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Fear of the Dark.

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So last week a friend and I decided to go to an Iron Maiden concert in Bristow, Virginia. Of course, the week we went happened to be the week that storms hit. Regardless we were ready to go and decided to get some Monster energy drinks for the ride up and back. Forty miles later we finally found a gas station with power that had cold Monsters. After driving for a couple hours, we were nine miles away from the concert when my car started sounding as loud as an airplane. Just as we decided to pull over we hear and feel a POP. The back left tire shredded but thankfully the car did not swerve out of control. We were also lucky to be in the right lane so pulling over wasn't an issue. We were quite calm when it happened but when we pulled over I cursed up a storm. Thankfully I had my AAA card with me so we called for help and were told that a truck would come around 30 minutes. Weirdly enough, a car pulled over that was the exact model as my car, a black Toyota Camry, and the driver asked if we needed help. We asked if he was from AAA and he simply nodded. He changed the tire jsut as the AAA guy showed up; the man that changed the tire is a true good samaritan and I thank him very much for his help. So the tire is back on and we are ready to go to the concert. As we approach the exit we wonder if it is the correct exit. It is so my friend, who is driving, swerves to take the exit. We finally get to the concert, which I must say was badass and so worth the time. Once the concert if over, we head home. The AAA repairman suggest we take another route home stating it will take thirty minutes off of the drive. We take his advice and head back. At that point, we are very tired and ready to go to bed. We encounter fogged up windows, multiple deer, and rain. At that point we ask ourselves "can this get any worse"? Thankefully, it doesn't and we make it home safe and sound at 2:30 a.m. Now, what's the moral of this story? Well, no matter how bad thing get just think of me and my friend and all the troubles we faced....hell we could have died that day. Was the trip worth it? HELL YEAH!

Banned from WaW?

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A few days ago I decided to play Call of Duty: World at War and joined a zombie lobby. When I got in the first thing I heard was "you're a hacker" I assured the little kid that I was not a hacker yet he kept ranting on and on about it. So someone quit the game and when I got back to the lobby screen I was level 1. I was 65 non presteige but now I'm level 1. I try to play multiplayer and it doesn't let me play anything online. Has this happened to anyone? Is there a way to fix this? I love WaW but all the hackers has made the game unplayable and now they have the option to simply shut down your WaW online capablitles as a whole? This has got too far, I wish Treyarch would take some consideration into WaW People still play it and it is a fun game.

My prediction on GS's MW3 score.

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My prediction is that Gamespot will give Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 either a 9.0 or 9.5, or sadly a 10. Though

Gamespot hates World at War they love the other CODs. I don't really care either way I'm just stating my prediction.

Asfun as the Call of Duty games have been, they are really killing the frachise now.

A great deal?

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I was watching television the other day and saw an add for blockbuster. In the add they said that they will ship dvds and videogames to your house, a netflix type of deal only with videogames, and they additionaly include special tv chanels to watch, netfilx also has this feature.

Netflix's features:

Online streaming via Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Wii

TV channels such as Starz

And of course the mailing of the dvds

Blockbusters features:

TV channels( don't know what channels)

Mail dvds and videogames to your house and you can return dvds at local blockbuster stores.

Also have dvd dispensers at places such as wal-mart via redbox

I curently use Netfilx but seeing that Blockbuster now ships videogames I might transfer so that I don't have to buy videogames I can just rent them. What are ya'lls opinon about this?

Escalation=worst buy ever

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This is just to let you all know NOT to buy Call of Duty Black Ops:Escalation map pack. The multiplayer maps are cool but if you're like me then you bought it for Call of the Dead.Call of the Dead has the potential to be a great map BUT George Romero pervents it. It starts of you spawn and then you see a flash of light and Romero appears in the water. Note that Romero is slow in the water but when he comes on land and you shoot him he with run and kill you. The only way to prevent him from running is that he gets in the water. There is no way to kill him. And I thought Ascention was a waste Escalation is even more of a waste. I feel sorry for those of you that bought it,I know I was thouroughly dissapointed.If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I think we all should petition for Treyarch to remove Romero from Call of the Dead so we can actually have FUN with the map because so for,it ain't fun it just pisses me off to the extreme. Hope everyone is doing all right.Until next time.

An unfortunate list...

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When 2011 first started I though "This is gonna be a good year, not to many games that I want to buy" well,that didn't last long.

My list of games for the year include:

Operation Flashpoint:Red River. Realisim is going to be a big part in the game and I'm all for it.

Jurrasic park. I don't know if it will be released for console but if it does I can't wait.

F3AR. The third part of the series, and I must say the first one is still freaky even for being a five year old game

Battlefield 3. The battlefield games have always been good so I am looking foward to it.

Gears of War 3. The last game in the series and I can't wait to chainsaw some grubs!

Modern Warfare 3. You know it's coming.

Aliens:Colonial Marines. Hopefully It will be better than last years Aliens vs. Predator game and I hope they use the motion tracker as a weapon istead of automatically given to you.

L.A. Noire. I don't know if I will get this game but it sounds intresting and Rockstar is creating it so it should be good.

A long unfortunate list for me, ecpecially since I start college in the fall. Anyways I hope all is well with everyone else,peace!

Battlefield or Call of Duty?

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Well I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 last Saturday and started playing the campaign at 6:30p.m. central and beat it 4:00a.m. The campaign sucked you into the game,I couldn't stop playing it was that good. Though I didn't beat the original(not yet at least) you don't have to play it to get an understanding of what's happening and I like that. As for multiplayer it is still a big battlefield and a bliss to be a sniper,I enjoy it and will be playing it over Call of Duty. If you had a choice between Bad Company 2 or Black Ops which would you choose? I would choice Bad Company 2. Now it's time to debate if I should by the Black Ops map pack or the Vietnam expansion for Bad Company 2...

The Faults of Call of Duty's multiplayer.

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I've been playing Call of Duty for a few years now(just like everyone else) and I've figured out that Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare is still the most balanced for multiplayer. Sure you have annoying perks like Juggernot,Last Stand,and Matyrdom but you none of the weapons are unbalanced. Sure the M16 and MP5 are a little overused but at least they don't seem overpowered. You're probably wondering what I mean by "Overpowered". By that I mean that in Call of Duty:World at War it seems that the MP40 is both overused and extremely overpowered. If you were using the MP40 against say the MG42 odds are the MP40 would win and you would kill your opponent. Realistically the MG42 would tear you apart due to the MG42 has a bigger round and the MP40 shoots pistol rounds. If you go back and play Call of Duty:World at War you will probably see what I'm talking about. Now on to Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2. There are quite a few thing in Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 that annoyed me to the point where I actually quit and sold the game. Weapon wise there are two weapons that are overused and overpowered and those weapons are the SCAR-H and the UMP.45. Now while these guns are not nearly as bad as the MP40 they are a bit overused. I will admit I did overuse the UMP.45. It is a good gun but far too overused. The SCAR-H is also one of those guns where you don't need Stopping Power to kill someone while using the gun. While Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2's weapons are not nearly as bad as World at War's MP40 I will say that Moder Warfare 2 does have some of the worst perks in Call of Duty history. And those perks are Marathon,Lightweight,and Commando (Commando especially). Combined these perks would beat any weapon you used. First of all why would you need Commando anyways? Your knife already has a ridiculous knifing distance anyways and with Commando you could basically knife from across the map( well I maybe be exaggerating but it sure felt that way). And with Marathon and Lightweight equipped it made it harder to hit you. I believe this is probably the reason why I quit playing this game and to people who overuse these perks I ask you to quit being a noob and play the game the way it is supposed to be played. And now finally on to Call of Duty:Black Op's which has the most overpowered weapons in Call of Duty History. Those weapons are FAMAS,GALIL,and AK74U. You are probably wondering that those guns are not overpowered and to that I simply say look at your Combat Record and look at the top five weapons you were killed by the most. There is an 90% chance that those guns will be in the tip three or top five. Those weapons are on the brink of making me quit the game just like Modern Warfare 2 only it took me seven months to quit Modern Warfare 2 and it will be only three months with Black Op's. So I ask next time you play online look what weapon it is that's killing you the most,chances are it will be one of the noob weapons. Now for killstreaks the RC-XD is the worst killstreak in Call of Duty history so please stop using them. Now for Black Op's perks I will say that othe than Ghost the perk selection in very balanced. The Ghost perk is meant to be used for camping or stealth with a silenced weapon and not to run around with your unsilenced GALIL like an idiot(sorry for saying so but it's true). One thing about Black Op's perks that I love is the fact that there is no Stopping Power. Sure you might say Hardened is the Black Op's equivalent of Stopping Power but it actually isn't. If you look on Hardened's description you'll see that it only penetrates through walls and vehicles no increased bullet damage thus you can actually use other good perks without having to constantly worry about not using Stopping Power. Now in the other Call of Duty games if you didn't have Stopping Power equipped you were basically out matched. This has been the faults of the Call of Duty games that a friend and I have been noticing for the past couple years that I hope people realize and quit using the bad perks,guns,and killstreaks and actually play the game how it is supposed to be played and I have nothing more to say but I hope you all enjoy this long blog about perhaps the greatest multiplyer experience of all time Call of Duty.

Opinions on Game of the Year 2010?

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So what's everybody's picks on what game should be GOTY 2010? Mine would be Red Dead Redemption. Not only is the single player spectacular but multiplayer is unique as well,you sort of have a COD ranking system for earning new weapons,horses,titles,etc...And the DLC for RDR are pretty good as well, Undead Nightmare added 5 hours of gameplay for me( still have to earn all the challenges though). But to me,RDR is my pick.

Recent games....

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Well I sold a crapload of games the otherday and got Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause 2 along with pre-ordering Reach. Both games are VERY good games. I've been playing through Just Cause 2 mostly and all I have to say it buy it! It is a very fun game with oodles of stuff to do so you won't get bored with it.That's all I really feel like saying right now cause I'm lazy but yeah.