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News and Thoughts 10/24/2014 IV:

1. Hilary Clinton says that it is not.

2. Business to create the jobs.

3. When parents end up killing.

4. While grieving loved ones left behind.

5. Are the quarantines that may not.

6. Let Ebola workers be quitting and giving up?

7. HS cafeteria worker tried to stop.

8. Seattle gunman before he was killed along with another student.

Thoughts for the day:Will not mention the gunman's name.

Out of respect for those victims ad families.

Creating jobs is about putting food on the table.

Putting a roof over their heads.

News and Thoughts 10/24/2014 III:

1. Millions volunteer for Make a Difference.

2. Mama June daughter comes out and.

3. Says that one of the fathers that Honey Boo Boo has.

4. Indeed has molested her.

5. Best lifesaving device that you can have.

6. 1,000 Have rolled up into church.

7. In Seattle to remember those lost in school shooting.

Thoughts for the day:When will the school shootings end.

Mama June has more husbands and lovers.

Than say Elizabeth Taylor has.

Show canceled over molestation charges.

Remember school shooting in Seattle.

News and Thoughts 10/25/2014 IV:

1. Ebola gives US preppers another to.

2. Reason to the prepare for the worst.

3. Crisis that ended up saving Pope Francis.

4. Do you have to go up to space?

5. Or the guts to go there in space.

6. Iraqi security forces and the Kurds.

7. NYC subway as you can't catch Ebola.

Thoughts for the day:Ebola to give US preppers.

Over in the preparing for the virus.

Do you have the guts to go to space?

Pope Francis crisis that ended up saving him.

Have a great Sunday!

News and Thoughts 10/25/2014 III:

1. Seattle has a contrasting moment of shooter

2. In the final minutes of his and victim's lives.

3. CA Marine is the first to ever.

4. Die in the US mission on ISIS.

5. Woman has up to $70,000 in her stomach.

6. From a job lived to a job loss.

7. Over in loss of life with woman to suicide.

8. Iraq hangs woman in defiance in international campaign.

Thoughts for the day:Seattle contrasting moment of shooter.

Final minutes of the shooter's life.

CA Marine is first to ever die in ISIS shooting.

Woman had up to $70,000 in her stomach.

News and Thoughts 10/25/2014 II:

1. Hannah Graham remains found in VA farm.

2. Suspect to be charged with her murder.

3. Allen family gives a send off good-bye.

4. $10B Amazon loss is devastating.

5. Oujau movie is the tops.

Thoughts for the day:Suspect in Graham's murder to to charged.

Already has a rape charge.

Allen Brothers family says good-bye in tour.

Amazon loss is very real but furious.

News and Thoughts 10/25/2014:

1. One man crime spree in CA as.

2. Two deputies are dead, one in critical condition..

3. Seattle loss of innocence since yesterday.

4. Female python gives birth to virgin one.

5. Phone a friend a cellphone lifeline.

6. NY has Ebola state of mind.

7. Taking new I Pad out for a spin.

8. Amazon delivers frustration in $10B loss.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great weekend.

One man crime CA spree as two deputies are dead.

One is in recovery.

Seattle loss of innocence.

Female python birth from a virgin.

NY has an Ebola state of mind.

News and Thoughts 10/24/2014 II:

1. Pirus Hybrid push back as hatred.

2. Is coming after the car.

3. Two are killed in Seattle shooting as.

4. Gunman also included being dead.

5. 30M Cars gave defective car bags,

6. Years after the market collapse as.

7. Borrowers are now spending again.

8. Millions to bask in the late summer like warmth.

Thoughts for the day:The new Pirus Hybrd getting lots of hate.

Seattle has school shooting in which.

Two end up dead, including gunman.

Hate it when there are killings.

Including the loss of life of the innocence.

News and Thoughts 10/24/2014:

1. UNC cheating is not just hurting.

2. Athletes but hurting kinds of students.

3. Nurse now free from Ebola virus is.

4. Receiving thanks from Obama there.

5. Ferguson protest over on Amnesty as.

6. Criticizes over on police excesses.

7. Tornado rips the roof off in Washington.

8. Missouri grand jury prepares for the Ferguson thing.

Thoughts for the day:UNC cheating scandal not just hurting.

Athletes but hurting all kinds of students.

Nurse free from Ebola virus, receives thanks from Obama.

Have a great weekend.

Ferguson protest over on Amnesty.

Missouri grand jury prepares for Ferguson thing.

News and Thoughts 10/23/2014 IV:

1. Kids left in the car over while.

2. Father was out at casino.

3. Bristol Palin has been telling the.

4. Truth of the in Alaska bawl.

5. Ebola fears over in the USA.

6. Eye catching in the eclipse thing.

Thought for the day:What kind of father is that.

Palin tells truth of the Alaska brawl.

Ebola fears over USA thing.

Now it is in the NY.

News and Thoughts 10/23/2014 III:

1. Ebola doctor that is in quarantine.

2. Was an emergency specialist.

3. Steve Nash back injury to leave him.

4. Out for the season for Lakers.

5. NY has the Ebola thing.

6. People are in a panic and cautious.

7. Trump hits Twitter over the Obama.

8. Blaming the President for Ebola.

Thoughts for the day:Quarantining the doctor in the emergency specialist.

Steve Nash out bad news for Lakers.

NY has Ebola thing.

People are in a panic and cautious.

The Donald at it again.