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News and Thoughts 12/16/2014 IV:

1. Three years since Sr Kim Jong Uh's death.

2. It is time for North Korea to move on.

3. TSA chief is focusing on the.

4. Riskiest over the travelers.

5. Man gets seven years for.

6. Trying to make bomb over AZ sheriff.

Thoughts for the day:North Korea trying to move on.

Three years seems long but time to move on enough.

TSA chief focuses on riskiest of moves

Over the toughest travelers.

News and Thoughts 12/16/2014 III:

1. Obama spends the $1.1T bill.

2. To avert govt shutdown as well as.

3. Pay for stuff like light bulbs and lunches.

4. GOP Senator has blocked the.

5. Terrorism insurance measure thing.

6. The seventeen terrorists that were.

7. Part of the Pakistan thing were killed along with victims.

Thoughts for the day:Really sad over the Pakistan thing.

GOP Senator blocked terrorism insurance measure.

What if they need it next time?

As it is good to have insurance!

Obama spends the $1.1T bill!

News and Thoughts 12/16/2014 II:

1. Sydney is trying to come to terms.

2. On how this could have happened.

3. In their own backyard as two hostages.

4. One of them the manager trying to stop a gunman.

5. NASA spent up to $350M over on.

6. A so-called worthless tower.

7. Russia says it has the right to put.

8. Nuclear weapons in Crimea.

Thoughts for the day:Sydney keep in thoughts and prayers.

In shock over how something horrific.

Can come in their own backyard.

Worthless tower that NASA hs spent.

A lot of money on.

News and Thoughts 12/16/2014:

1. Powdered alcohol as not so fast.

2. In the death of a woman.

3. Russia says that it has.

4. The right to look at nuclear arms.

5. Senate approves of the Obama pick.

6. Over for the Surgeon General.

7. As it was a narrow vote.

Thoughts for the day:I have an alcoholic in the family

So know the feeling as really am worried.

Though he can be a you know what at times.

News and Thoughts 12/15/2014 IV:

1. Obama vows no safe haven.

2. For the Islamic State thing.

3. Germany has anti-immigration thing.

4. Over in Eastern in the Islamic thing.

5. 194 Countries that may make an.

6. Historic climate deal but not enough worth.

Thoughts for the day:Obama vows no safe haven.

Germany has 10,000 people strike.

Over in the Islamic anti-immigration thing.

Keep thoughts and prayers for the country of Australia.

News and Thoughts 12/15/2014 III:

1. Australian been in mourning over.

2. In the cafe thing.

3. Could this happen in the USA?

4. Slovak train station has the homeless.

5. That are working there.

6. Suspicious package that has evacuated.

7. Over in the Australia foreign department.

Thoughts for the day:What happened over in Australia.

Can show that it could happen anywhere.

Due to the fact of a changing world.

Two employees including the manager has.

Lost his life trying to prevent the shooter.

News and Thoughts 12/15/2014 II:

1. Two hostages are killed in Australia standoff.

2. Celebs speaking out on the hacking.

3. Over at the Sony movie company.

4. 17% of the Russia Bank is boasting interest.

Thoughts for the day:Australia standoff has two killed.

In the hostage thing.

Sony movie company hacking has celebs speaking out.

Bank of Russia boasting interest of 17%.

News and Thoughts 12/15/2014:

1. Bill Cosby and Camille his wife standing by him.

2. Four-year old boy has a stroke.

3. While on a roller coaster.

4. Apple Company may have picked on the wrong people.

5. Police in Pa has suspect who killed six people barricaded.

6. Ex-wife, her grandmother, and her sibling's family.

7. Their teenage boy is seriously wounded.

Thoughts for the day:Camille Cosby stands by husband.

Stroke has four-year old boy in roller coaster.

Apple Company may have picked on the wrong people.

Pa police has suspect barricaded.

Six people relatives are killed.

News and Thoughts 12/14/2014 IV:

1. LA porn actors must wear condemns.

2. Says a court doing their jobs.

3. Crunch time over in the health.

4. Insurance in the sign ups.

5. Boston marathon suspect is due in court.

6. This week but not on trial as that trial.

7. In the federal courts to be early next year.

Thoughts for the day:Glad that I am not in porn.

Court says that LA actors in the business.

Must wear condemns.

Insurance signs up crunch time.

News and Thoughts 12/14/2014 III:

1. Sixteen hour standoff over in an.

2. Australia cafe is over as a.

3. Suspect who was a Muslim killed along with two others.

4. Pa gunman on the run after.

5. He killed up to six people including.

6. An ex-wife over in the custody dispute of children.

7. NYPD is facing a lawsuit of $137M.

8. Including a choke hold thing.

Thoughts for the day:Australia cafe is over after a sixteen hour.

Standoff with a Muslim suspect killed.

Pa gunman on the run after.

Killing up to six people.

Due to ex-wife also murdered in child custody dispute.