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My baby is growing up... *tears of joy*

Eminent Haven is officially one year's old today! I feel that I, the officers and the recruits have done a great job... particiularly me :P Just kidding, if it weren't for my officers especially, the union would be far from what it is now.

Thanks to Disgaeamad for reminding me. Coincidentally it is his first birthday too :P Congrats ~__^

Thanks to everyone who has ever participated in the EH, no matter the size of contribution! Here, have some chocolates ^__^.

Generally JAG - October 2K6

This is a new format I will be using for blogs. Now I gotta lot to say, so listen up! :P

Eminent Haven - I'm really pleased with what's going on at the moment, we have 3 active projects (exclusive to EH and FR) and an active Hurt/Heal contest. I completed the union's archives, took a while to make all the tab images for each article. I have started my first project on ICO, a fabulous game.

Final Reunion - My Sky Blue article went down pretty well considering its a film few have heard of. I just wanted to spread word about the film since its a lot better than some of the anime people hype up (not at the union, people in general).

Mistwalker Alliance - Been working on the archives and official threads. I have done a lot but there is still quite a bit left. We are still the best Mistwalker fansite I have encountered yet.

Reanimation Studios - I have been given the duty of character design along with Oblivion. I hope to really prove my talents as a character designer to the world!

Transcending Darkness - This is Kira-Shinobi's new union, mainly fan fiction but also general gaming. I have made the tabs for the homepage to match the banner, not sure if they have been put up yet though.

I completed Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360 (and got my self a few hundred Gamer points) recently. A friend has let me borrow while I let him borrow GRAW. I was very pleased with the game, it is definately the highlight of the Hitman series for me. The plot was fantastic (even though it was only really evident in the last missions).
Soon I'll be borrowing Enchanted Arms for Xbox 360 and writing a project about it for Final Reunion.

As I mentioned I am playing ICO on PS2, also kinda playing Kingdom Hearts II ocassionally. I say kinda cos it's my sister's and see lets me play sometimes (or if she is stuck :P). I've Been playing Dreamfall for a loooooong time and loved every second. Me and my sis were only convinced to get it after seeing Odin's review at Eminent Haven. So thank you Odin! ^__^
I think that's all... Oh yeah, Fable and HALO 2. There are both a lot of fun but Fable is the superior in so many ways.

I have bought two albums; Kasabian - Empire and The Killers - Sam's Town. Kasabian's new album has some fantastic songs but they are all quite similar. It's generally not as good as their first album. As for The Killers, the first time I listended I was shocked, I thought it was awful. Eventually I haven't only got used to it, but I know love it! Better than their first album.

I'm currently reading the sequel to Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gates. Its from a series called Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson. Again, I didn't find this myself, I asked Nimroc what book he would recommend, then after some discussion he decided I should try out his favourite series (this).
It's getting very exciting at the moment, but personally I much prefer Gardens of the Moon, it had a faster pace and the scenarios were more interesting. But I will see this book through then read the third in the series.

Haven't seen anything lately to be honest... at least not that I remember. I am however going to rent out a few films, some of the following (dunno which yet); Da Vinci Code, House of Flying Daggers, Kingdom of Heaven and Kung Fu Hustle (just for laughs).

Well that's all, hopefully I will have something really exciting to write next time, like how I successfully cloned my cat or something. Bye!

My new setup! (Update)

Got my self an Xbox 360 Premium Package and A HD Monitor! How cool am I? :P

The monitor is a 19" widescreen that feels very big, and to top it off I have some killer speakers!

The system rocks. I always had a hard time deciding between PS3 and Xbox 360, but after a week of hard thinking I decided to get the 360 first. For games such as Lost Odyssey and other Mistwalker titles as well as Fable 2, Assassin's Creed, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect and Lost Planet.

I have a month free of XBL Gold membership, but I will just use Silver after that probably.

So in conclusion, if you can't decide between PS3 and Xbox 360 look at some of the games then chose. For me persoanlly it was worth getting 360 first!

Holidays shouldn't feel guilty, LOL

Well I am going to visit family tomorrow (Thursday) in Wales, and will be there until the next Thursday.

It makes me feel guilty because my union (Eminent Haven) needs to be worked on and made more active. Also, I have just began my holidays annd finished exams etc. which means its the perfect time to catch up with what's going on at Reanimation Studios, but this week break means that will have to wait. I really want to get involved with the story too.

Fortunately I have no holidays for a long time after this :lol:
See you all soon.

Holiday + Exams = No time for Gamespot

On Saturday I will be going to France on holiday for a week. I am sure I will enjoy it, I will be spending most my time out there painting and drawing as well as playing Tennis. We are renting out a Gite' for the week with its own tennis court so it should be fun ^__^. I can't wait now I think about it.

When I come back I also have a week of exams, but I will find some time to visit the unions! I will be leaving Eminent Haven is some very capable hands, they are my Officers and I will be promoting xVxObliVioNxVx to Leader position temporariy.

See you all soon!

Anime All-Nighter - Premieres everywhere!

Well I went to the Animé All-Nighter yesterday/today :P. It was a lot of fun and worth every penny. All the films were superb! I saw the following:

Voices From A Distant Past - This was a short film, about 35 minutes long. It was a lot of fun to watch and a great start to the event.


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - This was the best film shown bar Advent Children. I was very impressed by the beautiful animation, and the complex story was a lot of fun trying to understand, and therefore felt quite immersing.


Karas: The Prophesy - This was good, it had a lot of brilliant ideas and some great action, but sometimes it was a bit too over the top. It was hard to see what was actually happening in some of the fight scenes, it was just a series of flashes and colour. But good anyway.


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Do I really need to say anything about this? I think it is a masterpiece. Some claim that it would be better if directed by Sakaguchi, but I think the film would be completely different if that was so, so it's unfair to say as it won't happen. Besides, I am a Nomura fan boy all the way!!! lol


The Place Promised In Our Early Days - One word, beautiful. The whole thing was beautiful and a pleasure for the visual stimuli. I felt it was a little boring at points, but I stuck with it and it paid off. It was very story driven, and had a lot of dialogue, meaning it was quite hard to concentrate on the story, especially since it was the last film shown.


UK Advent Children Premiere!

W00T! I HAVE TICKETS TO SEE IT! It's all part of this:

A celebrated night in London's calendar, our annual animé all-nighter is again set to be a sell-out.
A feast for the eyes via amazing movies, journey from midnight to morning, underwater, into the future and to the farthest galaxies..

 The all-nighter starts at 11.30pm on Sat 29th and ends around 9.00am Sun 30th April

The films being shown are:

(Japan/USA 2006, Dir: Keiichi Satou ,80mins, Colour)

(Japan 2005, Dir: Tetsuya Nomura, 100mins, Colour)

The UK Premiere of this movie is at 4.15pm, Sat 29th

(Japan 2004, Dir: Mamoru Oshii, 100mins, Colour)

I can't wait! See full details at this link: SFL

The gates are open! And I will be away.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is utterly amazing! I just can't get enough of it! I did have some problems with crashing but it is all fixed now.

I play an Imperial (a sort of white human race) that specailises in combat and destruction magic. The game has everything going for it, all you need is a 360 or PC and you may never have to play an RPG ever again :P

Well I am not gonna go into detail about the game (read the review). But I will tell you about my progress...

Well i have done very few primary missions, I have been exploring towns and talking to everyone as I often do in RPGs. I am an Arena combatant (like Roman Colusseums) and also in the fighters guild. I have been playing about too, like killing people to see what happens (I do't save it after doing this though). When you kill someone, the Dark Brotherhood offer you to join their group of assassins, which is very cool.

Anyway, I would love to know about other peoples progress with the game, just leave a comment!

Oh yeah, the Soundtrack is superb too! it is composed by Jeremy Soule. Also combat is much improved, it is just awesome! (Sorry, a bit too overwhelmed to talk :lol: )

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