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News and Thoughts 7/22/2014:

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1. Billionaire has taken fire over the.

2. Herb Life comment of destroying them.

3. Appeals panel strikes blow on Obama Care.

4. Rogue wave kills a mother.

5. While on vacation with her family.

6. Starbucks Barista says that he was fired over tattoo.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Tuesday!

Herb Life backfires on Billionaire.

No wonder I do not get in the beach or ocean.

Due to crazed waves like that.

Prayers and thought are with that woman's family.

Barista tattoo got him canned in Starbucks.

News and Thoughts 7/22/2014:

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1. Lots of missing plane parts are.

2. Just that in sawed off MH17 flight.

3. FAA cancels the US flights over Gaza Strip.

4. In Israel for the time being due to fights.

5. Consumer Reports tells us to ignore cars.

6. Like the BMW and Benz and buy Buicks.

7. VA nod from Senators warnings as he faces.

8. Rough water when he takes job, should he.

9. What if a major tornado hit a major US city?

Thoughts for the day:Not just the plane is sawed

In half but also tampering with evidence.

FAA cancels all of the USA flights.

In Israel due to the Gaza fights.

Consumer Reports tells us to ignore cars.

Like BMW and Benz as Buick is the way to go.

Major US city would suffer damages like

NY and NJ did in Sandy in 2012.

News and Thoughts 7/21/2014 IV:

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1. All hope in immigration is really.

2. Out says the US Senator Coryn.

3. Child poverty rate is increasing.

4. $180K That was stolen over in.

5. The Atlantic City casino robber thing.

6. Ex-Marine arrested over missing woman.

Thoughts for the day:Immigration is really out with all hope.

Child poverty rate is increasing.

Atlantic City $180,000 casino is robbed.

Nobody is found in the robbery.

News and Thoughts 7/21/2014 III:

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1. WA has such a huge wildfire.

2. The worst over in their state.

3. Reporter from the UK has been.

4. Found stifling over in the luggage.

5. In the Malaysian plane crash.

6. Medal of honor goes to the soldier.

7. Who served in Afghan who went above and beyond.

8. Netflix doubles in their earnings last year.

Thoughts for the day:WA state has a huge wildfires.

Worst ever in the state.

Have a great Tuesday!

Reporter in the UK have they have no shame?

Medal of honor for person who served call and beyond.

News and Thoughts 7/21/2014 II:

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1. Putin will do anything in his power.

2. In delaying the investigation into the plane crash.

3. UN is now onto the Russian rebels.

4. Along with many, many more to come.

5. Yet another violent weekend in Chicago.

6. Chicago needs to find a cure for violence.

Thoughts for the day:Really Putin is becoming more and more evil.

As really wished the whole world could see.

What he is really doing!

UN is now onto Russia!

Yet another blood Chicago weekend.

Really getting even more worse!

News and Thoughts 7/21/2014:

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1. Phone calls for tips of free movies.

2. Clinic had reused needles says report.

3. Afghan US war vet rewarded with Medal of Honor.

4. Detroit holds off on shut offs.

5. Studying over the NYPD choke holds fatality.

6. Malaysian plane passed through Syria.

7. Which could reroute over the airline industry.

8. Boston marathon friend guilty of tampering with evidence, obstruction.

9. VP Biden made snide Putin remark.

10. Zoo has a rare rhino calf born.

Thoughts for the day:As phone call if you want.

To make a free movie.

Detroit holds off on shut offs.

As they continue to deal with bankruptcy.

Malaysian plane crash as they are also learned.

They flew through Syria another war zone country.

Could also change the airline industry.

Boston marathon friend faces twenty years of tampering with evidence and obstruction.

VP Biden made snide Putin remark.

News and Thoughts 7/20/2014 IV:

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1. Kerry is going to the Mideast.

2. To help out in the cease fire.

3. TSA security fee is going up.

4. Remembering a great and extraordinary actor.

5. In the late great James Garner.

6. Reluctant hero and star!

Thoughts for the day:James was an actor who was a star.

But did not act like it.

Kerry is going to the Mideast cease fire.

TSA security fee is going up.

Have a great Monday!

News and Thoughts 7/20/2014 III:

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1. Two Americans lose their lives over.

2. In the chaos of the Mideast.

3. WA wildfires are raising up as.

4. One has been killed over it.

5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes at the top at $37M.

6. Netherlands turn from pain to anger over.

7. In the Malaysian plane crash.

8. Liability issues over in the MH17 flight thing.

9. ATF stings in agency stings targeted over against minorities.

Thoughts for the day:Mideast in the Gaza Strip.

As two killed as both were Americans.

WA wildfires as one is killed.

Want to see the Planet of the Apes.

Liability and a lot of issues that.

Are really up in the air for the Malaysian flight crash.

ATF being investigated over stings against minorities.

Have a great week!

News and Thoughts 7/21/2014 II:

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1. Illinois to legalize pot over.

2. In the way of curing seizures.

3. US libraries not just helping others.

4. To read but helping in the fight against hunger.

5. As bus is helping showers over for the homeless.

Thoughts for the day:Illinois yet another state that.

Will help out in the pot thing.

For those that have seizures.

US libraries helping out to read and end hunger.

Bus is seen helping showers for homeless.

News and Thoughts 7/21/2014:

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1. Drought is hindering the energy.

2. Improvement over by in Detroit.

3. Teen that was beaten and taken in the Mideast.

4. Has now spoken on up.

5. NM trio of teens held on beating up a homeless person fatally.

6. Hollywood mourning the death of actor James Garner.

7. Dies yesterday at 86 as he was known for Maverick and Rockford.

8. US and other countries want proof.

9. Of the Russian rebels firing fatal missile.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Sunday!

Detroit will take a long time to get out of debt.

Drought is hindering out on energy.

NM trio of teens beat up homeless person fatally.

RIP James Garner.

So many blasts from the pasts leaving us.

Russia neither confirms nor denies what happened in the missile.

That doomed plane of 298!