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News and Thoughts 3/2/2015 V:

1. Nebraska Same Sex marriage that.

2. Is banned says US judge is.

3. Really an unconstitutional right over them.

4. Arrest over in the US blogger.

5. Beheading over from a Bangladesh.

6. Group of terrorists claiming responsibility.

7. Putin Critics says that the opponent did.

8. Not see his killer at all come.

Thoughts for the day:The supporters over Boris Nemstov.

That did not see his killer.

Despite being defiant to the end.

Nebraska same sex ban could be.

Coming to an end by federal judge.

News and Thoughts 3/2/2015 IV:

1. Iraq is launching a huge assault.

2. Over on the ISIS group.

3. Under forty billionaires as the.

4. List includes that of Mark Zuckerberg.

5. McDonald's chief plots his new.

6. Line for attack in fast food.

Thoughts for the day:No surprise that Zuckeberg.

Is at the top of the list.

Or near it as he has a long way to go.

Before he hits forty.

News and Thoughts 3/2/2015 III:

1. Mom is found guilty in the.

2. Salt death over of son.

3. As he was only five years old.

4. Obama words hang in the.

5. Future balance in the Obama Care.

6. Get ready for the Obama Care.

7. Islamic group how is it that way?

Thoughts for the day:Killing kid with a salt.

When he had nothing to do

With the burdens of mother beyond heinous.

Obama Care great ready for it.

In the health care.

News and Thoughts 3/2/2015 II:

1. Pentagon has up to a $55B.

2. Plane that is not so mysterious.

3. Why Warren Buffet that is.

4. Rich at $72B and we are not.

5. Las Vegas that is on the verge.

6. Of bankruptcy as up to $350M may.

7. Not be able to save it.

Thoughts fr the day:That is a huge plane.

Of up to $55B in the Pentagon.

That is a spy plane there.

Warren Buffet is that wealthy and we are not.

News and Thoughts 3/2/2015:

1. Quarantine over in the Ebola.

2. In the North Korea thing.

3. Up to 6,000 people that.

4. Are killed in the cause.

5. Over in the rebels in Ukraine.

6. William Shatner defends not going to.

7. Funeral of long time friend Leonard Nimoy.

Thoughts for the day:Over in the Quarantine over.

In the Ebola in the North Korea.

Up to 6,000 people that are.

Killed in the cause of Ukraine.

William Shatner defends not going to Leonard Nimoy funeral.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 VII

1. Reportedly that the shooting in LA.

2. In the homeless thing with the.

3. Police Department as caught on tape.

4. Record over in the 290 other.

5. That are on the Forbes list.

6. As one of them happens to.

7. Be the NBA star Michael Jordan.

Thoughts for the day:LA homeless thing that

Is in the police department.

Record over in the 290 others that.

Are billionaires now as Michael Jordan.

Glad he is doing well for himself.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 VI:

1. Space X Falcons that has launched.

2. Over in the skies to come.

3. Global warming that is in.

4. The coral killer study finds.

5. Twitter that has William Shatner having.

6. His own memorial for Leonard Nimoy.

Thoughts for the day:Shatner having his own Twitter.

Funeral rant over his friend Leonard N.

Global warming in the coral killer study finds.

Space X Falcons has launched over in the skies to come.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 V:

1. LA man struggles with police as.

2. He was killed in that struggle.

3. Motive is still unresolved over.

4. In the Missouri murder-suicide.

5. Releasing the name of the suspect.

6. As nine are killed over it.

Thoughts for the day:LA man struggles with police.

As he is killed.

Missouri murder-suicide motive that.

Is not revealed as the suspect.

Kills eight and killed himself.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 IV:

1. NOAA rejects the whale in the.

2. Sanctuary over in the Atlantic

3. Couple that is fighting over.

4. In the legal marijuana medical laws.

5. With the feds vs state government.

6. In the jurisdiction friction thing.

Thoughts for the day:Whales that are about to.

Fight over in the Atlantic.

NOAA has rejected them.

Couple fighting over legal marijuana pot laws.

News and Thoughts 3/1/2015 III:

1. There is a Walking Dead town.

2. Inspired by the AMC show.

3. Focus is the top box office.

4. After such a slow weekend.

5. Ebola nurse that is going to.

6. Sue the place that neglected her.

7. Over her case says lawyer.

Thoughts for the day:I am not one to.

Really very rarely jump on the bandwagon.

Hope you have a great week.

Ebola nurse needs to sue.