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Youtube Gaming channel.

Hey guys.  It's been a long time coming, but you can catch me on YouTube as I've started my gaming channel.  I focus on Let's Plays mainly, but as it grows and expands, I'll probably add gaming news and reviews.  Check me out: www.youtube.com/user/jcmac120


After a fallout with my old clan [FoG] (Forces of God) on Resistance, being that the leader, amongst some others stopped signing on completely, the clan started spliting up. I found that myself, along with 3 other clan members remained consistant in playing with each other, though those 3 had left the clan already. I was still in it, and they talked me into leaving the clan, which soon after was disbanded anyway.

The clan members who remained consistant wanted me to begin a new clan, and be their leader. With little hesitation, I did, and came up with Tactical[eXe]cution (hope you like it :)) We are a small clan that is now on Vegas at the moment, however once in a while, we'll go back to Resistance. We plan to stay together, and continue to expand and grow with new members as time passes. We are also a clan to stick together from game to game, and will be found on all major online multiplayer shooters.

Who knows, somewhere down the road, we may have a game genre in need of a clan that is not a shooter, and you can bet if majority likes it, we'll be on there. We are still recruiting at this point, as we only have a select few members at the moment. Though I am the leader, I don't take the liberty to let people in without at least consulting my co-leaders. I feel we are a team, and at some points I'll make a decision, but I feel you have to consult everyone in order to make the best decisions that everyone agrees with.

Check us out sometime, and if you are looking for a clan, or even just happen to go against us online and like how we do, than drop me a line. We'll give you a tryout, and if majority thinks you're pretty good (and by good, I mean have skill, uses tactics, and overall just has fun playing with us, cause we joke around sometimes) than you'll definately make the cut. I'm sorry, but we are only recruiting those with mics. We need someway to communicate. So hit me up guys!


Finally Reached Level 20!

This is the milestone level, ladies and gentlemen!  I have finally reached level 20, and am officially a Metal Slime!  I have been on GameSpot through this username since the past summer, and yes it took some time, but it has finally arrived.

It is bitter sweet, as I have made it, but the level 20 glitch of doom is upon me as well!!!!  All I can say to that is...BRING IT!!!  Oh happy day!


Officially PSWII

Yes!  Managed to finally get a PS3.  It was just sitting there, TWO OF THEM in the plexi-glass casing.  My eyes opened wide, and I almost pooped myself.  I asked the guy, "Are those empty boxes, or are there PS3s in them!?!?!?!?!?!?"  Like a smart ass he replied, "NOOO, I just put empty boxes behind a glass case!"

That was a dumb question on my part, but I was just astounded to find one, after looking ALL DAY today for one.  60 GB at that.  Went to the ATM, withdrew the money, got it and Resistance, SWEET BLISS HERE I COME!!!

As of right now, it's doing the out of the box update, so I have some time to post this blog.  After it's all said and done, I'll be up all night playing Resistance until my eyes cannot stay open!



Beat my First Wii Title...FINALLY!!

Yup, finally beat my first Wii game, and of course, it was Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  Yeah, to all of you who have beat it already, here is why it took me so long: I AM SUPER BUSY!!!  Yeah I got my Wii and the game on launch day here in the U.S., but I work damn near every night, and I am still in school (a senior in high school, which is ten times worse!!!)  So I have no time for video games anymore.

Given that we had Holiday Break from school, I took this free time to do some serious gaming!  So yeah, beat Zelda, including many of the side quests and extras, though not ALL (It's okay, I'll do 100% on next play through).  All I have to say after b eating it is WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!11!!1!one!!!ONEONE!

That game was great, though I do not agree with the reviews it got of 9.5+.  I would rate it 9.0 at best, so basically I agree with the Gamespot overall score, but it was a great game.  Definately a must buy for those who own a nintendo console.  I would definately say that the Wii controls are a nice added touch over the conventional controls.  Can't wait to see what Can be done with the motion sensing next!  I really want to see it get fully fleshed out. 

As for now, I think I'll go back to my Sony products (PS2 & PSP) as they are going really strong right now, and there are so many games I want for both systems.  As for Wii, I see nothing I want for a while, so...it'll be on the back burner for a while.  My current gen systems are going to hold me down for a while, so I'll probably see another next gen system sometime later in 2007 (Probably by February, March).  Ultimately, I hope to own all three systems before Graduation (PSWii60 anyone??) 

I am really proud I kind of hopped off the "fanboyism" as I never saw myself as a fanboy, and I still don't think that's the proper term for my case, but I just never gave the other systems a chance last gen.  This time, I am opened to everything, though I still favor Sony (It's only natural for someone to favor one over the others anyway).

Anyway, JOIN MY UNION!!!!!  Futuristic Shooters!!!!!  LOL I'm touching on everything in this Blog.  That's it for now.


Should I make a 180 and get a 360?

Ok, I LOVE SONY and their PlayStation products.  I will be getting the PS3.  Christmas passed, I recieved some dough, and I INSTANTLY have enough for a PS3 or a 360.  PS3 is still hard to find, plus being the newer console, has it's kinks still.  Whereas, 360 doesn't have as many, and already has a decent line-up of games to choose from.

I JUST recently wanted a 360, with Gears pushing me over the edge.  Though it's not the only game, it's the one I want most.  So, I ask my Gamespot bretherin, should I?  I mhave my Wii, DEFINATELY, NO MATTER WHAT getting a PS3, now what about 360?

Be real with me.


Christmas was FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man was Christmas good!  I bought my parents the best gifts EVER!  Bought my pops a nice ass watch, and mom got a new Sony Cybershot 6 Mega Pixel camera, and some perfume from me.  I love giving gifts just as much as recieving. 

Speaking of recieving gifts, I am typing this lastest blog post on my NEW NOTEBOOK COMPUTER (aka the laptop).  This thing right here is SEXY!  Dude, I GOT A DELL.  Inspiron E1505.  It's pretty hot, and I am definately making it a gaming PC.  Just need a nice graphics chip and I'll be set (oh and a mouse).

Happy New Year to all, I'm Ghost.

In the Home Stretch!

Just reached level 19 after a 3 day wait from being in level 18.  That went by rather fast.  So yeah, I'm a Gitaroo Man right now.  Feels pretty good.

Now, I'm just waiting for level 20 to roll around and....OH NOES!!!!! level 20 glitch!!!!  I'm going to be on that for a while.  At least I'll have reached that milestone in Gamespot. 

I wonder how long level 19 will take anyway....

From lvl 16 to 17 in one day!?

I don't know how it happened guys...but yesterday I made it from level 15 to level 16 with 15%, and today, it went from lvl 16 with 15% to level 17 with 0.27%.  That was the quickest level EVER...well since lvl 1 - 2 anyway.

Level 20 here I come!!!!

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