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News and Thoughts 9/30/2014 II:

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1. Body of real estate agent in Arkansas.

2. Schools reopen over in the Pa are.

3. Evidence that missing UVA student Hannah Graham.

4. Is linked to 2009 cold case.

5. OK man that was fired is charged with.

6. Beheading a woman at former place.

7. Police takes suspect into North Carolina custody over shooting student.

Thoughts for the day:Real Estate Arkansas agent body found.

Schools are reopening in Pa and hikers allowed.

Despite massive manhunt for cop killer going on.

UVA student linked to 2009 cold case.

Have a great Tuesday!

News and Thoughts 9/30/2014:

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1. Ferguson police are still trying to.

2. Deal with the peaceful protesters in their city.

3. Cavs home to parties and dangers.

4. Third graders face high stakes over.

5. In the reading target thing.

6. Secret Service is promising full detail.

7. In the gap of the intruder thing.

Thoughts for the day:Ferguson police are at it.

Once again with the protesters.

Cavs home to parties and dangerous.

Third graders high area stakes over reading.

Have a great Tuesday!

News and Thoughts 9/29/2014 IV:

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1. Intruder got into W.H. further than thought.

2. Not easy finding the jurors.

3. Who already know Jodi Arias.

4. New search for the MH370 to focus.

5. Over on the arc of seabed.

6. Prosecution rests in the loud music case.

Thoughts for the day:Intruder got into W.H. further than though.

Not easy finding the jurors.

Jodi Arias is well known as iti s

Very hard to find jurors in the case.

News and Thoughts 9/29/2014 III:

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1. McCain says that there are ground troops.

2. That are needed to fight ISIL.

3. Though the ground troops 70% of them.

4. Are not wanting to go and fight.

5. Suit accuses a coach in the NCAA of racist remarks.

6. Hong Kong protests that have been.

7. Having China set a deadline there.

Thoughts for the day:McCain needs ground troops.

But ground troops think of a different thing.

Have a great Tuesday!

China sets a deadline for Hong Kong protests.

That are getting out of line.

News and Thoughts 9/29/2014 II:

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1. Ukrainians topple the Lenin statue.

2. Arias trial to be retried.

3. Mainly resulting in the penalty phase.

4. Online is Mossad asking for recruitters.

5. Protesters are defying the Hong Kong odds.

6. Where TV returning shows left off.

Thoughts for the day:Lenin statue being toppled.

Arias trial to be retried.

Mainly over the penalty phase.

Have a great Monday!

Hong Kong odds of protesters defying.

News and Thoughts 9/29/2014:

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1. Federal first African-American judge.

2. Missing ID woman has been found.

3. Suspect has been caught in kidnapping.

4. Eight fired in the financial scandal.

5. Second Ferguson police officer has been targeted.

6. Cause of OK crash is unknown.

7. Where Coffee is free today.

Thoughts for the day:Have a great Monday.

First African-American judge on the bench.

Eight fired in financial security scandal.

Second Ferguson police officer targeted.

Cause of OK crash is unknown.

National Coffee Day is today!

News and Thoughts 9/28/2014 IV:

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1. CA legislature says that yes means yes.

2. India PM thrills, angers in NY.

3. Obama admits that the US has.

4. Underestimated the Islamic State there.

5. KKK reshaping it's birth thing as.

6. Wants to do the same for identity.

7. Alabama takes the top chart in College Football poll.

Thoughts for the day:Yes indeed means yes.

India PM thrills and angers NY.

In the UN meeting thing.

Need to get Islamic State out for good.

Or things will go from worse to even more worse.

Roll Tide Roll!

News and Thoughts 9/28/2014 III:

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1. Kurds say that Turkey is now.

2. Been supporting the Islamic State.

3. 70% Of the troops that are.

4. Against sending ground troops to war.

5. Learning from the mistakes of both Afghan and Iraq.

6. Flights are still cancelled over in O'Hare.

7. Choices are very few over in Chicago and passengers.

Thoughts for the day: Kurds say that Turkey is.

Now supporting the Islamic State.

Ground troops not needed but that

Is not what the govt says.

As there will be ground troops going.

Like it or not.

O'Hare choices very few over for passengers.

News and Thoughts 9/28/2014 II:

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1. UK PM is really kicking himself over.

2. In the way he addressed queen.

3. Missing woman found in 1960's hometown.

4. Feeling very out of place and disoriented.

5. Health effect of leaving religion.

6. Police catch the last of the thirteen.

7. Boys that escaped the detention center.

Thoughts for the day:UK PM really is kicking himself.

Never talk to the queen like that....EVER!

Hope you all have a great week.

Missing woman found in 1960's hometown

Is feeling very out of place and disoriented.

News and Thoughts 9/28/2014:

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1. Japan death toll over in the.

2. Volcano thing is now at 31.

3. Mixed record on national security by.

4. The soon to be departed AG, Eric Holder.

5. Health effect of leaving religion.

6. US doctor exposed to Ebola.

7. Admitted over to the NIH.

8. Search shifts in Pa trooper suspect killer.

Thoughts for the day:Would hate to be at a volcano.

Mixed record on national security by Eric Holder.

Health effect of leaving religion.

US doctor exposed to Ebola.

Yet another one.