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Battlefield 3 Update Review By: JAKEDAPOYNTER

There aren't very many games is graphical and smooth is Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 is one game that doesn't do very much on a story but it does show you how the movements and graphical detailed parts. Getting to get upgrades and ranks can be amazing but thats not really the best thing about Battlefield 3. The best thing about Battlefield 3 is the online play you will not find a game with amazing maps like Battlefield 3 it's very smooth and as you are playing with people they can keep up with your Ranks,Wins, and Losses. So far I'm still playing Battlefield 3 I would say its one of my favorite First-Person Shooter Games I've ever played I rate it 9.8 for the (PC) 8.0 for the (Xbox 360) and 9.0 for the (Playstation 3). If you want a game that you can have alot of fun with graphics and online Battlefield 3 is most definitely your game I almost forgot about the Vehicles Driving a Tank and Jet are just amazing and smooth The Chopper is good too but really i like the Jet the best without question.

Some people ask do I recommend this game: The answer is Yes

Well this is my Review By: JAKEDAPOYNTER