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It's Been A Long Road...

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Been hanging out on Giant Bomb lately. It's good to see the guys comin' home.
I'm probably gonna spend most of my time on Giant Bomb, but I can't forget the good times that were had on GameSpot.

The next few weeks are going to be exciting!

Headin' Down South...

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I'm going for a trip. I won't be able to enjoy the news coming out of Games Convention, but I'll be back in time for PAX. I really can't wait.

I'm hoping to have a fun trip. Perhaps I'll blog about it when I return.


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Why didn't you give Kane & Lynch a better review?

Oh, right. It sucked. :|

Live is 5...

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Happy 5th Birthday to Xbox Live!

And who better to hear from than J Allard?

Yes, he has spoken. [Major Nelson]

Ignis Solus...

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This is so lovely:


Ignis Solus is latin, and roughly translates to "burn alone". It is a bit of an experiment in improvised machinima, and as far as we can tell, also constitutes the first piece of Team Fortress Two machinima not created by Valve.

I suggest you visit this site. [Lit Fuse Films]

Halo 3 Haiku...

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I finish the fight;
Fueled to game,
I'll play 'till tomorrow;