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Well, a new blog

Hey everyone, just though ill get rid of that old blog with abit of an update,

I just got the battlefield 3 and Skate 3 platinums recently, (yay!) and am still having loads of fun with the games...

Aslo got a new mic! A Gioteck EX-02s so I can annoy you all on the battlefield!

interchangeable faceplates FTW!!

The Mic itself is great! really suits the battlefield theme with the faceplates I got, Great quality, comfortable and generally awesome to use.

Well Glad to finally see the back of my last blog, as I have stopped procrastinating this one, it aint no gamespot article but it'll do!

Sorry guys... and YLOD

I havent been active on gamespot for the last week (main places are BFBC and the warrior Unions) because my modem died and i had no internet!

i also got YLOD... i will temp fix my PS3 to backup saves and such... and sell it and buy a new PS3. i guess this is what happens when you buy a used 40gb PS3 and play it non-stop for 6 months...

got a new PC too!! its alot better than my old one and can actually handle current-gen games!

It has a 24" LED screen, 500gb HDD, 4GB RAM, etc. only for $999 (about $750 USD at current exchange)

well, cya guys soon, i guess...

Back to school...

Well, school finally starts on February 2nd, ( had the whole "im your new teacher" thing on the first. i was getting bored of my 30th November - Feb 2nd holidays anyways...

im in the top class again (nerd much -_-) but im going to straight into some school camp thing on Feb 11th. My school owns a lodge up in mount aspiring worth $850,000 which is pretty cool i guess.

I went to my mates house the other day, and hes got a 360, and we played Halo: Reach, and boy i got to say, FORGEWORLD IS EPIC.

Other than that, PS3 is still the superior console. (and no, i still dont like Halo, i just like forgeworld)

Also, i got the godfather 2 (traded in THPS Project 8, WWE 2008 gay game) and fight night 3) and i still got $7.50 credit on a EB games giftcard (EB games is the same as gamestop, but the staff are actually good :P)

Also cant believe the guy let my sis buy me: The godfather 2 (R18 ) when it was obviously for me, and he knew i was trading my own games for it, but that guy is like "the cool one" (y'know, like that cool substitute teacher, you love having teach you)...

anyhow, im going to sleep. :/

Going on holiday

im leaving on the 18th, which is today, infact im leaving in 2 hours from writing this...

so yeah, im not guna be around for a week or so....

bye... i guess.


Got a Logitech Headset for $26 :D

if any of you have heard from me lately, you may have noticed that ive been going on about getting a headset, well i won a pretty good one off trademe (New Zealand only version of eBay) for only $26:

im really happy, as PSN text chat is really, really annoying to use at times, but thats ALL OVER now, YAY!

other things:

- my last blog is still active, lol (see below) nearly 30 comments.

- finished all the standard co-op missions on Red Dead Redemption with Footelong7

- going on holiday for a week in otatamata with my mate on Jan 18th

- my bandwith has sadly run out, being school holidays, so i wont be playing online as much till 9th of jan (except late as night, when there is less lag from network congestion.

Ohwell, bye, and merry christmas and happy new year to all :)

any suggestions??

I am bored.

I have litterally almost nothing to do, exams over, no school till feb, any suggestions on what i should do,

im in the habit of making people various stuff atm, i.e making banners, profile pics, userbars, and playing flash games to fill my time when im waiting for b-spec bob to finish his race in GT5, im quite addicted to canvas rider atm thanks to cornerback, although im quite pissed off at how its constanly freezing. any suggestions in what i can do to fill my time???

And yes, im soo bored that i wrote a whole blog about it....


Hey guys, been taking some pics in GT5, check them out if ya want, check the albume every so often if you want, im always uploading new pics.

^^ That thing :)

Sorry Guys...

sorry all you BFBC players, but from november 24 onwards i wont be playing.

on November 24, GT5 is beig realeased (finally) and ill be mashing that for a while.

i may be able to fit the odd game in, but im guna be waay to into GT5.

Peace out.

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