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News and Thoughts 7/30/2014 II:

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1. Six Philly cops are indicted over.

2. All worked in narcotics but have.

3. Been abusing their power for personal gain.

4. Remain in prison until their trial.

5. Pilot has been sentenced over for.

6. Groping a teenager during a flight.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Hump Day!

Six Philly cops abused their power.

Over in the Narcotics division and

All are placed in prison until trial.

Pilot sentenced for groping teenager during a flight.

Never group or do anything during a flight.

News and Thoughts 7/30/2014:

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1. Forty-six charges that are against.

2. A career thief in the cars.

3. MN police may have captured a.

4. Cop killer show fatally shot one of their own.

5. Everybody is upset over the reason.

6. Obama is doing nothing over immigration issue.

7. Mom is arrested for letting her son, 7 walk alone in park.

8. Can you sleep and lose weight at the same time?

9. Ebola virus forces Peace Corps to pull out.

10. Roadster of Elvis to be sold.

Thoughts for the day:Car thief charged in forty-six counts.

MN police may have captured a cop killer.

Who killed one of their own.

Everybody upset over Obama doing nothing over immigration issue.

Moms and Dads should know never to leave their sons out alone.

Elvis famous roadster to be sold out.

Peace Corps forced to pull out of during Ebola virus.

News and Thoughts 7/29/2014 IV:

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1. Last survivor of the Enola Grey dies.

2. Babies get herpes over in.

3. The Jewish ritual thing.

4. Yosemite fires that have expanded.

5. Twitter gives Wall Street account.

6. What is really wanted there.

7. Mother of dead Mexican teen is.

8. Suing the US Border Patrol.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Hump Day!

Babies get herpes over Jewish ritual thing.

Yosemite fires have expanded over.

Wall Street account over on Twitter.

Mother suing US Border Patrol of Mexican teen death.

News and Thoughts 7/29/2014 III:

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1. Audit has exposed on the fraud.

2. According to the new VA report.

3. Business labor ruling over McDonald's firestorm.

4. Water break has flooded over at.

5. UCLA at the Pauley Pavilion there.

6. Motor voter problems could be.

7. Causing a delay at the polls.

8. Vin Scully returns to 66th LA Dodgers season.

Thoughts for the day: Audit has exposed on the fraud.

Over the VA report.

Business labor ruling over McDonald's firestorm.

Water break at UCLA at the Pauley Pavilion there.

Motor voter problems could cause delay at the polls.

Vin Scully is a legend.

News and Thoughts 7/29/2014 II:

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1. Low is the home ownership rating.

2. Israel hits Hamas with rockets.

3. Showing where it is going to hurt for terrorists.

4. Discount stores are ailing these days.

5. Gains made on CA fires.

6. In helping you work out could.

7. Really elevate with different kinds of exercises.

Thoughts for the day:Happy Tuesday!

Low is the home ownership thing rating.

CA gains made on the wildfires.

Helping you with exercises could elevate you with different kinds.

Israel hits Hamas with rockets.

In trying to get rid of terrorists.

News and Thoughts 7/29/2014:

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1. TB patient in CA is arrested.

2. After he refused to have care.

3. Georgia girl struck by Fla plane.

4. Has tragically died over it.

5. EU Government has agreed over on.

6. The sanctions over on in Russia.

7. Hiker 13, found alive after he was.

8. Missing over in the CA mountains.

Thoughts for the day:Really refusing care is indeed a crime.

You can spread TB to others.

Ga girl tragically has died over after

She was struck by a plane.

EU and US Govt agree to sanctions on Russia.

Hiker 13, found alive after being missing in mountains.

News and Thoughts 7/28/2014 IV:

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1. Darden CEO has decided due to.

2. Investor outcry to step on down.

3. Girl is charged with decapitating friend.

4. Nixon lawyer John Dean has shedded.

5. Some light over on Watergate.

6. Just stop tanning and save your skin.

Thoughts for the day:The Darden CEO resigns.

Over on the investor outcry.

Girl sick over decapitating her "friend!"

Have a great Tuesday!

Dan sheds light over Watergate thing.

Richard Nixon's huge downfall!

News and Thoughts 7/28/2014 III:

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1. Iraqi is in three separate states.

2. US and Europe agree to new sanctions.

3. Over on the law breaking Russia.

4. Russia violated 1987 treaty claims USA.

5. Killer on the John Walsh new show.

6. Has been killed himself.

7. Police say that husband killed whole family.

8. Afterwards turns the gun on himself.

Thoughts for the day:Iraqi is separated over in three states.

As they are separated and divided.

US and Europe agree to new Russian sanctions.

Russia did violate 1987 treaty policy that was signed with the late Ronald Reagan.

Sanction all they want with Russia.

But it will do them no good.

Murder-suicide tragedy over on family.

News and Thoughts 7/28/2014 II:

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1. Ukraine who has territory claim over.

2. Advantage over nemesis and rival, Russia.

3. Kidnapping suspect in custody after.

4. Teenager girl in NH taken in October.

5. Returning home alive nine months later.

6. Story is getting very puzzling.

Thoughts for the day:Ukraine trying to really show.

Russia over they are not going to be picked up.

Kidnapping story over on NH girl is.

Getting bizarre by the second.

Very puzzling indeed!

News and Thoughts 7/28/2014:

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1. US flooding is up as the Southeastern rains.

2. Had a lot to do with it.

3. Fist bump a healthy habit?

4. Huge blaze over in the Libya capital.

5. NYC suspect shot and killed.

6. How to remember WWI as they changed the course of war.

7. Messi fraud trial has begun there.

8. Israel PM warns of prolongng the war in Gaza.

9. Asylum has been offered to Iraqi Christians.

Thoughts for the day:US has flooding as.

It goes up over Southeastern USA.

Fist bump may be healthy.

Libya capital has a huge blaze.

Have a great Monday!

And a great rest of the week!

WWI changed the world war.

But really it was Vietnam that changed the way.

You and I look at wars.