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News and Thoughts 7/28/2014 II:

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1. Ukraine who has territory claim over.

2. Advantage over nemesis and rival, Russia.

3. Kidnapping suspect in custody after.

4. Teenager girl in NH taken in October.

5. Returning home alive nine months later.

6. Story is getting very puzzling.

Thoughts for the day:Ukraine trying to really show.

Russia over they are not going to be picked up.

Kidnapping story over on NH girl is.

Getting bizarre by the second.

Very puzzling indeed!

News and Thoughts 7/28/2014:

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1. US flooding is up as the Southeastern rains.

2. Had a lot to do with it.

3. Fist bump a healthy habit?

4. Huge blaze over in the Libya capital.

5. NYC suspect shot and killed.

6. How to remember WWI as they changed the course of war.

7. Messi fraud trial has begun there.

8. Israel PM warns of prolongng the war in Gaza.

9. Asylum has been offered to Iraqi Christians.

Thoughts for the day:US has flooding as.

It goes up over Southeastern USA.

Fist bump may be healthy.

Libya capital has a huge blaze.

Have a great Monday!

And a great rest of the week!

WWI changed the world war.

But really it was Vietnam that changed the way.

You and I look at wars.

News and Thoughts 7/27/2014 IV:

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1. Stephen A Smith tries to clarify.

2. To explain domestic violence over Ray Rice.

3. Twelve are hit by lightening in CA.

4. Rarity over that happening in Golden State, one fatally.

5. Ex-VP Sarah Palin to have her own.

6. Internet channel she has announced.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great week!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Never joke with domestic violence.

Smith never really liked him.

Golden State of CA has a very rare lightening strike.

Palin now has her own internet channel.

God help us all!

News and Thoughts 7/27/2014 III:

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1. MH 17 flight showed in the blackbox.

2. That missile is up firing.

3. Why some ice cream bars don't melt.

4. Some states have wage growth rates.

5. Video over in baby and pit bull loving each other.

6. Ukraine rebels say they are going after nemesis.

7. And rivals over with the Russian rebels.

8. Ebola that is expanding to health workers.

9. UN once again trying to bring up cease fire.

10. Between the Israel and Gaza Strip.

Thoughts for the day: MH17 flight that has.

Shown missile flying in the black box.

Some states have some wage growth rates.

Baby and pit bull loving each other on video.

Ebola now going to expanding over.

In the health care workers thing.

No cease fire will stop Israel-Gaza Strip war.

News and Thoughts 7/27/2014:

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1. Pa police are wanting to find.

2. Carjackers that killed three kids and injured dozens.

3. VA gets a temporary deal to.

4. Help them out in the troubled agency.

5. Family feud sparks revolt in grocery chain.

6. Northern CA wildfires spark again.

7. Destroying up to ten homes.

8. How GOP insurgents invented progressivism.

Thoughts for the day:Trying to locate the carjackers.

Who killed three kids and injured dozens.

VA gets a temporary deal to help out.

Over on the troubled deal.

Northern CA wildfires at it again.

Destroying up to ten homes and counting.

News and Thoughts 7/27/2014:

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1. Two are injured in amusement park.

2. Huge storms that are headed for.

3. Southeastern and the tornado warnings.

4. Five in Maine that are ID as.

5. A family have been discovered dead.

6. Gaza Strip despite the "claims" of the.

7. Cease fire still war goes on.

8. Hercules defeated by Lucy at the box office.

Thoughts for the day:Girl power at the box office.

Huge storms as just live them

For a couple of hours with.

Tornado and thunderstorm warnings.

Cease fire did not go well in Gaza War.

Despite promises made and promises broken.

News and Thoughts 7/26/2014 IV:

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1. Never mess with an ex-WWE champ.

2. Who tried to rob him but got blindsided.

3. Israel says that it will extend.

4. Cease fire up to twenty-four hours.

5. Ukraine fights foreign mercenaries in their turf.

6. Pope Francis dines in Vatican cafeteria.

7. While he denounces the mafia.

Thoughts for the day:Never ever, mess with an WWE champ.

As someone found out while robbing that guy.

Israel in how long they will keep up.

With the so-called cease fire thing?!

Pope Francis proves he is indeed just a normal guy!

News and Thoughts 7/26/2014 III:

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1. Judge says that DC gun ban.

2. In the nation's capital is unconstitutional.

3. Cancer patient built a rustic camp.

4. So that he can help others.

5. Massive dust storm over in the.

6. Phoenix AZ area is coming on down.

7. Higher calling but lower wages in.

8. Modern day clergy living there.

Thoughts for the day:Gun ban needs to come down.

You would think that we would learn.

From Sandy Hook but really did not.

Man who died at 58 over cancer wanting

To help others with the rustic camp.

Help helped to build.

Have a great weekend!

News and Thoughts 7/26/2014 II:

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1. Federal highway grants are going unnoticed.

2. Ukraine's unnoticed grants that are.

3. Doing just that these days.

4. Brooklyn is ground central for.

5. Wrongful convictions that are trying to right the wrong.

6. FBI says that there are no raids.

7. In the scams of migrant kids.

Thoughts for the day:Unnoticed grants are that.

Over in the federal highways.

As freeways need to be more safer.

You think the regular highways can be dangers.

Freeways are just horrible.

Brooklyn is ground central for wrongful convictions in trying to right the wrong.

FBI says no raids yet on scams of migrant kids.

News and Thoughts 7/26/2014:

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1. Lake Mead is failing as the.

2. Water worries are going up.

3. US Embassy as the Libya violence.

4. Is growing as the GOP says.

5. Police of ours failed countries like Libya.

6. Once again Hamas rejects the four-hour.

7. Cease fire after short cease fire yesterday.

8. That went out the window.

9. Lucy the Scarlett Johannson movie is #1.

Thoughts for the day:Bad news for the people.

In the Lake Mead that fails.

As the water worries goes up.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great weekend.

Libya violence is now growing.

Cease fire out the window for Hamas.

Rejecting yet another one for four hours.

Want to kind of see that Lucy movie!