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The one genre I simply can't get into is MMO. I know that's a bit broad, but I hate the idea of relying on other players to accomplish goals, and the stories are usually either by-the-numbers genre crap or non-existent. Or both.

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So is this getting fixed, or what? I mean, what the hell, guys? This isn't rocket science, get the goddamn issue fixed.

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I'm using Chrome on Windows 7 in the US, and my avatar will not show up in the comments section. It seems to show up in the forums just fine, and appears both in my user profile and at the upper right-hand corner of the screen beside my username, but whenever I post a comment I'm stuck with the generic Gamespot "G." For whatever it's worth, this is the third thread I've been directed to for help with this problem.

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I'm having the same issue. HELP!

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I don't understand the whining. The PS4's social functionality appears to be, for all intents and purposes, optional. Certainly the Facebook integration and sharing options are. And why would anyone expect that this focus (which is just one of the many focuses of the Playstation 4) is going to detract from gaming? Sony learned that in order to win in the console game, you have to be more than just about hardware. The PlayStation 1 did great because it was counter-culture, the anti-Mario. The PlayStation 2 dominated becasue it was the first console to do more than simply play games. The Wii dominated because it became a party console with cool controlls. (I've actually seen Wii's installed at bars! What's that tell you?)  The common denominator here is that every dominant console has been culturally relevant, and cultural relevance requires something more than great hardware, as the PS3 showed us, or the online experience, as 360 showed us.  

Sony is betting that the path to cultural relevance is social functionality. But just like the PS2 wasn't *just* a console that played DVDs, the PS4 will also be a great gaming rig. It's more powerful, it has remote play, and the possibilities of this Gaikai cloud gaming service are innumerable. If they do it right, this should be an excellent system.

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To an extent, they bungled the PS3. But a lot of the problems are hardware-related, and not fixable short of releasing a new system...which they are now doing. So consider the PS4 your fix. 

Give Sony credit for realizing their mistakes and making a concerted effort to correct them. Problem number one was how difficult the PS3 was to program for, and that has now addressed. And imagine if they use Gaikai to make, as they've said, the entire PS library--from the first console through the PS3--available at the press of a button? That would no doubt come with a Gamefly-esque subscription fee, but so what? 

There seems to be no limit to the potential of this next console generation.

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One of the theories is that Desmond's memories have been extracted by Abstergo from his corpse, and have been uploaded by Abstergo to the "Cloud" which lets anyone access his memories for viewing.


Seriously? Jesus Ubisoft, just let Desmond RIP...

More like let the IP RIP.