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I'm more concerned about my Steam account... hehe

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Long story short, I've bought and original Xbox to play my old collection games and I'd like to update it with the latest update before Xbox LIVE has been cut off from it. Is it possible without it?

Best regards! ;)

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I'd love that.

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Well, back them I bought the next gen consoles to play Assassin's Creed. I got so amazed at first. But I never managed to play it. It's just, meeh now..

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Thank you! :)

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Interesting question because in my point of view Nintendo Wii is nothing but an expansion for the GameCube with those sensor based controllers. :roll:

But the Move is just an expansion, an option for the type of controller for the PS3. ;)

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I need help to get this trophy.

I have been told that you can earn it by forfait so it's just enter the battle and abandon 50 times.

Anyone who has a good heart, please add me in PSN to get this one and, of course, I'll help back.


I'm in France and my game is PAL FR (not sure if there's a problem playing with other region games).

Thanks a lot everyone! ;)

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Why does everyone keep posting that they are also having the same problem? I think it's safe to say that EVERYONE has this problem because the page/service that handles this function is down. Maybe if Gamespot would acknowledge the issue in some way, people will see that it is a known issue and not bother posting.


Apparently, they are not aware of this because the problem is among us for some time now...

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I really would love if BioWare or Obsidian considers to remake the Xbox's KOTOR games looking to connect the dots in the storyline.

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