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Does Microsoft deserves our forgiveness?

A couple of days ago, I wrote about why I wouldn't buy an Xbox One. A day later, Microsoft made a 180º turn and backed down with all the nonsense about Xbox One. I don't know really why, if it was because of the gamers crying out loud or because they realized that Sony was about to smash them or something else but I ask myself: why Microsoft deserves our forgiveness?

They lied to us many times before. They said Xbox One needed to be always-online in order to function properly. They also wanted to screw us over, blocking gamers from being able to loan or gift their games to friends, insulted us by saying if we couldn't access internet that we should stick to Xbox 360 and, with vague language, used PR spin to force us to believe that, because the console was always-connected, itd harness the power of the cloud to give Xbox One infinite power, something Digital Foundry has said is impossible to achieve at the moment.

Now, after looking at the pre-order numbers from retailers like Amazon, GameStop and Bestbuy, and realizing that PlayStation 4 was trouncing the Xbox One in sales, Microsoft decided that all what it had previously said about the console didn't matter. The company completely abandoned its stance on used games, internet connection and region-lock DRM, stating that as it was with Xbox 360, so it shall be with Xbox One.

But if a company can so quickly change its stance, should we trust them again? Wouldn't they change again if the right opportunity presented itself, irregardless of how the consumer feels? Should we trust Microsoft so quickly, so easily again?

I guess not, I'm not the brighter star in the sky but I'm not stupid either. Sorry Microsoft but I'm not mad at you. I'm mad I realized I just can't trust you anymore.

Why you shouldn't buy an Xbox One.

I was wondering why should I,... no, why should anyone buy this crap.

No, I'm not a hater or a fanboy or none of that. I'm a gamer, I had every major console until this day, except Nintendo Wii because my brother bought one for himself and his wife back in the day.

But right now, the only console in the world that I wouldn't buy even if there was a gun pointed at my head, was this Xbox One thing. I'll tell you why, but always in mind that every gamer IN THE WORLD is just about to have their liberty violated:

01) If you don't have internet at all or a good internet: you can't play;

02) If you want to lend a game to your friend: you'll have to be friends for 30 days before it;

03) If you have just bought a new game and you're going to your friend's house: you can't play it together;

04) If you go away traveling somewhere you don't have internet at all or a good internet: you can't play;

05) If you travel worldwide a lot and want to buy a new game: you can't even activate it because it's region locked and you can only activate it in the same country you bought this game;

06) If you want to sell it: well, you can't, son, who's paying that idiotic fee?

07) If you don't want that console anymore: you can't sell the console;

08) If you're a collector and some day you find yourself with a indebted: you can't possibly think about selling it;

09) If you bought it when you were 20 years-old and today you're a game collector with 90 years-old and you want to make some money before dying: you just can't, you old geezer!!

10) If you just want to sit down kick back and relax playing a game with your controller only: Kinect has to be connected and he'll keep watching you, waiting for a command or God knows what;

11) If you have an internet connection and it's not fast enough: you'll have a poor gaming experience since it is powered by the cloud and the hardware itself it's not as strong as Sony's;

12) If you want to play offline: you can't and Microsoft says by Mr. Mattrick: you can't: "buy an Xbox 360", you moron.

So, as you can see, friends, those are normal situations that can happen in a gamer's life, from the casual to the hardcore gamer. And you can play games only under specific situations and as Microsoft dictates how to do so.

It's an outrage. It's idiotic. It's insane. And if you buy it, you'll stimulate the industry to make it normal for every gamer in every platform. And this is VERY, DEADLY serious.