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Is anyone having this problem?

Yesterday I bought Animal Crossing New Leaf, as I have mentioned before. The game is really fun, however, I have had one glaring problem with it.


For some reason, whenever I try to go to my friend's town, it doesn't work. I am able to play online on other games, like Mario Kart 7 and use Swapnote, but this time, I can't go to his town. I know it's a problem on my side because he was playing with his girlfriend last night and she was able to get into his town. I checked forums to see if anyone else was having the same problem I was, and sure enough, there was a forum with people having the same problem as I was.

So, here's a question for you. Have you been unable to connect in New Leaf, and have you recieved the error code 018-0511? If you do and you have a solution, please tell me. 

Ages and Seasons

Today I decided to do some shopping. I bought three $20 eShop cards. Now Animal Crossing New Leaf only costs $35, so you're probably wondering I spent a good amount of money. Well, it's because I bought....


I am so glad these came to the eShop, and I bought both of them. Right now I'm playing Ages, and I'm going to try to balance out progress of both of them. One of my friends told me to play Seasons first, so I'll probably put some time into that. Maybe what I should do is after I complete a temple in one game, I'll go to the other game, if that's how it works. 

Well, I got some games to play. See ya later!

Animal Crossing New Leaf....

This has been a long week for school for me so far. Not because it's the last full week of school for me(yes, last full week, I have my last day on Monday and then I have finals), but because Animal Crossing New Leaf comes out on Sunday, and I am very excited to play it. I'm going to buy it on the day it comes out by downloading it digitally from the eShop. Sadly, this school week just can't chug by fast enough. I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME!

I'm planning on buying three 3DS cards, because I'm worried about tax. When I bought New Super Mario Bros 2, I did buy 3, because I predicted two wouldn't cover tax. I was right, so I redeemed 3. It wasn't too bad, I got to buy a bunch of other Virtual Console games. And I have yet to play the Oracle games, and I know those are on the VC, so I can play those too. But I'll be spending a lot of time on Animal Crossing. Granted, I probably won't have time to play it because I'll be busy on Sunday and I have finals. But after that, summer will be well spent on that game.

Now to continue my impatience!

It's about time! Literally!


If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I love, love, love Plants Vs. Zombies. I love playing it on my phone whenever I have nothing to do. Ever since I bought it on the App Store for my iPod Touch in 2010, it has been one of my favorite games to play on my iPod Touch, and now on my new iPhone. Why, just recently after I got my new phone, I started playing the game again, even though I beat it already. At least Game Center kept all of my achievements that I got from before, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

The original version was released on the PC in 2009. That sure felt like a long time ago, at least for me. Ever since then, it has been gaining popularity, being ported to other consoles, such as the App Store, XBLA, DS, among others. In short, the game was released everywhere, and it has gained a following as one of Popcap's most popular games. And I bet you were wondering where the sequel was. Well, the sequel is coming out this summer in July, Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. Well played Popcap, well played.

Not much has been revealed about the game yet. In fact, nothing has been revealed about the game at all. I can't really say too much on this one, but one thing I am worried about is EA. They own Popcap, and I'm worried about them ruining the game somehow. After all, EA has had a crappy track record as of late. They better not make the game always online like they did with Sim City, then would that work? 

I guess I should keep my hopes up. The game is set to come out in July of this year, but no exact release date is confirmed. The platforms the game will be released on are also not confirmed yet, but I assume it will be out for iOS. If it's not, then EA is being stupid.

Ermagerd. IPHONE 5!

So almost two weeks ago, I finally got to buy a new phone. It's about time too, and I got a new iPhone 5! So far, it's awesome. When I got it, I didn't have any money on my iTunes account, so I could only buy free apps, like Temple Run 2, Sonic Rush, and The Simpsons Tapped Out(if any of you have that game, PM me your origin account, and I'll give you mine for eggs). That weekend, I bought an iTunes card and got Scribblenauts Remix and Angry Birds Space. Angry Birds Space is really good, maybe I might write a review as soon as I get really far into it(right now, I'm in Cold Cuts). As for Scribblenauts Remix, it's good to have on my phone, even though it's not much different from the other two. I am aware that it is supposed to be a port of the two games. I do like it though. 

Anyway, in a long gap of updates, not much has happened. In a few days, it will be MAY! Whoa, that didn't come fast enough. This year is going quite fast, but not fast enough. But before I know it, it's going to be June. The last official day of school for me(which is the last day of finals) is June 21st. That also happens to be the day when Monsters University comes out! I know what I'm doing on that day! I'll also hopefully have a Wii U by then, and I should probably be saving money because when I get one, I am going to do a ton of game shopping.

I have also thought about getting into the world of Let's Playing. I thought about doing an LP of Plants Vs. Zombies, because I really like the game. Problem is, Plants Vs. Zombies isn't really an interesting game to watch, that is, if you can't really interact with the player. Usually when I play the game before class, people might watch me play and comment on how I'm playing the game. Yes, there are Youtube comments, but I like to actively respond to comments. But if I do get into LPs, what I want to do is focus commentary on the game as much as I can. I really don't like LPs where the commentator doesn't focus on the game and instead talks about unrelated topics. It just doesn't keep my interest. I like LPs where the commentator guides us through the game, telling personal stories of the game. This is why I like Chuggaaconroy.

Anyway, that is it for this update. Only two more months of junior year left! 

Pokemon X and Y


Yep, Pokemon X and Y are coming. And it just felt like Gen V started. In fact, it's only been two years since the original Black and White were released in the US. And now Gen VI is coming upon us this October. Now I know what I'm getting for my birthday this year! Just like last year, I'm getting a Pokemon game it seems.

I kinda felt uneasy about having a new generation coming so soon, but then I actually watched the trailers, and was quite surprised with what I saw.



This is going to be the first Pokemon game that is completely 3D, and it is going to be for the 3DS. From the looks of the trailer, the game looks pretty good. It seems the region, which, as far as I know, is unnamed, is based off Europe, as there is a structure based off the Eiffel Tower.


There are also new move animations, which seem to be more exaggerated. Take Magikarp here. He doesn't seem to enjoy taking an attack from a Chespin. I have no idea what attack it is, probably Solarbeam, but I doubt it would have it. The Pokemon also have their own animations when they get hurt and stuff as well. The Pokemon went from being sprites to models.


Ah yes, the three new starters. Now I don't think those types are going to be official, but those could be good types. Fennekin the fox seems to be the most popular, but if it ends up being a Fire/Fighting type, I am NOT picking it. Chespin seems to break the tradition of reptilian Grass types, and it looks cool I guess. Froakie is probably my least favorite right now, but it's all right. Can't wait to see official art for the final evolutions.


Ah yes, the legendary Pokemon, Xerneas and Yvetal. Xerneas seems to be similar to Sawsbuck or Virizion, and Yvetal seems to be similar to Lugia(believe me, I've seen a lot of fan art). These legendaries look pretty awesome, but I seem to be a fan of Yvetal more.

So am I getting Pokemon X/Y? Yes, of course. Which one am I getting? Not sure, maybe I'll get both. It all depends on version exclusives, as I plan out my teams before getting the game. So far, I'm betting on Y right now. I can't wait for October, which is when my birthday is, so it'll be Black 2 all over again with the birthday situation. But this is going to be the game that will boost 3DS sales, and will make a 3DS worth owning. WHY DOES OCTOBER HAVE TO BE 10 MONTHS AWAY!?!?!?!?!?!?! Speaking of releases, this is the first game that will have a simultaneous release worldwide. That's pretty awesome, ain't it?

And this ends my blog.

Life at School

Life at school over my absence was interesting. I started opening up to people, and making new friends. Most of them being gamers of course. I also experienced love for the first time, which was not a good experience, as at the same time, I experienced being friendzoned. But I wait, and someday I'll find the one.

Also, another thing that goes on in my school? Lots of drugs. It seems that every day I hear about kids doing drugs or smoking. In fact, someone in my school got arrested today. It seems that this has been happening a lot lately, and I really don't know what to say. Luckilly, I don't succumb to peer pressure easily, and I have surrounded myself with the right people(gamers), so I won't be a victim. I couldn't afford to get in trouble, as I have a clean record. I can't see why people in my school do such terrible things. Don't they care about getting into college? Honestly, my grades aren't the best, as I'm not in any APs or anything, but I do a lot of stuff outside of school, so that looks good for college.

Life's gotten crazy, the world is out of balance, and it's me against the world. I have to face things on my own. This ends my blog.

I do not like the new layout.

When I came back to Gamespot, I had a nasty surprise, the layout changed. The comment system was different, to make it more like Facebook, and everything looked different. And what do I think of this?

Well, I seriously don't like it.

Why is this? Well, they made it so it is not very mobile friendly. I can't browse this site the same way as I used to with my iPod Touch. Back in 2010-2011, browsing the site was a breeze. Now, it takes forever to load a simple page. This affects me when I'm at school, or if I'm at my iPod in my bedroom, as I do not have my own computer.

Another thing is, it always seems that comments are at zero. Now, this is probably something that I shouldn't be blaming on Gamespot, since I haven't been around for a while, and no one is used to me posting. But it doesn't tell me that I have new comments. The last blog that I posted showed me that I had 2 comments, and that's it. Usually it would tell you that you have new comments, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Do any of you have that problem?

Oh well, I'll get accustomed to everything again.

EDIT: I was right, on my blog feed, everyone's comments for their blogs were at zero, even though when I went to them, they had comments. What is going on?

EDIT(again): I just went through my old blogs and noticed all of the comments on them are gone. What the heck Gamespot?

Wii U Wishlist & 2 New Reviews

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I'll be getting a Wii U(hopefully) in June, so I'm writing up a list of the games I want. Keep in mind this list will be very short, since it will only include games that have been released or have a release date.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Nintendo Land(it'll come with the system)

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Rayman Legends

Yeah, short list. As more information about released dates comes to my gateway to the world known as my home computer(even after all of these years, I still don't have a laptop), more games will be added. These are the games I know for sure I want. I'm considering Mass Effect, and maybe Bayonetta 2, but I haven't played any of the other games in those series, but I know a friend who has the other Mass Effect games, as well as Bayonetta. I'm excited for Smash Bros. as well.

As for the 3DS, there's not much that piques my interest, except for Animal Crossing. I have downloaded some good downloadable titles from the Virtual Console. I spent a lot of time playing Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, and I just got Wario Land 2. I'm hoping to see some recommendations for games I should get.

Oh, also, here are two new reviews I wrote just now. Click below for the reviews

Paper Mario Sticker Star

Pokemon Black 2

Happy New Year!

Why not make a blog after such a long time?

Well, after a long delay, I made another post. I hope you all had a very good holiday. I got Paper Mario Sticker Star(which I already beat and I completed the Sticker Museum), and two eShop cards for my 3DS(I haven't redeemed them yet, but I bought Wario Land II with the money I had left over from buying NSMB2 in September), as well as a crap ton of money. Unfortunately, I didn't get a Wii U. I won't be getting one until June, sadly.

So what is up with my lack of posts? Well, let me just say, I have gotten a social life now. GASP! I'm in junior year in high school now, and I have a lot of work to do. Remember how I said I wanted to get a Wii U by June? Well to get it, I need to keep up my grades until June.

As I was saying, social life. Lately, I've become more attached to people in real life. I'm also looking for love. It seems lately I've been trying to get in a relationship. There's this girl I really like, and when I tried making my move, it didn't work too well. She just wanted to be friends. That really hurt. Now I know what it's like to be friendzoned.

I did get a bunch of other games during my hiatus. I got Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Black, and Mario Kart 7 for my birthday in October. Let me tell y'all, I was addicted to Pokemon Black 2 like crazy. I have over 100 hours in that game. Expect a review soon.

Anyway, that's an wrap.