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My latest project...

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So I've played a pretty major role in the Gamespot User Fellowship Union for roughly three quarters of a year now.  I could tell the story of the union's founding a million times, yet to belive that it has come this far in such a short time is still nearly beyond belief.  We have maintained one of the most active unions on Gamespot, branched out to IRC chats and now, we have started our very own website. 
    The union has been kicking such an idea around for several months.  Gamespot unions are a handy feature for loose communites attached to the site.  However, our members have been moving farther and farther away from the arms of the site.  About a month ago, as a simple test, an invision powerboard was started and met with instant success.  Due to some recent bans and such, several of our members were left with no connection to the gufu outside of our IRC chat. 
    The site is meant to serve as a sort of hub for all branches of the union.  We will, of course, retain our Gamespot roots, but at last we have a neutral forum where all of our members can meet to discuss gaming, post articles and even share files. 
    I began work roughly one month ago when I was approved for a Frihost hosting plan.  In use currently is software known as Simple Machines forum along with an attachement used by many people in my situation.  In short, after installing the two pieces of software viewing, editing and management of all the resources offered is made available to whom the system adminstrator allows. 
    Already the site ahs met with success.  As of posting time, twenty one union members have registered accounts, and the forum has been considerably active.  Several articles have been submitted after review from the union officer staff, and comments and ratings bestowed upon them by readers.
    The aim of the site is now expanding, not only offering a safe haven for our members but allowing non members to view our content and post on several boards as well.  We hope to maintain the factor that really makes or breaks any community however, and that is the quality of the posters.  That is, after all, what the union is all about.

And so the fight for my less than valuable time begins..

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After three years of preperation, my highschool wrestling career has finally begun.  This is something I've waited and trained for all the way back to sixth grade.  Plain and simply, although not the hardest thing I've put myself through, it's enough to cut back on my online activities. 

Along with my eight credit load in preparation for running start (a program that allows me to begin college and gain highschool credit at the same time) next year, I have at least a three and a half hour practice every day.  This will mean a major decrease in my role here on gamespot, in the new GUFU forums and even on my own start up website.  My weekends will still be relatively open, and I will try to be around to help with union activities and such, but my normal posting here will take a backseat to wrestling and school for the time being.

I have the worst timing ever.

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So yesterday I got back in town from my latest venture and proceeded to make it known I was back in town. Unfortunatley, I only spent a couple minutes doing so and I failed to make a post in the GUFU announcing that I will no longer be inactive. This morning, I got a short but sweet message from gamespot to let me know I have been kicked from a union which I have made a fair contribution to. I won't even mention my lost officer position...oh...oops... Anyway, hopefully AK will give me a spot in the union again and maybe even my hard earned *cough* spot as an officer.

Ahh, home at last!

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I have now finished with all of my summer travels.  I'm back in town all the way until school starts.  I haven't even touched a computer for the last fifteen days or so.  Arizona was simply insane and not to mention, very hot.  Also, I have suddenly realised that the seattle area does, indeed, have excellent water.  It may just be that Arizona water tastes like watered down cow manure though.  Anyway, I'm back in town and I hope to be much more active for the time being.

More inactivity

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Ok, so I've been in town for a total of twenty eight hours now but, alas, I will soon be on the move again.  Tomorow I am headed off to the sticks for a couple of days.  I will have roughly eight days after that before my trip to Arizona. 

I'm sure that all of you are wondering about my recent wrestling camp though.  It was a blast.  Anyone who wrestles should know of a man named Dan Gable.  Long story short, I got about five minutes of one on one coaching time with him and he taught me a very handy wrestling move.  It's basically a latteral from a Russian Tie for anyone who cares.  Aside from that, there was plenty of axe bombing, injuries, and dropping of soap in the shower for all.

On a geekier note, I now have a new banner up.  I needed a bit of time to release the seventy two ounces of Rockstar I drank on the trip back from camp so I decided to make a new banner.  Some of the finer bits are messed up due to the massive shaking in my hand and the rather high sensitivity on my marble mouse.  Any criticism is, as always, welcome.  I am aware of the poorly done text and the rather bland look of the sig but considering the time and effort put into it, I'm not entirely dissapointed. 

Now, I will go and lance and drain my lip.  It became infected after I sliced it open during a thirty minute wrestling match and didn't really bother to have it stitched.  (Yes, thirty minutes.  One sixty second water break)  Wish me luck and I would appreciate any morphine you can spare.


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Some may have noticed the recent pile of shi...new banner put up in place of my old one.  I'm tired, slightly stoned and sick of photoshopping but my old one had to go.  The contrast between the two is a good example of how far I have come in photoshopping experience.  None the less, I plan on putting up a better one or at least improving upon this one before I leave in a week or so.  Any criticism on this banner would be nice but this is not a finished version by any means. 

Argh, the inactivity!

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I know you all must be missing me sorely lately but unfortunatley, I have had little time to post.  School is coming to a close and as a result, I have been flooded with, dare I say it?....Algebra...
    Aye, it's true, I'm about three chapters behind in the big bad textbook.  Lately I've been rushing like ...something fast... to catch up.  I have also been playing my fair share of Soldat and have of course been having my fair share of end-of-school-year-for-those-lucky-bastards parties and the odd Halo match.  Soon, I will be leaving to Arizona for a wrestling camp or two and then back off to Oregon for...a wrestling camp or two..ahem.

So, before I announce that I will not be very active for the next couple of weeks, I would like to tell you about my last airsoft match.

It ruled.

I hereby announce that I will not be very active for the next couple of weeks.

Ahhh, the war is lost.

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The reformat took place today at about 9:00 pacific time.  I'm sad to lose all of my music and pictures and such, but at least I now have a fully functional computer once more.

News from the front

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My computer is no longer functional.

I am now using another computer on my network, but my own is getting the eternal reboot.  Every time it starts up, it automatically reboots just as windows is loading.

I have, however, identified the virus.  It's a somewhat harmful one known as Project1.  What makes it dangerous is the fact that Meril, AVG, Defender or Norton caught it.  Even when I was aware of the virus, and it was attempting to run on my computer as a full fledged program, I couldn't even see it on those antivirus programs. 

After spending hours on virus forums and such, working with those a bit more gifted than myself to use hijack this in order to eliminate whatever it was that kept repairing the virus whenever I would make any headway against it.  When I went to bed I shut down my computer.  It looks like it will be a reformat for me.

virus update

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i've been raped.  keyboard not working.  i will be inactive fo a while.
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