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I will be getting LASIX

Well I metioned a days ago that I'm going to get Laser eye surgery in two days. No more glasses for me! I might be inactive for a few days though.

So did anyone underwent LASIX surgery or thought of it?

My Birthday!

I turn 20 today!! Right I'm just going to relax and reflect.


P.SI just wrote a big a birthday bash on the roundtable! Please comment on that please!

An article about thrash talking (KG related)

You know the world is full of cruel people that will mess you up with your words, saying you're nothing or that your head is too big. You have a choice: either ignore it and move on or believe it and have it hinder you forever. With this article I read about an incident on what was basketball related. Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics was doing some thrash on a Piston forward and said that he looked liked a "cancer patient". So long story short the player took offense and wrote on twitter that he was insulted and many have died from cancer.

The point that of this article was that he was AFFECTED by this. The fact that he wrote that he was insulted showed off alot of weakness. Sure what KG said was out of line, but the fact that he was affected at all showed that he was STILL thinking about AFTER THE GAME. He hasn't moved on now that he displayed his on the internet (of all things), players are going to read it and are going to use against to see if he will take offense to It.

Here's the link: http://sports.espn.go.com/boston/nba/news/story?id=5759196

Words are just well... words, but their true poweris whether you believe in them or not.

Why I'm a Halo fan

Lately I've reading peoples blogs (I'm not going to name names) and I read some comments directed to the game series Halo that it is overrated that why people love that pathetic generic series is beyond me, the people who play Halo are immature people and so on and so forth. I took offense to the posters and felt those comments had that "Holier than thou" vibe to it.Orginally I was to write this blog defending Halo, but rather than do that Iwouldjust ratherexplainthe eventsthat got me into Halo's story.

BeforeHalothe games I played were Super Mario, Super Smash Brothers, Pokemon, Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo 64. Also I played Tekken Tag and Metal Gear Solid for the PS2. I didn't start playing my first FPS until I played Goldeneye for the N64. I really enjoyed Goldeneye (even though I liked it for the death scenes XD), but unfortnuately It was myfriends game not mine. I was in the 5th grade when the next taste of another FPS however came from a game that got me hooked you guessed it: Halo. I started to play Halo at aanother friendshousewhohada newly realeased Xbox.I was reallyinterestedin Sci-fi,aliens (thanks to the Star Wars series), and I saw that he was playing the game of him killing aliens and blowing them to pieces. I thought It looked really cool and I gave it a try.

From there I thought It was the most amazing game I ever played since my first gameSuper Mario 64. Putting yourself as humanity last best hope for survival aganst a bunch aliens on a distant ring with a dark secret. The enviroment was beautiful (unlike most of todays FPS with that dark depressing sea of brown). I also loved the plot twists in which the main character eventuallydestroys the ring to ensure humanity's survival. It was just a pure adreniline rush for me, a few days later, my parents bought me an Xbox which contained Halo and I started playing it whenever I had some free time. While I did like the environment and gameplay, the story to me was lackluster It didn't really stick out to me. That was until Halo 2 came out and it solidified my love for Halo.

Around the time I was in the eighth grade Halo 2 came out, and lines were PACKED, luckily I was able to pre-order the game and Dad was able grab the game after a long time waiting in line. I played and I was impressed, the story was incredible! From the fact that you got to play as one of the aliens and see the story from his perspective was spectacular, and his levels were well done. It also explained more about the mysteries of Halo and why the Covenant were worshipping It. I was addicted to the single player campaign and found the replayablity excellent, to me It was the strongest Halo game (until Reach came along).

I didn't start playing the multiplayer until few months after I got the game, but after I got XboxLivedid I had a BLAST with Halo multiplayer. Playing with or against people from all over the world, trash talking and making friends. It was magnificent, and really addicting too. Unfortunately for every good make you make your bound to make a bad one right, and that's what happened with oneofthe most hyped up game in entertainment history: Halo 3.

You see microsoft advertised Halo 3 as the end of the story. After months of waiting I eagerly wanted to play to the end only to be dissappointed with the cliffhanger ending. The gameplay wasn't much better too It feltvery dullandthe levels were linear(whichIunderstand why peoplefeel that It massively overrated) above all It was short. The multiplayer was great, but Itcould not take awaythestinkbomb that was the singleplayer. 3 years later Microsoft announced Halo 3 ODST, claiming It had a diffent plot, protagonist and the gameplay had that human "feel". After Halo 3 I wanted to give Halo another chance, only to be dissapointed with the cliche characters, same superhero gameplay (once you get used to the controls) and the game was fustratingly maze like, on top of all Microsoft charged SIXTY dollars for HALF a game (which once again felt short).

That's when my love for Halo dropped, I stillliked the series but the singleplayers from the last two gameswere just too rushed, lazy, no passion. No elements that got me into the series in the first place. The game that was recently released Halo: Reach was considered to be Bungie's (the games producers) last game before leaving to make other games. They claimed this time the singleplayer would be "somber" more of a storytelling type. I was skpetical this time and I watched some gameplay vids and It convinced me to buy it (It was 50 dollars in the Philppines any way). I played the game with my cousin, and I have to say I was blown away. The singleplayer game was amazing. They atmopshere was breathtaking, the AI was very impressive. It was more of a sandbox type singleplayer, also they had this cool level where you fight a battle in space It was just indescible, I felt like I was 10 again when I played Halo for the very first time. I haven't finished it yet, but It was the singleplayer so far was just surreal. My love for Halo shot back up, way up.

So there you have it my reasons for liking Halo. Please to those of you thatfeel that I misinterpret your posts tell me. Sometimes my emotions can get the better of me and I often type without thinking. Again the reason I wrote this blog was to justify my reason for liking Halo. I like Halo, I like FPS, that just who I am and proud of it. I've enjoyed the series and will continue to support It.


The music for Halo is just amazing, listen to it sometime.

Wow I'm back!

It's been three long years but I've returned to TV.com! I haven't watched any wrestling for a looooong time!!!! Mostly Basketball, but hey any of my old friends drop by and comment!!!! I gotta get myself a sig!

If Cena passes The Rock........

How would you feel? I know most of you guys won't care or care about Cena anymore, but i just want your honest opinion. If you were a Cena hater or you feel he doesn't deserve the main event, how does it affect the Attitude Era fans or fans of The Rock?