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Uncharted 3 and Skyward Sword

It looks like Uncharted 3 and Skyward Sword are coming out at about the same time.

Two games I've been waiting for for about 2+ years.

I'm pretty sure Uncharted 3 comes out first but I can't really rush either of these games.Zelda games come out every 3 years? 2015 for the next one?

Which to get first?

Guess who's back

Well I'm back after a few years of being away. I lost care for this website after a certain Hurt N Heal ended and I didn't want to continue making videos, but now I see it as just being too lazy.

Well to any of my friends still out there hi, I probably won't remember some of you sadly.

I've still been gaming ever since.

Add me on PSN if you can, "Smooth_Zeek" or on Runescape "Smooth Zeek".


Double Treat!

I Finally Finished my 2 Videos. Now I'm releasing an episode from each series.

SM64 Walkthrough 2:


Here is the first if you didn't see or forgot about the first:

SM64 walthrough 1:


Bowser Corrupting SM64 12:



I'm Coming BACK!

Yes. I just suddenly left this place I REALLY Don't know why, and personally, I Think that was STUPID. I am an idiot. I lost care and Interest in what I did, and I regret it. My BC Sm64 series was popular. It always had thousands of viewers. For those who were here, Ep. 9 was magorly delayed. I lost most of my fans in that!

From thousands, It went down to 800! Disappointing! My dream was to make vids to entertain people! I'm not going to let that dream go!

I will be restarting my series and will continue making more vids.

I have created a preview of ep. 10

I will make ep. 10 Complete! Maybe over this weekend?

I said in one of my previous blogs THAT I would make a Sm64 walkthrough series. I am doing that! I have about 37:00 minutes done, as of now. I shall upload this later.


One of the main purposes of making my series, is to get people to join my forums! The Nintedno Universe! I keep putting this in my video, but nobody joins!

Here is the Link to my Forum's website:


I ask that people Join! Especially the people who are ALWAYS commenting on my vids! Or I stop making them!

~Isaiah Allen

New... Series?

Well... I was thinking of making like... A Walk-through series of Sm64. How to beat it... I'd show how to beat it, some cheats and tips, and of course Humor. It won't be regular... It will still have cool stuff such as floating and stuff.

Well, If I decide to make them, I hope you will like it!