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News and Thoughts 5/22/2015 VIII:

1. Woman who died on her.

2. Graduation day as she had.

3. Migraines and how her family is.

4. On Memorial Day to remember those.

5. Who served in the call of duty.

6. How they sacrificed so much for us.

They sure have sacrifice a lot.

News and Thoughts 5/22/2015 VII:

1. Navy pilot has ejected over.

2. In the San Diego bay in.

3. Over in the runway thing.

4. Seattle gay couple that has been.

5. Leaving what they feel their.

6. Entire fortune over to what.

7. Their earned to the USA.

Thoughts for the day:Glad that the pilot has ejected safely.

Seattle gay couple leave their worth over to

The USA in the taxes they say.

News and Thoughts 5/22/2015 VI:

1. Boy 11, graduates with three degrees.

2. He graduated last year with.

3. High School over in 2014.

4. Lawyer says that Aaron Hernandez.

5. Now serving a life sentence has.

6. Been very low on money.

Happy Friday!

News and Thoughts 5/22/2015 V:

1. Clinton's emails that are now.

2. Being left out and that.

3. The State Department that is.

4. CA farmers that are going.

5. To be 25% of the water.

6. To be cut over in the drought.

News and Thoughts 5/22/2015 IV:

1. Bill that is in the Fast Track.

2. That got passed as Senate.

3. Passes it and that.

4. It needed to be passed.

5. After it flopped the first time.

6. What will happen next?

News and Thoughts 5/22/2015 III:

1. How molestation victims that are.

2. Getting left out due to.

3. The fact of the face.

4. Over in those that are accused.

5. Like Josh Duggar get the attention.

6. While they are left behind.

Sadly that they are left behind.

News and Thoughts 5/22/2015 II:

1. Duggars TV show by TLC.

2. Has been cancelled over the.

3. Allegations over in the Josh Duggar.

4. He admitted to molesting some.

5. Underage girls as some of them.

6. Were his sisters that were in.

TLC cancelled Honey Boo Boo, could Duggars go that way.

News and Thoughts 5/22/2015:

1. Palmyra may be off limits.

2. Over to the US forces.

3. Victims that are mourning the.

4. Family killed as suspect caught.

5. In DC as the family is being remembered.

6. As kind and generous.

News and Thoughts 5/21/2015 VIII:

1. Infamous rapper Famous Flav is arrested.

2. Of all places in Las Vegas.

3. San Francisco protesters do so.

4. Naked in the Black Lives that matter.

5. Cannabis over in the Indiana church.

6. In the religious freedom over it.

Church with Cannabis really?

Would not be protesting nakd!

News and Thoughts 5/21/2015 VII:

1. Baltimore PD is hit again with.

2. A snag over in the six officers.

3. Officially indicted over in the.

4. Murder of Freddie Gray over.

5. Charges of reckless endangerment, murder.

6. And also not stopping fellow cops.

PD should had stopped the police or go to IA!