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An offer i couldn't refuse...

"Game in Gothenburg gave me an offer i couldn't refuse"

*Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Limited Edtition


*Medal of Honor

*Extra Headset (better then the one included)


2400 Sek ~ 355 USD

The baby's finally arrived, little, black and rugged...

So today my Motorola Defy finally arrived in a neat little box, much smaller then i expected (the box that is). This'll be my first smartphone ever, coming from a Sony Ericsson W595 and a 880i before that. Well see if i'll get hooked to Android or if i a few months from now are just so fed up with it that i change to an Iphone instead. Oh well, here's two pics anyway and i can't wait till the 8h, first recharge time, are through so i can start using it.

31 and i keep on gaming...tick, tick booom!!

So today i'm officially 31 of which at least 34 have been spent drumming, gaming and enjoying horror flicks. I intend to spend the day alone with my fiance and try out that GPS she gave me for our new car. She woke me up with singing and a cake with cream, strawberrys, vanilla custard and blueberrys which is always appreciated.

What to do now? Well, i'm just gonna keep on making music and gaming so when i 40 years from now look back on my life i can say that i at least had a blast and did excactly what i wanted eventhough alot of people think that long hair and playing games is something i should have grown past by now. Let's hope i never do.

The biggest theft of all

I have no friends at all on PSN at the moment. I'm very resrictive with whom i share my PSN-life with. Some guy/girl reached out to me yesterday but i don't understand from where we met him/her online so before he/she answers that question...well...not in. And after the recent hacks i'm more cautious then ever (i know it's a bit over the top but anyway). To me that is the biggest robbery the hackers could ever make, they stole my spontaneity.

They said, i say...

"We didn't want to piss off the consumers as they were the ones whose rights we were campaigning for" /Anon

"If stealing personal creditcard information is "campaigning for my rights" then why not just hand over my wallet to the first bum i see on the street and thanking him for taking it" /Izak80

God of War III Prelaunch Pre Launch Event

Photos taken during a prelaunch event at the National Historical Museum in Stockholm (2010-03-12) where i also got to meet and talk to two guys from Sony Santa Monica Studio, Adam Puhl (Combat Designer) and Chris O'Neill (Level Designer). What a great day it was.

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