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News and Thoughts 10/21/2014 IV:

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1. Why in the world did the freed American.

2. Went to North Korea in the first place.

3. Apple I Cloud is under attack.

4. Bristol Palin sobs over brawl.

5. Teen charged with rape in the hall of school.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Hump Day.

Freed American why in the world did they.

Go to North Korea in the first place.

Apple I Cloud is under attack.

News and Thoughts 10/21/2014 III:

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1. Get a tight travel budget with.

2. A great VIP treatment there.

3. When you need to take the first social security check.

4. At the age of 70 preferrably.

5. FBI says trio of CO girls tried to board plane to Syria.

6. Ben Bradlee known for his DC post columns dies.

7. Prince of the DC social circle.

8. Tainted supplements were that before they were sold.

9. Giants nab first World Series Game over Royals.

Thoughts for the day:Tight travel but VIP treatment.

Get your first SS check at 70 says feds.

FBI says CO girls tried to board plane to Syria.

In order to join the ISIS.

Why people would do that is beyond anybody's guess.

News and Thoughts 10/21/2014 II:

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1. Taxpayers to pick up federal workers sick tab.

2. Top ten places to retire.

3. For those on social security alone.

4. MI QB has been called many names.

5. But it is only strengthening him.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Tuesday!

Yep we pick up the tab.

When others get sick in the federal govt.

News and Thoughts 1021/2014:

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1. Computer generated 10-year old girl.

2. Convicts a child online predator.

3. Teresa Guidice crisis manager fires her over prison request.

4. Ebola to limit five airlines from West Africa by DHS.

5. Five years that Oscar Pistorius to serve over manslaughter.

6. North Korea releases elderly American.

7. Serial killers and why they fascinate the world.

8. USA accidentally sends weapons to ISIS.

Thoughts for the day:Computer generated ten-year old girl convicts.

A child online predator.

Guidice over prison request gets fired by crisis manager.

Homeland Security limits five airlines from West Africa.

Serial killers and why they still "interest" us.

US sending weapons to ISIS?!

What were wee thinking?!

News and Thoughts 10/20/2014 IV:

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1. Alabama House speaker indicted as.

2. Not the first time nor will be the last time.

3. A speaker or political figure indicted.

4. Child case slavery as twenty-on month prison term.

5. For a janitor turned prime suspect.

6. Deadly spiders turn up in the bananas.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Tuesday.

Alabama needs to clean out politicians.

Child slavery gives janitor prison time.

My dad doesn't like spiders!

News and Thoughts 10/20/2014 III:

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1. Legendary fashion icon Oscar De La Renta dies.

2. Hannah Graham suspect indicted on 2005 rape.

3. Two nights that are going to give.

4. People of the meteor showers.

5. Total Oil Company CEO killed in Russian plane crash.

6. Officials warn up to 500 million records are being hacked.

7. Apple Pay launch is getting lots of bumps on the road.

Thoughts for the day:RIP De La Renta.

Heather Graham suspect indicted on 2004 rape.

Meter shower two nights going to give.

Would hate to die in a plane crash.

News and Thoughts 10/20/2014 II:

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1. Tractor beams are a lot more plausible.

2. And a lot more clearer.

3. Up to 1,000 jurors that are getting ready.

4. To be questioned for Boston suspect.

5. Swedish Cold War thriller exotic Baltic Sea.

6. Over in the Russia seas.

7. Indiana suspect could be a serial killer.

Thoughts for the day:Tractor beams a lot more plausible.

Much more clearer.

Up to 1,000 jurors in Boston suspect.

Swedish Cold War thriller exotic Baltic Sea.

News and Thoughts 10/20/2014:

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1. Orionid meteor shower has how

2. We can end up seeing it in the skies.

3. Michelle Knight says that she has.

4. Forgiven her kidnappers in an interview.

5. Planet hottest September since 1980.

6. Activist has dives into dumpless.

7. Across the USA to highlight food waste.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Monday!

Have a great week!

Seeig the Orionid in the skies.

Michelle Knight and the light of forgiveness.

Activist showing indeed food waste.

News and Thoughts 10/19/2014 IV:

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1. Peyton Manning breaks 509 TD's and

2. Has 510 TD's and breaks QB record.

3. Ebola nurse's family says that she.

4. Did not ask for this and was not careless.

5. Dog also has to be tested for Ebola.

Thoughts for the day:Manning finally breaks his TD record.

Ebola nurse family says she was not careless.

Dog has to be tested for Ebola.

Have a great week!

News and Thoughts 10/19/2014 III:

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1. IBM going to have a major Monday announcement.

2. Even though the U of Va student's remains.

3. Have been found but ID officially could.

4. Take for weeks.

5. Lufthsana pilots to strike down tomorrow.

6. Wall Street to have a wild week again.

7. Fourteen arrested in Pumpkin Festival flap.

Thoughts for the day:U of Va students remains to be.

Officially ID for weeks.

Lufthsana pilots to strike down tomorrow.

Wild week for Wall Street.

Fourteen arrested in Pumpkin flap.