in the Waco TX biker tragedy.

News and Thoughts 5/24/2015 III:

1. At least four are injured over.

2. In the amphtheater collapse over.

3. In WA State that occurred.

4. Man in CA that has been caught.

5. Killing a family has obtained.

6. Lawyers for his case to come

Would have for that to collapse.

News and Thoughts 5/24/2015 II:

1. A Beautiful Mind that was.

2. A book and made into a movie.

3. With Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connolly.

4. The people they played John and Alicia Nash.

5. In NJ were killed in a taxi wreck as driver.

6. Slammed into a curb and both were not wear.

7. A seat belt over the crash.

RIP and thoughts are with the Nash family.

News and Thoughts 5/24/2015:

1. Catholic organizers are promoting.

2. The Pope's climate change ways.

3. As he is also being.

4. Touted over in the change.

5. Over in the issue of faith.

6. Protester over in Seattle that leaves.

7. A shell ship over in it.

Pope Francis is like a rock star than a saint.

News and Thoughts 5/23/2015 IX:

1. Josh Duggar's record over on.

2. Sexual assault that was squashed.

3. By the police in Arkansas.

4. What 14% of the people that.

5. Are unemployed that means for.

6. Those who graduate from college.

7. Out into the real world.

Congrats to those that have college degrees.

News and Thoughts 5/23/2015 VIII:

1. LA man that had a slow.

2. Police chase that is probably.

3. The slowest ever in their history.

4. Homeless man stops the man but.

5. Both were taken into custody as.

6. Man had signs over in the highway.

Very strange for a slow police chase.