News and Thoughts 4/16/2014 III:

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1. Hundreds likely dead in South Korea vessel sinking.

2. IRS discusses criminal complaints in Tea Party thing.

3. Lone Boston bombing suspect can have private visits.

4. As well as view autopsy photos.

5. Players boycott coach despite the coach being.

6. Acquitted over child porn false charges.

7. Hunger is a silent US crisis.

8. Lance Armstrong back in bike business, as a bike mechanic.

Thoughts for the day:Keep thoughts and prayers with South Korea.

As hundreds may be dead in vessel thing.

IRS vs Tea Party Round whatever!

Lone Boston suspect giving him that, is really an insult to the victims families.

Players boycott coach despite coach being acquitted of false child porn charges.

Hunger is indeed a silent US crisis.

As well as the world's deadly but quiet crisis.

Have a great Thursday!

News and Thoughts 4/16/2014 II:

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1. Putin says that Russia is winning the.

2. War over in the Ukraine war.

3. Corvette debuts new model.

4. Food costs rise with nation.

5. Pope Francis takes so-called Pope mobile for a spin.

6. What plug in car is good for you?

7. Mudslide death toll is rising again.

Thoughts for the day:Ukraine and Russia war could it trigger WWIII?

As this will never end at all.

Needs to be action, not just talk.

Food costs are on the rise.

Pope Francis taking the Pope mobile for a spin.

News and Thoughts 4/16/2014:

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1. Witnesses protection for the KS shooting suspect.

2. Due to the fact of his racist beliefs.

3. 939 Hate groups tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

4. As hate crimes are going up here.

5. Latest in the South Korea ferry sinking.

6. Ex-City CA leader over bankrupting his blue collar city.

7. Gets up to twelve years in prison and paying back $8.8M.

8. Eating your cereal the tasty way.

Thoughts for the day:Why in the world would the US Govt.

Be shielding such a monster like this KS suspect?

What happened to those innocent to protect?

Seems like they shield in more monsters like that racist shooter.

939 Hate groups are in the USA.

Number should be way, way up there.

Ex-CA city leader bankrupting his city to pay back $8.8M.

Eating cereal in a tasty way.

News and Thoughts 4/15/2014 III:

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1. Google weighing in the Glass sales.

2. Miley Cyrus hospitalized and cancelled hospital.

3. Hundreds of South Korea ferry passengers are rescued.

4. Is your car making you sick?

5. Hoax once again awakens in Boston marathon but police did their jobs.

6. Catch the suspect and arrested him as they blow up the backpacks.

7. Your doctor and nurse could be on drugs, leaving you in grave danger.

8. Forty-year cold case in South Dakota has been solved in missing girl's case.

9. Teen appeals in conviction of bullying case.

10. Recent social media access shut down by schools over suicides.

Thoughts for the day:Google weighing in the Glass extended sales.

Miley no longer Hannah in young ladies' eyes.

But a you know what.

Is your car making you sick?

Hundreds rescued in South Korean ferry sinking.

Hoax awakens and nearly gives Boston marathon fears.

Police there to do their jobs and rescued the creep.

As nearly he could have caused another headache.

Happy Hump Day!

News and Thoughts 4/15/2014 II:

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1. Good news for Obama Care.

2. How to use leftover peeps.

3. Obama commutes sentence by typing it up.

4. The old fashioned way by typewriter.

5. Revamp your lawn cheaply.

6. IRS Tax Day you fret about?

7. Not to worry over it!

Thoughts for the day:Obama Care has good news.

Which it seems all is bad.

Which is good for the supporters!

Obama commutes a sentence by tying up own letter to that person.

IRS Tax Day you fret as nobody likes this day.

But the employees at the IRS!

News and Thoughts 4/15/2014:

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1. Boston bombing happened a year ago.

2. As moment of silence took place.

3. Remembering the families of victims and the survivors.

4. Mob attacks over on a politician.

5. Thirty-seven people over in mudslide.

6. In Washington State death toll for now.

7. Next up for the lone Boston bombing suspect?

8. As he faces the death penalty.

Thoughts for the day:Thoughts and prayers go out for.

People that are Boston Strong.

As moment of silence taken place.

Mob attacks over on a politician.

Washington State death toll at thirty seven.

Does not know when to make up it's mind.

Lone Boston bombing suspect faces death if found guilty.

News and Thoughts 4/14/2014 III:

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1. Both Boston marathon survivor and rescuer are best of friends.

2. NFL Commissioner may suspend 49er Aldon Smith over legal constant troubles.

3. US Airway has apologized over lewd Twitter photos.

4. WWE tribute that was touching for the late Ultimate Warrior.

5. Did Tuesday blood eclipse has the end of time near?

6. MLB touching Jackie Robinson tribute could help a trend.

7. Sub aborts jet search over deeper oceans.

8. Coke wants to dispense 146 flavors.

9. KS racist turned suspect described as a good neighbor but, loud in his beliefs.

Thoughts for the day:One year anniversary of bombing.

Something good can come out of something bad.

US Airway lewd pictures over on Twitter.

Has apologized over it.

Aldon Smith charged with the flight flap.

Really could had ticked off the airport which he did.

But it could had been worse.

Jackie Robinson has changed sports forever.

Not just the MLB!

News and Thoughts 4/14/2014 II:

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1. One year ago Boston marathon occurred.

2. As anniversary to be remembered over it.

3. Three killed in the bombing and dozens and dozens injured.

4. Some losing their limbs and arms among them.

5. President tells the nation to stand up against violence.

6. Drought hurting the Tea business.

7. KS three killed were strangers minding their own business.

Thoughts for the day:Boston marathon occurred as anniversary tomorrow.

One year ago as three killed and dozens and dozens being hurt or paralyzed.

Losing limbs among them.

Moment of silence to be remembered.

President tells us to take a stand up against violence.

After the KS tragedy, three strangers taken by a madman!

News and Thoughts 4/14/2014:

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1. Utah mom who killed seven babies.

2. Which she did for over a decade as relative calls police.

3. Very concerned authorities booted girl off a plane.

4. Over a tweet as she also gets arrested.

5. Vending machine that sells of all things...pot!

6. Is Michael Phelps getting ready to make a comeback.

7. Testing the Rio waters of 2016.

8. Would take part of shorter relays, not the longer ones he is known for.

Thoughts for the day:Utah mom did this for a decade!

Very concerned for authorities booted girl and got her arrested.

Due to a tweet that looked threatening.

Vending machine that sells of all things...pot!

Michael Phelps making a comeback?

News and Thoughts 4/13/2014 III:

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1. Three people killed in Jewish retirement home thing.

2. As elderly man is in custody.

3. Among the three dead are a teenage boy and a grandfather.

4. Window opens up in secret in Gitmo Bay.

5. Utah woman charged with killing seven babies.

6. Suspicious relative calls the police.

7. Syria's Assad says war turning in his favor.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Monday.

Thoughts and prayers are with the three people.

Who lost their lives in Jewish retirement KS home.

Assad says Syrian war turnin in his favor.

Seven babies found by suspicious woman of the mother in Utah.

How sick is that!