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winner 07

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yeah!! just as i predicted, jimmie johnson won the chase for the nextel cup!! by77 points not a large margain. I think he will win it next year 2.

j.j. cmon!!

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This is the last week for nascar, with my driver jimmie johnson in the lead. He has to finish 18th if the #2 guy finishes 1st. I think he wwill win

birthday 16

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Yeah!! today im 16. and i still cant drive so its pointless.Anyway i got some money for games.

advice [halo 3]

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BUy it!!! asap and take a day off to chill and playn it its worth it . i wish i could but my parents said no. it is worh the money, every cent

got ps3

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Today my brother got a ps3. WE got it hhoked up got it online also.The only game we got is resistance... which is realy fun. What other good games r out

1st day of school

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bloody sucked!!!!! I couldnt find my one class and got a detentoin for bein late/I have the toughest and most boring teachers u could have in the state. In science my teacher said we will be disecting frogs in a couple of days.SICK! I have no firends or people i no on 3 of my classses. This school year is going to be the worst ever


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i wasnt sure what to don on my last day of school besides to relax so im playing timesplitters 2. Its ok. But then i decided to watch a movie. ive never seen the rocky moveis except the new one rocky balboa.I got the 5 movies and watched them. They are the best movies ive ever seen. I f i had to choose my fav. it would be the 4th. If u havent seen them i strongly suggest u should.Which one is your fav.

More problems

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For two days now i have over 500 tags and shouldve got a new embllem and didnt.

Plus ive been trying to resign from 3 unions. I go to my unions page and click resign from them everyday for the past 3 weeks and it says im still a emeber. What should i do and do u have the smae prob.