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    Can Codemasters explain why;1. There is no career mode2. No virtual/safety car3. Lack of modes4. Emphasis on recreating last season mode, WTF?5. Crash mode no way near realisticDespite the games being...

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    Looking to participate in the Xbox Preview program, my gamertag is JJMikhail. Thanks.
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    @Scorptor: I'm one of them, please!

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    With a 500KB download connection I wouldn't even notice the difference hehe.

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    In some ways those who oppose the removal of the flag are practically right, it is an attempt to 'erase' history. Not sure what the "progressive" movement wants, it's not a Liberal or Conservative th...

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    EA are beginning to sound like the Obama Administration; everything has to be "symbolic".1. For the first ever FIFA to have Women team.2. For the first ever Madden to have women in crowds.And next it...

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    Sony I think are admitting that its not really possible to have PS3 games running on their machine, perhaps it's because its purposely built for playing new-gen games.Although this is a slick move fro...

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    More concerned that whilst playing the game what if my connection drops, I lose connection to my MS Account and then what, it kicks me out and takes me back to the main menu?

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    Stating the obvious but can you post a screenshot of what it shows on the screen when you run the game? When in Windowed mode does it allow you to maximise the window?