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MGS4 Rocks Hard

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With GTA IV coming out it was hard to belive there would be another game as good. Well Metal Gear Solid 4 is just as good if not better. Great Graphics and story line is very good. I haven't been able to stop playing it and nearing the end of the game. It has a movie like feel to it as when you watch the hours of cut scenes you feel like you are watching a movie. I suggest everyone play this!


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So i've been moderated again, for my previous blog post. So I had better be careful. LOL OMG what is going on? Apparently you are not allowed to have an opinion. The reason is "Trolling" When did I force people to come and look at my profile? A blog is a place where you can post your thoughts.

I don't get it.

Not going to be here much anymore

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Gamespot is a huge pain to be on and I can't be bothered posting or looking at games on this site anymore. I will be on IGN and Gamespy if anyone here wants to contact me. I will check this site ocasionally but not as often.

Pretty much, GS can shove it!

So.... Not much has changed here!

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Yeah I've been busy working and playing games that I actually forgot to come here. I've stopped my Paid Membership purely because what it said it offered it didn't give me so they can shove it! Anyway, might be on here a bit more now.

Why do they bother?

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Ok I know they have given reasons why peolpe outside the US and Canada can't take part in the tournaments but why offer it to us when we can't take part? Also where are those so called benefits of being a paid subscriber to Gamespot? I'm feeling more and more that this is a waste of money.

Long time no see

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Well I haven't been active recently. Been busy with work. I'm also going away for three weeks so I may not be on as much still. Will try though. My Union is hurting because of it and I may pass it on to someone else. But anyway, hope everyone is well.


Not accepting Union Invitations!

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Just letting people know that i'm not accepting any more union invitations. I'm getting too many and i'm sick of having to decline. If I want to join a union I will find it and join. The Unions I am a part of are the ones I want to be in.

Thank you.

I bought a Xbox 360. YAY

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I traded in my PS2 and my games and got a 360. This is the first Xbox i've owned. Just started playing Forza 2 and Perfect Dark Zero.

I'm happy. Now I can play some cool games that i've been wanting to play for a while now. I was sad though when i took my PS2 in. Alot of good memores lol.

Less then a month till the best World Cup!

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Well if you're not from a Rugby nation then this blog post won't mean anything to ya.

Anyway, we are less then a month away from the Rugby World CUp in France. It is meant to be the second largest world CUp event in the world behind the Football World Cup in Germany. New Zealand (My home country) is tipped to win it, and to be honest they should. But then they should have won it the last three times but didn't.

This year we have a great coach and a great team. If NZ don't win then i think they will be crucified lol. I just can't wait for this to start.

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