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News and Thoughts 12/19/2014 IV:

1. New footage of Ray Rice punching his wife.

2. Is now beginning to surface.

3. Miss World competition that bans bikinis.

4. Gas is now $2 as that could.

5. Be seen as an early Christmas gift.

6. Sony is not caving into the.

7. Pressure led by George Clooney to release the Interview.

Thoughts for the day:New footage of Ray Rice punching wife.

Miss World competition that bans bikinis.

Gas is now $2 as that could be seen.

At an early present there.

Happy Weekend!

News and Thoughts 12/19/2014 III:

1. Thanks to the kindness of strangers.

2. Man and dog are reunited.

3. Should North Korea see the.

4. Movie the Interview as celebs are.

5. Bringing out a petition to sign.

6. To release the movie and not let the hackers win.

7. Seven big taxes in 2015.

Thoughts for the day:Kindess of strangers.

Bring in the good news.

North Korea hopefully will never see that movie.

As they would be even more offended.

Plus would bring in the pressure that the USA doesn't want.

You couldn't pay me money to see that movie again.

As the hackers shouldn't win this war.

USA needs to not let the hackers win this war at all!

News and Thoughts 12/19/2014 II:

1. US attributes the attack over.

2. Hacking and cancelling the movie.

3. The Interview due to North Korea.

4. Which has been doing all kinds of flak.

5. Caramel apples that are getting a huge.

6. Recall due to the fact of the apples.

7. Being linked up to six deaths.

Thoughts for the day:More fallout as the celebrities.

Are trying to rally behind the movie.

But it is better to play it safe than sorry.

Have a great weekend!

Have not had apples of that magnitude.

For such a long time.

News and Thoughts 12/19/2014:

1. People Magazine has their first annual.

2. Sexiest Woman issue as they have.

3. Named model Kate Upton as their first woman.

4. Mother in Australia is arrested and.

5. Charged in the murders of eight children.

6. This is coming off the heels of.

7. The country trying to heal after attack in cafe.

8. Ferguson grand jury was being lied to.

Thoughts for the day:Wished that I had the body.

Of Kate Upton but that is what

You get when you are 5'2" and medium built like yours truly.

Australian mother charged in those eight murders.

Country has been through a lot!

News and Thoughts 12/18/2014 IV:

1. Granade has injured a boy, 19 months.

2. After SWAT team blow up a door in Atlanta.

3. Took it to the chest and face.

4. Sons of Guns star has been.

5. Indicted over on rape charges.

6. Was let go of the show over it.

7. DA says some Ferguson witnesses ended up lying.

8. To a grand jury there.

Thoughts for the day:How in the world can you

Hit a 19-month boy after a SWAT team.

Boy is alive but nearly died as it was.

Put on his crib there.

DA says some Ferguson witnesses ended up lying.

News & Thoughts 12/18/2014 III

1. Year end press conference for the.

2. Obama administration as he and.

3. His family are getting ready for a trip.

4. While he says that they have had.

5. A lot to talk about and crisis that.

6. Like in Ebola and with ISIS.

7. School punishes blind boy who.

8. Used pool noodle rather than a normal cane.

Thoughts for the day:Obama and his family to get.

Seventeen days of vacation as he.

Talks about the year in review.

Ready for 2015!

News and Thoughts 12/18/2014 II:

1. Eight children from eighteen months.

2. To up to eighteen years old found stabbed to death.

3. Over in Australia as police mum on what happened.

4. Or if a suspect is in custody.

5. It will be a lot to catch up on.

6. Over in the USA and Cuba thing.

7. After sixty years of hostility.

Thoughts for the day:Eight children from a baby

Up to eighteen years found stabbed to death.

Australia has had such a rough week.

Now this has happened.

Easier said than done over in Cuba and USA!

News and Thoughts 12/18/2014:

1. Officials believe that North Korea.

2. Happens to be behind the hacking.

3. No doubt over the Interview thing.

4. Driver who stopped for ducks.

5. Gets for jail time and a driving ban.

6. Skip the rice when your cell phone.

7. Ends up getting wet.

Thoughts for the day:You have to get a new cellphone.

When yours get wet yuck!

North Korea is indeed behind the

Hacking and threat thing.

Is that a surprise!?

News and Thoughts 12/17/2014 IV:

1. US airstrikes that end up killing.

2. Three ISIS leaders as experts say.

3. War is beginning to take a toll.

4. The Interview movie may not ever.

5. See the light of day.

6. Due to the threats of terrorism and North Korea.

7. It may not be released on DVD even.

Thoughts for the day:Taken a toll on ISIS?!

Well it should take a toll!

Three down and more to go.

Helps the US win the war against ISIS and terrorism.

Way to go boys!

News and Thoughts 12/17/2014 III:

1. Walmart and Toys R Us are in trouble.

2. Over in the selling of toy guns.

3. After the recent episodes that occurred.

4. In particular what happened in Cleveland OH.

5. Saudi Arabia is having the lack.

6. Of oil in their part of the woods.

7. Competent Slender Man trial defendants to stand.

Thoughts for the day:Toy guns could be mistaken

Over for the real guns.

Like what happened in Cleveland OH.

Saudi Arabia is having the lack

Of oil in their part of the woods.