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I don't like the Family Circus

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Well, you see, it is the bane of all funny pages. The supporters call it "Christian pureness". I call it "Sappy Garbage". I never liked Bil Keane (he ruined Dilbert on that fateful day in 1997), & the comic is stupid. All that I liked was when Scott Adams did it.

London Bombings: What REALLY Happened...

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I heard the news. Some dimrods blew up a couple of things in London, killing 40 & injuring 300. The numbers WILL rise, I'm afraid. Some say it was the G8 meeting. Here is what I say (from CBR Forums): I have this theory. It might not be valid, but here goes: The French hired the Terrorists! Allow me to explain... A day before, London edged Paris for the 2012 Olympiad (or Olympics. I tried to be Greek). By 4 votes. The French, not wanting to be "Cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys", hired a bunch of yahoos so they can blow up stuff in London. They told the schmos NOT to kill anyone, but tell a terrorist something, the opposite happens. Still sad, though... And as a guy put it: Sorest. Losers. Ever. Who's to blame? I have no clue other than the terrorists.