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Wow this is annoying

When i go into a blog, instead of going too the last page, it loadds the first page, so then you have to load the last pae to see the new comment. This is realy annoying, is this happening to anyone else?

mp3 player questions

I need lots of help. I want to no if you can use any mp3 player and get music on it using the windows media plyer. Also can u use an ipod, or do u need itunes.


Did anyone watch rock-tacular today? The people were beasty!!! crazy! I got a new emblem for it. What did you think

new mortal kombat

I recently bought mortal kombat one and two from ebay. I they are realy good so i looked online to see if they made a 3rd. They are making the 3rd rite now, and it comes out in 2010, as will the new game!

last snow day

today we used up our last snow day. they have been fun, but now hope to stop snowing, i dont want to make any up

1 year gamespot

Today is my 1 year anniversery at gamespot.. IM on level twenty so thats no bad. Its been a great start to xmas break too. have fun on xmas.