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News and Thoughts 5/28/2015 VI:

1. Flier gets a flight attendant.

2. In trouble over some pictures.

3. Houston TX that has a lot.

4. Of flooding that is going o.

5. And not just that city.

6. But over in TX that has.

7. The clean up to worry about.

Praying for TX.

News and Thoughts 5/28/2015 V:

1. Tikrit has up to 470 bodies over.

2. Over Iraqis they have found.

3. Explore up to the fifty.

4. Labs that are in the USA.

5. All of the fifty states that are.

6. Bio labs and are in secret.

Bio labs in secret over national security.

News and Thoughts 5/28/2015 IV:

1. Recanvass in the GOP in KY.

2. As elections over in the Governor.

3. USA has the best ever BBQ.

4. Small joints in the country.

5. Tourists that post naked over.

6. In Cambodia over in the temple.

My dad loves BBQ so much!

Three times they ate it.

News and Thoughts 5/28/2015 III:

1. Paula Jones does not want.

2. Hilary for President as she.

3. Accused Bill Clinton over on.

4. Sexual harassment in the beginning of.

5. Running for his first time in 1992.

6. Which he would serve two terms.

2016 Will be something else!

News and Thoughts 5/28/2015 II:

1. Spelling Bee that was for.

2. Best and the brightest over.

3. In the DC area as thousands.

4. Around the world that spell well.

5. But still it ended once again.

6. With a two-person win.

Spelling Bee is the elite.

News and Thoughts 5/28/2015:

1. Dennis Hastert that used to be.

2. House Speaker when Newt Gingrich.

3. Left is now being indicted.

4. Over for perjury to the FBI.

5. And keeping money that really.

6. Was not his at all.

Really another politician bites the dust.

News and Thoughts 5/27/2015 VIII:

1. Kid that was on MTV Catfish.

2. Is arrested over a con.

3. Fun stats over in the.

4. Spelling bee that starts.

5. This week over in the.

6. Best of the kids over in the nation.

7. Over in the category of spelling.

Quit watching MTV as a kid at 14.

News and Thoughts 5/27/2015 VII:

1. Syphills are now up over.

2. In social media due to the fact.

3. Over in Rhode Island in state.

4. Obama will not be having.

5. US Supreme Court to have.

6. His immigration plan on the table just yet.

News and Thoughts 5/27/2015 VI:

1. Soccer could be hurt over.

2. The scandal in the wake.

3. Of the FIFA officials thing.

4. Two cops that are canned over.

5. In the wake of the antlers of.

6. Suspect in their custody.

It will hurt over in soccer.

Cops and racial harmony have a hard way to learn.

News and Thoughts 5/27/2015 V:

1. U2 long time manager has.

2. Been found dead as there.

3. Is no cause of death at all.

4. Bono and the band are.

5. Said to be very beyond sadly.

6. Why being a so-called foodie could.

7. Help you in the spelling thing.

I want to be a foodie too.