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News and Thoughts 1/24/2015 IV:

1. Fla man decapitated mom with an ax.

2. CA drought that could be ending.

3. With a lot of storms as the.

4. State that is known for warm and dry weather.

5. Eleven things that you did not.

6. At all know about Dunkin Donuts coffee.

7. Sickest US town in the USA.

8. And life as they know it.

Thoughts for the day:Woman must had died a.

Horrifying death in axing.

CA drought has been that.

Over with lots of storms.

DD coffee is the best.

News and Thoughts 1/24/2015 III:

1. Huge asteroid is been posting.

2. Over in the fly past earth.

3. Mississippi wants to be the.

4. State book of the Bible

5. Wrong Wheel of Fortune that is.

6. Getting repeated over and over in answer.

Thoughts for the day:Trying to write all of my

News stories as still am on vacation.

News and Thoughts 1/24/2015 II

1. Second life to the Air Asian.

2. Flight trying to lift it up.

3. Has been sea has failed.

4. Northeast snow that is in the.

5. USA to be coming more and more.

6. Obama has bumped up in the.

7. Russia up on the country.

Thoughts for the day:Air Asia flight trying to.

Life it up in the sea.

Northeast snow that is in the USA

Over in the country.

News and Thoughts 1/24/2015:

1. New Taiwan hot spot is having sex.

2. Obama goes to India and.

3. Meets with the President as.

4. Both want to really have.

5. Support and cooperate on the nuke thing.

6. American Sniper is at the top for.

7. A second week with $60M.

Thoughts for the day:Sex hot spot in Taiwan.

Obama is in India as.

He meets with the President of that country.

Over in the nuke thing.

News and Thoughts 1/23/2015 IV:

1. Planes that very safe over.

2. In the bomb threat but it.

3. Is safe and false alarm.

4. Jewish vet has inked a stationary.

5. That was signed by none other than Hitler.

6. Ernie Banks Mr Cub has died at 82.

7. Very beloved over in the MLB and beyond.

Thoughts for the day:RIP Mr Cub as he

Seemed to be a class act.

Jewish vet shows stationary that was.

Signed by none other than Hitler.

Yuck to that!

News and Thoughts 1/23/2015 III:

1. Bill Maher is causing yet another uproar over.

2. The American Sniper Chris Kyle.

3. Calling the late Navy SEAL a psycho patriot.

4. Which could outrage his family.

5. Palin says that she is seriously considering.

6. A Presidential run over in 2016.

Thoughts for the day:Maher I really can't stand.

Or care what he is saying.

Happy Saturday to you all.

Palin running goodness gracious.

News and Thoughts 1/23/2015 II:

1. Man ends up killing himself after.

2. He kills his family of three.

3. As the police are calling this.

4. A murder suicide over it.

5. Oil prices that won't be lasting.

6. Not in Mayberry anymore as.

7. Cops forced to clean up oil spill.

Thoughts for the day:Man ends up killing his family.

Then turns the gun on himself.

Police say it is a murder-suicide.

Oil prices that won't be lasting long.

News and Thoughts 1/23/2015:

1. Four Islamist Spain terrorists have been.

2. Arrested over in the country.

3. Lawyers that are after

4. Prince Andrew over underage sex.

5. Man ends up killing himself.

6. But not before he kills his family of three.

Thoughts for the day:Four Islamist Spain terrorists

Have been arrested in country.

Prince Andrew in trouble over underage sex.

I am in the cabin so will try to write as much as possible.

News and Thoughts 1/22/2015 IV:

1. Why the Super Bowl ads not worth it.

2. As they have been in years past.

3. The Merkel divide on the display.

4. That is over in the Davos.

5. Deadly bacteria on medical scopes.

6. MLK estate has decided to.

7. Drops lawsuit against King Cesar.

Thoughts for the day:Ads Super Bowl not worth it.

Merkel divide on display in the Davos.

Have a great Thursday.

Weekend is here or will be.

Deadly bacteria on medical scopes.

News and Thoughts 1/22/2015 III:

1. Mike Huckabee says that states that.

2. Could resist the gay marriage thing.

3. In the US Supreme Court.

4. Will I Am at Davos.

5. Says that he prefers tech over music.

6. Uber gives first glimpse over pay data driver.

Thoughts for the day:Wonder if Huckabee could run in 2016.

As Jeb Bush could be the front runner.

A third Bush in the Oval office.