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News and Thoughts 9/20/2014 IV:

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1. Tire trucks kill man on I-95.

2. Five ways to have a richer.

3. And a fuller retirement thing.

4. Estimated that up to 7,000 fans.

5. Thousands of volunteers are looking for the.

6. Missing U of VA woman but nowhere to be found.

Thoughts for the day:Never change a tire on I-95!

Five ways to have a richer and fuller retirement.

Hope they find that missing woman.

But doubt it will be a happy ending.

News and Thoughts 9/20/2014 III:

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1. Islamic state will not hear the.

2. Pleas and cries of UK aid worker's family.

3. As he is staring down death.

4. Puppy rapist gets up to five years.

5. Bugs are on the menu at the.

6. New restaurant of the Pestaurant.

7. Estimated that 7,000 people turn.

8. In their Ray Rice jerseys.

Thoughts for the day:Islamic State will not hear.

The pleas and cries of UK aid worker's family.

He is staring down death.

Who would want bugs on the menu!

I know that I wouldn't at all.

Have a great weekend.

And a great Saturday!

News and Thoughts 9/20/2014 II:

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1. Five worst cities for pedestrians.

2. Lawyer faked the celebrity photos.

3. New Chicago archbishop has been named.

4. UFC fighter is put on suspension.

5. Bystanders end up flipping car.

6. Rescuing some teens there.

7. 6M Expected at October fest.

Thoughts for the day: Five worst cities for pedestrians.

Lawyer admitted to faking celeb photos.

Bystanders flip car but rescue teens.

UFC fight is on suspension for the time being.

Octoberfest is beer and brauts.

News and Thoughts 9/20/2014:

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1. Thousands flee into Turkey there.

2. Up to forty-nine hostages released.

3. Pa police go into guns a blazing.

4. Into suspect's woods and with bullet proof vests.

5. Verizon security has been upped.

6. People pushed and shoved in order to.

7. Get the I Phone new 6.

Thoughts for the day: Well worth the wait and.

Yes even push and shoving over I Phone 6.

Verizon security has been upped.

Pa police wants to get this suspect.

But without endangered the public at risk.

News and Thoughts 9/19/2014 IV:

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1. Police ID the missing U of VA woman's.

2. Person of interest in a bar video.

3. Alibaba in shares with the IPO.

4. Now has been up to $38.

5. First time today is the world.

6. Over in the I Phone 6 getting it.

Thoughts for the day:U of Va woman's video in the.

Person of interest in her missing on bar video.

Alibaba in shares with IPO.

Now up to $38.

First time today i the world.

I Phone 6 getting it.

News and Thoughts 9/19/2014 III:

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1. I Phone Six is now out.

2. As it is selling like hot cakes.

3. Bali police says that the.

4. Boyfriend confessed to killing girlfriend's mother, putting her in a suitcase.

5. Pa is on huge lock down as.

6. Kids are out of school and parents not taking any chances.

7. While trooper's killer is still on the loose.

8. Lack of specifics in the NFL dooming message.

9. US and Canadian jets intercept eight Russian ones.

Thoughts for the day:I Phone 6 now out.

As it is selling worldwide like hotcakes.

Boyfriend in Bali suitcase thing as mother dead.

Pa on huge lock down over with kids out of school.

Parents not at all taking any chances.

News and Thoughts 9/19/2014 II:

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1. Can Mr Orman fix the KS Senate Race?

2. And possibly save it as well.

3. Ex-CT Governor could face many more.

4. Years in prison if he is convicted of more federal charges.

5. Over corruption and racketeering charges.

6. Fla grandfather who shot and kills his family before.

7. Killing himself also in 2001, shot and killed another grandson.

Thoughts for the day:How to fix US Senate Race.

Wished that Extreme Home Makeover could do that.

Ex-CT Governor John Rowland could be facing

More federal prison time in charges.

Already has done ten months.

News and Thoughts 9/19/2014:

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1. Russian vote monitor denounces the.

2. London pressure in Scottish no vote.

3. There is a person of interest.

4. As police trying to find in the missing.

5. U of VA woman missing for nearly a week.

6. US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

7. Says no partisanship politics where he works.

8. Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania joint military forces.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Friday.

Russia and Ukraine war or would be.

Is causing a lot of heck.

Missing VA student will be found dead.

Afraid to say it there.

Politics has to be played for Supreme Court.

Are you kidding Mr Roberts?!

News and Thoughts 9/18/2014 IV:

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1. Earth hottest 2014 in the summertime.

2. Man wrongfully imprisoned in TX.

3. Over a rape gets a statue.

4. Search has been suspended for a.

5. Deputy in a flood.

6. Mexico is boasting Los Casbos.

7. Security after a lot of looting.

Thoughts for the day:Earth has been really hot.

Man wrongfully imprisoned in TX gets statue.

After he was in prison over in rape.

Have a great weekend

And a great Thursday!

News and Thoughts 9/18/2014 III:

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1. Scottish vote to stay with UK.

2. Opponents are holding the lead in Scotland.

3. Grandfather kills six kids, daughter, and self.

4. In murder-suicide over in Fla.

5. MI woman commits arson in order.

6. To avoid an arranged marriage.

7. It takes seven police forces to.

8. Break up a wedding brawl.

Thoughts for the day:Scottish vote to stay with UK.

While the opponents are holding the lead.

Grandfather kills six kids, daughter, self, in murder-suicide.

MI woman commits arson in order.

To avoid an arranged marriage.